The Big Liar

Best jobs record ever! (No.) Finished the wall! (No.) Won in 2020! (No.) Killed Nord Stream 2! (No.) Ended the caliphate in 3 weeks! (No.) Saved Minneapolis! (No.) Stopped NATO from vanishing! (No.)

Fact check: Donald Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC

Here is a fact check of 23 of the false claims Trump made. (And that’s far from the total.): CNN Politics

So Long Bob

Our friend and legend CBob, formerly known as Colorado Bob, has passed.

Re-posting Sturgeon’s recent tribute, which nailed it.

Thank You Robert

Thanks for the stories.
Thanks for the tall tales.
Thanks for being brakeman on the hellbound train.
Thanks for the solar stove and Peggy’s garden.
Thanks for the water harvester.
Thanks for the Mustang Sally bassman rock.
Thanks for Joe Don the Fig.
Thanks for the picks on Buddy’s grave.
Thanks for the blue corn.
Thanks for the Shelter Boxes, Haiti bound.
Thanks for the vest which is going to be a family Heirloom.

Thanks for everything, Bob , it’s been a gas.

Can’t We Find Somebody Under 75 To Run For President?

Trump 76

Biden 80

When I look at the awful 2024 Senate map for Dems (twice as many incumbents as Republicans up for grabs) I’m thinking a half dozen or so whose polls show their voters don’t want Biden to run will go to him and say we love you, you’ve been a significant president, we’ll run on your accomplishments but you need to step aside. As a lifelong creature of the Senate he might listen to them.

Democrats have a strong bench of contenders. Let’s give them a chance to emerge.

I do love our Uncle Joe but it just doesn’t make sense to me for him to run again.

If he runs he’ll get the nomination and he’ll get my vote, but I hope he gives this thing a lot more thought.