A Sunday in Contemplation

When a person who has inflicted so much pain and suffering on millions of people get the tables turned on him, I have to admit I feel no sorrow. He who lives with the sword will perish by the sword. I would be much more comfortable if we had a President who understood that. Instead of the school yard bully we have.

Todays piece, the first and second movements of The Planets by Gustaf Holts was composed at the beginning of World War I and it reflects the times. It is not my usual pleasant selection for a Sunday morning as the first movement is very dark, however the second is lighter. So please listen to then both and enjoy


The first movement: Mars, The Bringer of War

The second movement: Venus, the Bringer of Peace.

Sunday Serendipity

Todays selection is all Pat’s fault. Because her love of madrigals made me search for some last Sunday and I ran across this lovely choral performance.

According to google translate the language is Romanian.

Enjoy, Jack

“The Extraordinary Christmas Concert held on December 18, 2016 at the Romanian Athenaeum of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal-Marin Constantin”, conducted by Anna Ungureanu.”

Sunday Serendipity

I was checking out possible Christmas music but I think we should wait another week. So I looked in the “some time in the future” folder where I stick stuff I run across for enjoying at a later date. I hope this provides some calm as you recover from yesterdays hectic shopping. It did for me the other day

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E‑flat Major the “Emperor Concerto”, Rosalía Gómez Lasheras, the young lady playing the piano is 25 and she has been playing the piano since she was 5.

Enjoy, Jack