Hillary, What Now?

20160228_143351The only downside to the Clinton campaign putting down the Sanders threat is that now six months of sitting on her party’s lead lie ahead. The Clintons have some history of stumbling when on top, while surging when challenged. But more than that, how to stay relevant for such a long period without competition, as the Republican contest dominates the news?

Clinton’s carefully worded and teleprompted victory speech in South Carolina Saturday night, congratulating Sanders on a hard-fought race (implying it’s over), declaring that her campaign now goes national and directly targeting Trump’s words, seemed very much designed to be a nomination victory turn, not just celebrating a single state win. I just wonder if she would be better off pretending this is still a competitive nomination battle for a while longer. Now her future primary wins will be deemed uneventful and anti-climatic.

Or, maybe buyer’s remorse sets in and and gives Sanders a bit of a boost.

This calls for extreme creativity. Democrat and Republican bosses both are living in a dream world, not understanding that their traditional models are imploding. Which explains Trump and Sanders.

Independents outnumber affiliated voters. Soon, the percentage of voters self-identifying as independent will outnumber Democrats and Republicans combined. The first party that figures this out and how to deal with it will prevail. Trump is closest to doing that in this cycle. Bernie almost did, but failed.

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  1. I’m guessing that Trump will be a gift that keeps on giving to the Clintons.  He will, without doubt, make offensive comments that raise the ire of even unenthusiastic Dem or Independent voters.
    I do agree that 6 months is a long time. Am wondering what Karl Rove is up to this am.

  2. Thank you for this Post, Mr Crawford. Non-affiliated voters are here. Respect us, Candidates, because we hold the power to vote. Or not vote. We’re not fringe or ignorant. We are the new norm.

  3. In honor of it being Sadie Hawkins Day, the musical about nefarious doings in DC seems appropriate.  The scary part is that Lil Abner opened on Broadway Nov 15, 1956

  4. SJWY

    Well if it ends up as Trump/Clinton, I would assume the unaffiliated would have absolutely no respect for the garbage that is Donald Trump.

    Now if a third party enters into the competition, such as another egotistical billionaire like Bloomberg, all bets are off.


  5. The GOP opposition research team is hard at work this morning, I suspect, and the Clinton mines are rich with half-truths, audience-tailored positions, outright lies, national and international money ties, private emails, American lives and national treasure (wasted on war), and quotes showing she thinks she is above following the rules or even caring about her actions as long as she comes out of it OK.

    The Trump mines are fertile, too.   However, he was a private businessman, not someone who was supposed to be in service to the people of this country.

    Meanwhile, the media is still trying to figure out the appeal of Trump.  They are too thick to do so and have decided to paint him as the new Hitler, because trying to shame his followers by saying they were shallow, stupid and in awe of his celebrity did not work.

    They do not realize how tired of politicians and the status quo the electorate has become because the media is also in a bubble.

    Ted Cruz would be truly scary, Trump is not.  Hillary is the third term of the Obama administration.

    Please remember how much the Repugz dislike Hillary.  Please remember how many Dems are displeased with her and have not supported her run so far.

    Although there are checks and balances in place, Donald will probably cross a line and there will be in impeachable offense in his administration.  We should go ahead and start a poll because he will be the next POTUS.


  6. sjwy – I will not help her in the fall if Trump is the GOP nominee.  I will just stay home and let it unfold.  I live in a red state anyway, although it’s not quite as red and there are even pockets of blue outside of Austin.

  7. Good morning, Jamie44.

    Why people choose to be non-affiliated is up to the individual. For me, it was & is an aversion to Party hacks & Corporate Candidates. There’s eight more months of this; a lot can happen. What a wacky year.

  8. Hi Oldseahag,

    I respect you & others on this site. I say this as a friend: You are not helping your candidate.

    Good morning, blueINDallas 🙂

  9. “Ted Cruz would be truly scary, Trump is not.  Hillary is the third term of the Obama administration.”


    Wrong! Trump is scary, ask any gay person. Ok Trump isn’t scary to you but the majority of women he is. Hence his huge negatives with women..

    This i will repost:Donald Trump Vows To Appoint Far-Right Supreme Court Justices Like Clarence Thomas – See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/donald-trump-vows-appoint-far-right-supreme-court-justices-clarence-thomas#sthash.UPAo8yei.SFtamdQg.dpuf

  10. Congrats to all those who voted for the Oscar winners.  I am nerd and geek, through and through.  It has been decades, roughly 1979, since I last watched a movie in a theater.  I fail to get into the cinematic output of the world.  I do like to watch movies, but only when I do not have anything else to do.  Which is why I have movies like You’ve Got Mail and All the President’s Men and a few others on the shelf to watch during that blank time.

    Tomorrow should be one of those days during which all sorts of strange things occurs.  Trump wins, most likely, but I am looking for a surprise in there.  Not all states are filled with angry white guys.  HRC on the win side, yes. But with Sanders pulling a couple states.  My guesses have been all over the place so I will not put percentages down.  Some makes no sense, others make no sense either.

    Cory Booker as Veep.  Interesting, but the choice would be ground through the Clinton bureaucracy before floating out as a name.  It would be fun it the campaign named Bill as her choice of vp.

  11. Bernie Sanders Stands Alone as Hillary Clinton Gains Senate Endorsements
    By Jennifer Steinhauer

    “WASHINGTON — Senator Bernard Sanders.may find himself mobbed as he moves about the nation stoking the flames of all those feeling the Bern. But back here in the Senate, his embers are cold.
    About 40 Senate Democrats have lined up behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Not one has come forward for Mr. Sanders.
    Mr. Sanders’s loner status was brought into sharp relief last week when Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, declared Mrs. Clinton his pick. “I think the middle class would be better served by Hillary,” he said.
    Senate Democrats insist Mr. Sanders is not their version of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has failed to get a single Republican Senate endorsement in large part because he is loathed.
    Everyone likes Bernie. Honestly! Even, they say, if he is like your father’s childhood friend who sits at the dinner table after everyone has had a second cup of coffee to continue his rant about the earned-income tax credit.”

    I get it, Hillary is  a Democrat who gets things done.. To those on the other thread who expect political purity and nice nice politics, well sorry it’s never been that way. Stop holding Hillary to a higher standard, hell that you didn’t even hold her husband to back in the day.. I want a fighter winner who can go up against that lying racist, anti gay, misogynist Trump.. Nice politics is not gonna cut it..

  12. I agree with blueid that the gopers are going to pillory Hillary any way, shape or form they can think up. so the thread could also read “now what” will happen to her aside from what now she or her campaign will do going forward and what inevitable mistakes these humans make.

    putting on the amazing karmak’s turban, I foresee

    1.  a number of numbing critter hearings dragging her before them as often as they can to interrupt her campaign schedules to fit into their own. … maybe held regionally in states they need to bolster a weak incumbent.

    2. many moles burying their way into state campaign hqs (remember the dirty tricks played on jimmy carter taking that route)

    3. the staging of a crisis, international or national, which undermines administration

  13. The only downside to the Clinton campaign putting down the Sanders threat is that now six months of sitting on her party’s lead lie ahead. The Clintons have some history of stumbling when on top, while surging when challenged.”


    Too true. Their best bet is to hope and pray that Bill remains quiet and in the shadows and that Obama’s approval ratings go a bit north of 50.

  14. Good morning everyone….

    Jamie…  good job on reporting on the Oscars.  I didn’t watch any of it.  I did watch my hockey game…  alas…  my Bruins lost.

    But never mind that…  it’s February 29th…   a whole extra day…  and I intend to make the most of it.  Gonna go see what Alexandra Petri has to say.

  15. Hillary Clinton Gets Help From Bill, in Spirit, at Least
    By Amy Chozick

    “PINE BLUFF, Ark.— It was Hillary Clinton’s final event in the South before the string of contests on Super Tuesday that could set her on a surer path to the Democratic presidential nomination. But there was someone else on stage helping her here on Sunday night, in spirit, at least.
    Mrs. Clinton referenced her husband, Bill Clinton, by his first name only, in his home state, repeatedly. Rather than the usual biographical video that plays at Mrs. Clinton’s events, the former president from “a place called Hope” in Arkansas starred in a video that introduced Mrs. Clinton as a “change maker” who put the water crisis in Flint, Mich., on the map and helped children from the early years of her career.” http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2016/02/28/hillary-clinton-gets-help-from-bill-in-spirit-at-least/?ribbon-ad-idx=8&rref=politics&module=Ribbon&version=context&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Politics&pgtype=article&mtrref=www.nytimes.com&mtrref=www.nytimes.com&_r=0

  16. from politico‘s The man behind Ted Cruz’s tricks:

    “You bring a king cobra into your bed? You better be a mongoose, that’s all I can say. You bring pure evil into your home. You are who you hang with,” said Cathy Rinehart, a Democrat who ran against Roe’s old boss, Republican Rep. Sam Graves, in 2002. Rinehart says Roe’s political team hounded her in public with cameras (she contacted the police; no charges were filed).

    “He’s a son-of-a-bitch,” she said, and questioned Cruz for hiring him. “Ted standing there all saying I’m this pious fundamentalist Christian, and it’s like then you bring in Jeff Roe and he does tactics like that — maybe they’re not illegal but it’s immoral.”


  17. How about we wait for 2 weeks to concede that HRC has this in the bag.  OK, I think for all intents and purposes she may, but we have seen 4 (count ’em) primaries so far.  Let’s say the tea leaves from SC are right and Hillary dominates tomorrow, Bernie sees the writing on the wall, stands by his “Either one of us is 100 times better than [anyone the pugns select]” pronouncement and throws his support behind Hillary.  THEN and only then, does the question of trying to shift focus to a pugn candidate, perhaps not yet selected and remaining relevant arise. Assuming that Trump’s the guy, if the weekend is any indication, it should not be too hard.  Monumental gaffes are sure to continue, and it bears remembering that it is not Trump followers that HRC will be trying to appeal to – it’s solidifying the Dem base, energizing them to vote, and convincing the middle 1/3 of voters that they do not under any circumstances want to entrust the executive branch of the most influential country on earth to a guy who couldn’t immediately reject the support of David Duke.

  18. it is not Trump followers that HRC will be trying to appeal to – it’s solidifying the Dem base, energizing them to vote, and convincint the middle 1/3 of voters that they do not under any circumstances want to entrust the executive branch of the most influential country on earth to a guy who couldn’t immediately reject the support of David Duke.”


    Spot on. One very influential player with a very sophisticated campaign apparatus has yet to weigh in. Mitch McConnell and company have given the president an opportunity to go out on a very presidential mission that will also allow him to be very partisan, without seeming to do so. He still has a large and devoted following, and he’s a proven campaigner.

  19. The polls over the weekend tend strongly to bear out this Trump v. Clinton thing that seems to be emerging.  Aside from TX for the pugns (and VT for Bernie, although there aren’t weekend polls for that race), the only names that show in the weekend polls are Clinton and Trump, whether in the states polled or nationally, and the latest CNN national Dem poll shows a dramatic shift to HRC at +17, up from a series of Feb polls at +10, +8, +11, -3, +2. Probably most troubling for Bernie is that Mass. is showing Clinton at +8 in the latest Suffolk poll. Fivethirtyeight now puts HRC’s chances of winning Mass at 88%, up from 61% five days ago.  The trends are  not looking good for the Bern.

    One interesting race is Ohio, at least for the pugns.  Trump and Kasich are basically neck and neck (according to 538) a bunch of points above the rest (that is wrt their chances to win), but polling there is scant.

  20. Jace, very true.  That issue will be front and center and specific for a change thanks to Mitch’s miscalculation (at least IMHO). What is normally an esoteric issue that doesn’t matter to most voters will be concrete, in sharp focus and cast in terms of pugns ignoring and even defying the Constitution while running a guy who by all appearances doesn’t think the Constitution means anything anyway.

  21. Tony – Read,  The America We Deserve.  He’ll be a socially-liberal Republican, as is possible; he’s clearly trying not to paint himself in a corner with his party.

    He was for strong, civil unions 15 years ago, before gay marriage even seemed possible.  Again, he didn’t say absolutely he wanted a SCOTUS set-up that could reverse it; he said he’d “consider” wanting a court that looked like that…,not painting himself in a corner with the evangelicals.

    He’s the only one who understands Planned Parenthood is an important healthcare organization, even though he is anti-choice.     As to my experience dealing with piggy men in the world goes, he’s seems like he would be about a 3, right next to Bill.

    I really thinks he sees America crumbling because the middle class is crumbling.   How he goes about fixing it…well, he’s not Bernie and he’s certainly not green.

  22. Blue,

    Trump has changed his positions on almost every important issue that he’s stated a position on.  He was pro choice 20 years ago and until he started running for the pugn nomination.  He supported civil unions but has said that the gay marriage case was a terrible decision.  “he said he’d “consider” wanting a court that looked like that…,not painting himself in a corner with the evangelicals” – What mumbo jumbo.  Anyone who believes they know where he stands on any issue other than how bad Cruz and Rubio are and his dislike for Hillary and the email server issue is fooling themselves.  

    “Millions and millions of women — cervical cancer, breast cancer — are helped by Planned Parenthood. So you can say whatever you want, but they have millions of women going through Planned Parenthood that are helped greatly,” Trump said. “And I wouldn’t fund it.”

    “The frontrunner was responding to Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) assertion that he cannot be trusted to nominate truly conservative Supreme Court justices. Rubio specifically invoked Trump’s past comments in support of the women’s health non-profit, which has faced elaborate and falseattacks from the right-wing media infrastructure throughout this election season.

    “Trump’s odd syncopation of the idea that Planned Parenthood provides essential services to millions of people and that it should be cut off from a key source of funding was not a one-off. His answer flipped repeatedly between praising the organization and promising to doom its budgets.

    “I would defund it because of the abortion factor, which they say is 3 percent. I don’t know what percentage it is. They say it’s 3 percent,” Trump went on. “But I would defund it, because I’m pro-life. But millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood.”

    That was from Think Progress.  Make sense of it if you can.  He’d defund an organization because 3% of its services – that are not funded by fed funds – are contrary to his new found pro-life position?

    If you’re going to defend Trump and attack Clinton, just go ahead and admit you’ve crossed over.  IMHO anyone who thinks Trump would be anything less than a disaster as president and forgives his utter lack of substance on any issue that faces this country might as well go ahead and pull the lever for him and hope to god they are beaten by those who don’t buy his BS. 

  23. pogo, your “Trump has changed his positions on almost every important issue that he’s stated a position on” is exactly what john oliver is saying starting at 15:33 in on his tromp trump above…. just more colorfully.

  24. IMHO anyone who thinks Trump would be anything less than a disaster as president and forgives his utter lack of substance on any issue that faces this country might as well go ahead and pull the lever for him and hope to god they are beaten by those who don’t buy his BS. 

    Pogo…  bravo!…  that bears repeating, IMNSHO…

  25. Pat, unfortunately while I was watching the Oscars last night I missed John Oliver. I’ll have to catch up.

  26. If Donald Trump were elected, I would lose all faith in the American public.  Even if he weren’t a vile megalomaniac of the lowest order, just the idea of having a President with a barely 4th grade vocabulary and incoherent speaking style is a personal affront to the nation.

  27. The Tulsi Gabbard resignation from the DNC is no great loss considering her bigoted attitudes towards the GLBT community.

  28. private email server both Colin Powell and Condiliar did the same thing..and had material reclassified since they sent  out things  People are only too willing to repeat the lies  might as register as a gooper

    She needs to get the purple and red ladies all fired up and the gray panthers and all the other old people who will turn out to vote.  She needs to tend to her base and not engage with the morons on the other side but with the American people Boomer women – retired and annoyed by the patronizing air of those who think they know better when all they have is gooper talking points (notably free of facts after all this is the party that doesn’t believe when you say something is true that it should be.)

    She needs not to count on journalism(sic) in today’s world to do the right thing –that ship permanently sank with the swiftboaters



  29. I expect the Dem super pacs will unload TV ads if and when Trump nails the nomination, like they did to Romney in late spring, early summer 2012. They’re very quiet right now, keeping the powder dry. Question is whether it will stick as well as it did to Romney.

  30. There is a great deal more material on Trump.  Romney is just a privileged, white male scion of a powerful and wealthy family.    That puts him in the “we rule the world” class of politicians, just ignorant of real life not inherently evil.  Trump on the other hand is vanity, ignorance, and criminality for the sake of personal gain with the mental attitude level of a two year old having a meltdown in the supermarket aisles because he wants the sugar cereal.



    They need to target the individual groups in his base– it shouldn’t be too hard to peel away the religious right – they have sat on their hands before

    it also shouldn’t be too hard to paint him as the political opportunist that he is and that is only conservative value is conserving HIS cash

    He will be left with his racist base….


  32. And yet, The Clintons accept money from the Saudis and the Sultan of Brunei, all three Clintons make trips to Brunei, and apparently, also lobbying money via the Dorchester Grouo (see lady night’s thread), and Hillary says nothing about their attitudes toward women and ga people.

    For pity’s sake, the Sultan of Brunei says he wants gay men stoned and Hillary has nothing to say about that?

    She is in nobody’s corner but her own.  She’s self-serving and untrustworthy.

  33. Christy Todd Whiteman said she will not vote for Trump

    Maybe she will write in Lincoln Chaffee –

  34. And Donald Trump and all the other Republican candidates are so trustworthy

    Been there seen that .. a candidate loses in the primary so why bother voting in the general so instead of getting your first choice we end up with everyone’s 3rd or worst choice

  35. Watching Democracy Now to see how she reports on the SC primary – will the word trounced be used.

    Used “staggering”  instead  but seems about to cry then went on to revisit the Gloria Steinem quote even though she has apologized

  36. “The other thing is with these terrorists, you have to take out their families.”  Drumpf.

    “That is the front runner for the Republican party advocating a war crime.” Oliver  ~~~Sounds good to me~~~

    What’s the defense for that?

  37. You know who doesn’t tailor his messages depending on his audience?  Bernie.   Bernie.  Bernie.


    I’m not pro-Trump, I just don’t think he’s the devil.

    I don’t think Hillary is evil,  just a self-serving, warmonger who is not competent to hold the office, given her performance as SOS, and who, at best, will be Obama 3.0.

    Ted Cruz, on the other hand…a snake in the garden, that guy.  He has no redeeming values as far as I can tell.

    If the GOP can manage it, they will find a way to put up Rubio/Hayley.

  38. Trump’s ignorance and willing to lie is breath taking

    He is only where he is today because he is willing to use racial divide and fear  but I’m sure he would be fun to have pizza with (NOT) and of course his creepy relationships with the women in his life

  39. Ha! Cha-ching is right. Goldman Sachs. Cha-ching!  Monsanto. Cha-ching! The Sultan of Brunei. Cha-ching!    Hillary’s supporters can, apparently, hear the Clinton cash register ringing, but must be too near-sided to see what it means.

  40. OSH…   🙂

    Go, Hillary, GO!

    Wipe the dust of that imposter Democrat from your feet…   take on the guy who has a Tribble on his head….   GO!

  41. KGC

    You and me both!!!

    Unlike Blue, I do think Trump is the devil or possible anti-christ.  The idea of that finger in charge a nuclear arsenal considering the depths of his unreasoning self absorption is just plain horrifying.


  42. I’ve heard a lot of politician gaffe excuses in my day, but this is a new one:

    By Monday morning, Trump had reversed himself again, disavowing Duke’s support and saying on NBC’s “Today” that he couldn’t understand Tapper’s question due to a faulty earpiece.

  43. this time tomorrow, a candidate will be humming

    Tuesday afternoon
    I’m just beginning to see
    Now I’m on my way
    It doesn’t matter to me
    Chasing the clouds away
    Something calls to me
    The trees are drawing me near
    I’ve got to find out why
    Those gentle voices I hear
    Explain it all with a sigh
    I’m looking at myself reflections of my mind
    It’s just the kind of day to leave myself behind….

  44. given drumpf’s penchant for payback, don’t be surprised if/when the mitches ditches him he screws them royally by endorsing Hillary while waving the fickle finger of fate at them on his way out the convention door.

  45. Jamie…  I wrote a post on your blog when this one was down about trying to understand Trump’s supporters.  But what has transpired in Trump’s campaign since then has made me realize I don’t really want to understand them…   they are supporting an absolute despicable piece of crap.  What it says about them ain’t worth thinking about.

  46. Bloomberg: Thomas  Asks Questions From Supreme Court Bench for First Time in 10 Years

    Justice Clarence Thomas broke his decade-long silence during U.S. Supreme Court arguments Monday, asking a series of questions during a case involving gun ownership by people convicted of domestic violence.



  47. I heard an analysis of  SC t hat doesn’t attribute her win to sleazy underthetable cash

    Black women are 60% of the black vote and they voted for her because she campaigned on their issues an sought their endorsements.  Her mailers showed her with local leaders who had endorsed her.  Sheesh when she loses she is  a loser and when she wins she is a cheater —     It might just be she is finally being smarter

  48. kgc,

    guess our beloved poohbah is saying the “local leaders who had endorsed” were bought.  that’s how I interpreted his accusations.  maybe someone from there (flatus?) might inquire and report back.  

  49. I heard the newest Trump campaign gear is a brown shirt
    and they have a little red book of famous quotes by fascists that can be used a coctail chatter with other Trump supporters

  50. I was so inspired today here that I not only made a donation – I am having a bumper sticker made too.  Hoping to have by tomorrow am to hand out near the school where we vote. I will post art as soon as I can and of course send to anyone on the trail who would like one.  It does however have an image of the Vineyard on it.

  51. Jamie, I’m glad you linked Warren Buffet earlier. Most people don’t realize that he is the billionaire that is leading the movement to have billionaires put their billions to charitable use while they are still alive. Warren has the ultimate goal of leaving this Earth with just enough money to pay his final expenses. The rest of his money is being signed over to Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder and former chairman, for his management in this effort. Buffet is a good human being.

  52.  guess our beloved poohbah is saying the “local leaders who had endorsed” were bought.  that’s how I interpreted his accusations.  maybe someone from there (flatus?) might inquire and report back.  

    If he is talking about these black church ladies then he is wrong — They talked about why they had endorsed her and it had to do with a life time of work on their issues

  53. kgc, don’t think he means the ladies.  he was talking about the local politicians and party officials…  perhaps the ones pictured in her mailers? if that’s what he meant it kinda broad brushes the whole group.

  54. Great article on Huffpo about Bernie being the true, Dem front-runner because of a) the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary seeing the need to circumvent our gov’t email system, and,  b) Bernie having a greater chance of beating Trump (by a wider margin).  And as we know, if it’s not close, they can’t cheat.

    Bernie 2016!

  55. the ones picture in the mailers are the church ladies


    Someone should put together the trump fact book a chronology of his life things he has said and done

    For people concerned about corruption in government to say theyhave no problem with Trump is draw dropping

    astonishing – he is one of the most corrupt businessmen and it is his plan to bring those practices to government

    not too mention his obvious racism  whether he is one or pretending to be one for voter support

  56. Sue, her husband, and I went to the Gamecock women’s final regular season BB game of the year–they won a lop-sided victory against the folks from LSU. That made a perfect 16-0 SEC record for the year. Their next game will be in JAX on Sunday in the SEC tournament. They are the Nr 1 seed. I have tickets for the first couple rounds of the NCAA tournament that we hope will start here after we finish with the SEC.

    Didn’t watch the Oscars. Like BB, I don’t go to movie theaters–our last movie was Jaws.

  57. The very last of the emails will be turned over on the FOIA requests this week.  I fully expect that just as with all the others, there is absolutely nothing there that in any way shows Hillary mishandled the material and that what few were questioned were all classified after the fact by a different Government Department.

    The only thing and I know it truly upsets Faux Spews and their minions is the one thing for which she has already apologized as being a mistake:  Using her own server.  The FBI is investigating that server to determine if it was ever hacked and if any of the material on it ever ended up in the hands of any other foreign country or terrorist entity.  So far the answer to that is no.  The FBI is NOT investigating her.

    The severely injured right wing will be terribly upset about the above facts until the next time they can write another slanted article accusing her of all the same things on the basis of “some people say” and “unnamed government official” blah blah without even a modicum of proof.  Then they will just proceed for another 30 years of totally unwarranted accusations.



  58. My favorite Oscar moment was the Big Short writers winning. Adapting Michael Lewis’ amazingly detailed book about Wall Street destroying Main Street could not have been easy.

  59. Pat, Katherine, I don’t want to stir the pot on Craig’s editorial musings beyond saying that I fundamentally disagree as to the accuracy of his sources and the ultimate effect such individuals may have had on the ground here in South Carolina.

    I spent about an hour at the entrance of my polling place paying attention to the voters of all ages and ethnicities.  As they entered and left the polls. They were pensive, focused, and mission oriented when they walked up to the sign-in table. As their credentials were accepted, you could see the wave of relief and, finally, when their votes were cast, it was Hallelujah! There was absolutely no hint of having been coerced/arm-twisted in the demeanor of any of the black voters I observed; simply joy.

    I wish I could say the same about many of the white folk. I sensed more of them were torn between the two candidates.

  60. latin post:  Hillary Clinton Wins Endorsement From Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC

    In a statement released on early Monday afternoon regarding the endorsement, Cardenas said Clinton has been a champion for the Latino community, tackling issues affecting Latinos that are also American issues, such as affordable college, job creation and more opportunities.
    “Although we respect Senator Bernie Sanders, he has failed to stand with our community time and time again on issues that mattered most to us, voting against Hillary and Ted Kennedy’s 2007 comprehensive immigration bill six times — effectively killing our ability to make immigration reform a reality” said Cardenas.

    Like Us on Facebook
    Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., said, “Hillary Clinton has been a consistent advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and someone the Latino community has always been able to count on. She’s a progressive who gets things done, while staying true to who she is. Latinos can count on Hillary Clinton — that’s why I’m with her.”

  61. The Cracker Household is tense.  Mr. Cracker is a Bernie supporter and I am for Hillary.  In 2008 many white men of my age said – better to have a black man first and Obama was more progressive.  Well all thatturned out to be  a lot of hooha as far as I’m concerned.

    What’s the time limit on state dept email crimes — shouldn’t Colin Powell andCondiliar be investigated


    Repeating Republican bullsh-t to me about Clinton –all I hear is blah blah blah.

  62. from usnews

    Just ahead of Super Tuesday and amid establishment party fears Trump could build an insurmountable lead in his march toward the nomination, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse has published a blistering open letter explaining his decision not to vote for the billionaire business mogul should he be the party’s pick in November.

    Sasse, who has shown a propensity for speaking uncomfortable truths about his party, said he would look to find a conservative third option if Trump faces off with Democrat and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the general election.

    “Mr. Trump’s relentless focus is on dividing Americans, and on tearing down rather than building back up this glorious nation,” Sasse said in a lengthy post explaining his thinking.

    Sasse said his primary concern in deciding whom to support is determining who would best meet the “president’s core calling … to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.'”

  63. Repeating Republican bullsh-t to me about Clinton –all I hear is blah blah blah.


  64. I only watched about  30 minutes of the Academy Awards.  I loved Lady Gaga and was pleased that Spotlight won Best Picture!

  65. boss, looks like we’ve been citified.  does this mean we have to spruce up now? suits, ties and earrings instead of robes, grubby tees and fuzzy slippers?

  66. I will not give up my sweat pants no matter what anyone says…   so there…

    Craig…  wow…  you can’t miss that logo…   looks great.

  67. Poobah, regarding Harrison, I don’t get it.  I looked at the Star article  Virtually every article I’ve seen (and me just a rube from WV) talks about Harrison being an employee of the Podesta Group and identified him as a DC lobbyist as he was going for the SC Dem Chair.  I’m guessing Clyburn was instrumental in getting him the Podesta job, and the ties to Clyburn and his Yale/Georgetown education probably didn’t hurt in getting the gig.    I do agree with one thing in the WT article – his SCDP bio should list Podesta in his background.

  68. Love the new crisp header.  We do still need an easier way to like/quote/reply/respond to the comments from others if that is possible in our current state of high security.

  69. Craig, I understand exactly about the situation you ran into. If it’s any consolation, the outsiders from Hillary’s campaign backed-off in favor of locals who better understood local sensitivities. The really big deal was getting Clyburn. He was very smart in his use of campaign materials choosing the lists of people who had supported house and senatorial candidates. Although, I was adjacent to his district, I answered Hillary when asked who should be President then gave him a worthwhile campaign donation. I think this was repeated five or six times in the past  month or so.

    He messed over Hillary last time. Like a good girl, she waited her turn.

    I do have your back.


  70. Jamie, I cannot find a reply/quote button plugin that is updated to new version of wordpress. Our old one went out of business. Have spent hours on that, still searching.

  71. patd – Justice Clarence Thomas broke his decade-long silence

    Well there goes that office pool.  I guessed he never would.

    KGC – with HRC you know what you are getting.  Right now I will go with that as the best reason.

    Craig – Very nice banner.

    What is Super Tuesday good for outside of betting on the winners and losers?  I will probably quit that after tomorrow, or at least until after the nominations are settled.  I still need whoever is in power in Syria to quit.  That would help my balance of shares.

    It looks like there is a great media push to dump Trump by any means possible.  NY Times has a few articles up now.  I subscribe to WashPo (of course) Sunday and online, Annapolis Gazette (local and Maryland legislature) daily and online, Baltimore Sun weekends and online and the Los Angeles Times online.  I spend about thirty-five to forty-five dollars each month on the media.  Although much reduced from it’s heyday, these papers are important for the one or two columns a week that provides a little bit of good information.  As much as I enjoy online, such as The Daily Beast, reporters who used to work at one of the papers, the daily’s have a lot of info, including Dilbert.

  72. bb, dilbert?  only Doonesbury would be worth that much a month.  hope maintenance on the trail here is part of that budget (hint hint).

    as to Clarence, not sure if they checked it was really him talking or a ventriloquist behind the curtain.

  73. The live -shots they had of that bar in Columbia that featured that same old guy in the background day-after-day, no matter which party was under discussion, just made me wonder why we don’t have little cubicles in these places for the regulars who can’t drive? Something like they used to have in old Chinese opium dens.

  74. Many thanks to our volunteer banner artist, Claudine Hellmuth. I was a bit of a boring “client” for her, as I did not want anything too fancy. She is going to do some tweaking for those of you on Apple devices that always drive web hosts insane.

    Check out Claudine’s site

  75. Hillary looks strong, but Trump’s beginning to look inevitable.  He’s got a 33 point lead over Cruz in the latest national  CNN poll. That margin is over twice the support Cruz has. How long is the end of the world after the coming of the Antichrist?

  76. pogo, are you sure end of times hasn’t already come and gone and all the good people have been whisked away in the rapture.  just us baddies still around doing our baddie stuff like ruining the planet, over populating, playing video games, warring (or is that whoring?) and electing drumpf for prez.

  77. Hillary, What Now?

    Oh Blue,

    Wow, Grace was spouting Fox  so called news talking points today and i come home to catch up on TM and your doing the same thing.. You’re a Bernie supporter, he never spouts this nonsense about Hillary.. What did Bernie say about the damn emails????

    Oh and we will have to agree to disagree on Trump being all in for gay rights and women’s rights. Trump is a racist that doesn’t know what the KKK is or David Duke, please. The latest he had a bad ear piece, lol, funny he repeated David Duke’s name and the KKK, wow…Color me not convinced..

  78. tony,

    I agree the header is great. / “A tyrant’s foe, the People’s friend” – my avatar made me write that 😉

  79. tony,

    I agree. The header is great. /  “A tyrant’s foe, the People’s friend” – My avatar made me type that 😉


  80. From Tony, “The New header is perfect… Where is the donate tab no”

    Good question. Almost done tweaking to justify that

  81. patd, not being religious, I operate on faint memories from my childhood church and Sunday school “studies” and whatever I pick up in movies.  For all I know I’m with you as one of those left behind.  Either way – how long do the end times last after the evil one arises?

  82. Donald Trump Secretly Told The New York Times What He Really Thinks About Immigration
    The details? Release the transcript. UPDATE: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have called on Trump to ask for the tape to be released.
    Ben Smith
    “On Saturday, columnist Gail Collins, one of the attendees at the meeting (which also included editor-in-chief Dean Baquet), floated a bit of speculation in her column:

    The most optimistic analysis of Trump as a presidential candidate is that he just doesn’t believe in positions, except the ones you adopt for strategic purposes when you’re making a deal. So you obviously can’t explain how you’re going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, because it’s going to be the first bid in some future monster negotiation session.”

  83. Just updated this computer to Windows 10.  It has been a long journey since Windows 386, Windows 3.0, and production Windows 3.1.  The reason I know those early versions is that I was a beta tester.  Back then beta testing was not just dumping out something to the public.  It was handing off the working version to a few people who could run it through its paces.

    Although Windows 10 is a last of its kind version, it seems to be stable now – use Windows 10 SP 1

    I have been reading all sorts of hate to each and every politician running for president.  Most important issue to me is to support Dem candidates.  No indies, no Repubs.  This election is probably more important than 1972 and Nixon.  And that is why a Dem must be the winning candidate.

  84. I am still catching up on my DVR of the Oscars. I did not know that Alan Rickman died. Unhappy news.

  85. Plouffe to Clinton: Stop micromanaging
    In an exclusive interview for POLITICO’s ‘Off Message’ podcast, Barack Obama’s master strategist says Trump will be the nominee – and a dangerous one, at that.

    “I think that’s a likely possibility: that Hillary Clinton could beat Donald Trump by an unheard of margin, nationally, of 6 to 10 points,” he says. “But if that’s not the case and he’s competitive, where he’ll be competitive is in the Upper Midwest, in the Ohios, the Wisconsins, maybe Pennsylvanias of the world — maybe Iowa and Minnesota even, potentially.”
    Plouffe is quick to say, “From an Electoral College standpoint, I don’t see a Trump path,” but he’s equally quick to say the greatest threat posed by Trump is his unpredictability. Plouffe is a guy who likes to make a plan and stick with it, and Trump makes that a near impossibility. “Trump is a wild card, and you just don’t know,” he adds.”
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/david-plouffe-hillary-clinton-trump-2016-219947#ixzz41bUTPO1w

  86. Tony – Good article about Lakewood.  That congregation is very diverse and multi-lingual.  But if others, like the person interviewed, move to Ted Cruz because he’s the “real Christian,” that scares me more.   (By the way, I was not spouting Faux talking points, that was a Huffpo article that brought up the emails.)

    I will be so happy on Wednesday, when the political ads go away.  Rubio and Cruz are spending a lot of money.  The only Trump ad has been a compliation of old clips of him saying he identified most closely as a Democrat, and, thought Hillary was great.   I did not see who paid for that ad.

    Big storms in OKC tomorrow; just a bit of rain in D.

    Yaay! Mr. Crackers!  Bernie 2016!

  87. Pogo & Patd

    Not only do I intend to be “left behind”, I will probably get “lost in translation” if they come hunting for me.  I’m with Mark Twain on heaven.

    Singing hymns and waving palm branches through all eternity is pretty when you hear about it in the pulpit, but it’s as poor a way to put in valuable time as a body could contrive.- Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven

  88. Hillary, What Now?

    Lol, Blue,

    I listen to XM radio Progress Left when Grace isn’t working.. The Bernie supporters are a good portion of the callers and they repeat Fox news talking points regarding Hillary and Bill constantly.. I know you’re not watching Fox, lol, cause you like myself don’t have cable.. My bigger point is this nonsense has seeped into the consciousness of American politics. It’s 25 years of it… Lots of Bernie supporters are going there because they feel it’s a tool for them to win.. Bernie does not do this.. In the end if Hillary wins the nomination Bernie will support Hillary and will be doing everything to get her elected.. Believe me that’s who he is..

    You have a clear choice to make if Bernie doesn’t prevail, don’t vote or vote for that nasty Trump.. I will not like you any less regardless of what you do, say it loudly. All i can say is it’s great this time around to really admire and respect the candidate i support.. You feel the same about Bernie.. I don’t however envy you if Bernie loses.. Been there with Obama is 2008.. Awful choice but for me Supreme Court rules my decisions..


  89. Maybe they could go ahead and go already……..

    The leave us behind people, that is……

    Y’know……”Git ‘er done”

    They’re just procrastinating. Ain’t that a sin?

  90. PatD – That Secret Service agent really man-handled that reporter.  It looked like the reporter/photographer was following the people who had been ejected from the rally.  I thought the SS was supposed to physically protect the  candidate.  (Hmmm, the SS.)   Do candidates have any control over how security agents conduct themselves?

    It looks like Ted Cruz will win Texas by about 10 points, followed by Trump. Rubio is pulling up a distant third.  Barely a mention of Carson and Kasich, as they sing in the Gilligan’s Island, “and the rest.”

    If Trump’s campaign has finally gone too far, I guess the Repug convention will be interesting.  There is no way right-wingers will stay home in November.  I think the RNC  can totally get away with usurping Trump.

    They will put up Rubio (they hate Turd, too) & Nikki Hayley.  That will help Hillary.  Rubio is a horrible debater.  Maybe he was good in 10th grade, but he didn’t progress beyond that level.

    Anyway, Wall Street wins.

  91. Hillary, What Now?

    Good news, thanks for sharing.. Gonna donate some more to Hillary tonight.. Last time by the time primary was over i had given $1000.. The campaign now send me emails with my tally given so far, ha ha.. This time with all the negativity i may have to up the ante.. He he.. :0)

  92. “There is no way right-wingers will stay home in November.”

    You got that right, especially if it’s Hillary.. She will be all the motivation they need vote..

  93. Tony – I think in a few weeks, to wait a respectable amount of time, Obama will put up a SCOTUS nominee.   I know that the next Prez will probably have to do the same, though.


  94. Kathleen, this from your Peter Dau piece is true from what i’ve heard and read.. I also agree in Hillary’s “artful smear”…

    “And make no mistake, Bernie’s campaign message and the behavior of his supporters have become less about something and more against someone. His path to victory runs right through Hillary’s integrity.
    Tad Devine, Jeff Weaver, Cornel West, Killer Mike, and other Bernie aides and surrogates have led the charge against Hillary’s character, calling her honesty into question with no justification or evidence.”

  95. Longtime Clinton pal and Cabinet member Robert Reich endorses Bernie, telling CNN that Sanders is “the only hope” for change.

  96. Tony…I just made another small donation.    It looks like I will give more this year than in 2008

  97. I don’ believe Robert Reich has been a pal of the Clintons for many years.

    In April of 2008 he endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

    During Bill’s personal difficulties during the awhile House years, Reich vilified President Clinton on every show he could schedule.

    To my friends and family, Reich is the antithesis of personal loyalty.

  98. The Clinton’s real friends are at Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, etc., and are infusing plenty of money into her campaign without anyone here pitching in.

    Wall Street 2016!

  99. Crackers – Trump is quoting Ghandi, today.  How’s that for diversity? ?

    Oh, the anti-Trump ad running from some Super Pac also includes a clip of him promoting single-payer, in addition to lauding Hillary.  Maybe he is a Clinton mole who has infiltrated the Republican Party.

    NASCAR is supporting Trump. ~Quel surprise!~

  100. Oh Blue, lov you but your posts make me sad… This race between Bernie and Hillary has changed you..Neg neg posts.. Hope it works for you but i don’t think so..Wow, the tone of your posts.. Good luck to you..

  101. Goodnight folks- so looking forward to tomorrow and being able to vote for Hillary.  Its been a long time coming!

  102. Rachel   Maddow did an ass-kissing interview with Bernie’s latest endorsement  no follow up questions at all

    Rep  Tulsi Gabbart is very impressive but most of what she was saying was a distortion of history and Clinton’s record.  I guess the Michele Anderson race baiting tactic is over and now the Bernies are attacking Clinton on her war record…the mistake here is once again demanding an apology…sounds so familiar

    So now we can expect daily blogistan posts blaming Clinton for the entire mess in the middle east coming from Democrats and this very attractive member of Congress former military calling Clinton a enemy of the people who had to go to war.  Seriously.  Looks like a desperate move to me.  I think Clinton takes all the big primary states and Bernie and pals have to decide how bitter a loser he is going to be

  103. Tony – By a Clinton mole, I mean to help her, obviously.  It makes as much sense as anything else in this crazy season.

    I only want what is best for us all, unlike those on Wall Street.  I hope, if she becomes Prez, she proves me wrong.

  104. As well as Hillary is doing, it is her supporters who seem bitter that not everyone is all in for Hillary.

    Bernie is the only candidate for change.  That is the truth.

    Wall Steet 2016!

  105. Craig – Ha! And yet I’m sure her English is better than the second languages most of us speak.   She does seem more self-aware than her hubby in the interview snippets I’ve seen.  (Not too difficult.)

  106. Y’all HRC’ers leave BlueInD be. She’s entitled to say what you dont want to hear. And vice versa.

  107. BlueInD, I did think she seemed sensible but why does such a pretty woman wear eye makeup that makes her look like a raccoon?

  108. Craig

    Am I taking it the right way and you prefer I don’t exchange with Blue? Please just let me know???

  109. No Tony, that is not my point at all. I shouldn’t have said anything really. But have to agree with her that thinking someone is all negative because they’re not all in for Hillary is a bit intolerant. There are some issues raising doubt about Hillary’s sincerity and fitness for office worth debating. And now I’ve probably again said more than I should. So, ignore me and talk aming yourselves.

  110. Hillary, What Now?


    Your blog say what you will.. I so very much disagree with you!!!

    Negative to me is to personally slam Hillary all day.. My opinion.. Look over the thread and most threads, where is the neg anti Bernie personal slams? I must say, i’m shocked. You said you would drop the hammer at personal attacks, i attacked no one.. Intolerant, ok your entitled to your opinion..

  111. Confession time for this Independent.  I have cast my lot with Hillary. I haven’t donated to a presidential candidate since McCain in 2000. Today is different, I see the realities. I DO NOT WANT TRUMP and I will do whatever I think is plausible to staunch it. If it takes some funds, so be it!

    I haven’t always been a fan… but Hillary 2016! I am onboard.

  112. Good for you Mad. I might end up there myself, still processing. Must say I am drawn to the fact that nobody owns Trump, presents a case for change unbought and unbossed.

  113. Craig, I think we will know more tomorrow but it doesn’t look good now for the rational types. Things have very seriously gone off the rails.

    Hanging on and chinstraps are all the rage these days.

    It’s funny, my sister is a staunch Republican and we have drawn-out discussions of this presidential race. She doesn’t like Trump… and me being the devil’s advocate, I love to defend his views. It’s a hoot! She doesn’t like Hillary either.

    It is gonna be one of those elections.

  114. I hardly think that an anti choice anti immigrant candidate is without masters-he may not be pandering for money but he is groveling for votes and from people who are worse than big money donors


    amazing to me that people are willing to vote against their own interests for incredibly petty personal reasons

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