Something To Be Thankful For

President Biden is here and now.


So Long Don

No matter how many bogus lawsuits, pointless recounts, failed certification challenges and blocked tweet lies Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Really DEAD! (So is Hugo Chavez).

Trump tweet tonight allowing transition: “I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA. Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail! Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.”


Winkin’ a nod to Blinken

Anthony Blinken that is, our soon to be Secretary of State.

According to the Washington Post:

President-elect Joe Biden has selected Antony Blinken, one of his closest and longest-serving foreign policy advisers, as secretary of state as he prepares to unveil a slate of new nominees this week that will emphasize a deep well of experience in the foreign policy and national security establishment.

Blinken will be nominated to one of the highest-profile Cabinet positions at a time when Biden is planning to prioritize foreign policy as a major pillar in his administration, with vows to reassemble global alliances and insert the United States into a more prominent position on the world stage.


Blinken — who grew up in New York and Paris, and whose stepfather survived the Holocaust, which had an impact on Blinken — got his start in government during Bill Clinton’s administration. He eventually became President Bill Clinton’s chief foreign policy speechwriter.

He later served as the staff director for Biden while he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and has also worked on his presidential campaigns.

He joined Biden’s staff when Biden was vice president, leading a broad portfolio that included overseeing Iraq and crafting a proposal for three autonomous regions in the country.

“We would not have gotten out of Iraq in a way that left the government with a fighting chance to make it without Tony Blinken’s hard work,” Biden told The Post in a 2013 profile on Blinken. “He was the go-to guy. He still is the go-to guy.”

In the Obama administration, Blinken was deputy national security adviser and deputy secretary of state.

He has been described as having a centrist view of the world, but has also supported interventionist positions. He once broke with Biden and supported military action in Libya, for example. During the Obama administration, he advocated for American action in Syria.

His reputation as a nonideological consensus-builder is also in the mold that Biden is attempting to craft in his administration.



Sunday Serendipity

The bassoon is not an instrument I think of often and had never heard one doing a solo but Vivaldi wrote 39 concertos for the bassoon. I ran across this performance on youtube , with it’s fun and lively sound is perfect for a festive occasion, much better than most thanksgiving music.

I wasn’t able to find much information about the concerto but did run across this bit of information

Many consider the Concerto for Bassoon in E Minor (RV 484) to be one of Vivaldi’s most successful concertos. The opening Allegro poco draws inspiration from the only surviving movement of the Concerto for Flute RV 432. The Andante is languorous; the outer movements vigorous and intense, most notably the final Allegro with its irresistible and unmistakeable Vivaldian élan.

The performance is a national school competition in Poland which may add to the liveliness of the performance.

Enjoy, Jack