Sort Of Super Saturday (and Sunday)

This weekend Kansas and Louisiana will hold primaries for both parties. There will also be a Republican caucus in Kentucky, and for both parties in Maine, plus a Democratic caucus in Nebraska.

My predictions:


  • Kansas winner: Ted Cruz
  • Kentucky winner: Donald Trump
  • Louisiana winner: Trump
  • Maine winner: Trump


  • Kansas winner: Bernie Sanders
  • Louisiana winner: Hillary Clinton
  • Nebraska winner: Sanders
  • Maine winner: Sanders

Trump’s Rough Night

Trump had so much trouble taking punches in last night’s debate you have to wonder why it took so long for his rivals to start pounding so hard. For the guy who has staked his game on being authentic Trump actually revealed his phony side, prevaricating issues from fraud lawsuits against his sketchy university to his refusals to release off the record news interviews. His thin skin was melting down.


GOP Rumble Tonight

GOP debate 9pm ET on FOX News, live stream at

Rebellious Renee serving popcorn.

Joe Scarborough on Romney vs. Trump: “If he wants to stop Donald Trump he should have run against him. A speech is just a speech is just a speech, and it’s only going to make Donald Trump stronger. … calling Trump a phony and a fraud is just going to have everyone asking, then why were you so desperate to get his endorsement four years ago.”

Jim Webb on MSNBC “Morning Joe” 7:40am ET Friday.


GOP Bosses to Voters: We don’t give a damn what you think

David Gergen on CNN last night: “Trump has a whole lot of voters turning out who are dissatisfied, angry and feel betrayed by the establishment. And now the leaders of the establishment are coming out and saying we don’t give a damn what you think, we really don’t care. We are going to put our own person in there” 

“This was an establishment that insisted Donald Trump take a loyalty oath, that you must be loyal to the person who emerges in the party, that’s what we expect of you. But is there any loyalty being shown to Trump now that he has emerged?” 

“I do think he has the possibility of morphing into something. I think he could be housebroken before this is over.”