The Presidential Vision

By Xrepublican, a Trail Mix Contibutor

vision-just-aheadThis is the great lesson of Iraq Fiascos I & II: Presidents are not beholden to anyone but their own interests. If the president’s vision is to make a killing in the oil futures market he will disrupt oil shipments from Kuwait, Iran, and Iraq. If the president’s vision is to raise a healthy, well-adjusted, and well-educated generation of children, then that president will work to make it so.

This is the way I see things unfolding in the next 53 months :

When she enters the White House, Ms Clinton will already have made her mark in history. Her legacy, like Washington’s, Lincoln’s, Kennedy’s, and Obama’s, will have been made indelibly. On this sunny pinnacle Ms Clinton will see only one thing left to do, one thing even better to achieve – her vision of the America that might be, if only it is given a presidential boost. When she is sworn in, in January, Ms Clinton’s old Big Biz pals are going discover a Clinton who ruthlessly pursues a more just, safe, and equitable America, the America of fondest dreams, even if it means bending or busting Corporate America to her will.

I have faith in the woman and our future.