When You Hate Government You Don’t Govern

I blame Ronald Reagan for the mess in Texas. He turned a generation plus of Americans against government, who’ve elected his acolytes ever since, Republicans who can’t govern because they don’t want to govern, because they hate government. And when there’s a crisis, be it COVID, a foreseeable and deadly utility tragedy, or whatever, we find out what happens when an anti-government political party is in charge.

Biden Relief Too Much?

I’m concerned the President’s Covid relief bill is way too big, untargeted and wide open to abuse. We’ve already dumped $4 trillion into the economy and haven’t spent it all. Another $2 trillion risks inflationary pressure. But like Joe Manchin, who makes sense to me on this, I’ll let it go.

Think I’d prefer saving some money for infrastructure spending.

President Biden wonderful in CNN Town Hall last night. We’ve gone from Hitler to Mr. Rogers in one election. What a country! Here’s Uncle Joe at his best…