Sunday Serendipity

“Se’ Mexicano” edition.

First, I want to recognize the folks of Martha’s Vineyard and how they stepped up and did what was right. OSH, You and your neighbors done good!!

As we said on our neighborhood twitter page

“juntos somos mejores! – together we are better! Some view diversity as a challenge, for us it is our life and our strength. “

Pick any city or nation where great art, philosophy, governance and civilization were advanced, almost every time I will show you a place of diversity. It is the cosmopolitan cities where we advance, not some isolated rural village. The exchange of new ideas is essential for advancement of civilization.

September 16 is Mexican Independence Day, so this weekend is the traditional weekend to celebrate the event.

To celebrate, I’m posting the whole album by Linda Ronstadt, CANCIONES DE MI PADRE (songs of my father)

Enjoy Jack