And Now It’s National

Cathleen Decker (Los Angeles Times): “Tuesday marked the end of regional contests and the beginning of a national campaign, with all the financial and logistical demands that entails. … One Clinton campaign concern is that Sanders will benefit from the same primary dynamic that aided Barack Obama in 2008: a cascade of support that fell toward him as voters realized that he might actually win the nomination. The situations are different: Obama was a breakout African American candidate trying to appeal to black voters. … As a senator from Vermont, Sanders has not had to forge the relationships that would come in handy now with black and Latino voters. But as the New Hampshire contest wore on, he became more adept at expressing concern about issues important to those voters.”

  • On Feb. 20, Democrats in Nevada and Republicans in South Carolina will vote.
  • On Feb. 23, Nevada Republicans will make their picks
  • On Feb.27, Democrats will compete in South Carolina.
  • On March 1, the race widens to more than a dozen states, many in the South, that vote on March 1: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado caucuses, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota caucuses, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming

Hillary Humiliated

New Hampshire in Clinton lore was once their land of fairy tales, the place they came back from the worst. But this was a crushing defeat, far worse for her than imaginable. Invincibility, inevitability? Gone. No amount of spin can twist this away. Sure, going forward the Democratic demographic terrain might favor Clinton but the remarkable resistance to her in New Hampshire’s more general-election type electorate reveals a major warning sign for Democrats in November if she is the nominee.


Where We Are

The presidential campaign seems to be at a crossroad, and it is in New Hampshire. Will the status quo survive? That is the question. Will Jeb Bush beat expectations and revive? Will Hillary Clinton overcome? The establishment has served us all so poorly that I hope the answer to both questions is a resounding NO. But if not, this too shall pass and we will certainly survive.