The Pence Gambit

It’ll be even more fun if pence gets the chance to cast the vote that removes trump, and he takes it. Imagine the brouhaha that would follow ! Those obese baseturds, manafort, kysliak, derapaska, bannon, barr, pompey, trump, corsi, limbaug and hannity would all have heart attacks. The impeachment and trial would go into syndication, outselling M*A*S*H, and the country would run out of popcorn !

pundits think that any rippers who vote against trump are doomed. But would they actually deny pence, their own newly sworn-in sitting president, the 2020 nomination ? Hell, pence could tell the convention delegates that if they don’t give him the nomination, he won’t pardon their disgusting godking savior. Hoo boy, would that raise a howling and a gnashing of dentures ! Then we’d go through Mexico’s and Brazil’s popcorn, too ! Oh, what an interesting, educational, and spectacularly inventive year we could have after three years of trump’s tedious monotone self-praise, ranting & bullying. Wouldn’t it be heavenly ?

So tonight before bed, tell your higher spiritual being that you really really really want this impeachment, and for pence to have his really really really big chance. If not for me, please do it for Iowa’s corn farmers.

Bumper Stickers For Todays Dems

Bumper Stickers for Today Dems (please rank your favorite, second favorite, and third favorite)
1. Lies, Spies & Shifty Guys
2. Russkies, Rapes, & Relatives
3. Confusion, Collusion, Delusion
4. Crooks, Spooks & Kooks
5. Saudis, Scams & Screwballs
6. Pollution, Perjury & Putin
7. Crooks, Cranks & Cruelty
8. Putin/Pence in 2020
9. Make America Glad Again (in Blue, natch)
10. Trouble, Treason & Trump

How trump Might Not Be Guilty

Robert Mueller wrote that he did not pursue trump, in part because he was unable to prove to himself beyond a reasonable doubt that trump displayed criminal intent. In the vast evidence, I see a few instances of a guilty mind at work, instances which argue forcefully that trump is guilty. I simply can’t believe that Mr. Mueller and company would have missed this guilty mind evidence. However, there is often more to intent than this.

I am left to guess that Mr. Mueller’s possibility of a lack of intent involves trump’s psychological state. A lack of either mental or emotional capacity could result in a verdict of diminished or absent responsibility, in other words, ‘not guilty’. Or, as we non-shrinks/non-lawyers say, “Not guilty by reason of insanity.”

To test my guess, I would like to know whether or not the Special Prosecutor’s investigators interviewed a team of psychologists and psychiatrists. I would also like to know what our expert panel of Trail riders think. Guilty or Not ?