Change The Corrupt Electoral College?

January will be a good time to work on changing our corrupt Electoral College. A number of possibilities come to mind.

1. Keep the corrupt E.C. unchanged – the obvious choice of the republicans and states like WY and AK.

2. Eliminate the E. C. altogether – the obvious choice for CA. This would be a hard sell, but a good possibility for reformers to keep as a threat to the opposition.

3. Compromise A : Keep the E.C. but eliminate one of the two ‘bonus’ votes that the Founders gave to ease the fears of small states.

4. Compromise B : Keep the E.C. but eliminate both of the ‘bonus’ votes, making popular vote the sole basis of each E. C. delegation.


83 thoughts on “Change The Corrupt Electoral College?”

  1. lincoln project about the above:

    Charleston, SC — Lindsey Must Go (LMG PAC), the Super PAC dedicated to defeating Lindsey Graham and electing Jaime Harrison to the US Senate, has partnered with The Lincoln Project on a substantial TV ad buy targeting Graham. The TV spot highlights the stark hypocrisy of Graham’s 2016 comments during the confirmation process of Merrick Garland and his 2020 turnaround.
    “Lindsey Graham has shown himself to be nothing more than a loathsome lackey to whatever influential force he can latch on to,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “His unprincipled leadership cannot be allowed to continue, as he’s proven time and again that he’s willing to lie to and forsake the American people as long as it benefits him.”
    “We knew Lindsey Graham was a hypocrite, but today he really secured his place in the Hypocrite Hall of Fame,” said Lauren Harper, Spokesperson for LMG PAC. “Today Senator Graham once again confirmed to the people of South Carolina that he’s willing to break his promises when it is politically convenient for him and his political party. We’re prepared to do whatever it takes and spend whatever is necessary to ensure Lindsey Graham’s political career ends on November 3rd. And yes, we’re going to take Senator Graham’s advice and use his words against him.”
    The issue around the death of Justice Ginsburg injected a charge into an extremely tight race. Polls have consistently shown a tied race, including one from Quinnipiac this past week that showed both Graham and Harrison tied at 48%.

  2. insider:

    At a campaign rally Saturday night, President Donald Trump asked a group of women supporters if their husbands were “okay” with them being present at the event in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

    […]  spotted a group of women and addressed them directly, asking for an estimate of how many of his rallies they’d attended.

    When they responded with the figure, Trump asked what their husbands thought.  

    “Anyway, I hope your husbands are okay with it,” Trump told the women supporters. “Are they okay? They’re okay. You have good husbands.”

  3. Daily check in.  Life is good without news.  Although getting rid of the EC might happen, I doubt the low population states would vote for it.  Better to bring in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, D.C. and Guam as states.  Also, make the Supreme Court America’s Court by adding four Justices, and add one hundred more judges to the federal system (which needs more than that number).
    Pogo – Quite the Tour.  The new riders are showing their skills. The climbs records were destroyed.  The speed was high for all of it.  I am thinking the typical one hundred seventy to two hundred kilometer stage may need to be changed to keep up. 

  4. What a moron. If their husbands are like them they probably think there’s a better chance dumbass will groupie them, which they’d think is an honor, than they’ll contract COVID. 

  5. A sound bite of tRUMP asking women if “their husbands are OK” with anything and paired with his “kiss them and grab their p******”  will be a nail in his coffin with women.    If he thinks he’s getting white, suburban women with that, he’s especially nuts.  Maybe that works for poor, white voters, IDK, but he’s toast. The Lincoln Project needs to use that new sound bite with his treatment/view of women…and girls.

  6. I got myself thrown in Twitter jail for seven days for wishing Moscow Mitch would choke on his own hypocrisy.  Hope someone misses me.  🙂

    For the EC, I go for the plan now optioned by some states should they ever get the other states to vote for it where the EC votes goes to the popular vote winner.  This has the advantage that it wouldn’t take federal law to bring it about immediately.  

    National Popular Vote Interstate Compact


  7. The Lincoln Project (or Bloomberg) also needs to do an ad about which Senators vowed not to vote on a SCOTUS if the same thing happened with Scalia/Garland.    Hold their feet to the fire with their own words!
    How many female, Republican Senators are OK with tRUMPsky asking if they checked for approval from their husbands?     BREAK FREE FROM tRUMP TODAY! SAVE YOUR SOULS!

  8. Jamie
    I’ll definitely miss you! Wear “Twitter jail” as a badge of honor. McConnell deserves all you said and then some. 

  9. Does Ivanker have to get JarJar’s OK?
    All women to the polls to vote out the orange asshat! 

  10. One of the easiest reforms is fix the one man one vote problem with the house. Remove the cap on House seats. Let the number float with the smallest state setting the size of a congressional district. With the new census it is the perfect time.

  11. I don’t know what to do.  That’s why I vote for people whom I hope DO know what to do.

    I do know what to do if he manages to steal another election and that is to take a powder, take it on the lam, ie, get the fuck out of Dodge, Sayonara, adios and August wiedersehn. I should have gone in ‘68 as it turns out.

  12. The filibuster or as few people know the Senate’s tradition that debate should not have a time limit.
    Debate should be debate, not a it it is now the threat of debate. Make the person get out on the floor and speak. Make an on topic rule, no more reading the phone book.
    Senator attendance rule, if fewer than 50% of the senators are in there seats on the floor then debate ends and a vote is called.
    This lets you keep the filibuster but make it only for the most important issues.

  13. jack, 2 very good suggestions.  i particularly like the last one about requiring floor attendance in senate.  same goes for committee hearings. plus NO going home to state and district for members of both houses more than once a month.

  14. We’ve got to win back the Senate because the majority party can change the rules.  BUT, when you do so the new majority after your party becomes the minority can keep the changes your party instituted or can keep them.  Take the filibuster – if Dems go into the majority in January there is no filibuster on judicial appointments.  If I’m in the majority I like that.  If I’m not, I hate it.  There will be ample opportunities to fill vacancies over the next 4 years due to retirements, etc.  I do not want Biden to be saddled with the threat of having judicial nominees held up by Mertle if Dems take the Senate.  At 82 Breyer is the only justice who may be thinking retirement.

  15. one other suggestion, trade the threat of court packing (which ain’t gonna happen) for a long game play
    A constitutional amendment that sets the number of supreme court justices and end life time appointments. Set a term of say 18 years.
    Republicans might trade current pleasure for possible future pain.

  16. When Biden wins, they need to act the same way as the gop is going to act from now to January 20.  For 4 full years they need act under the fierce urgency of “now”.   Then let the chips fall where they may.  If the gop wins 2024 then let them spend their whole time trying to undo stuff rather than making up new tortures.

  17. The House could begin impeachment proceedings against kavanaugh and thomas right now. They, trump, pompeo, barr, carson, and devos could all be convicted and removed on the afternoon of Jan 3d. 

  18. Better leave pence. Mommy looks like she can keep things dusted and swept until the Bidens move in.

  19. Hope for the future: Blue president,Blue Senate, Blue House, 11 Supremes,  P.R. & D.C. become states!  
    Really hoping! 

  20. One of the women on SFB’s court short list has said –“The husband must be in charge”  Amy Schlafley Barrett  is a moron not because she is uneducated or not bright but because she refuses to be and let’s her husband make all the important decisions which could explain the five children

  21. The goobers think coronavirus will be over after the election.  That it will magically disappear.

    200,000 must die for the stock market and so the goobers don’t have to wear a mask.

    Herman Cain notwithstanding.

  22. I can imagine a whole mess of things, and I’m currently in absolutely no danger of becoming a Mensa candidate, but I just cannot imagine being as inexorably stupid as Herman Cain.

    That’s just up there in the outer reaches of the Stupidosphere.

  23. Trump’s SCOTUS Short List

    Read these!  Will make your toes and hair curl and send you back to the 1950’s 
    Amy Coney Barrett – A protégé of Scalia – Can’t find it now. She’s very Catholic but seems to belong ot a sub-cult.  Post if you find it.
 Alliance for Justice (AFJ) is a progressive judicial advocacy group in the United States. Founded in 1979 by current president Nan Aron, AFJ monitors federal judicial appointments.

  24. I know one of those “hoaxers” who thinks it will magically disappear after the election.  Someone with a compromised immune system who bar hops with no mask.   

  25. I mean, did it not once even cross his mind about Whitey’s greed and perfidy?
    Whitey’a baaad dude, y’all 

  26. Amy I’m an idiot Coney Barrett is a member of a religious cult and it will be the guidance she uses on the court.  Her record as a federal judge already indicates what a fool she is

  27. xrep…  great subject.
    Everyone…  great discussion.
    I really like Jack’s suggestions.
    My brain is fried this morning from staying up late to watch the Patriots….  loved the game even thought I wished for a different outcome. Oh… wait a minute… it’s afternoon… sorry 🙂

  28. Listening to McConnel right now.  I repeat what got me jailed:

    I hope he chokes to death on the vomitus bile of his own hypocrisy.


  29. that threat of impeachment (of any number of trumpsters) has going for it that according to senate it takes precedence of everything else (like maybe a scotus vote).  interesting swap of house won’t vote to impeach barr for senate to not take up nomination.

  30. alexandra petri at wapo:

    On one thing, at least, we can count: Senate Republicans know that filling a Supreme Court vacancy is far too important a responsibility to rush through a nominee in the year before an election. Let alone in the last six weeks! They were very, very clear on that point four years ago, and their word means everything to them. I have no doubt they will do the right thing! (I’m sorry, after typing that, my voice shriveled up and I caught on fire.)
    Mitch McConnell is a man of principle — oh, no, my hand melted and the bones became snakes and slithered away under my writing table. Lindsey Graham will do what is right — oh my goodness, I’m sinking into the earth! Help! My mouth is filling up with sand!
    The Senate Republicans need simply be told that to push another nominee through now, before the election, would be hypocritical, after what they said in 2016 about Merrick Garland, and they are sure to stop. After all, their word means everything to them. Hmm, every Constitution in a six-mile radius just caught fire for no discernible reason.
    They were in absolute earnest that the people must have their say. I cannot imagine them going back on their word — oh no, I’m imagining it. Oh, no, it’s happening. Who could have foreseen this?
    “In the last 80 years, the Senate has not confirmed any nominee nominated during an election year, and we should not do so this time either,” Ted Cruz said last time. Would Ted Cruz go back on his word? If Ted Cruz does not abide by that precept now, I will eat my hat. Wow, this hat is delicious!
    “The people deserve to be heard, and they should be allowed to decide through their vote for the next president, the type of person that should be on the Supreme Court,” weren’t just words that Charles Grassley was saying at that time, but a vow that will assuredly bind — oh God, locusts!
    We must not have a partisan, divisive confirmation battle. That is the last thing we need, in an election year, as they so correctly said! They have established a clear precedent, and their word is their bond! A matter so important must be left up to the American people!
    Thank God, thank God, Mitch McConnell will do the right thing. Thank God it isn’t all the ruthless exercise of powerWhen I think of people who are absolutely sure to stand upon principle and abide by their words, no matter the consequences, I think of Mitch McConnell, and then I start laughing and do not stop laughing.

  31. Maybe put a time limit on it. They can keep filibuster for two years if they don’t give Trump this nomination. Dems have to trade something to stop McConnell from filling this seat.

    See Poobah, that’s why we come here – that never occurred to me.
    I almost choked with laughter at Petri’s latest.

  33. If the Dems should happen to somehow put the fear of god into some gop possibles they might have a chance at making some kind of deal.   Right now the fear of god is all coming from two places which definitely are not the Biden camp.
    Should they happen to get ahold of that fear of god thing…….

  34. They’re quaking in their boots.  If this shit don’t fly they’re all way up into Deepshit Creek with no means of propulsion.

    Josey Wales: Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

  36. Wow! tRUMP’s list of nominees is terrible.  A cult member!  So really, it would  be Phony Barrett’s husband calling the shots, not her.  Based on the pOp oath, she’s not allowed to make a decision without his approval.    

  37. Jamie – As McConnell chokes to death, nobody will lift a finger to give him the Heimlich maneuver. 
    My throat is tired from singing the f-u song at the political ads.   I hope Cornyn chokes, too.  His big ad, since he’s going against a female, Purple Heart recipient is to have 95% of his ad done by a woman talking about rape victims.   Term limits!  

  38. Reach Republicans somehow?   Persuade them?  They have one and all cast their fates to the wind.    They’re unreachable.
    They are entwined in the coils of the great god, Necessity. There is no way out. Like good nazis they must continue to march.

  39. This is the most hopeful I’ve felt in days.   Impeachment tRUMPing a SCOTUS hearing! Sounds better than the filibuster deal, but I’ll take it.  

  40. I now have a Mexican apprentice, paid for by my friends in the big cabinet company out here. I will finally LEARN Spanish.  2 yrs in high school, 5 semesters in college, and now at long  last, I will actually learn to speak it.  That makes me tentatively happy.

    I’m in return bound to show the young feller how to install drawers, doors, drawer fronts, and false panels in high end McMansion cabinetry, so that when I leave for the Catskills, my friends in the big cabinet company will be covered.

    So tonight, I salute Sergio, from Guadalajara.

  41. Buena suerte! I have the same issue with Spanish. I never used it outside of the high school classroom.  When I took other languages in college, I actually used them in social settings;  that’s the only way they stick.  

  42. I took Spanish 8th and 9th Grades cause in 1960 the folks and us 3 went over into Ciudad Juarez and hired a mex taxi driver to take us to the highlights.  When we stopped somewhere  I noticed when the phone rang they didn’t say hola, they said “Bueno” .     That got me looking into it, that and the cabbie telling me some words. I bought castanets, and years later Texas Todd Mason from Billings Montana showed me how they worked. And showed me how to spin a rope like Will Rogers.

  43. He was the traveling guitar playing comedian/MC for the strippers downtown who picked us up hitch-hiking, I’m a kid, and gave us a ride home.  He came back a few times while he was in his stripper gig here and showed us shit about ropes, guitars, and bull whips.   My older brother took to  lying about going to the movies when the whole time he was going down to visit the strippers.

  44. I swear, one evening he shows up just around supper time which just happened to be pot roast with mashed potaters, gravy, beans, and real scratch biscuits. Invited, Texas Todd sat down and packed away some pot roast, mashed taters, beans, and biscuits.   Us 3 and the ‘rents were all well thru, nails tapping on the table, and there’s Texas Todd, meat’s all gone, sopping up gravy with several biscuits on tap, telling stories about where he was one time and all.  He couldna  weighed 150 soaking wet, but lord, that old boy socked in some biscuits. My mother was not amused. That was the Last Supper for Texas Todd.

  45. Always spin counter clockwise.     Something to do with Venus.

    Unless you’re left handed.

    It might be clockwise. I never know until I hold the rope.

  46. There’s a trick, when you have it spinning in front of you, you give it some slack , make the loop bigger, you perform a thing where the rope begins to spin around you.  It’s mesmerizing.

  47. I’m sorry.
    I almost gave away the ancient cowboy rope-spinners’ most sacred secret. I’m considering being somewhat abashed.

  48. It’s the law of the water hole….I don’t hurt him, he don’t hurt me.

    Kind of a Mexican standoff.

    All of a sudden after 18 freakin years he wants to be a lap cat. Boy, have I got news for him……

    I sometimes darkly think he’s just looking for a nice soft place to die.

    It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Little bastard’s got it made.

    (Early in the morning)

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