Super Tuesday Vote Counting Time

Who gets the bigger night? Hillary or Trump, or both?

Poll Closing Times (ET)

  • Alabama, 8 p.m.
  • Alaska, midnight
  • Arkansas, 8:30 p.m.
  • Colorado, caucuses begin at 9 p.m.
  • Georgia, 7 p.m.
  • Massachusetts, 8 p.m.
  • Minnesota, caucuses begin at 8 p.m.
  • Oklahoma, 8 p.m.
  • Tennessee, 8 p.m.
  • Texas, 9 p.m.
  • Vermont, 7 p.m.
  • Virginia, 7 p.m.
  • Wyoming, various times for caucuses
  • American Samoa, caucuses begin at 2 p.m.
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Author: craigcrawford

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92 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Vote Counting Time”

  1. and while we wait for those numbers, here’s what’s been happening.  from today’s nytimes editorial board:
    More than two weeks after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Obama has not named a nominee for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Instead, he appears to be succumbing once again to his persistent belief that Congressional Republicans can be reasoned with if only he tries hard enough.
    One would have thought the years of disrespect and obstruction from Capitol Hill would have cured him of this notion. But on Tuesday morning, Mr. Obama met with Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, and Charles Grassley of Iowa, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the two Republican senators who are leading the charge to prevent him from selecting a replacement. Of course, nothing came of the brief meeting.
    Mr. McConnell has said repeatedly that the American people should have a voice in this nomination. Well, the people have spoken: They elected Mr. Obama twice. And in the past few weeks, multiple polls have found that more Americans want Mr. Obama to make the pick than want him to leave it to the next president. In a poll by Fox News, the split was 62-34 in favor of Mr. Obama. Republicans who like to point out that the American people rebuked the president in the 2014 midterm elections should remember that Mr. Obama’s job-approval rating in December was 46 percent 35 points higher than the Senate’s.
    By naming his pick now, Mr. Obama would force the Republicans to explain to Americans why they refuse to do their job and take a vote on a highly qualified nominee.

  2. Why wouldn’t he make the pick?  Even if it just sits it’s fodder for the election.

  3. Here at the DMZ we have been watching MSNBC and Bernie ad every 15 minutes no other political ads  We are going out so no ranting and raving from me until much later.

  4. Pogo,

    Maybe the people he’s considered don’t want to be mixed up in this. They’d be the fodder – along with their loved ones.

  5. Sjwny, you raise a good point I had not thought about. Why would a responsible jurist want to be subjected to a moot point for partisan purposes? Anyone who would probably isn’t qualified.

  6. American Samoa is six hours ahead of East Coast Time.  2:00 PM in DC = 8:00 PM in the islands.


  7. Thinking through your point, SJW NY, anyone who would go along with an appointment purely for the purposes of gaming the election ought not be on the Supreme Court

  8. A question for Political Historians & Hobbyists: if Mr Trump & Secretary Clinton end up their Party’s nominees, New York wins, in a way. If Bloomberg enters, it’s a trifecta. When was the last time one state had this distinction?

  9. Would Trump be competetive in NY and NJ for the general? If he managed to win there it is game over.

  10. RR – Yes, usually playful; it’s not like anything I write will impact tonight’s outcome.  I only referred to “Hillary supporters” because I was being painted as “negative” for having a different view of her and was responding to comments about me.    It’s just a difference of opinions.   No worries.  I suspect Hillary will win big in TX tonight, maybe even SC big.

    Local news showing a restaurant is having a sandwich poll:

    1st place) The Ted Cuban

    2nd place) The Marco Reuben

    3rd place) The Trump Tower

    (Glad to be a vegetarian.)

    There were no sammies for Hillary or Bernie.  It’s a red state, after all

    PatD – The trail abides. 🙂

  11. They have run out of ballots at some polling places here. They didn’t say Dem or Rep, since we have to pick sides here.  What does that mean?

  12. blueINdallas,

    Going vegetarian was the healthiest decision I ever made in my life. Don’t regret one moment; don’t miss a thing. Solidarity, friend 😉

  13. They are Republican ballots that have run out.   A few locations are low on Dem ballots and they have requested more, some being transfered from low turnout polling places.

    Ted Cruz is having his party tonight at The Redneck Country Club.

  14. The whole idea of Speaker Ryan & Leader McConnell pleading innocent on race in rejecting the KKK then turn around and refuse to work with a black President in order to gin up their racist component base.

    Not exactly believable.

    Unless a hearing & vote is agreed to, any nominee would either be confident of a renomination from next President, wanting the show for personal enhancement (books/speaking/financial), or willing to “take one for the team” knowing they would go back to a position they love and not really wanting SCOTUS.

  15. I have always liked Brian Williams and am glad he is back reporting.  Sometime Craig, if you feel it is appropriate, it would be interesting to hear your take on Mr. Williams.

  16. I really like Brian Williams.  Basically, he got hung out to dry for embellishing history for a good cocktail party story.

    There is a reminiscence about David Niven that when listening to one of his stories about an event you would laugh hysterically than then remember it wasn’t nearly as funny when you were there while the event happened.


  17. Williams was caught for having repeated a tall tale about his experiences embedded with U.S. troops on a helicopter in the 2003 Iraq War. The network found other examples of Williams’ “inaccurate statements,” most of them not on NBC News but “on late-night programs and during public appearances.”

    As I said, cocktail party conversation.  Only mistake, telling the stories while sitting in an anchor chair making chit chat with others on the set.

    Just for the record, I actually did once kiss Hugh O’Brien 🙂

  18. Brian Williams. Paul Williams. What a thread.

    Local news interviewing folks at watch parties around Dallas.  Nobody likes Ted Cruz.  What’s funny is that Ted has been saying that if someone can’t carry his home state, it’s time to drop out.  I wonder if he’ll follow his own advice?

    Funniest thing, one guy doesn’t like Trump, but voted for him because his tired of the gridlock and thinks an outsider might push that through.  He made Trump sound like a political laxitive.

  19. Hillary has 70% of the vote with 1% reporting.  Like I said, a SC-style win projected.

  20. It looks like the hardest part of being a political talking head tonight is to sound surprised at the results as they come pouring in.

    The Carter presidency was a dud.  He too was very nice.  Nice is good for some people, but not a president.  Obama, sigh.

  21. So Massachusetts is too close to call yet, and Oklahoma looks to be breaking toward Clinton. And Marco might be rethinking that decision not to run for reelection.

  22. And now it looks like Massachusetts is breaking mildly in Clinton’s favor. Not a good sign for Bernie.

  23. And Hillary’s practicing her general election stump speech now. And now Oklahoma seems to be breaking toward Sanders.

  24. As Scooby-Doo would  say, ruh roh. Cruise won Oklahoma. As did Bernie. Looks to me like he will be in to the convention. Congrats to him.

  25. Hillary wins the big prize tonight: TX by 60-something % Congratulations.

    Cruz wins with 40-ish%  Trump is 2nd and the RNC’s golden, water boy is a distant 3rd.

    I wonder what Jebbers is doing tonight?

  26. Trump has a point about Hillary’s promises: “She’s been there for so long. If she hasn’t straightened it out by now she’s not going to straighten it out in the next four years.”

  27. Aiee, the Republican establishment has taken it on the chin tonight. There ain’t nobody left to stop Trump.



  28. This new HRC line: “Make America whole again.” Predicting that gets dumped by next week, makes no sense.

  29. Trump taking press questions in his victory speech. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

  30. Craig

    And exactly when was she supposed to work all these miracles?  Four years in the Senate or Four years at State? Maybe she forgot to go to Hogwarts to pick up a magic wand.  In any case better than a man who is kept alive by his bankers because he is too deep in debt to fail despite economically destroying thousands of lives.


  31. And now we are into the “amazing” stump speech with the 4th grade vocabulary (on a good day)

  32. Donald Trump tonight. The greatest opportunity for attack adds ever! He makes it too easy.

    The Great wall of China didn’t save China from foreign influence. He may be a deal maker but he knows nothing about history. Maybe he should reference Hadrian’s wall. It was a real success as well.

  33. Mr Trump: My way or the highway, Congress. / Don’t snicker; that just may win him the White House.

  34. sjwny – Yes, I’ve noticed the blue ties. Maybe it’s subliminal accessorizing.   Or, maybe it’s just because it’s the contrasting color to orange on the color wheel.

    All hail the Cheeto-In-Chief! ?

  35. why are the networks forcing us to watch Donald Trump pleasure himself in public.


  36. Trump is going to try ‘low energy’ on Dems. in General.

    Note to Trump. Dems. are not Jeb Bush!

  37. Trump taking on tough press questions vs. Hillary’s teleprompted empty rhetoric tonight. Clinton camp has work to do.

  38. jace,

    No one breaks away because this IS the story. The Press is doing their job. And the surreal aspect is, well, surreal. By Jupiter, who’d a-thunkit?

  39. She made a speech.  He wallowed in his own ego with press cooperation.  Those questions were barely above the level of nerf balls.

  40. Jamie, that is what is so brilliant about Trump taking these tough press questions, keeps the cameras rolling. Making news instead of reading rhetoric.

  41. blueINdallas,

    I don’t think the color choices are coincidence here. I also keep hoping that Trump is Tony Clifton’s Tony Clifton & some day, some where, at some rally, Andy Kaufman will walk out onto to the stage. (Sorry, Bob Zmuda.)

  42. The Q & A was a nice change to a canned speech.   I’m not sure what Christie’s function was tonight…and I don’t think he did, either.

    I wonder what the lack of proper ballots at some polling stations did  to the Republicans in TX  tonight?

    The news said they were using “sample” ballots, “provisional” ballots, trying to ferry ballots to and from various polling places depending low and high turnout.

    Oh, jeez.  Turd is spewing and he is dangerous!

  43. Pogo, at least he took questions. Cant remember the last time Hillary held a press conference, certainly not in a victory speech

  44. Cruz, Clinton, Sanders deliver the usual politician echo chamber on a voting night. Trump did a reality show with reporters. He so better understands the language of our modern TV age.

  45. Craig

    Given the publics low opinion of the press(some of it earned btw)  press conferences are highly over rated. In stead she has great youtube clips to pass around. Read her transcript . A lot of good quotes in there.



  46. Funny watching establishment Republican pundits melting down over Trump’s success.

  47. He does good reality tv that is for certain and in the vote off the island that has been the  Rep primary season it works. Problem is there are only so many angry white men. And they are all in the Republican party.



  48. Jack, taking unscripted press questions communicates authenticity more than staff written you tube propaganda.

  49. Sorry Craig but only to you press folks

    Notice what has been happening to the newspaper business?

    Same thing is happening to broadcast news. Nobody is watching too many other things to than set down and watch the 6 oclock news. and around here Mrs’ Jack has her favorite show recorded. I’m sure she is not alone.



  50. RNC in panic mode.  Lindsay Graham holding his nose and saying Turd may be their only choice.  Ha!  They are gonna tick off soooo many people.

    The local news interviews at GOP watch parties was interesting and coincided with conversations at work today. They don’t like Trump, but they hate Cruz.  Clearly, the evangelicals helped out Cruz.

  51. W’jack brings up a good point.  When a newspaper endorses a candidate, how much clout does that hold these days?

    Off to bed and hope not to have nightmares about a Cruz presidency.  (I still wonder how the lack of normal ballots affected the outcome on the Repug side?)

  52. Turd sez, ‘Reagan, Reagan, REAGAN.” God dammit. What an a$$hole. He couldn’t lick Reagan’s feet – and Reagan IMHO is the most overrated President of the past century.

  53. For what it’s worth, and maybe not much, Trump figured out how to own the air time tonight with his presser, and leverage his wins better than Hillary’s canned speech. Clinton camp needs to get outside the box against this guy. Nite all.

  54. Gotta give Bernie his due.  He did well – better than I thought he would. Mass has to be a disappointment though.

  55. A big night for Hillary – an early birthday present for Jamie.  Congratulations.



  56. If you are a Republican candidate, how do you know when you are losing? Just utter the words ” Morning In America”. It’s so 1980s

  57. I’m sorry. I don’t care who I offend.

    ‘ Tweety’ interviewing Tom Delay? Are you Fucking kidding me!!? Tom Delay??!

    Shame on MSNBC!

  58. The caucus site was mobbed. They ran out of ballots. They won’t finish counting the Inver Grove, Mendota Hgts, So. St Paul, & W St Paul, until the wee hours of the morning. 

  59. 1.  delay spelled out the strategy 3 – 5 times to that screechy idiot of a tweety, and the bird still didn’t get it. HTF did tweety ever get a job, let alone one as a pundit, let alone as a political pundit, let alone on an arguably major network ?!?

    2. marco polio may yet win 2 of tonights events. Of course, MN brings less cache than TX. And, rubella did take MN. The Canadian came in turd.

    3. Bernie won in 4 states : VT, OK, MN, & CO. Canada won in TX, AK, and OK. rubio won in MN.

  60. We’re not going to allow, we’re not going to fund as long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood and we understand that,and  I’ve said it loud and clear.” “i’m going to be really good for women”  “i’m going to be good for women’s health issues, it’s really important to me.”

    Hah! What women would he be good for? The wealthy white women who can afford private abortions?


    “Jack, taking unscripted press questions communicates authenticity more than staff written you tube propaganda.”

    Oh for crips sake Craig, you know full well she can speak extemporaneously better than any, responding, recalling facts, names with amazing clarity.   Trump simply isn’t in the same league.  Her intellect and ability to details, even if one didn’t agree with every point,  was inspiring.  The same goes for your political analysis and journalistic skills.  I wasn’t blowing smoke up your arse whenever I said you were one of the last great and  true journalists.  I mean’t every word. Over my lifetime there have been a handful of people I wanted to listen to in times of crisis or regarding political issues. They were Walter Cronkite, Tip O’Neill, Bill Clinton,Ted Kennedy and you. Please get back to dazzling us with your brilliance at your craft.  Don’t join the angry white mens club. This mean old world needs your voice, and so do i.

  62. Of course, she could make mince meat of trump intellectually. Look  at Old Sea’s post : trump can’t even put subject and predicate together to make sense. God only knows what the old john is actually saying. However, it appears that he is communicating to American people who can’t understand their birth language, and so his lack of precision is no disadvantage to him.

    I want some candidate at the next publican ‘debate’ list the movie heroes, actors, John Wayne, Clint, Segall, Bob Mitchum, Gary Cooper, etc, who were strong silent types, and then pointing at trump say, “Donald’s an actor of the weak noisy type.” This would be a great line for kasich, ‘cuz he can tower over the makeup, hair dye, and perfume guy in a way that rubio can’t.

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