Sunday Serendipity

Todays discovery happened because I reminded myself I needed to stay hydrated so I got up to mix a flavored water and left you tube to play on its own. When I walked out of the room I was listening to a Chopin piano ballade. When I came back this simple clean music was playing, it perfectly reflects the cool sunny spring day I had been enjoying. And just like the spring day, behind the simple pleasures is a complexity slowly building.

Enjoy, Jack

From Wikipedia

The Lark Ascending is a short, single-movement work by the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, inspired by the 1881 poem of the same name by the English writer George Meredith. It was originally for violin and piano, completed in 1914 but not performed until 1920. The composer reworked it for solo violin and orchestra after the First World War. This version, in which the work is chiefly known, was first performed in 1921. It is subtitled “A Romance”, a term that Vaughan Williams favoured for contemplative slow music.

Hilary Hahn is the soloist


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  1. Kenny R was a wonderment, not for his voice or his showmanship, both of which could be said to be adequate,  but for his determination to be a recording artist.   He kept pushing—from his first solo record in 57, thru the New Christie Minstrels, The First Edition, and finally as Kenny Rogers.   He worked and pushed and relentlessly followed his dream until he achieved his goal.  Having met and talked to him a bit while he was pre-famous, hawking merchandise in the lobby at that show in 1970, I sensed  that he had no “airs” to put on, he was just a nice guy who had decided at a young age to be a Star.   

  2. Maureen had nice things to say about doc fauci in her NYT op ed “Thank God the Doctor is In”

    she also said this about IMpotus:

    Donald Trump, the ultimate “me” guy, is in a “we” crisis and it isn’t pretty. The president is so consumed by his desire to get back his binky, a soaring stock market, that he continues to taffy-twist the facts, leaving us to look elsewhere — to Dr. Fauci and governors like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom — for leadership during this grim odyssey.
    Trump has never understood anything about government, so he doesn’t know what the C.D.C. versus the F.D.A. versus FEMA should do. His improvisational leadership style was vividly — and disturbingly — on display Friday during a call with Chuck Schumer, who urged him to invoke the Defense Production Act to get ventilators and masks to desperate states — despite the president’s cavalier remark a day earlier that the federal government is “not a shipping clerk” for the states. “Then POTUS yelled to someone in his office to do it now,” a Schumer spokesman reported.
    Trump is just a petrified salesman who believes in perception over reality. He thinks if he can create the perception that this is going to be a quick fix and there’s a little pill coming, then the stock market will roar back, along with his 2020 momentum.
    With F.D.R. and the Great Depression, the only thing to fear was fear itself. With Trump and our new abyss, we have to fear not only fear but also the ignorance and misdirection of the White House and the profiteering of senators. Not to mention the virus.

  3. Rogers’ choice of which song to record was always unerringly shrewd. He had no interest in being a songwriter; like Elvis, he left that for the other guys.  From Newbury’s “What Condition” , to Tillis’ “Ruby”, thru “Lucille” and finally Don Schlitz’s “The Gambler” every song made some sort of waves which paved his way to the next level. And, according to all reports I’ve seen, he remained “a nice guy” all the way thru, and wound up owning more of Nashville than the great Roy Acuff.

  4. Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) had a chance to be heroes, just for one day.
    Instead they damned us all to the doom of Donald Death.  And for what?

  5. When I got to Nashville in 79, the songwriters congregated in the West End where they would rent old houses and split the costs; they would scrimp and odd-job to eke out a living while spending 24 hours a day trying to come up with the next hit, which would change their lives, like winning the powerball. Their economy was measured in single cigarettes and six-packs of beer.
    Don Schlitz was one of those when Kenny recorded “The Gambler”.  The song had been recorded a couple of times before Kenny did it, most notably by Bobby Bare and Johnny Cash, which had put a shekel or two in Don’s pocket but not enough to break free, but Don knew that when Kenny did it—it was going to number one. The story goes how the day that single was released, Don Schlitz showed up in the West End in a limousine with a trunk and back seat full of beer.  It is said to have been the largest party the West End had ever seen.

  6. Nice selection Jack.  
    A lot snapped into focus for me this morning. Flipping through MSNBC Ali Velshi, CNN John Roberts, both of which we’re talking with medical professionals, victims of the virus, local leaders, etc., and then I thought I’d look at Fox to see what pablum the real fake news is feeding the gullible about this. They were talking to the preacher of a mega church delivering his weekly message to the sheeple to talk with god about it. How ironic after talking with my uncle, one of the sheeple, yesterday about the issues COVID-19 are causing in “the home” with his projected move to assisted care as his vision fails to improve (he can only see whether its light or dark at this point) and with the caregivers who come in daily. What was his answer about how he was dealing with the protections in place at “the home” he’s in?  Pray and leave it in god’s hands. Other than being a rabid RW Baptist I wonder where he got the idea that’s the way to deal with this?  

  7. Bink, you are dead on re: Collins, Murkowski and Alexander. I hope this haunts Lamar and Susan in their retirements. Murkowski?  She’ll probably smugly serve until 2022 when the AK morons will re-elect her. 

  8. …not certain we will still have a representative democracy by 2022.  The odds of that go down every day that Donald Death is still in office, along with our odds of surviving.

  9. Bink, I’m hopeful you’re wrong, but I don’t discount the possibility. If Deathdon has internal polling that suggests he’ll win MN, TX, OH and FL he won’t try to do anything stupid and suspend elections. If not, …

  10. Pogo
    For someone in your Uncles’ condition prayers may be the only support they have. 
    People like to lie to themselves and talk about how independent they are but in reality for folks like your uncle that independence comes as a result of a whole network of workers and volunteers that this virus is disrupting. A lot of elderly are going to die not from the virus but from the disruption of that invisible network.  I am seeing signs of it right here in our community.  I was talking to two elderly women (living in a “golden girls” type situation)  except that Sarah is now on hospice and June’s role is friend room mate, nurse, caregiver. June is a feisty old gal but in honesty is only a few months behind Sarah. To do her caregiver duties she relies on a network that includes volunteers to come and sit with Sarah so June can go out and do the little things like grocery shop.  
    Well, the volunteers have been told to stay home. 

  11. Suspending elections would be the thing the dictator would do, if he can, to assure that he continues his reign ( of terror). 

  12. Colbert King in his Wapo piece today gets it.  

    When looking for a leader in these public health and economic crises, skip over Donald Trump.

    Look instead to a bipartisan group of public executives such as Govs. Larry Hogan (R) of Maryland, Gavin Newsom (D) of California (D), Gretchen Whitmer (D) of Michigan, Andrew Cuomo (D) of New York, Mike DeWine (R) of Ohio, Jay Inslee (D) of Washington state, and the District’s own Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D), who has been both aggressive in planning and steady as a rock in execution.

    Count on Congress, the Federal Reserve and resilient Americans with economic and business know-how to dig us out of the hole into which we have plunged.

    Let’s just get through this with as little of Trump as possible.

    Yes, to the extent possible, let’s.

  13. i know so many Typhoid Marys, and i can’t drive the reality through their thick skulls.  Tried, can only repeat myself so much🤷‍♂️

    i honestly want to call the authorities on such people, but there is no authority.

  14. You know, giving me a $1000 dollars won’t change my spending habits a bit. I don’t need $1000 but for my neighbor down the street a thousand dollors may just be a drop in the bucket for his needs.  Can’t we think about how to target this money and get it where it is most needed and quit wasting both money and time?

  15. FEMA Director Gaynor is not making me feel better about the situation.   Way to go, Brownie, all over, again?

  16. TT
    Suspending the election doesn’t keep Trump in power, His term ends January 20, 2021 as does the VP. It would devolve to who ever is elected Speaker of the House in 2021.  How that happens if there is no election gets interesting…..

  17. Jack, you are right.  My uncle has private sitters 12 hours a day.  The Home gives them shit about coming in and out.  He thinks the Home management is singling him out (he’s white, the management is black – but the majority of the people in the Home are white and his sitters are black, so I think he’s wrong and that Faux is informing his thinking). I think they are struggling to come up with protocols to protect the residents and staff.  He has appointments set up for his eye treatment that my sis will take him to.  Not at all sure how that’ll work out.  And because of his severely compromised knees (think scooter here with a blind man at the controls) he’s on Prednisone, so his immune system is now compromised.  If he makes it through the year I will be happy.  But your comments about the invisible network are dead on. He’s in a situation where the invisible network is more visible but face more new obstacles to doing their work. 

  18. Now if there is no election on January 1st all House seats become vacant. In most states the  governor has the power to appoint people to the vacant seats. Now how many of those governorships are vacant too? and how does that get resolved?

  19. jack, spot on about the $1000.  seems to me it would be better and quicker to use whatever emergency powers congress & prez can all upon to mandate moratoria on all rents, leases, loans, basic utilities bills to free up money for food, drugs & such  essentials (all upon which price ceilings must be put in place).  all temporary efforts to keep the boats afloat until the viral flood ebbs. 

  20. Jack, the dictator will figure out how to stay in power.  Don’t know what he’ll come up with, but there’ll be something. They’re gonna have to pry him out of the White House. His “team” meaning the ghoul, Steven Miller, is probably researching the possibilities now.

  21. Yeah, one thousand is not enough.  I think about fifteen might just do it for the time being.

  22. Jack…  magnificent!
    We are starting to limit how much news we are consuming.  Rick has told me it makes him stressful ( he’s always been more of a worry wart than I am).  We have Amazon Prime…  I’ve never watched so many movies in my life.
    Kenny Rodgers’ music was ok… easy to listen to…  never bought any or sought any of his stuff on youtube.  I bet Patsi liked him.

  23. TT…  Bill Maher keeps saying the same thing…   SFB won’t the leave the WH.  But the second his time is up…  he’s a usurper in the WH and it’s the job of the Secret Service to get him out…  physically if need be.

  24. all rents, leases, loans, basic utilities bills

    Pat , why?
    those folks have bills to pay too. So don’t disrupt the economy more than you have to.
    How about a fed match on unemployment benefits so you double the unemployment benefits for 3 months. 
    Block grants to States to cover corona costs based on the number of positive tests. (let us encourage testing)
    Block grants to local government the same way.

  25. jack – Your idea makes sense.  Many who get checks will still be employed (fingers crossed that I am still one of them), so those also getting unemployment would get close to full wages for 3 months.    If something happens with the jobs of others down the line, they would have those checks as a cushion to add to unemployment.   If/when we recover and business re-open, those checks are money to be put into local economies.   Hope someone gets that.  Atta boy.

  26. There’s time now.  Patsi wrote biographies for a lot folks:  Ralph Emory, Tanya Tucker, Garth Brooks, Tony Orlando.    I’m getting out a canvas for a painting project.  I haven’t done that in over a year.   Somewhere, I have a knitting  how-to kit; it’s a cat toy & my cat died right after I bought it.    I can barely crochet, so two needles seems pretty daunting.    I just, selfishly,  want this to be 100% over before Memorial Day, so I can swim. Chlorine and bromine kill the virus (per the CDC), but my apt has closed all amenities.  No gym, no pool.   I was able to get in a swim in early March, when we had a hot day; the water was freezing, but swimming is the love of my life. 

  27. TX Gov. Abbott’s  equivocation Sunday spot on the local show.   I did not but TP, but I walked down the aisle yesterday.  There were a few 4-packs of store-brand and nothing else.  No paper towels or facial tissues.     This, after the store opened an hour late yesterday morning to clean and restock.     The supply chain can not keep up.  
    I hope they keep the churches closed through Easter.  If they open it up before then, it’s gonna glare up, again, somewhere.    There’s plenty of church online or just read your Bible and sing a hymn at home.      

  28. My first adventure with yarn was learning how to crochet at the age of 12.  My best childhood friend’s mother loved to crochet and I kept staring at her hands.  One day she said…  Renee, want to learn?…  I replied yup… and as they say… the rest is history.  I credit this woman with starting me off on my weaving career.
    Early this fall a woman started a knitting and crochet club on Sunday nights at our local cafe.  I figured I’d join and help anyone who wanted to learn….  kinda give back what was given to me.  OMG…  didn’t realized how hard it was for an adult to learn what was so easy for me to pick up as a kid.  Probably works that way for anything involving a skill with one’s hands.  Good luck, BiD.

  29. Watching the failure in parenting partying on the beaches of America.    Stupidity should be painful, but it may be lethal to those around you.   Total parenting fail.

  30. My Danish great-grandmother taught me to crochet with a tiny hook and, like, sewing thread.  Well, she made beautiful doilies and things.  She should’ve started me with a giant hook and yarn.  Never really liked doing it.   I want to make things, though.   I just hope my craft bag isn’t filled with spiders.  It’s been in a closet by the front door since I moved here in 2013.  Also in that closet, my baton.  I guess I could go outside and twirl.  Ha!

  31. rr – I still have the beautiful scarf you made.   You do gorgeous work.  Thank you, again.  

  32. What’s everyone else doing?  Cleaning? Reading? Making things?  Just obsessing?
    Can we plan a trip for 2021, just for fun?

  33. Search Results

    Featured snippet from the web

    “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” It was in this spirit that Fitzgerald wrote one of his most frequently quoted lines: “There are no second acts in American lives.” It is a lone sentence, without context, found among the pages for a novel he never finished.

  34. And wearing my favorite anti-virus cap.  (And thanking the gods that it’s not Red)

  35. As the economic impact of this pandemic hits the retail businesses there are others who are being crushed too.  This YouTube video by Mary Spender covers it better then I can.  I will be buying music from several artists during this time of hiding in the escape pod, the money comes from my transportation fund which is not being drained.

  36. drinking, dancing, dreading, crafting, cleaning, cooking, spreading joy, choking down anxiety, netflix 

  37. I used to have white cabinets. I loved them!  Now, I have the standard apartment oak.   I would cry if I had moved here with white walls and oak cabinets.   I bought paint called “aloe” for the kitchen, so it feels homier.   Right now, I wish I had moved to KS last year.  

  38. BiD – One big problem is the transportation system was under-employed before this hit, now it cannot even come close to being the supply chain.  Amazon states that a CDL is not necessary to deliver for them. 
    I forgot to include artists other than musicians in the above plea to support your local guitar picker.  And, your local museums. 

  39. …just got an email from Best Buy- customers no longer allowed in-store, employees will bring your purchases to car.  Employees can choose to work with additional pay or stay home.  Ill and exposed employees compensated with pay.  Good policies. 

  40. Mayor Bowser can take care of trump easily enough :
    1. Set a police cordon & barricade around the WH to prevent trumpies coming and going.
    2. Turn off the electricity and water.
    3. Block the surrounding sewers.
    4. Send putin a message that the only acceptable terms are complete and unconditional surrender.
    Optional A: Send in one person armed only with trump plague.
    Optional B: Surround the WH with loud speakers blasting La Marseilles.

  41. hold the schadenfreude, mixers.  karma works in mysterious ways

    from NPR:

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has become the first senator to test positive for the coronavirus. His staff says he is asymptomatic.
    In a statement released on Sunday, Paul’s deputy chief of staff, Sergio Gor, wrote:
    “Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for COVID-19. He is feeling fine and is in quarantine. He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events. He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person. He expects to be back in the Senate after his quarantine period ends and will continue to work for the people of Kentucky at this difficult time. Ten days ago, our D.C. office began operating remotely, hence virtually no staff has had contact with Senator Paul.”


  42. daily beast notes on sen. rant:

    Paul, a physician who has a Kentucky-issued medical license, was the only senator to vote against an $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus package last month. He also was one of the eight senators who voted against paid sick leave in a stimulus bill that passed with an overwhelming 90-8 vote last week.
    On March 2, Paul appeared on Fox News and downplayed the global threat of the coronavirus.
    “While it is worldwide, I think there is room for optimism that this thing may plateau out in a few weeks and not be as bad it as it may have been portrayed,” he said to host Neil Cavuto.

  43. Pat, 
    God is an iron.

    “If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron.” — Spider Robinson

    ~~~~Thoughts and prayers.~~~~

  44. I see he was asymptomatic.

    ~~~~ well, it is nice to see somebody besides NBA players get tested before they are dying in the ICU, ~~~~~

  45. …nothing ironic about science-denying Republicans contracting a virus they don’t believe in.
    Good quote, though.

  46. The likelihood of trump cancelling the election, or declaring Biden’s election null and void, is slim. The likelihood of trump getting away with such an act is infinitesimal. I mean, that’s what the nra says we need firearms to prevent. Sic semper tyrannis. 

  47. bId – my activities include learning how to use video software to improve how my videos look and sound, things have changed quite a bit in the last twenty years.  I also practice my napping skills.  Although limited due to this stupid cast on my hand, I am also practicing using a camcorder, a skill similar to what I did with 8mm and 16mm cameras over fifty years ago, but with much lighter equipment.  The biggest difference is the cost, it is negligible now, no burning through expensive film.

  48. rant sued his neighbor for causing him lung damage and was awarded $580,000 according to cnn.   wonder if settlement covers this latest turn of events.

  49. Did you ever see the guy on “This Old House” (post-Vila) with his own motorized hydraulic lift so he can hang cabinets by himself?

  50. No I missed that ….I’ll see if it’s on youtoob, kind of curious, I’ve utilized several methods but usually it’s just hold em up in place and screw them to the wall.

  51. Looks like this GOP bailout bill is mostly about giving Steve Mnuchin a half-trillion dollar slush fund to write checks to corporations without restrictions or congressional oversight

  52. So really I wouldn’t wish the coronavirus on anyone. But if a member of Congress, particularly a senator has to get it Ranf Paul being the first senator to contract the virus is one of the sweetest ironies I’ve heard in a long time.

  53. the hill:

    “All the senators are going to seek medical advice as to what action we should take, to make sure in any way that we don’t spread this virus ourselves,” Romney added.
    “We have to determine whether any of us should self-quarantine,” the senator said, after confirming that he and others ate lunch with Paul on Friday.

  54. steve king and louie gohmert are purely decorative, so we could easily spare them along with rant pol. What I mean to point out is that steve and louie expel a lot of carbon dioxide, which is good for the cherry trees, which are very decorative. However, I’m sure that they’d be equally good at feeding sod, and I’m willing to test this idea immediately.

  55. “…ate lunch with” runt pol ?!?  He’d put me off my feed, that’s for certain. Not that the nazi creep would have lunch with me.

  56. It’s a beautiful day here in Oregon, sunny skies, 64 degrees.  It’s hard to believe that a deadly disease is among us, spreading at a geometric rate.  Oregon has 137 cases of infection, as of this AM.  One of the doctors at the family medicine clinic that I use as my primary care provider just got diagnosed with Covid-19.  Healthcare workers do not have proper equipment to protect themselves, even if they are very careful.    
    The reason is “lean management” practices where the desire to “lower-cost” dominates every decision-making process.  Health care facilities now keep a bare minimum inventory of supplies and then rely on “just-in-time” deliveries.  But most of the supplies now come from China (the low cost supplier) and the supply chains have been disrupted. 
    The result is that a nurse who lives in my apartment complex comes home from work every night and sits at her sewing machine making medical masks out of cotton clothing and towels that people have been leaving in a collection bin outside her apartment.   
    These handmade masks are not the best type to stop a virus, but they are better than nothing and at her hospital that is what they have for masks: nothing.
    And we haven’t even gotten to the “peak” period of infection when there will be so many sick people that they have to put them in camp cots in the hospital hallways.   That’s what they are doing now in Italy.
    Sometimes I feel like I am living in the first 20 minutes of a disaster film.  We know the meteor is going to hit soon, or that the ship has struck and iceberg and we are going to sink, but for the moment, “everything is OK.”
    If you are not already “sheltering in place” you should get ready to do so.  

  57. …they left out the part where he gets it in the house, of course.  It’s exactly what you’d imagine- i’ve seen hotel workers and public-building maintenance people with them.   

  58. the hill:

    “We’ll be introducing our own bill and hopefully it will be compatible with what they discuss on the Senate side,” Pelosi said as she left a short meeting in the Capitol with the leaders of both parties negotiating the stimulus package.
    There was a sense that a House bill would be unnecessary, if Pelosi and Schumer could reach a deal with McConnell and the White House, setting the stage for quick passage in both chambers. The House was even eying the possibility of voting by unanimous consent, a procedural maneuver allowing the bill to pass without calling House lawmakers back to Washington.
    Pelosi’s comments Sunday, however, suggested the process will be longer drawn, perhaps requiring each side to pass their own different bills, and iron out the differences afterward.


  59. better dust off whatever protocols left to protect congress during national catastrophe.  isn’t there a bunker somewhere in western va. that they can all be sent to in order to continue emergency legislation needed while they’re quarantined?

    lock em up ’til they do their job. afterward perhaps mislay the key 🙂

  60. This coronavirus is playing havoc with the trump election campaign, so they are going to need a YUUUUUUJ  bailout check from uncle mnuchin.

  61. Looks like the masses hoarding the TP found out they could not sell it on Amazon and are now trying to return it.  My neighbor observed someone doing so at a big box warehouse store.  No word on whether a pallet of TP is returnable.  Now as for the five hundred pounds of chicken sold to someone a week ago . . .

  62. THE SENATE is now 48 R -47 D Sens. Lee, Romney, Scott of Florida, Paul and Gardner are all quarantining

    Let’s hope they shook hands with a whole lot more GOP before leaving.


  63. It’s Kentucky. Pretty country filled with stupid people – not all of course, but more than not. 

    Well, I wondered whether I could do it – I could. While I was out on a run for ice I heard that FF was going to be on the air for another lie fest about now. I’m watching a movie instead. I’m sure WaPo will report his serial bullshit.  If I don’t read it for a day or two I doubt I’ll miss much. 

    Jamie, let’s hope it was handshakes, hugs and kisses all around.

  64. Pay the people, not the billionaire CEOs you Republican asshats!   For as long as Trump is prez, I am confident of nothing! We are are at war with China in his deluded brain.

  65. Mike Pence, Stop lying and sucking up you un-Christian.    There is NO ACTION happening except what helps the 1%.    Liars, suck-ups and the inept are the only ones in the Trump administration.   Pence is the trifecta.       Just horrible how they are overriding the rest of the news.  

  66. Dallas county is shelter-in-place starting at noon tomorrow until April 3rd.   C’mon government cheese!

  67. BiD, don’t watch. I was scrolling and landed on it – 30 seconds later, I was gonzo. Couldn’t take the bullshit on an otherwise pleasant Sunday afternoon. 

  68. BiD, I think it’s called tatting. “…tiny hook and, like, sewing thread…”
    The dictator was on a self-aggrandizing, pity rift. He smiled when he heard Romney’s in quarantine. Such a sick puppy! 

  69. From the local YMCA e-mail.  Child care:  Rate: $60 per day per child*
    *First Responders, Government Officials, Health Officials, email proof of employment to receive a discount of $15, adjusting your daily rate to $45
    Hours of operation: 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday
    Lunch and Snacks: Two nut-free snacks per day will be provided. Please pack a nut-free lunch.

  70. Old man

    No matter where you go , there you are

    That is one of my favorite sayings. Btw, what happened to us between 17 and now. I’ve run across a few old HS photos and wonder what happened to that good looking kid.

  71. Every “Sunday Serendipity”, ever, starting with Jace’s first contribution in 2016, in one playlist:

    ok, 148 entries in Jace’s playlist… was sad when i got towards the end. Anyway, he would want you to “enjoy the music, but most of all, enjoy your day!”

    (approximately 23-24 hours of classical and such)

  72. tiptoe- Tatting is something different; she could do that, too.  
    Maybe they should do the people’s funding separate from the CEO funding instead of letting the Republicans hold it hostage.
    The world will look different when this is over.   WWIII

  73. Thank you, Mr Flatus. I don’t know enough French to fill a child’s thimble, so I have come to depend on learned persons such as yourself to fix my errors.
    Errare Xrepublicanum est.

  74. Sweetie JUST HAD TO hear the false teacher in the afternoon. It was all I could do to keep from dropping my assigned chore and storming off. I actually started to feel a little queasy. The pervert not only provided beachheads for the Virus Invasion (and has done nothing yet alleviate the shortage of hospital beds and equipment) he just plain makes honest people* sick to their stomachs. I wondered if Sweetie was punishing me for some husbandly infraction. She denied it, even went so far as to say she likes my company. There’s no accounting for taste.

    Anywhat, so I heard the baseturd’s repetitive yet chaotic, self- aggrandizing and self-pitying performance. It’s obvious that the man has never had an acquaintance with the speeches of Lincoln, Kennedy, or Eugene J. McCarthy. he’s more a champion doubletalker like Sid Caesar, Pat Paulsen, and Durward Fincher. trump could save us all a great deal of time if he would merely emulate the late Muhammed Ali and declare, “I am the greatest !” Then Dr Fauci could correct that and everything would be clear and well-understood.
    *I like to consider myself honest. A crank, a griper, sadly mistaken, an occasional boob, and rude to boot. Well sure, that’s me. However, I think I’m honest. I don’t even cheat on my wife or taxes – I just cheat on carbohydrates, which doesn’t hurt anyone . . . anyone important. 

  75. My apologies to everyone for my bandwidth violation. I’m a bad man, I know, but I’m prolly just gonna make a habit of it. 
    Sweet dreams, all.
    G’night, Bethyboo.

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