Trump Tuesday

Like it or not, it is likely today’s news will be all about Donald Trump sweeping Super Tuesday. Hillary will too, but everyone expects that she has already won the nomination.

Will Rubio win anything? And if he loses his home state of Florida on March 15th how does he remain viable? If Kasich doesn’t win his home state of Ohio March 22 he has said he will be gone.

_85478328_gettyimages-487396244If Cruz wins his home state of Texas today he stays in. Meaning that the Republican race ends up Trump vs Cruz? What is an intelligent Republican voter to do?

Watching Trump’s wife, Melania, on CNN last night I see something coming from their camp, an effort to diffuse and tame his beastly image. For instance, she criticized his choice to repeat that horrible word at one of his rallies. Also beginning to see him walk back some of his foolishness, in his own weird way.

Call it the “Just Kidding” pivot. ‘Hey folks I was just sounding like a dumb ass to get dumb ass votes.’ Kinda like when Reagan said trees cause pollution, and lots of other dumb stuff.

reagan-mooseStill don’t know whether Reagan believed the nutty things he said or if he was just taunting Democrats into self destructive distraction. Suspect the latter.

Dems can hope that Trump is as crazy as he sounds. But what if he isn’t, and there is a fox in there somewhere?

Wouldn’t be the first time that liberal Democrats were fooled and beaten by cynical anti-intellectualism.

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  1. from pbs newshour:

    GWEN IFILL: …. Which party is having the more consequential civil war at this point?

    AMY WALTER: Well, it absolutely is the Republicans.

    Listen, I feel like this is a party right now — I mean, I can almost hear the tectonic shift here. The Republican Party now is on the verge of absolutely splitting apart. And you asked about what the level of worry is among sort of Republican establishment, as they said on “Spinal Tap,” this goes to 11. OK? It is off the charts.

    And I think we are going to see a Republican Party that looks, if Donald Trump is the nominee, that looks very different than a Republican Party we have seen before. I don’t doubt that we will see a Republican candidate running as a third party. This is not about — I know we have talked about Michael Bloomberg in the past. I’m talking specifically about a traditional Republican establishment conservative figure running as a third-party candidate. Wouldn’t be surprised about that at all.

    The civil war has been a big part of the Republican identity for some time. These factions have been fighting each other for some time. The only thing that has kept these factions from splitting apart in the past has been the fact that Republicans are united in their dislike for President Obama.

    But now that the focus is inward, instead of outward, the civil war has — is starting to take a serious toll. And I really think we’re going to see in some way, shape or form a dissolution of the Republican Party as it currently stands.



    sad for all of us that the elephant (even the symbolic one)  is an endangered animal.  diversity is an environmental as well as political imperative.

  2. fearless leader last night gently reminded (scolded is too harsh a word tho’ this was close) us of the trail admonishment of ad hominem:

    She’s entitled to say what you dont want to hear. And vice versa.

    …..thinking someone is all negative because they’re not all in for Hillary is a bit intolerant. There are some issues raising doubt about Hillary’s sincerity and fitness for office worth debating

    let us not, as the grand old party-poopers are doing right now (see above), destroy ourselves from within.  the trail abides.

  3. Pat- Fearless leader only chastised Hillary supporters- yet the person he defended last night taunted, antagonized, hurled insults and spoke in the superlative throughout the day.  A more careful review of the thread would bare that out…….

  4. Trump Tuesday

    Pat, nice comment, you’re always so warm and giving.

    I disagree as to myself needing a gentle reminder on how to treat Blue or any other person here respectfully.

    …..thinking someone is all negative because they’re not all in for Hillary is a bit intolerant”

    I must say, there’s a reason i don’t read the comment sections of most of the articles i post and it’s because they’re mostly neg and a constant stream like yesterday’s thread bring me down. Certainly not trying to censor anyone, much less Blue, i like her… I really think it’s time for me to take a break from TM at least until after the primaries..

    Lol, gonna read all my pieces, no comments, lol

    Best Wishes to all here you are a fine community..

  5. Yesterday I commented on Twitter that I couldn’t decide if Drumph was some sort of idiot-savant or in the early stages of dementia.  Received an answer of “probably both”.  In today’s Daily News, more proof of one or the other or both.  Take your pick:

    Trump’s Art of the Con

  6. A little something about the new banner.  Wouldn’t it be better to have “Commentary” instead of “Commenting”?

  7. Thrilled to vote for Hillary Tuesday

    Today is a grand day,  so long awaited-  I am savoring this opportunity to be able to vote for her again.  Aside from her many qualities and accomplishments- I am voting for my future granddaughters, that their dreams may soar, and their rights advanced, not stifled.  Trump’s public treatment of women alone is enough to run from voting for him.  Hillary’s  lead wasn’t so sure only a few days ago but it does appear that the tide has changed.  I believe it to be not only from the more than double expected results from SC but Trumps victories on Sat and the growing realization that he might not disappear. Hillary isn’t taking any states, votes for granted and neither am I.   Today’s post does mention her- 1 line, otherwise dedicated to Trump. Getting to be just like mass media around here.  But stranger things have happened.. From Carter to Trump?! Hard to wrap my head around it all.  Peace out folks, off to see my other friends and how they are  faring with their hard work and campaigning  this am, then I’ll bring my grandson off to vote with me.  I’ll vote for his future, a future hopefully where  gratitude, respect, love and kindness are valued.  For you and yours too Patsi- love you always.

  8. Craig…why no color in your headline?   It is not a black and white world anymore.

    I love a revolution with polling…our forefathers would have been proud.

    No matter who occupies the WH next year?  I hope science survives.  I have enjoyed the past eight years when we could say the word stem cells without being accused of being abortionists!  Today our own body stem cells are curing a lot of nasty diseases.  I am glad that we are investigating our universe and making some new discoveries and changing old thought.  Better than having a prez who thinks the world is about 6,000 years old.  Maybe some day us bags of water can travel beyond our solar system.  Until then, we have a beautiful blue planet to pillage and enjoy.  I hope I can live with the lower common denominator until the day I die.

  9. ooh yes… “commentary” yes, jamies. what a classy word. hope the boss agrees.  now, we’ll really have to shape up.


    tony, please take a deep breath and abide as the dude advises.

    imo you have been most loving in your exchanges with b.i.d.   and you remember what it was like 8 years ago being in the same position as she is now.

  10. sea, enjoy the day.  it is fun and a super good feeling when your heart and head agree with your ballot choice.

    a resounding attagirl! and here’s to your “future granddaughters, that their dreams may soar, and their rights advanced, not stifled” with that vote.

  11. disappointing that the media is all agog over drumpf’s likely wins across the board today but hohum on Hillary. no where except in Massachusetts according to the realclearpolitics poll chart is drumpf presumed to get a majority (well Georgia might give him 50% but no more than that) while Hillary hits above that in many states.  no matter that there are only 2 major dembat candidates one still could answer “none of the above or don’t know”.  this means that drumpf is not seen as the favorite of his party, just a few paces ahead of the pack but short of the goal line. wiki says: “There will be a total of 2,472 delegates going to the 2016 Republican National Convention and the winning candidate will need 1,237 votes to be the Republican nominee. “

  12. Love Senator Ben Sasse quote:  “Donald Trump doesn’t have any more core principles than a Kardashian marriage.”

  13. pogo, you asked “how long do the end times last after the evil one arises?”

    according to  wayne blank’s daily bible study (don’t know anything about him or this site so beware):
    Overall, the “end time” will last 42 months (“power was given unto him to continue forty and two months,” verse 5 below), during which the Satan-empowered “beast” (see Daniel’s Vision Of End-Time Rome) will deceive the entire world into surrendering to its mis-leadership

    so I guess that means at the end of prez drumpf’s 1st term…. he’ll be a lame duck anti-christ anyway

  14. MadMustard, I’m pleased that you’ve made the pragmatic decision of supporting Hillary. This is the fourth campaign in which I’ve supported her emotionally and financially. I believe she scares the dickens out of the Republican hierarchy; that is a good thing. And, I believe she channels with Eleanor Roosevelt as that most distinguished lady wanders the tunnels of closed mines searching for those abandoned by their companies.

    Besides supporting her, I’ve given more than I can afford to Rep Tammy Duckworth who is trying to seize a senate seat in Illinois. She was the company commander of a Blackhawk helicopter unit in Iraq. One day she was flying co-pilot when her chopper was shot out of the air. Both of her legs were gone. After rehab she stayed in the Guard, worked with the VA, was elected to the house, resumed flying with a civilian license, and finally retired as a lieutenant colonel. She is the daughter of an NCO and his immigrant wife. God Bless the USA.

  15. I don’t think Trump is stupid…  and I do think he’s saying some things only for votes (which makes him like every other politician).  But Craig…  I do disagree with something you wrote last night stating that Trump isn’t bought or sold.  He’s a business man…  and like all of them…  he is beholden to his businesses first.  He does deals with other business people…  he’s beholden to them too.

    The cry that if it’s Hillary vs Trump means Wall St. vs Wall St. isn’t without some validity.  But for me the real choice is between someone who spent her whole life trying to make life better for others (particularly children)…   and someone who spent his whole life trying to make life better for essentially himself.  For me that choice is a no-brainer.


  16. I saw BlueinD’s comments from yesterday as mostly being playful.  But when she says things about Hillary’s supporters…  then we have a right to rebuttal.  I mean…  isn’t that what the Republican debates are teaching us…   “you mention me I can say somethin’ back bout youz”…   😉

    Flatus… that wasn’t Mudcat…. it was MadMustard…  in the billiard room with the candlestick…

  17. I’ve been watching BiD and Craig deal with political realities with fascination. Craig obviously has some unhealed wounds from his brief stint playing in the big leagues, “Politics ain’t bean bag” and I suspect  our fearless leader is still dealing with that fact.

    As to BiD , yesterdays flirtation with Trump was interesting, Because from my pov she is letting her political dislike of the Clintons cause her to support someone 100% opposite of everything she believes in.

    But I’m a practical person when it comes to politics and a person who can deliver 50% of what I want is way superior to one who delivers 0%


  18. renee, no no, that was ms scarlet in the billard room with a rope. col mustard was in the study with a gun… but what about wadsworth?

  19. Thank you, Renee, correction made–sentiment remains the same. I return to the eye doc on the 14th of next month.

  20. patd…  what’s a wadsworth…  I have learnt one thing this morning…  the answer to the universe and everything being 42 is apparently correct.

  21. jack, craig has had more than a “brief stint playing in the big leagues” but the more recent wounds hurt most.

  22. Don’t look over here.  I’m playing Mr. Body, deceased and silent in the kitchen until my distant in-law, Mrs. White, drags me into the dumb waiter for a fast trip to the Study.

  23. Trump has already tried to appear more rational — that’s not what hardcore strumpettes want

    His wife is lovely I am sure and entered the US legally the whole point of the interview and to show she is first lady material…kind of like Shrub and Laura –as in what does she see in him –there must be something there

  24. KGC… what does she see in him…   why I would suspect what a lot of beautiful young women see in fat old billionaires …..   as OSH would say…  cha- ching, cha-ching.

  25. SW Virginia, which I believe to be very representative of white males in the rural south, seems to be totally sold on the economic fairness issue.  When I went to cast my vote for Bernie this morning, I talked to two fellow blue doggers who were voting on the Republican side for Trump, and one staunch Republican who was voting for Bernie on the Democratic side.   The Republican voter said he liked Bernie because he could tell he was “honest”, plus he said he considered it “an honor to vote against Hillary”.  The two blue doggers said they “loved” what Trump was saying about us getting screwed on the trade treaties.  Before everybody says they’re all ignorant, I would say come down here and look at the damage from those treaties, and maybe then, you can empathize their supposed “ignorance”.

  26. Craig and Blue have every right to let it all out.  Craig has just returned from the REAL political trenches…and he just might be wounded a little after coming home from over seas with Jim Wbb.  As returning soldiers, they deserve a little understanding.  Don’t know maybe this is one of the reasons that the new Trail is here now….he wanted his friends support….

    Same goes for Blue, she knows and M M did also….like i said, I think that the indies will eventually come around to voting for Hilliary……but to what degree? Maybe that will depend on YOU…….let them vent a little….ok to gloat, but if you want to be sore winners….then go ahead…….repeat….they are here to get a little comfort from friends……sure you also have the right to point out all of the g ood and the bad in Sanders….go ahead knock him down some more…..but that still wont change the truth about Hillary…… in her camp now….but if you create a third party…….im going to look at it.

    Ive already talked to a few indies….they don’t like it a bit to have to go against what they stand for…..I dont hit em over the head and defend the indefensible….she and her husband is everything that Craig, Blue, Purple and others have said, and pointed out with many, many links. Want more and more people coming around….give them cut them a little slack……and be the friend that they need….Personally….i had a lot of fun in 2008, i liked arguing with Brian and the other….just a little tho…..not the vicious stuff, but he did hve a few good moments…..if you want to make it harder to join up by being sore winners…….later

  27. Voting for Trump  –obviously a voter who thinks women are chattle And is unclear on the separation of religion and the state.

    and torture in the right way to go.  Also killing the families of terrorists?  That’s his foreign policy.  Now we have the military saying they won’t follow his orders.

    The only thing I can think of is people want to blow up the entire system and clearly have no plan for what comes after the explosion.  If it’s Trump – he will probably stat by bringing back slavery

    Trump is on record saying he is llying during the campaign he is just doing his Ted Nugent act as president he would be a statesman – and so when he is lying

  28. Good morning to all.


    I support Tammy Duckworth too. Put my $ where my mouth is.

    Mr. Mudcat,

    Thank you for your comments about the use of the word ‘ignorant.’


    You remain the voice of reason, swooping down out of… wherever… to set things straight. Live long & prosper.

  29. Good point KGC…

    Hey…  anyone here who’s for “blowing up the whole system”…  I want to remind you to take a look at the current situation in the Middle East.  Some of us here cheered as we watched what happened in Egypt taking down Mubarak (myself included)…  but then look what filled in that vacuum…  the Islamic Brotherhood.  We cheered as we watched what happened in Libya and they found Gaddafi…   and then look what filled in that vacuum…  ISIS. Methinks you don’t have any idea what would happen if we blow up our “totally corrupt” political system.  Just remember…   you might not like what you get in that vacuum.

  30. Although the polls look bleak for Bernie, he’s got plenty of money (and it’s coming in fast) and no reason not to spend it. I take him at his word that he’s in it to the convention.  He’ll win some states – WV is one – where Hillary’s been tied to Obama, largely by choice, and WV votes against anything associated with Obama.  War on Coal and all that.  Isn’t that SW Virginia’s real problem Mudcat?  Wasn’t coal the main employer in that region until prices for it began falling and clean air regs made NG a more viable alternative as an energy source?  I’m kinda thick, but I don’t see the connection between NAFTA and the Pacific Rim Treaties and the decline in coal.  In WV it’s all Obama’s fault if you listen to the David McKinleys of the world.  But maybe my perception about SW Va is wrong.

  31. The concept of “reasonably clean” has often landed me in hot water.

    if there’s one thing that’s caused more general devastation than religion it’s civil war.

    Don’t be civil war.

  32. Bernie is going to the convention – still a candidate – he has nothing to lose.

    Time is on his side – the longer he can stay in – the greater the chance something catastrophic could happen to Clinton

  33. McConnell is now joining Ryan in condemning “racism” in the Republican party.  This from the man who won’t hold hearings or vote on a SCOTUS nomination from President Obama.  He caters to a base that hates having a black president and then turns around with “what racism, where, who us?”


  34. When Teddy Roosevelt walked out of the Republican Party he formed the Bull Moose Party

    When Trump walks out – will it be the Bullshit Party

  35. they’re voting big time

    In Massachusetts, the Democratic vote is concentrated in Boston. There, turnout was on pace to surpass the 2008 primary election record, with nearly 54,000 votes cast as of 1 p.m. This points to a potentially record-breaking turnout in the state overall, per the president of MassINC Polling.
    Of the state’s 4.3 million enrolled voters, almost 2.3 million are unenrolled in a party, meaning they could vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary. Polls show Sen. Sanders faces a tough road, but strong turnout from Massachusetts’ unenrolled voters could swing the race his way.
    Galvin told reporters many Democrats have left the party to become unenrolled (or even switch to a Republican voting designation) in the days before the primary. If those voters gravitate to the GOP race, it could bode ill for Sanders.

  36. and in texas too

    Election officials are saying voter turnout for the Texas primary could shatter records.
    Republicans are predicting 1,000,000 more people will vote in the primary. If so, that would set a new record. Before the end of the lunch hour, officials at Dallas County GOP said several precincts had requested more ballots. Apparently, elections judges were told that when they’d exhausted 65-percent of their supply to request more. Some precincts getting ballots had reached those numbers, but others were anxious about running low and asked for more ballots as a precaution.

  37. scotus, my relations the oysters thank you, my relations the crabs thank you and I thank you.

  38. patd,

    Your Posts about Massachusetts & Texas seem to bode well for Mr Trump, not so well for the Republican Leadership.

  39. If anyone is concerned about conflict on the trail … not to worry.  If you remember 2008, things you thought you would never see:

    Brian Arens I have to agree with what my pal Jamie White said. 

    Where is the emoticon for hysterical laughter?


  40. The Walrus and the Carpenter

    “O Oysters,” said the Carpenter,
    “You’ve had a pleasant run!
    Shall we be trotting home again?’
    But answer came there none–
    And this was scarcely odd,
    becauseThey’d eaten every one.


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