Anti-Catholic Politics

Also, Dems would do well to re-frame trump’s treatment of immigrants into a hatred of Catholics and Catholicism. It begins with his upbringing in the Church of the Catholic-hater norman vincent peale, who in 1960 campaigned against JFK, saying that JFK would bring John XXIII to the US to rule over us according to Canon Law (as in Sharia Law) . It is this animus that creates trump’s hatred of Catholic heads of State, like Andria Merkel, Emanuel Macron, and Pope Francis. It continues through trump comments on ‘shit hole’ countries, which are African countries where Catholicism or Islam (which he also hates) or both are the dominant religions.

As Joe Biden is a Catholic, such a reframing would explain the exceptionally rude comments trump makes about his Democratic opponent. The reframing will remind people of JFK, and cast the JFK and his martyrdom upon Mr Biden, which couldn’t hurt too much. It would also hit trump hard in a spot where he is already weak – non-college White Catholics.

I think that positing an anti-Catholic bent to republican and trumpish politics could be very helpful for Dems in the violet to purple states of AZ, TX, MO, IA, WI, MI, IN, OH, PA, NC and FL. Btw, it’s long past the time to challenge the idea that Jesus lived to manage genitalia and pregnancies.

neville chamberlain v donald trump

In the late 1930s Britain stocked up on caskets, in anticipation of the germans bombing English cities. They stored them in church basements as fascism/naziism poured remorselessly across borders like trump plague. ribbentrop/molotov (actually hitler/stalin) in Poland, Latvia, Lituania and Estonia swept in murdered with the speed and compassion of ‘spanish’ flu and cholera. neville chamberlain obviously knew what he was doing, getting his conservative government into the coffin business. Knew damned well that he’d helped cook up a catastrophe. The point is, at least he was ready to tidy up the mess.

‘Modern’ ‘conservative’ economists deplore overcapacity, such as stockpiles of coffins, as inefficient. Having scads of dead and dying people in hospital hallways and lobbies (not to mention park benches and under bridges) is more efficient. We humans exist for the modern economy ‘modern’ ‘conservative’ economists rather than vice versa.

Here and now, the government is depending on the ‘hidden hand of the market’ to provide the necessary equipment needed. This is that brain-dead, drunken bum larry kudlow’s fixation. Milton Friedman might have written that monetary policy and the market are no damn good in emergencies, I don’t remember. But if he did he should have put a warning to that effect on the front page in colossal bold font and red ink.


Ideas for PACs

I’m considering starting and acting as the paid staff for a PAC to promote the interests of russian spies. I’m thinking of calling it Russian Spies for Trump. I’d list julian assange and mike flynn as honorary co-conspirators.

I’m also considering starting a PAC that would advertise itself entirely in pink swing states, Pro-Choice & Pro-Trump

My third PAC idea is Cheaters for Trump, campaign, golf, business, taxes, illegal aliens and marriage.

What do you Trail experts think of these ideas for pranks ?

A Contest Proposal

Through the years, many trailhands have shared the words and ideas of myriad pols, pundits, and hacks. Many of these shared words and ideas were treasures of language and thought. Some even rose above mere brilliance, shedding more than wisdom and truth upon us. Some made us laugh out loud, even causing us to spray tea or coffee across our keyboards, pets or long-suffering spouses. It is about these latter gems of political literature that I concern myself today.

I propose an annual contest of the funniest and stupidest remarks published. Categories of risible moronia could include, columnists, reporters, and the politicians, themselves. As the NFL and MBL divide themselves into conferences, our contest could include a Main Stream ‘conference’ and a Back Water twitter ‘conference.’

Of course, the event and prizes would deserve publicity, for what would be the point of hiding your treasure under a biscuit ? Publicity could boost readership and ridership here on the Trail (and possibly donations, for those who care about mere bread, sox and rent).

Stan always asks, “What if trump refuses to vacate the Oval Office after he loses the election?”

Actually, the Russian mole would be more likely to hole up in Marla’s ego. However, if the racist rapist actually locked himself inside the Oval Office, pulling a trumpish coup against the Constitution, then the US Army and NSA could shut off his phones, computer, hookers, food, lights water, & nuclear football. I have no doubt that the USAA and USNSA are long past ready to see Trump gone.

When the frantic tweeting stops and the smell of rotten meat wafts from the cracks around the Oval Office doors, we’ll know that trump is no longer a danger. At that point in the 46th Administration, it’d be just a matter of removing the doors, cleaning up the messes, turning on the phones, computers, water and lights, opening the Air Wick, and moving in. Problem solved. The more I think about it, the more I think that this would be the anodyne against the cranky theory that whatever a (it’s always a republican) president does is both legal and God’s Will.