Trump For Jesus?

Too funny. The idea that Donald Trump and Jesus are pals. Not since Saul traveled the road to Damascus has such a conversion been imagined. Paul got ‘er done. Trump? Not likely.

Seriously, if this is what evangelicals have come to, supporting the likes of Donald Trump, then they are simply finished as a force in Judeo-Christian politics, nothing but yet another self-serving interest group mocking their own cause.


Hillary in tonight’s debate:

“I was responsible for getting those sanctions imposed which put the pressure on Iran, which brought them to be negotiating table, which resulted in this agreement.”

When asked about her role in Lybia/Syria:

“If there is any blame to be spread around it starts with the Prime Minister of Iraq who sectarianized his military, setting Shia against Sunni. It was amplified by Assad, who has waged one of the bloodiest most terrible attacks on his own people. 250,000+ dead, millions fleeing, causing this vacuum that has been filled unfortunately by terrorist groups including ISIS.”

Our Gay Neighbor

Canada was once called by comedian Will Durst “Our gay neighbor to the North.”

Ted Cruz doesn’t fit that bill so let’s just wait for the next Canadian worth electing.

His Harvard law professor Larry Tribe says Ted’s constitutional standing for the presidency needs a sleep over:

“He hasn’t really put it to bed. If he did put it to bed, he is certainly sleeping alone.”

Enough Obama Bashing

I never thought he was ready for office, but I am sick and tired of Obama bashing. His State of the Union address this week was one of the best I’ve seen any president deliver — but perhaps not for a good reason.

No mind-numbing laundry list of staff-manufactured¬†legislative¬†proposals, largely because he can’t get them passed through a GOP-controlled Congress he never learned how to leverage.

Still, it was nice to see him lean into the podium and show some skin, get personal and bring some passion to the case. Had he done that from the beginning he might be better off.

— Craig Crawford