Hillary’s Next Win; Whither Bernie?

2016-02-22-1456172662-1597066-BernieSanders-thumbIt is not whether, but by how much does Hillary win the South Carolina primary today, and whither Bernie? The next collection of states on Super Tuesday present few opportunities for Sanders. It now seems he has become, and perhaps always was, a protest candidate for voters who would rather cast at windmills.

WHITHER: “To what place or state?” (Websters dictionary)

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  1. The alternatives to Bernie are folks staying home, or, taking a Republican ballot and voting for (in the case of TX) anyone except Cruz.

    They tried to kill Bernie’s run from the get-go, saying a vote for him was a wasted vote. Mark my words, Bernie is the only one who can beat Trump.

    By the way, what’s The Donald’s beef with the First Amendent? We already have libel laws, so his latest tirade about changing the law so he could sue for negative stories about him makes no sense. I believe Lincoln did something to kneecap the media during the Civil War, but this is beyond me.

    I will say that it’s possible he’s just calling out agenda-journalists (not unique to Faux News), and for that, well go on and spread the sunshine…even if it seems like you may be spreading something else.

  2. wbur mass. poll
    Trump has 40 percent of the vote, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio battling for second place with 19 percent each, and Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in fourth place at 10 percent.
    The race is much closer between the two Democrats .
    Among likely Democratic voters, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is ahead of Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders by 5 percentage points — 49-44 — just outside the survey’s 4.9 percent margin of error.

  3. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2016/02/27/panicking-mitch-mcconnell-says-gop-will-help-hillary-beat-trump-if-he-wins-the-nomination/


    Excellent comment.. Your fabulous brain gets it.. The Supreme Court, it’s why i voted for Obama. Just look, if we had gotten Republican’s no gay marriage.. I also agree and would love to have a third party choice.. Same on a Public Option with Obamacare.. Yes, it’s terrible, tried to get a decent plan for my niece that she could afford, $200 a month with high deductibles.. Lol, just crazy, she’s working 3 jobs to get enough hours and going to school.. Ashley’s rent is $1100 a month with me on the lease as she needed to make $3300 a month to qualify.. Things are screwed up but we have to work within the system we have now..

    You can come visit. I’m easy to get to, just off I-95 at Edgewater exit. Between New Smyrna beach and Titusville ..

    Nice pic of you and the motor home.. I mailed Chloe some time ago but i never heard back..

  4. deliverance debate?
    “It was that squealer out in the audience that was clearly [Rubio media consultant] Todd Harris and the rest of the Rubio people hired to put her out there, a couple of them, three or four of them, squealing at the top of their lungs every single time that Rubio said anything. It was the most unnatural, phony thing in the world. And I hope people when they watch this know this was all choreographed. It was all part of a P.R. operation,” Matthews said on MSNBC.

     at least they weren’t tinkling down their legs, tweety

  5. Hillary’s Next Win; Whither Bernie?

    Blue, I understand.. I think like in 2008 with Obama, most will vote for Hillary should she win the nomination.. Def in Texas, doesn’t matter as much as Republican’s will win the state anyways.. I like Bernie and as i said, i know the guys postions well as i’ve listened every Friday for years on Thom Hartmann’s “Brunch With Bernie”.. I also don’t disagree with his positions, except when he wanted Obama primary challenged in 2012..

    I just feel he has no reasonable path to get his political revolution going.. We see that now with low voter turnout in the last 3 states.. I also feel that should he be elected President the Democratic establishment will not work easily with him as there is no loyalty to him politically.. Not to mention how strong Republican opposition will be..

    Also match up polls with Republican’s look good now but Rove and the Republican machine haven’t laid a glove on him yet..

  6. One bully endorses another bigger bully: Why Chris Christie hitched his wagon to Donald Trump
    It wasn’t that long ago that Christie was railing against Trump for being unpresidential. So what gives?
    Gary Legum

    “There are two reasons why Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump on Friday, neither of which reflects well on him. But the likability ship on Chris Christie did not just sail long ago, it pointed itself out into the open ocean and set the throttles to “full ahead.”

    Reason number one: Christie loathes Rubio for reasons that are unclear. Maybe it’s the latter’s “golden boy” status with the Republican establishment, despite his meager résumé. Maybe Christie sees him as an eager youth trying to climb the ladder past the more deserving and longer-tenured members of the Republican Party. Maybe he’s jealous of anyone who doesn’t have a face like a well-used frying pan. Who knows?”http://www.salon.com/2016/02/27/one_bully_endorses_another_bigger_bully_why_chris_christie_hitched_his_wagon_to_donald_trump/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=socialflow

  7. After voting, I stayed at the polls for an hour or so chatting with the workers screening people at the front door. There was a steady flow of voters but the two poll workers at the sign-in table certainly weren’t over-whelmed. It took me less than a minute to cast my electronic ballot; I was very proud that I didn’t cause any shrieks from the machine or its supervisor.

    As I was putting Rosie in gear, the chief clerk game running out, followed by the other woman, Shirley, I had been chatting with (I was parked very close to the entrance). Shirley raced up to the passenger window, which I lowered, “You didn’t tell me you have a Bentley. It’s beautiful!” When I corrected her as to the make of car, I thought she was going to collapse.

    And that was my election day afternoon. I wonder if she will be waiting for me on Nov 8th? Sounds like time for early voting downtown.




  8. I have 4 nieces…  2 of them in their early 30s… the other 2 (twins) turning 30 in a couple of weeks.  All 4 of them voted for Bernie.  But they have assured me that they will vote for Hillary if she is the Democratic nominee.  They all said the one thing they don’t want is some #*@! Republican taking over.  Smart girls.

    Flatus…  why you devil, you…  🙂

  9. Tony – I appreciate your kind words about Bernie.

    Saw my first Hillary ad today.  As you said, it’s not a blue state, so why spend the money?  It was a nice ad; black and white, Mogan Freeman narrating the ad which painted her as the Consoler-In-Chief (she understands and cares).

    Early voter turnout on the Republican side was high (you have to pick your party/ballot here).  That either means folks turned out for or against Trump.

    Bernie was in TX today.  Ben Carson was here here, to a crowd of about 300  of which I was not one.  He’s in it to the bittersweet end; speaking engagement, book deals, Surgeon General?  He’ll get something out of this.


  10. Hillary’s Next Win; Whither Bernie?


    Thanks for the info about Texas.. According to CNN, Bernie addressed 17000 at 2 different rallies in Texas..

    According to CNN the percentage of black vote in South Carolina is 61% from 55% in 2008… Interesting White vote is 35%.. Experience is equal to honest..

  11. TX ad count:

    Bernie – 0 Hillary – 1

    Cruz – 1  Kasich & Carson – 0

    Rubio – I’ve stopped counting!!!  He’s spending some money here; lots of delegates to be had (but not by him).

    There was a woman on the local news who was at Bernie’s rally.  She was trying to explain the appeal and said if one person is hungry, we’re all hungry…and she started crying, as did I listening to her.  She said she cries every time she hears him speak.   She feels the Bern.

  12. Hillary’s Next Win; Whither Bernie?

    Nice you both feel the Bern..

    I understand, when Hillary speaks its so inspiring to me.. Many times she and Bill have choked me up..

    Hillary got 84% of the black vote in South Carolina, amazing turn around from 2008.. CNN says shes doing better with black voters than Obama did in 2008.. So far Hillary with 3% in winning by 62%

  13. Hillary did well tonight. That is the speech she needs to give more often and voters need to hear more often.

    No one in either party could have touched her tonight.

  14. HRC won 96 percent of African Americans over 65.

    Note to Republicans. People in that age group rarely if ever miss an opportunity to vote, and they don’t vote republican. So much for outreach.

  15. I think the strategy of painting her as a racist because of the ’90’s policies backfired badly —

    Some of the people making the charges lack the context of the ’90’s —


  16. Unfortunately, it isn’t those 96% of African Americans over 65 who won tonight.  It was Wall Street and the status quo in DC.

    If she is the nominee, be prepared for a yuuuge backlash vote in November.

  17. a huge backlash vote?   Bernie’s folks will stay home like they did in 2008  young people don’t vote

    What happened to we are happy with either one?

  18. Yes there will be a huge backlash. Even prominent republicans are saying that if Trump is the nominee they will either sit it out or vote Dem. Backlash indeed.

  19. Stopping the Strumpette

    This is the talk of cable and the R’s are freaking over it!Can you just imagine if they try to take it away from him at the convention? Every skinhead, white supremacist and right wing fanatic will be bringing their guns to Cleveland (a carry state) and it won’t be pretty.Would represent a fitting bookend to Chicago

  20. I could be wrong, but I believe that a 48% margin for Hillary exceeded any expectations in South Carolina. Or am I wrong?

  21. 48% wowser!!!!  Can’t wait to hear what they will be saying on the news…those who said Sanders trounced her in New Hampshie..what dwill she have done to him in SC  she  smooooshed him

  22. Blue,

    Hillary’s Next Win; Whither Bernie?

    From whom? Bernie’s supporters staying home or voting for Trump?  If Trump’s the pugn nominee I’d expect a backlash from Cruz and  Rubio supporters and vice versa.  Or maybe pugns are smarter than to cut off their noses to spite their own faces.


  23. If you are the second place finisher, these are not numbers you can not dismiss. No amount of spin can disguise the fact that you just had your ass handed to you. If tonight is a portent of things to come in the SEC primary, a viable path to the nomination is going to be extremely difficult to navigate.

    PS, I’m sure that tomorrows head line will be that HRC under performed in South Carolina. Shoulda’ won by 60

  24. Well so much for msnbc being such a liberal bastion.  Tweety has an hour special on Trump just following the SC primary coverage. Pardon me, but what a load of horse crap.

  25. Yep, I think it’ll be a free-for-all in November.  The good(ish) thing about it is that people will be voting (or sitting on their hands) against the party with which they normally affiliate.

    But thing I keep hearing is that people want change.  No more pandering politicians.  Bernie is change.  Trump is change.

  26. Well, in my humble opinion if the change Trump represents doesn’t scare the shit out of you you’re not halfway thinking.

  27. I suppose Bernie supporters could stay home rather go out and vote HRC. Hard to see how that would make them much better than Mitch McConnell. Politics before country.

  28. Got to go with Pogo  Bernie and Trump may both represent change but only one of them is pure of heart

  29. Bernie didn’t spend a lot of time on SC, because he knew it was Hillary’s.  He has been focused on Super Tuesday, which is why he was in Austin and Grand Prairie (Dallas area) today.  Boy, I wish I could’ve been there.

    Ben Carson was in TX, too, with his rich-people-aren’t-evil-the-government-is-evil.  Sheeh.  Nobody thinks rich people are inherently evil.  I just ~love~ false arguements.  Like Hillary saying free college would mean we’d be paying for Trump’s kid to go to college.  Rich kids will go to private institutions, just like they do now. Again, sheesh.

  30. Perhaps Texas isn’t a great bet for Bernie either.  There’s a voter ID law in Texas that does not allow you to use your student ID to vote. That doesn’t bode well for young voters or the candidates they support. Bernie’s got a bit of a chance in Oklahoma, and Massachusetts looks like a virtual tie right now. I’m going to watch Massachusetts to see what kind of life there is in Bernie’s campaign and whether HRC’s momentum from today carries her through that one.

  31. Just because Hillary is a woman, doesn’t mean she’s a candidate for change.  Her policies will be similar to Obama’s policies.

    I do not believe she will not fight for the people who are voting for her, unless they also happen to be the corporate cronies who are bankrolling her.

    Watching Johnny Carson riff  on the Ayatollah’s rules.


  32. Well, I guess I’m not very pragmatic woman since I like Bernie.  Oh, well.  ?

    I do really hope you are correct about her, though.

  33. Trying to figure out arubio’s claim that he “outsmarted@ Dems on Obamacare.  As it turns out, he is partly responsible for its suckage.  One article also wondered if the Obamacare “death spiral” might have the unintended consequence of leading to single payer.  That would be nice.

  34. “Our grassroots political revolution is growing state by state, and we won’t stop now,”

    Ya know I don’t think Bernie is going to let a little thing like getting the crap kicked out of him in the primary stop him from running for president. He is a revolutionary on a mission from God no doubt. Look for Bernie to be scrounging  for votes come November. good thing for HRC that the Reps are so far out in the weeds.

    She can still run against The trumpster and the Bernster and win. May be the first bipartisan candidate.



  35. “PS, I’m sure that tomorrows head line will be that HRC under performed in South Carolina. Shoulda’ won by 60”  Jace- so true!

    “Well so much for msnbc being such a liberal bastion.  Tweety has an hour special on Trump just following the SC primary coverage. Pardon me, but what a load of horse crap.”- Pogo- Indeed! I was busy during her speech and thought for sure that it would be on all night- no not a all- there was Trump on one channel and Sanders on the other. It was so very obvious, quite shameful.  There will be back lash for those channels- am noting more and more tweets, hashtags such as #turnoffmsnbc.

    That said, let’s hold hands and sing!!!!!!!

    The true revolution, 227 years in the making,  is here!


  36. Checked in again, hoping to catch some news- cnn lists “Cnn Newsroom LIve- the latest news around the world – yet has a show on about stripers. Msnbc has Incarceration on. They are both turned off.

  37. slate coverage started off with speech quote:

    We don’t need to make America great again. America never stopped being great. But we do need to make America whole again. Instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. We need to show by everything we are in this together

  38. cnn again about hillary and the preacher added:
    Clinton’s faith, while not overt, is something that might help connect her with voters in South Carolina, a state that is nearly 80% Christian by most estimates.
    Clinton’s close friends and aides frequently mention the former first lady’s deep faith, something she developed as a child growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois, attending the suburb’s First Methodist Church. But aside from offhand mentions to God or religion in general, Clinton rarely speaks about her personal faith history on the campaign trail.
    Clinton has said in the past that she turned to her faith during the most difficult times in her life, including the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal of the 1990s.
    The last time Clinton publicly reflected, in depth, about her faith was at the United Methodist Women Assembly in Louisville last year. (Note: She has since discussed the issue on the campaign trail.)
    “I loved that church; I loved how it made me feel about myself; I loved the doors that it opened in my understanding of the world,”

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