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  1. trevor noah: “Before this election started, Hillary Clinton was one of the most popular public officials in the country. Now she’s losing to an overcooked sweet potato. How the hell did this happen?”

    ’tis a puzzlement, trevor, but like cicadas the drumpf makes so much noise he drowns out sensible sounds and we’re left with half-eaten brains.

  2. What doesn’t kill Mr Trump makes him stronger. Which is just about everything, apparently.

    As for cicadas, the 17 year cycle means the last time they plagued us was during the Clinton Administration. Oh, irony. Or maybe there’s a message here ….

    Quick! Poll the cicadas!

  3. The sad part about the key article is that there is one candidate they are deserting who actually in all probability “likes” those people who are deserting her for the flamboyant con boys.


  4. North Korea Endorses Donald Trump

    business insider:
    North Korea says Trump isn’t screwy at all, a wise choice for president

    A column carried on Tuesday by DPRK Today, one of the reclusive and dynastic state’s mouthpieces, described Trump as a “wise politician” and the right choice for U.S. voters in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election.

    It described his most likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, as “thick-headed Hillary” over her proposal to apply the Iran model of wide sanctions to resolve the nuclear weapons issue on the Korean peninsula.

  5. Jamie44,

    The Clinton Campaign has no one to blame but themselves. It is strangely flat & on the defensive. In this year of anti-establishment (which both Parties royally effed-up recognizing) Secretary Clinton is the Poster Child for everything the-tide-is-moving-away-from. The Trump supporters feel empowered & have taken scalps. If Secretary Clinton does win, it may be a case of not voting for someone as much as not voting for the other. I am no Trump supporter but I understand his appeal. People are sick & tired of being sick & tired. If the Democrats want to win, they best become proactive & anticipatory. Immediately. Running behind the 8-Ball gets tiresome & counterproductive quickly.

  6. As for November?  Since we do not allow online voting?  The digital world will have to conform to the voting world in order to have their voices heard.  We shall see who is lazy or not registered at that time.  Many getting their heads out-of-the screen will realize we are not a banana republic and vote sanely, IMHO.

  7. Clinton’s email is so anti-establishment, but she wears the albatross of the democratic party for all past sins.  She is the product of her lawyers and handlers and the poster child for everything wrong with the traditional dem party.  Obama won two elections and the dems need to win this one for the Supreme Court, pure and simple.  Sanders knows this and continues to attempt to dilute the party.  He has outspent HRC and is part of the two pronged attack on her…one from the left and one from the right.  Soon it will be the men against the women.  Let us hope the dems keep the White House and have enough nails left to bite over this election.

  8. 538’s harry enten:

    In the last four live interview polls that broke down results by partisanship, Trump averaged 85 percent support against Hillary Clinton among respondents who identified as Republicans. Clinton won just 7 percent among GOP respondents. Trump’s share of the Republican vote at this point in the campaign is right in line with past nominees


    In national polls right now, Trump is benefiting from Clinton’s inability to hold her own base. Clinton is struggling tremendously with Democratic-leaning independents, who tend to be Bernie Sanders supporters. That has allowed Trump to close the gap with Clinton in the polls, though he still trails in most surveys.

    If Trump continues to win most Republicans and Sanders supporters continue to hold out even after Clinton clinches the nomination, Trump has a real shot of winning in November. Otherwise, it will be a tough road for him. But, for now at least, we can put to bed the notion of a strong #NeverTrump movement among Republican voters.


    [scary emphasis mine]

  9. Top lines from latest national poll ..

    A titanic clash of the sexes leaves Democrat Hillary Clinton with a small 45 – 41 percent lead over Republican Donald Trump in the race for president, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today. When third party candidates are added to the mix, Clinton gets 40 percent with Trump at 38 percent, too close to call. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson gets 5 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets 3 percent. Sen. Bernie Sanders leads Trump among all American voters 48 – 39 percent, but trails Clinton among Democrats 53 – 39 percent.

  10. agreed, sjwny, feel the same way — not a supporter but I get why Trump succeeds. think I’ve said this before but it’s like high school kids rebelling against the insider clique, electing the class clown prom queen.

  11. craig, perhaps we’re still too early in the game for poll reliability. take for instance gallup’s finding back in april “Women Paying Less Attention Than Men to 2016 Election”

    Men over the last two months have been paying significantly more attention to news about the 2016 presidential election than are women. In April, 44% of men say they are following election news very closely, compared with 31% of women. This 13-percentage-point gap has expanded from previous months, particularly February, when the gap was a narrow two points.


    As is usually the case, Republicans (48%) are following news of the election significantly more closely than are Democrats (34%). Men are more likely than women to identify as Republicans, suggesting that one possible explanation for the gender gap could be underlying gender differences in partisan composition.

    But the gender gap persists within both parties. An aggregated analysis of March and April responses shows that Republican men are eight points more likely than Republican women to be following the election very closely, while Democratic men are 11 points more likely than Democratic women. “Pure” independents — those who do not lean to either party — are following the news less closely than those in either party, regardless of gender, as would be expected. But even with overall lower levels of interest, independent men are significantly more likely than independent women to say they are following the news very closely.


    could be when women (you know that 51% of population and most likely voters) start paying attention fully things may change.

  12. it’s been a long, long road…one step at a time… one vote at a time and maybe someday there’ll be a president that looks like us.

  13. News-writers and pollsters are compelled to create homilies and parse beans no matter what the weather or level of genuine interest in their kilo-reams of output.

  14. Pat, these movements go in fits and starts e.g., suffrage, I AM Woman, and equality in military jobs and opportunities.

    I suspect the next really tremendous crisis will be when work-weeks are trimmed in order to reduce systemic un- and under-employment during a period when productivity continues to rise. The result may be the marginalization of women’s roles much as what happened at the end of WW-2 when women were relegated to the clothes line.


    We might all need to learn this as the motto for the trail.

    Translation:  “Turning 50 has its advantages and disadvantages: we can’t see letters up close, but we can see assholes from afar”.

  16. Am I the only person here who genuinely likes Hillary.  I like the way she talks to people.  I like the way she laughs out loud.  I like the way she holds babies.  I like that she is a nerd who actually learns the ins and outs of issues in context and can answer questions or has the guts to say, “I don’t know” and then goes to find out.  I like that her daughter and husband actually seem to like her.  I like her thoughtfulness towards others.  I like that she can slug back a drink with the boys and then go dancing.

    As far as I am concerned, there isn’t a male of the species anywhere near this race who can hold a candle to that woman, and I genuinely think she will be a great President who gives really, really bad press conferences because the damn fools always ask the same stupid, slanted questions plagiarized from right wing nut job tweets.

  17. I will be so happy to see her in the West Wing where she belongs. Of course she was not my first woman candidate for the job–that was Eleanor Roosevelt; but, she’ll do  🙂

  18. jamie, a big ME TOO! for everything you listed plus I like her because she’s got a great sense of humor (even tho’ we don’t get to see it as often as we should because there’s always somebody who takes it the wrong way).

  19. Just received a call from Cleveland. My favorite aunt developed pneumonia on Memorial Day, and is now unconscious with a dismal prognosis. Because she is 98 with the frailties that go with that age, My uncle, who will be 100 in August, and his daughters have decided that hospice will be the most compassionate course. It never ends…

  20. flatus, what sweet memories you must have of her for her to be your favorite. and think of all she and your uncle have seen in a century of changes… mind boggling what they experienced from their youth to the present.

  21. Both of you, Pat and Jamie, have marvelous talents that could be put to good use in the White House. I wonder if there are opportunities for seasoned women and men to be closely involved with an administration’s top leadership.

  22. I think we all know that as long as the Dem race remains contested it is too early to even begin trusting the polls.  In the 2008 election, Obama and McCain each had polling advantages through September.  In early September, McCain had the advantage (Palin effect?), but after 9/25 all the polls showed an Obama advantage, but most were single digit, and in some cases low single digit, leads for Obama.  Obama’s polling lead didn’t solidify until October.  Would we say his campaign didn’t catch fire until then?  Based on polls, yes. And Hillary won 7 of the last 10 contests in 2008 and got 0.1% fewer popular votes than Obama.  Clearly, under bernie world logic, Hillary should have been the nominee.

    I heard bernie’s wife and chief adviser on the Andrea Mitchell breathless hour while I was out at lunch.  She is taking the “factually incorrect” line to it’s illogical conclusion – still betting on those super delegates that bernie maligned.  She slipped up and got off script and said they hope that Hillary selects a progressive as her running mate.  She backtracked. The seams are beginning to fray.

  23. salon: Trump’s paid-speech scandal: The political press has hammered Hillary for so much less. The mogul made millions endorsing a scam marketing firm. Where are the calls for him to release his transcripts?

  24. Jamie…  count me as in your club.  I’ve never seen a woman take the beatings Hillary has and yet keeps on churning…  she’s one tough cookie.

    I do get why people are mad and want to “bust the system”.  It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone who busted anything actually get what they want.   To take your analogy to full term, Craig…  the kids that elected the class clown to prom queen now have to live with everyone calling the school they went to a joke.  Upon applying for a job they find out that their reputation is shot.  Oh yeah…  the elite clique has the same problem…  but so don’t you.  The cliche is callled “biting off your own nose to spite your face”.  It’s really cold satisfaction…   and just leaves one angrier in the end.

  25. wonkette:
    Excellent news, America! The Senate is finally ready to do something about wasteful military spending, so shut your liberal yaps about cuts to schools and food programs and roads and shit; Republicans have got this: They love the troops so much they’re fixing to cut the troops’ housing allowances. What, you thought they might cancel the shitty F-35 fighter jet that costs billions and can’t fight as well as current planes? Pfft. We need that thing and the defense contractor campaign contributions jobs it generates. Instead, the Senate is poised to make some cuts that will save about as much money as cracking down on office staff pilfering paper clips, but will also make life just a little bit harder for The Troops, who are clearly living it up too much. Aaand it just might pass, because it’s a teensy little change tucked into the annual Defense budget, and who has time to read every little bit of that?

  26. Jamie…I like Hillary too.  She is a kind, intelligent, committed person…

  27. I don’t think it’s a matter of to what degree you like Secretary Clinton: I’d wager the vast majority of Americans agree – as I do – that she is an intelligent, competent person. It’s that this is an awkward year for anyone who is perceived as a Professional Politician to be running for President. Ask the majority of the 16 Republicans left in the Primary dust. I imagine any Candidate X (who has ties to Washington) would have problems in the General.

    How to overcome this? Perhaps make sure your Staff is one step ahead of the opposition …. and knows where the tacks are thrown on the road. Or better yet has the savvy to throw them first.


  28. sjwny, liking her is a matter, a big matter that needs to be said now more than ever to counter the drip drip drip of the media meme that she isn’t liked, that everybody thinks she’s untrustworthy, crooked and a liar.  everybody doesn’t think she’s pond scum as is illustrated by Jamie and some of us on the trail.  we’ve sat back far too long and enabled this mendacity seem to be an accepted universal truth.

  29. SJWNY

    You are right.  All of her spokespeople should have a memorized list of items for All other candidates and political figures.  Whenever she is asked one of the constantly repeated questions.  Refuse to answer anything where something equitable hasn’t been asked of the opponent.

    Have you asked so and so about _______

    Bernie:  Tax Returns, Sierra Blanco, Burlington College, work history prior to politics & relationship with illegitimate son etc.

    Donald:  Tax Returns, speaking fees, bank allowance, draft deferments, price charge to lease his name, multiple wives etc.



  30. too bad we can’t look into the subconscious of hillary haters. it’s likely we would see some ptsd type memories of a hated teacher, mean mother, that little girl that beat you up or just plain beat you at school…

  31. Flatus

    Sorry to hear about your aunt.  It sounds as if she has lived a good long life loved by others for good reasons.  It may be hard to say good bye, but you have had the good fortune to know her so well.


  32. If nominated, I shall not run. If elected I shall not serve – ala nude grinch.

    However, I shall accept the $25M!LL!ON book offer, and seats on the goldamn sacks, enron, and newscrap, plus the In’nat’nal Olympic Committee.

  33. xrepublican,

    Too bad you will not serve 😉

    Alas, my runner-up choice shall now suffice. Handsome devil, if I do say.


  34. jonathan cohn on if the media treated Trump like other candidates after yesterday’s debacle, his candidacy would be ended.

    btw, am having trouble copying any of this story… must be drumpf’s brownshirts at work hacking huffpo. good luck if they let you read it.

  35. Pat

    Trump , the  New York city hustler. Make for a good ad especially out West and in Rural areas. One the libetarians and Democrats can use.



  36. finally got thru on that huffpo piece. here’s a sample of the rather long article by cohn:
    So what happens now? Suppose that the tantrum about hostile media had come from Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz. Suppose that the revelations about questionable past business activities involved Marco Rubio. Better still, suppose that the candidate at the center of these controversies was Hillary Clinton — and on top of it all, that there was reason to think she had lied and then acted, clumsily, to cover it up.
    The press wouldn’t let go of the story. It’d be fodder for nonstop conversation on “Morning Joe,” “The Situation Room,” and, of course, Fox News. Commentators would say the statements disqualify her from serving as president, and a few would probably call on her to drop out of the race. The New York Times would run long analysis pieces on Clinton’s honesty problem, and whether the lies were evidence of campaign disarray, a lack of integrity, or some combination of the two. “She wouldn’t be criticized or questioned,” Paul Waldman observed Tuesday in the Post. “She’d be crucified.”

  37. I think Donald Trump is the last gasp of hatred on the basis of race, religion and national origin


    He’s not about frustration with government but with people suppressed need to yell racial epithets

  38. I am voting for Clinton.  I am not voting for the lesser of 2 evils.  I am not voting to keep Trump out of the WH.  I am voting FOR Hillary.

  39. I’ve voted for Hillary already and am happy to do so

    I exercised my right to choose

  40. Sanders was at game 7 WarriorsOKC and no mention was made of it nor his pic on the jumbotron  sports talk radio is alive with conspiracy theories



  41. Mr Crawford,

    2016: The importance of the Independent/Non-Affiliated Voter to both Campaigns. We are the King (or Queen) Makers.

    Treat us well.


  42. Jamie

    I feel the same about Hillary and i so needed to read your list of reasons why.. The Hillary haters are a constant and saying out loud and proud Hillary’s accomplishments go a long way in combatting them..



    I’m not understanding why it’s unbelievable that their tied in California? Didn’t Hillary win 9 out of 12 races against the  expected nominee Obama in 2008. Why do some expect Hillary to run the table or she’s weakened, damaged, imploding? You say you understand why Trump catches on with people and their anger, ok. I understand why Hillary has gotten more votes than anyone so far as well, competence with a dash of civility..

    I would love to see many who complain about Hillary do a little complaining about Trump and his erratic shameful press conference yesterday. Anger, you bet, lots of people are angry at the racist bigoted hatred of Trump and the Republican party.. Another reason i appreciate Mrs. Clinton whether she wins California or not..

  43. If The Media Treated Trump Like Other Candidates, Yesterday Would Have Ended His Campaign
    Pretend Hillary Clinton had a day like Trump did. Now think about how the press would cover it.
    Johnathon Cohn

    Will the pundits and political professionals rationalize away what we learned about Trump on Tuesday?

    Oh you bet they will rationalize it away.. Let me guess, Trump is just expressing the anger of the everyday Joe who’s sick and tired of being sick and tired…

  44. Tony, what I find unbelievable is Hillary cannot close the deal against a vaudeville joke like Bernie Sanders. Comparing him to her in 2008, as an excuse for her campaign’s incompetence, is just laughable.

  45. Tony…I liked your comments.  I just made another donation to Hillary…

  46. Craig,

    Don’t understand Hillary’s problems in CA. Suspect that a president who has remained solidly neutral up to this point may soon choose to put his thumb on the scale. It’s not going to tilt towards Bernie.

  47. Hillary: Deleted emails; private email server (to avoid that pesky Freedom of Info Act) to which official business is subject; paid speeches to Wall Street (the content of which the 99% aren’t allowed to know, lest they find out…whatever it is she is hiding, or she would have made them public); so many ties to so many entities through political lobbies and the family slush fund, er, Clinton Foundation; Benghazi; warmonger or poor decision-maker (your choice); unable to send Bernie packing, so no way can she beat Trump…especially if she’s charged with lying to Congress over the emails.

    How can anyone still support her?

  48. Craig

    I simply disagree with you. Hillary has closed the deal.. It’s been closed since Super Tuesday. Was Obama’s campaign incompetent in 2008 as he steadily kept losing, nope he won with a lot less room to spare.. Terrific you gotta laugh though..

  49. Blue, you’re entitled to your opinion. It’s wrong, but you’re entitled to utter your Hillary hating screed. It’s as credible as Jeff Weaver’s bullshit non explanation of bernie’s  failure to release his tax returns, an issue I don’t give a shit about. But I do care that there is no coalescING of the dem party as Trump’s snake oil show goes on unabated.

    Btw, nice recitation of the repugnant playbook. I see you’ve dived deep into that cesspool. Can Vince Foster be far behind?

  50. Bernie is the only way forward.  Hillary will keep us mired in our current patch of quicksand, while she and her cronies across the globe will keep taking in the rewards.

  51. Weaver really fell into Chris Matthews’ trap…getting Weaver to state that Trump is hiding something because he does not release tax returns.  Chris wouldn’t let him off the hook, repeatedly asking what Sanders was hiding in his tax returns.

    Remember weeks ago when Sanders said that as soon as Jane got back to Vermont they would release the returns…

    My returns are in a file in my dining room…It would take me about 20 minutes to print them at Fed Ex…

  52. Hi OD
    i like your comments as well.. Good on the donation.. I give weekly and once monthly as well.. Its nice to see all the good its doing to propel HRC all the way to the White House. ??

  53. Bernie is 3 million votes and 270 delegates behind.  He’s the only way forward ONLY if he can win the FRICKING NOMINATION.    But alas he can’t.  His only hope is an indictment.   Not likely, so drop back to the 5 year old’s whine that it’s not fair.   Wah, wah, wah.

  54.  family slush fund, er, Clinton Foundation




    Ya know there is no polite way to address that one, you should be ashamed that you let your political hatred go that far.

    given that one of their funders is The Bill an Melinda Gates foundation.

    But they are no dout in on the conspiracy.




  55. Bernie isn’t forward, he is straight reverse all the way back to the  McGovern 70’s


  56. “But I do care that there is no coalescing of the dem party as Trump’s snake oil show goes on unabated.” – Key sentence of the day, courtesy of Pogo.


    Everyone has a right to express an opinion without being belittled for it. There are ways of disagreeing agreeably, respectfully. No Candidate is perfect; each has strengths & weaknesses. Kudos to those who support their Candidate wholeheartedly. Our political history is filled with miscreants, cheats, liars, charlatans & a whole lotta good folks too. Seriously, our past is a hoot & our future unlimited with the crazy quilt of characters who make up our government. And thank goodness for that. A strong tree has many roots.

    Questions are a good thing because they lead to answers. Asking them, or pointing out quirks & quarks of various Candidates, does not make someone a hater or an idiot. Sometimes, actually 99.9% of the time, they’re just ….. questions. Welcome them. Be thankful for the opportunity to answer in a way that will be a positive moment for your Candidate. How you answer will influence, however subtly or overtly, how the questioner will feel about your Candidate. You are an Ambassador. Act the role.

    Now back to Pogo’s sentence. Hey gang, we’re in this together. This year our votes (plural – that means us) mean more than ever. They are weighted. This election will be a “How will History remember you?” type of deal. We won’t agree on everything but I am confident that in the end we will agree on this: Mr Crawford, Jamie44, patd, Flatus, Pogo, tony, blueINdallas, Xrepublican, oldseahag, Rebellious Renee, Katherine Graham Cracker, Blonde Wino, Sturgeone, Solar, Oregon Democrat, whskyjack, Purple in Tampa, Jace, Blue Bronc, myself & all other Trail Mixers will vote their conscience & take this task seriously. And I respect all of you for that.

    [Psst … pass that last sentence on. Please.]

    Thank You.


  57. Well said, sj.  Well said.

    A small miracle happened tonight.   I went out back with the dog and listened to tree frogs.  I had an auditory AAAAAHHHH moment after a week of cicada noise. But there’s no doubt the noise will return tomorrow.   Sigh.

  58. jamie- you are not alone.  I have admired her for many years. i went to met them on the tarmac the morning they arrived after his admission.  I was there for the entire family- but most importantly her.  I dressed up all the kids and they all shook hands. Ems the Pirate queen was dressed in a laura ashley type white eyelet dress.  Hillary gushed over her and said “oh , so sweet”.  I wanted my children to be there on that historic day, and hoped that the warm crowd would be at least a small comfort to them during their 1st public appearance. I was and remain in awe of her strength and composure that day.  My like for her turned to a love that day.


    So sorry to see the ugliness and hatred here on the trail in their obvious and more oblique forms.

  59. thanks sjwny.  nice comment yourself, however i don’t intend to sit back quietly and accept the hatred as simply an opinion to which people are entitled.

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