Marvin The Martian Says Hello

Be careful about this sudden move to public attack over “anti-Semitic”.  SFB and his cult are also supporters of the Saudi attack on humanity.  These soulless beings will use any twist to appear to be leading.  Antifa as the terrorists when it is the white supremacists/naziis/kkk who are killing people in America.  Hate against peace.  Always going to hate.  Never to peace.


A Trillion Here, a Trillion There… Before Long You’re Talking Real Money. (Apologies to the Hon. Everett Dirksen)

Citing the CBO’s forecast of the Federal Deficit (and at these reates it deserves to be capitalized) , WaPo reports that the Deficit will increase by $80o Billion MORE than expected over the next 10 years.

The United States’ annual deficit will come close to hitting $1 trillion in 2019, an unusually high number during a period of economic growth, the CBO added. Driving that number is spending as well a large tax cut in corporate and individual income taxes passed by Republicans in 2017.

“We all know we are already on a troubling fiscal path, but today’s CBO report shows us that our leaders [and by leaders he has to be talking about the Orange one’s White House and Moscow Mitch’s Republican Congress that passed the tax cuts that have led to the increased deficit numbers] are making things considerably worse,” said Michael A. Peterson, chief executive of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which advocates for lower deficits.

It figures that somehow the government under the Orange Clown’s leadership (where can I get one of those baby blimps by the way?) has gotten into a deficit fix that precludes SFB finally doing something that would benefit working folks – reducing or eliminating the payroll tax.


Well Bred

More like ill-bred and inbred. No, not the people who voted for Mitch; though an argument could be made for that.
Behold Bu and a lineage enviable of a Tolstoy novel according to her genomes identified by the scientists at Embark:
23.2% Beagle
14.2% Siberian Husky
13.8% Labrador Retriever
12.8% Golden Retriever
8.8% Cocker Spaniel
8.3% Rottweiler
7.4% Australian Cattle Dog
11.5% Supermutt

Supermutt? Who coulda guessed.
Bu, the quintessence of doggie diversity.