Sunday Serendipity

Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra,

Zubin Mehta – conductor

Julia Rovinsky – Harp

Guy Eshed – Flute

From wikipedia

Mozart wrote the concerto in April 1778, during his seven-month sojourn in Paris. It was commissioned by Adrien-Louis de Bonnières, duc de Guînes (1735–1806), a flutist, for his use and for that of his eldest daughter, Marie-Louise-Philippine (1759–1796), a harpist, who was taking composition lessons from the composer, at the duke’s home, the Hôtel de Castries. Mozart stated in a letter to his father that he thought the duke played the flute “extremely well” and that Marie’s playing of the harp was “magnifique”. As a composition student, however, Mozart found Marie thoroughly inept. The duke (until 1776, the comte de Guines), an aristocrat Mozart came to despise, never paid the composer for this work, and Mozart instead was offered only half the expected fee for the lessons, through de Guines’ housekeeper. But he refused it

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. a ray of sunshine in NYT

    Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has battled with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in the past over the issue of bankruptcy, now supports a plan by Ms. Warren to make changes to the bankruptcy system, his presidential campaign confirmed on Saturday.
    Mr. Biden would work toward putting in place her bankruptcy plan as president, and he could address the issue at greater length in Sunday night’s debate, Biden advisers said.

  2. pogo – I hadn’t forgotten the flaming tildes of sarcasm, for they were mine. However, I still think he’s got the cofeve; he seems off.   Happy Sunday to all and I’ll see you tonight, if there’s a debate. 

  3. jack, the flautist duke sounds a bit trumpish in his stiffing Amadeus half pay for this beautiful work and  the “thoroughly inept” marie must of been that era’s Ivanka.

  4. BiD: “he’s got the cofeve; he seems off”

    the cofeve’s got him.   never having been on exactly, he is off, no “seems” about it.

  5. BiD, please pardon me for the misattribution. I blame my raging CRS but I shall virtually rend my clothing and wear ashes to atone. You are to be commended for the origination of a very useful convention that I use frequently, and get questions about. I prefer it to /s. 

    As to SFB having the confeve, if its symptoms include compulsive lying, obsessive hate of a competent black predecessor, profound sense of self importance, inability to form coherent thoughts, etc., etc., etc., then he has it in spades. I love watching him try to make extemporaneous comments while reading a prepared statement he doesn’t understand. Off the rails doesn’t begin to explain it adequately.

    Mozart in the morning. What could be better?  Methinks if Jace keeps tabs he is smiling. 

  6. One that could work is 🙄 or for specific use for SFB, 🤡, but ~~~ bracketing a phrase ~~~ works for me.

  7. Two rays of sunshine.   Mozart, thanks to jack.  Joe taking a progressive page from Warren, thanks to patD.

  8. Buford’s forward progress after he was forced to bail was arrested by a rather large bramble bush down past the crick. Apart from various punctures, scratches, abrasions, and having lost his Budweiser, he seemed to be ok.
    ”My turn to drive,” was all he would say.
    Buford, having over time learned the 3 things a plumber must know, went on to a very happy life as a journeyman plumber.

  9. Jack…  wonderful!
    We always go to a restaurant in the neighboring town for breakfast with friends on Sunday morning.  Didn’t know what we would encounter…  but went.  Our friends were there.  At first it was very quiet…  but shortly the place was packed… including many elderly.  Everything else is shutting down around us…  but we can still enjoy our favorite haunts.

  10. wapo:

    Cuomo (D) addressed the president in an op-ed in Sunday’s New York Times in which he further urged Trump to let states take over testing patients rather than route tests through federal bureaucracy and to coordinate nationwide school, work and business closures before the state and local health-care systems are overwhelmed and — like Italy — forced to ration care.
    We believe the use of active duty Army Corps personnel would not violate federal law because this is a national disaster,” Cuomo wrote. “Doing so still won’t provide enough intensive care beds, but it is our best hope.”

  11. Actually there weren’t a lot of Bufords in the low country of South Carolina.  We got a Beaufort (BO-fert) NC up above us and a Beaufort (BYOO-fert) SC down below us and I think the confusion made people just kind of shy away from the name.

  12. We did have a girl in class named Vyonne, though; pronounced just like it’s spelled: VYE-own.

  13. Well, so far WV is the state with no confirmed CV cases so what’s going on here?  Schools are closed, there’s no hand sanitizer, TP or paper towels to be had. All relatively affordable meat and poultry are gone and frozen vegetables – particularly green beans – are in short supply. Sorry, but give me a break. 

  14. Jennifer Rubin has hit the dumbass nail on the head in her oped in WaPo today. 

    …Trump has neither the mental capacity nor the emotional tools to lead in a crisis. Increasingly, the best course of action seems to be to let him blather, but then hand off matters to the real adults who can correct his misstatements or take action in the real national interest.

    God, ain’t that the truth?

  15. I tend to buy paper towels and toilet paper  on sale at cosco and that was about 6 weeks ago so I’m good for another 4 months. They were out of spray oil for my frying pan. but they did have gallon jugs of olive oil.  Interesting thing was no rice which made me check for flour and they had all purpose but not bread flour. But all that was a week ago now who knows.
    Doesn’t affect me, my freezer is full and I’ve got spring veggies planted in the garden. So if I can’t buy fresh veggies I can grow them. Dandelions will soon be coming up too.
    If it gets real bad I’ll set traps for squirrels I’ve got plenty of them.  

  16. BTW, my last comment was mostly tongue in cheek. But some of my twitter feed has gotten that bad. Then there are the scolds. twitter seems to bring out the worst in people.

  17. I have been “isolating” myself (not leaving the apartment) for less than two days and I already have “cabin fever.”  This is going to be harder than I thought.
    Theme for the day:  Trump: bad, Mozart: good.
    Thanks Whskyjack

  18. jack, about those squirrels: what ever you do, don’t eat their brains.

    bad enough to wonder around like a mad cow, but worse to be a crazy squirrel

  19. Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020.    Klobuchar!
    nash – Too bad we don’t have apt communities here like they do in Italy & Spain.  Folks are singing and dancing on their balconies and even playing bingo.  

  20. No more trips to the store until after Easter, I think.  So work and home.  But, I can still walk around outside if the weather is OK.   It’s not like snowstorm cabin fever.  

  21. i did something stupid last night and had some drinks with science-denying Republican friends.  i did keep a 3 ft distance from them despite their mockery.


    A Texas baker with a sense of humor.  I don’t know if this is for the whole cake or if they are charging by the sheet.



  23. Coronavirus: Italian tenor Maurizio Marchini Serenaded the entire town of Florence.  I might risk the disease and move to Florence Italy to hear this from  an open air balcony.  Aria ends with Vincero “I Will  Win”  


  24. Just talked with my surgeon. NYC hospitals have suspended elective surgeries and are limiting clinic visits. There were 3 known CV19 cases in isolation rooms the day after my surgery – which is when I left the hospital. He said that as a thinking person he thinks our government and the airlines aren’t, well, weren’t thinking- allowing flights from Italy and South Korea into New York – just stupid. New York now has 685 cases according to him. This is what we call a cluster fuck. 

  25. I didn’t buy it because I wanted a Telecaster, I bought it because at $283 it was the cheapest real guitar there was.  I’d wanted a Gretsch, but what the hell, any old port in a storm. That damn guitar has survived the Nashville and Denver pawn shops. lol

  26. Back in those pawning days if you hocked something for $100, at the end of 3 months you’d owe them $30. If you wanted to get it out, would cost you $130. Somehiw something changed for pawn shops. In panhandle flaw-rida the last time I hocked something I hocked the old banjo for $100. At the end of the month I found that I didn’t owe 10%, I owed like 30% and if I didn’t pay that it was compounded somehow into next month’s 30%.   It was very weird how they changed the rules.   Now around here they have super-mega pawnshops.

  27. Sturge, Brad Paisley calls them a cutting board with a baseball bat for a neck. It’s his guitar of choice and he seems to know his way around a guitar. 

  28. Steve cropper explained once that the reason he played the telecaster was because he got one cheap.

  29. yeah, i made a tele knock-off since i wanted one, and of course i’d usually just rather play my nylon

    (…got my nylon out of a pawn shop for $100- every musician that tries it says it’s the sweetest-sounding nylon they’ve played, so i’ve got that going for me, which is nice)

  30. They really should’ve shut down bars and restaurants until after St. Pat’s Day, at least.   Folks don’t make good choices.     I actually had someone suggest meeting to bowl this weekend because we can’t just stay inside and stop living.  I’ve had a lot of practice being alone; this is not a problem in the short term.    I am, however, concerned about my job.  

  31. American and (so far) mine. That is, left in my keeping by a friend, the Mustang Sally Bass Player, who’ll never play again.

  32. Wow Bidon has taken over Bernie/Liz positions. Must be particularly galling to Liz to hear Joe say he made a mistake on the bankruptcy bill .  Sounds like his about face on the Hyde amendment
    He leads in whatever way he is pushed oy

  33. That’s what I’d call a great model for a heavily reliced strat. People pay the Fender Custom Shop a lot of money to make new strats look “road worn” like that. 

  34. KC, things change, people change. Joe’s a politician looking to beat SFB and seeing that there may be merit in Lizzie’s bankruptcy position shouldn’t be a shocker, after all I’m sure he’d like her support. We’ll see what Bernie and Joe have to say tonight. Bernie’s delusional if he thinks he can flip the contests Tuesday. His ship is going aground and he’s arguing that the charts are wrong. 

  35. …really don’t understand the logic behind shitting on Biden, at this point.  A month, ago?  Sure.  

  36. If folks weren’t sick before, standing in line for hours at the airports together probably spread it even more.    Trump can’t effectively communicate jack squat.

  37. Just commenting on the day’s headlines
    not shitting on Biden just looking at the the daily news

  38. We’ll… I will continue to go to my local establishments for as long as they are open.  Everyone who works there have jobs at stake too.
    Tonight… go, Joe… Go!

  39. ok, i got my Victory-against-Covid garden started.  You should expect frost imminently, as a result.

  40. People here with winter gardens are very happy 
    We are still looting the shelves the nearest Trader Joe’s   
    We would go out but the nearest restaurant is at least 40 minutes away
    So we are home eating dolmas and potstickers   Another great Trader Joe’s product

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