Ideas for PACs

I’m considering starting and acting as the paid staff for a PAC to promote the interests of russian spies. I’m thinking of calling it Russian Spies for Trump. I’d list julian assange and mike flynn as honorary co-conspirators.

I’m also considering starting a PAC that would advertise itself entirely in pink swing states, Pro-Choice & Pro-Trump

My third PAC idea is Cheaters for Trump, campaign, golf, business, taxes, illegal aliens and marriage.

What do you Trail experts think of these ideas for pranks ?


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  1. X-R,  lee Atwater would be proud of you.

    those guys who glued maga hats on pigeons would be also.


    Pigeons wearing MAGA hats and Donald Trump wigs have been released by a shadowy protest group calling themselves P.U.T.I.N. – Pigeons United to Interfere Now — across the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, in an apparent protest of the arrival of the 2020 Democratic candidates for the ninth presidential debate held last night at the Paris Theater.
    “P.U.T.I.N. have used their pigeons to launch a one of a kind aerial protest piece in response to the arrival of the 2020 Democratic Presidential hopefuls for their scheduled debate on 2/19 in Las Vegas,” said P.U.T.I.N’s founder, Coo Hand Luke, in a statement released on Feb. 18.


  3. and speaking of putin, IMpotus better curtail some of that “mini mike” stuff as his BFF at 5’7″ ain’t no giant either.  mike can look vlad straight on eye to eye and be better able to execute a well placed knee when necessary.

  4. Liz is not going to team up with Mike “step aside” Bloomberg.  Did you see Bernie taking deep breaths and loosening his collar at the start of the debate?   I fear for his health.    Warren/Booker  or Klobuchar/Yang or Joe/Warren


    Awhile back Craig was tossing Biden/Harris in among the team up groups

    Almost gives me hope for a Klobuchar/Harris ticket


  6. As long as we’re outlawing phrases I vote for: “at least he/she died doing what he/she loved”

  7. Poobah, I suspect the answer re: Bloomie’s ad saturation versus the debate is a large order of magnitude.  (I’m guessing that a large percentage of the LV Culinary workers for instance were working during the debate.) And who watches the Dem debates?  Political junkies on both sides of the aisle plus probably even a few voters who haven’t made up their minds on a candidate – five to six I’d wager – so half who do watch (assuming an equal split) won’t matter in the end.

  8. pat, I’d expect a 78 year old man who had a heart attack within the last 6 months and is burning the candle at both ends since to be sick and tired and say so. 🙂


  9. xrep….  I like Russian Spies for Trump the best.


    Methinks that other than a few more viewers interested to see what Bloomberg would do…  not much of the American electorate bothered with this debate.  Too many debates…  and there’s another one next week.  The most I can say is that this was the one debate of which I didn’t fall asleep.

  10. Movie of the Month:

    ”Boogie Man”. The story of Lee Atwater, which, thanks to ye gods and little fishes, ended with a karmical twist.

  11. I was new in Nashville so I went right on down and joined Local #257, AF of M.
    I’m talking to the desk-guy and he ax me what I play so I told him piano, he says oh you’ll never get work with that, woods are crawlin’ with em.  So I said well, I play guitar a lot also and he just shook his head and says, “In Nashville? You kiddin’?”   So I told him I could do a good bit of banjo in a pinch, and he put that down as outa sight as well. “Well, I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch,” I says.

    He perks right up and says, “Man, why didn’t you SAY so…..we can always use bandleaders!”

  12. Tom Perez was right.   We should fight and argue in the primaries.   We are not brain washed goopers

  13. KGC…  I think the media set us up for expectations of it being all over with by Super Tuesday.  They are still saying that with regards to Sanders.  After sleeping on it…  I’ve come to see a protracted fight as a good thing for the eventual nominee.  As this fight among Democrats will be the easy one when compared to going up against trump.


    Richard W. Painter



    Lots of big talkers on the stage last night obsessing on their own egos and hurt feelings. But
    focused on working Americans. That’s why she will beat the biggest blow hard of all

  15. Even if voters didn’t watch the debate, they will see clips on the news.   They will also see clips on the candidates’ websites/social media if they care to look so, you know, their own, personal highlight reels.   Mike was very good when he had the floor to give his spiel, otherwise, he was terrible.  Maybe the lack of people skills is a NY thing.  Pete must spend a lot of time in NY.

  16. Bloomberg and Pete are in the losers club after last night.  Must be a mayor thing.  Mike can throw more of his money the problem.  Pete can go sell himself out to billionaire donors who would own him, should he be elected.   Liz, Amy, Joe, Bernie, in that order, for me.

  17. Do you realize that a whole team of NBC moderators couldn’t control the debate but Liz could?  She owned the entire night, the stage was hers- it was glorious.


    Liz Liz Liz  *raises sword*

  18. 40 months for Roger?  First there’s the denial of the motion for a new trial, then there’s the appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Then the denial or remand for a new trial, then the …. the options are many.  He’ll be out for that entire time, and he’ll be hoping against hope either that all that happens before January 20, 2021 or SFB wins re-election, or SFB just says screw it and issues his pardon before all that. 

  19. Craig…  let’s say that in the Nevada caucus Bernie wins with the highest turnout of 30%.  That still means that 70% want someone other than a self described socialist Democrat.  If Bernie never cracks much higher than that..   why shouldn’t it go to a second ballot at the convention…   and why shouldn’t those super delegates listen to the will of the Democratic voters.


    I realize this whole thing could turn into a cluster fuck….  but what’s the alternative?  Just roll over and give it to Bernie because the Democratic party is afraid of Bernie Bros.  What does that say about the Democratic party’s ability to confront Trump?


    ps… don’t really expect you to have the answers any more than I do.

  20. There is one SFB supporter in western Sonoma County and he has sign up that says. No Socialism.

  21. Also, i’m in the market for a “I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete” T-shirt, if you know anyone selling them.

  22. from wapo:

    “The truth still exists; the truth still matters,” Jackson said. “Roger Stone’s insistence that it doesn’t, his belligerence, his pride in his own lies are a threat to our most fundamental institutions, to the foundations of our democracy. If it goes unpunished it will not be a victory for one party or another; everyone loses.”
    She added, “The dismay and disgust at the defendant’s belligerence should transcend party.”
    Judge Jackson also will consider whether to punish Stone for repeatedly violating a court gag order.

  23. Bink, bet the Buttigieg campaign co-opts for their own that “I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete”  T-shirt.

  24. Are you sure Buttigieg even has a campaign after last night?

    Get out of Liz’s way, you schleps!!! Arrrrrggghhh!

    So hyped. Let’s do this!

  25. You’re coming with, dude

    Also if Jr is still NYC-based, “Governor’s Ball” has an amazing line-up this year, Jun 4-6, i think

  26. Mr C said.  I could tell Liz was fired up and ready to go.  But I wasn’t sure what she was saying

  27. Kind of weird, seeing into the future and realizing that if McCartney dies at some point, the headlines will all read: PAUL IS DEAD

  28. And the democrats NAILED it last night….all of them, best damn president debate since the beginning of presidents debating, ever.   They nailed 45 to the wall and showed the way to all would-be democratic pathfinders…..

    Now, Go Liz.    The clear winner on ALL fronts.  Her and Amy, they were both outstanding winners.


  29. Looky here, speaking of who watched the debate and what the hell it might mean:

     From Wapo:

    Wednesday’s debate averaged a record-breaking 19.7 million viewers, host networks NBC News and MSNBC said in a news release Thursday.

    The two-hour broadcast was the “most-watched Democratic debate ever,” the networks said. It topped the previous Democratic primary debate record of 18.1 million, set in June by the second night of the first Democratic debate, which was carried by NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo.

    The all-time primary debate record remains at the 24 million hit by Fox News during the first Republican debate of 2016, which featured the debut of then-candidate Donald Trump.

    Who knew?

  30. Still on my Liz sugar high, looking forward to her CNN Town Hall tonight at 9pm ET.

    But I am rethinking Mike’s performance. He was weirdly distant but in a presidential way. As if saying, I’m above this bull shit.

  31. Pete is just snark and ego with a sign on his head that lets the 1% know he’s for sale.

    Mike is just all ego; he just wants to beat Trumpsky.  If you listen to his past positions, he’s not the droid we are looking for.

  32. Thief on Adam-12 as he’s apprehended by Adam and 12 after his attempted heist wound up netting only $107:

    “$100……I was doing better on unemployment!”

    Hahaha…….Thief played by John Sebastian

  33. I can see Republicans who think Trumpsky is out of control and ruining their party voting for Mike.    One of those who says she thinks SFB is out of control is…drum roll…Susan Collins.  Jeez, lady! You had your chance.   Nobody believes a word you say anymore.

  34. “I am rethinking Mike’s performance. He was weirdly distant but in a presidential way.”


    That’s your anxiety playing tricks with you.  Worst debate performance, ever.

    Oh, wait- i forgot about Admiral Stockdale. Bloomberg was 2nd worst debate performance, ever.

    …and don’t say “Nixon”, at least that was memorable, and as KGC said, listeners thought he won.

  35. Craig, You should’ve heard Warren on The View today.   I don’t know how you can like Liz  and think he’s a good idea, too.  She’s right, too. Bloomberg will just buy more ads to try to get folks to forget his poor showing last night.  She also asked a good question.  Why has the media given him a pass on his past?  She didn’t answer it, but of course, if someone is stuffing cash in your pockets, you wouldn’t do anything that might stop it.


    Garry Kasparov



    Worried about climate change? Beat Trump. Abortion rights? Beat Trump. Gun violence, election interference, systemic racism, SC judges, kids in cages, govt corruption, health care, economic inequality? Beat Trump. Any Dem does much better. So unite, focus, and beat him!

  37. Guys, I watched George W and Barack deliver horrific debate performances that seemed fatal but both overcame that in later debates and delivered two term presidencies. Mike not done yet.

  38. Tom Steyer is still spending money on ads, bless his heart.

    Of course Mike isn’t done.  Just as Liz said, he’ll spend more money on ads to erase memories not beneficial to him and paint a new picture.   It’s about more than a debate where Warren cut him down to size,  it’s about who he really is and, well, no thanks.

  39. Yes, I saw the cricket edit this morning.  Snore.  That’s the first ad that’s looked tacky and juvenile.  I would love to see a copy of the “step aside” for Mike memo.  He’s just a humorless, entitled egomaniac.

  40. Wonderful suggestions, fellow Trail Hands !

    Another Empty Lot For Mitch

    Russky Miners 4 Mitch

    Chinese Bankers 4 Mitch

  41. Craig

    First, I’m enjoying the Biden Town Hall on CNN.  Second, I watch several bald eagle nest all across the continent.  Trust me, their offspring are NOT piling up around the wind turbines.  In fact, there is a bit of a population explosion.  We just had a pipping in NE Florida awaiting egg number two.  For your area, there are two observed eagle nests with the most watched in the arboretum with First Lady and Mr. P.


  42. Well, 24 hours since the pie fight.  I wrote a couple of posts – but erased them out of frustration and depression.

    These guys have got to get their stuff wired together or Trump is going to be re-elected.  The only piece of true wisdom that I heard last night is when Blumberg said that there’s a couple of people on stage who have zero chance of winning against orange hair.

  43. If you’re not actively campaigning or donating then there ain’t shit you can do but vote and watch so stop stressing so much, people.  Follow your heart!


    Stop trying to outsmart the electorate; no prizes are awarded for accurately predicting the winner, either.


    …keeping a good attitude, now, and will continue to even if dipshit wins, again, because a good attitude is needed to cope in a despotic regime.

  44. I’m behind on CNN town halls because I watched Trump’s marathon rally of lies in Colorado. This has always been Joe’s best format, taking audience questions, exuding authenticity, think I’m back to his camp for now.

  45. Not a bad idea, Poobah.  JFC, he’s a safe choice, he doesn’t piss anyone off and he knows more about this shit than anyone else on the stage.

    Bernie, GMAFB

  46. If he can keep his ‘game on’ Joe’s not a bad choice.  He’s ready to be President day 1.  I’ve always liked him and supported him – but sometimes he looks like he’s having a “geritol” moment.  Now – if he were to get the nomination and pick Kamala Harris – I would be a pretty happy person.

  47. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to suggest @ 7:17 pm that my slogans were great. I meant that the Trail Hands’ slogans were great. Then I followed with 3 of my own for midge mcconnell, one of which might be pretty good. It’s hard to beat ‘Moscow Mitch’.

    Ms Dallas’ Cons for Don made me snort my coffee. I was trying to work up a Dons [Mafia type] 4 Don, or Don for the Dons at that moment.

  48. I could certainly support a Biden/Warren ticket. My question is would that combination draw more voters in November than a Biden/Harris or Biden/Abrams ticket?

  49. I need some info on a bit of a suttle jesture I observed during the debate.  As Biden and Buttigegg (sp?) were engaged in a side debate about something or the other, Biden grabbed Buttigegg’s right forearm and held on while he (Biden) was trying to make a point.  I was amazed that Buttigegg did not display any reaction to Biden holding onto his arm.  It was not a pat on the arm, Biden had a firm grip and did not seem to want to let go until Buttigegg gave in to Biden; Buttigegg did not and Biden finally let go.  During interrogations/interviews I was always more interested in people’s body language than what they had to say.  I saw this as agressive frustration and a sign that Biden was on the edge of explosion.  OK peop’s, what  do you think was going on, and was I the only one to notice?

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