Sunday Serendipity

A big change in the weather the last couple of days and this morning the frost was on the pumpkin. So fall is here.

I hope you enjoy the musical selection for today, Jack

L’autunno (Autumn). by Antonio Vivalde

From Le quattro stagioni ( The Four Seasons ) a group of four violin concerti by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, each of which gives musical expression to a season of the year. They were written around 1716–1717

All 4 can be listened to here

More information from Wikipedia

Each concerti was accompanied with a sonnet that described the music. Here is the translation for Autumn.

Celebrates the peasant, with songs and dances,
The pleasure of a bountiful harvest.
And fired up by Bacchus’ liquor,
many end their revelry in sleep.

Adagio molto
Everyone is made to forget their cares and to sing and dance
By the air which is tempered with pleasure
And (by) the season that invites so many, many
Out of their sweetest slumber to fine enjoyment

The hunters emerge at the new dawn,
And with horns and dogs and guns depart upon their hunting
The beast flees and they follow its trail;
Terrified and tired of the great noise
Of guns and dogs, the beast, wounded, threatens
Languidly to flee, but harried, dies.