Anti-Catholic Politics

Also, Dems would do well to re-frame trump’s treatment of immigrants into a hatred of Catholics and Catholicism. It begins with his upbringing in the Church of the Catholic-hater norman vincent peale, who in 1960 campaigned against JFK, saying that JFK would bring John XXIII to the US to rule over us according to Canon Law (as in Sharia Law) . It is this animus that creates trump’s hatred of Catholic heads of State, like Andria Merkel, Emanuel Macron, and Pope Francis. It continues through trump comments on ‘shit hole’ countries, which are African countries where Catholicism or Islam (which he also hates) or both are the dominant religions.

As Joe Biden is a Catholic, such a reframing would explain the exceptionally rude comments trump makes about his Democratic opponent. The reframing will remind people of JFK, and cast the JFK and his martyrdom upon Mr Biden, which couldn’t hurt too much. It would also hit trump hard in a spot where he is already weak – non-college White Catholics.

I think that positing an anti-Catholic bent to republican and trumpish politics could be very helpful for Dems in the violet to purple states of AZ, TX, MO, IA, WI, MI, IN, OH, PA, NC and FL. Btw, it’s long past the time to challenge the idea that Jesus lived to manage genitalia and pregnancies.


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  1. Very good perception and thoughts.  It is good to get another view of the box.  I was looking at the anti-brown people and anti-Muslim and had not seen the anti-Catholic.

  2. What is odd is that 2 pillars of Catholic doctrine- anti abortion and anti same sex marriage – which are fundamental pillars of the evangelical movement are not enough to garner the support of the evangelicals or the idiot in the WH. I think all that Catholic Jazz about accepting and helping those who are poor and hungry is so contrary to the get rich (and make ME rich) evangelical doctrine they have to reject and hate Catholics for that pillar of their faith.

  3. It certainly didn’t help when the very Catholic Madam Speaker gave Donald a lesson on how she prayed for him daily.


  4. X-R, does your theory also include dr. tony?  or just because he says things like “we argued strongly with the president”?

    Dr. Fauci: We “argued strongly with the President” to extend federal social distancing guidelines

    Dr. Anthony Fauci says the coronavirus task force “argued strongly with the President” to extend federal social distancing guidelines “and he did listen.”

    Posted by CNN Replay on Monday, March 30, 2020


    also reported at mediaite:

    Fauci said he and Dr. Deborah Birx “made it very clear to him that if we pull back on what we were doing and didn’t extend them, there would be more avoidable suffering and avoidable death. So it’s pretty clear decision on his part.”

    “We showed him the data, he looked at the data and he got it right away,” Fauci said. “Dr. Debbie Birx and I went in together and leaned over the desk and said ‘Here is the data, take a look.’ He looked at them, he understood them and he just shook his head and said ‘I guess we got to do it.’”

    Fauci continued by calling the data conclusions “patently obvious,” and that it “probably would hurt the economy” if Trump tried to start the country back up again while the virus remains a public threat.

    “To us, there was no question what the right choice was,” he said.

  5. IMpotus said: “she says oh, I pray for the president, I pray for the president so much. Well, I don’t think that’s true. What a statement to make. What a horrible statement to make.”

    by horrible statement, did he mean the one about praying for him or these statements:

    “This is such a very, very sad time for us. So we should be taking every precaution. What the president — his denial at the beginning was deadly. His delaying of getting equipment to where — it continues — his delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly.”


    “But as the president fiddles, people are dying. “

  6. Yeah…  religion is just another way of dividing us.

     I go by the axiom… I’ll keep my religion to myself…  and hope you keep yours to you.

  7. Ah, I remember the last (pathetically stupid) goaround—“The Pope’s going to sell his Cadillac; yeah, he’s going ride Kennedy’s ass!” I was pleased to have him as my Commander-in-Chief.

  8. Pogo, by law, I am obliged to obey commands issued by the current CinC to include returning to active duty and slaying whatever foreign dragons he directs.

  9. Way back in the late 1960s, some not-too-bright Ku Klux Klan members from the southern states  came to Boston because they had heard that anti-black racism was very strong in some of the working class neighborhoods of the city.  (This was true, by the way.)

    These Klan members, being unfamiliar with Boston, made the mistake of trying to hold a “rally” in South Boston, which is full of white racists, yes, but the neighborhood is also populated almost entirely by Catholics of Irish descent.   It is also one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, with a very high unemployment rate, and lots of tough young men hanging around on street corners with nothing to do.

    Some of the older folks (and at least one priest) reminded the young men of the neighborhood that the Klan was historically anti-Catholic, although they didn’t emphasize that as much in the 1960s.

    The Klan members, with some reluctant protection by the Boston Police Department (a majority of Boston cops are Catholics of Irish decent) were able to escape the neighborhood with only a few cuts and bruises, some of which were inflicted by the cops (accidentally, of course.)

    This little bit of history should serve to remind the Republicans that if they are going to start whipping up anti-Catholic hatred, they’d better be ready for the reaction.

    This time it’s not “the lads” in South Boston they need to worry about, it’s the tens of millions of Hispanic voters  in purples states that will be seeking payback.

  10. i think it’s a mistake to construe religion in American politics being actually about religion.  it’s about “exclusion”.

  11. Ms Pat, I don’t know what religion, if any, Dr Fauci adheres to. He and his argument in favor of postponing  trump’s economic ‘re-start’ didn’t come into my calculations. However, I am sure that the argument was essentially, “Do that and more people get sick, and the economy tanks along with any hope of your re-election.”

  12. Flatus, I am certain that you would serve honorably and obey all lawful orders.  I don’t recall anything that requires that you like the CIC in doing it.

  13. Mr Nash, I think that we are thinking along the same lines. When people base their power on hate and division, it is often helpful for the victims to reframe the debate in such a way that the source of the oppressor’s power suddenly becomes poisonous.

    Btw, If an anti-Portuguese group had come from down south in 1969 to South Boston, they’d have fit right in with all those Os and Mcs. Fortunately, anti-Portuguese sentiment was strictly a New England phenomenon.

  14. On the Ides of March, c19 cases were doubling every 2 days. Now they are doubling every 3 1/2 to 4 days, so the measures we are taking have been somewhat successful. 

    US Numbers :

    33,ooo new cases = 177,320 total (more than Spain and China combined);  3,447 dead.

  15. *33000 confirmed  new cases, number likely higher by a factor of 3 or more due to inadequate testing capability

  16. Nash, we southerners who weren’t klan fans who took shit from Yankees in the late 60s, early 70s about southern racism were well aware of the Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC and Detroit Race problems, which we reminded our Yankees friends of when those discussions would arise. I was acutely aware of the depth of the ugliness of southern racism, having ties to Bull Connor (went to HS with his nephew) and later Robert Shelton (married his personal lawyer’s daughter). My only point to my friends from up north – 3 were from Buffalo and one from Staten Island – was that as ugly as racism was in the south, we did not have a monopoly on racism.

  17. The trip to TJ’s was a bust   A huge line of people waiting to get in so we drove around the corner to whole foods and no line  store  very clean and well stocked.   Not a big price difference  some things higher   –a lot of stuff on sale.

    And here is my thought for the day.  Some people cannot afford to stock up for a month.

  18. KGC – I always remember my days when at the end of the month I would actually be digging in the couch cushions and the car seats looking for change to buy some groceries.  There was no real stash of food available.  I remember deeply pawing around in the old frozen food bin at the commissary hoping to score a pack of frozen pig liver at twenty-five cents per pound, something to stretch for a couple days until payday.  Having been a worker with blisters on hands from picking trash along roadsides with a spike and eating pancakes everyday because all I had was a bag of pancake flour, no syrup, makes me always think of the hourly worker. That worker who is paid only for the time worked, not the time before punching in or after punching out.  No work no money.  That is who the Congress needs to help.  Not Boeing or SFB.

  19. Thanks to delivery and the means to pay for it we’re stocked up for 6 weeks, maybe more if we’re careful. DC is now going to fine non essentials up to $5,000 or a misdemeanor for being outside. My long experience with hurricane preparedness has come in handy. We’re hunkered down.

  20. xrepublican: I can confirm the anti-Portuguese racism in New England.

    My father, who loved racist jokes, referred to them as the “porch geese.”

    He had a vast collection of nasty jokes for every ethnic group, accept his own, the Irish-Americans.


  21. i’ve been rationing for two weeks.  one meal a day and light, high protein snacks when hungry.

    …kinda wish i was fatter😭

  22. Here’s my favorite anti-Irish joke…


    How do you find out the guest list at an Irish wedding?

    You just read the newspaper account the next day.

    It will say, “Among those injured in the fight were …”


    I told my father that one and he said, “That’s not funny.”

  23. Set my alarm and tried to have a semi-productive day.   Hoping to wake up tomorrow to find this month (this long, long month) was just a joke.


  24. I think whichever group came in last was subject to derision.   I have old post cards showing scrawny-bearded, toothless men and fat women wearing Scandinavian clothing and wooden shoes, with text noting how they spoke English with an accent.
    My great-grandmother came from a poor-farm in Denmark, wore wooden shoes, and, was lucky to have stockings, as they relied on what was given to the pastor who managed and pastored to those on the farm.

  25. And here is my thought for the day.  Some people cannot afford to stock up for a month.

    KGC… good thought.  I went to the grocery store to do my final stocking up for the next 6-8 weeks early this morning.  No delivery here.  It’s not done in a lot of rural areas.  I feel very fortunate that I didn’t even have to think of how much I was spending.  I was amazed at how few people there were on the road and how few people there were in the store.  It does feel like a Twilight Zone episode.


  26. crackers – I’m sorry you didn’t get your TJ’s dolmas.  Hope you found something comparable at WF.

  27. The payday lending ads are on TV constantly.  They aren’t physically supposed to be operating in Dallas county, only depository lenders like banks and credit unions.

  28. As long as one doesn’t over-buy and hoard   thereby precluding others from procuring essentials, one is doing a favor to their community by stocking-up, within reason, as doing so helps to limit the number of people that need to be in a store at any one time.

  29. Oh, Ms Bronc,

    I remember being between jobs and diving into chairs, the sofa, and car seats, desperate to find a few coins.

    Hmmmm. If I was desperate, I must have been looking for money to buy cigarettes or coffee. Or, gasoline.

  30. Mrs P went shopping Sunday morning and came back with enough to get us through a couple of weeks. Certain things are in short supply – frozen green beans stick out. Chicken is picked over and cereal (which we don’t really eat – except granola) is in short supply – except Fruit Loops. Go figure. We’ll be fine.

  31. Ironically the Smithsonian channel is featuring on the day that coronavirus deaths exceeded the deaths attributed to 9/11, air disasters featuring the 9/11 aircraft crashes

  32. SFB continues to rack up firsts- this time the worst 1st quarter in the history of the Dow. The man is a marvel.

  33. I’m not a cold cereal person, but since the stuff in shelves this month doesn’t expire until 2021, I bough 6 boxes of various types.  I have 6 containers of oatmeal, too.  Only 1 jar of peanut butter.

    On 9/11, I bought 2 giant jars of PB and a flat of tuna (since I wasn’t a vegetarian at the time & I figured the cat could eat it, too), and candy.    Much different than my  Y2K supplies, which was trail mix and a can of anchovies, because they didn’t need a can opener.    Do any of you remember what panic/comfort/prepper foods you bought before?

  34. We have a new, ugly, multi-billion dollar ballpark just sitting there.   It’s a shame; the architecture and the fact that there will be no games until who know when.  I loved the old ballpark.  Loved it.

  35. I never stocked up on food before. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen shortages in grocery stores. Tonight, chili.

  36. I see it every time they say there’s a snowflake in the way, but not to this level.   Thinking about what to set aside for Easter dinner.

  37. Remember: it’s a delivery shortage, not a supply shortage, and will ease up as people fill their stocks.  You’re doing it to minimize the amount of times you need to  expose yourself to the public, to insulate against possible future shortages, and to provide emergency supplies to community members in need because you’ll have plenty.  Non-perishable.


    If we do really well, food banks can have a banner holiday season as we donate our excess.

  38. These church folks keep wanting to get together.   They do not get it.  The big churches have offered their studios for smaller churches to have their pastor do an online service because they are getting together in their homes.  They just do not get it.

  39. Bink: “i’ve been rationing for two weeks.  one meal a day and light, high protein snacks when hungry.”

    Same for us. One meal a day also saves toilet paper.

  40. I’m kinda late to the party here. Tomorrow is 4/1 or April Fool’s Day.  Not the time for a prank.

  41. After I heard about this choir, I got to thinking. Forty-five of the 60 folks got the virus and 2 died. I don’t think they were coughing. TV talks about virus droplets. But, when you talk, SING, yell, whistle, etc.  you exhude aerosol, fine particles. Those hang in the air longer than heavier droplets. So if that happens in the food store and you walk through it, you could inhale the virus minutes after the infected person moves on  therefore, I’m wearing a mask.  I prefer to get it during the second round in the fall.


  42. I find that I’m happier if I don’t constantly watch the news. Probably once a day is enough to get updated.

  43. “Popping your ‘P’s” is a good example of how droplets can spread.  Say “Peter Piper  …” 3x fast in front of your illuminated phone screen for a demonstration, then disinfect your phone. (i’m a terrible ‘P’-popper, but getting better😜)

  44. Leftover lunch has never tasted so good!  Mmm, i can’t wait.



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