To Rein in the Courts

The Dec 30, 1922 issue of Time reported that “Battling Bob” (Robert La Follette) had authored a proposal to reign in the reactionary Supreme Court. He wanted a Constitutional Amendment that would allow Congress to overrule the Court just as it had the power to defeat a presidential veto. Other remedies for judicial tyranny that were suggested included making positions on the bench elected, allowing the public to vote to reverse rulings, or allowing the public the right of recall.

As America is once again threatened by the possibility of a reactionary judiciary, channeling the ‘original thoughts’ of long dead legislators, presumably through satanic seances, what should we the people do ?

If You Play It Backwards, It Says ‘Paul Is Dead!’

From the Guardian’s Arwa Mahdawi :
The grand prize for the most unhinged conspiracy theory goes to (who else?) QAnon followers. One of the many bizarre things these people believe (without any foundation) is that Covid-19 is a hoax designed to deflect attention from a Satan-worshipping pedophile ring operated by Hillary Clinton and liberal elites. Trump, their reasoning goes, is pretending to have Covid-19 as part of a grand plan to arrest Clinton. According to these geniuses Trump communicated his intentions via a tweet on Friday morning where he announced he and Melania had tested positive and declared: “We will get through this TOGETHER!” When you pull apart TOGETHER it spells out TO GET HER. Boom!

Change The Corrupt Electoral College?

January will be a good time to work on changing our corrupt Electoral College. A number of possibilities come to mind.

1. Keep the corrupt E.C. unchanged – the obvious choice of the republicans and states like WY and AK.

2. Eliminate the E. C. altogether – the obvious choice for CA. This would be a hard sell, but a good possibility for reformers to keep as a threat to the opposition.

3. Compromise A : Keep the E.C. but eliminate one of the two ‘bonus’ votes that the Founders gave to ease the fears of small states.

4. Compromise B : Keep the E.C. but eliminate both of the ‘bonus’ votes, making popular vote the sole basis of each E. C. delegation.

Better Presser Questions

Lawrence O’Donnell keeps griping that the alleged newshawks who cover the trump pressers never (actually, rarely) ask tough questions. He is particularly aggrieved that the matter of putin’s bounty on US troops in Afghanistan remains ignored.

I have a question that I believe would unsettle trump both in front of the cameras and off.

“Mr President, what will happen to YOU if or when an enemy of Mr putin’s overthrows him, taking over Russia ?”

Follow up : “In such a circumstance, Mr President, how would you see YOUR future ?”

Have the Trail Hands any thoughts to share on these questions ?

The Leadership Question

Dear Mr Crawford,

I write to you because you know and have worked with actual news hawks. I am a bit down on some of these friends and colleagues of yours right now. Some of them show up daily at the televised trump campaign rant that masquerades as a C19 Update. trump has advised them that he takes no ‘responsibility’ in the matter of this plague, and that it’s not his job to do anything but be a ‘back up’ for the governors. I take this to mean that trump is the self-designated benchwarmer, who spits at the news hawks, blames a fellow who retired from his position 3 1/2 years ago, and loudly takes credit for every run the team scores.

When is some news hawk going to ask, “Why are we here, asking you questions when you take no responsibility ? We should be out there (pointing) questioning the guys who are leaders.”

Someone ought to be brave enough to ask trump what it’s like to play 3d string and sit on the bench. Someone should ask where Americans should look for an actual leader, rather than an empty suit with an amplified megaphone. Someone should arise who can do channel Edward R. Murrow, and unmask the fraud.

Yours truly,


Xrepublican, one word: Amen! – – Craig