Sunday Serendipity

Today is Decoration Day for the cemeteries where my parents and grand parents are buried. It is a little town about 50 miles north of here. I will be leaving flowers on their graves this morning. Both cemeteries get by with donations so I will leave a donation too. As I never have and because I have the means, it will be a sizable one to make up for all the times I let others carry the burden.

In remembrance of missing friends and those gone before us today’s selection is: Requiem in D minor, a Requiem Mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Have a blessed day, Jack

Sunday Remembering

Or, Songs of our Mothers:

Today, I’ve picked 3 very different songs by 3 very different artists, each was the favorite of three very important women in my life. The first one is for my mother in law, Audra. She was a fan of the Ink Spots. The next my mother, Edie, She grew up along the Kansas /Oklahoma border where she got to see Bob Wills play live. The third is one of Sherry’s, (aka Mrs Jack) favorites. After all what is Mothers day without Zappa and the Mothers.

So, what music did the important women in your life like?

Enjoy, Jack

Sunday Serendipity, el cinco de mayo

Linda Ronstadt – Canciones de mi Padre (Songs of My Father)

These canciones were a big part of Ronstadt’s family tradition and musical roots. The title Canciones de Mi Padre refers to a booklet that the University of Arizona published in 1946 for Ronstadt’s deceased aunt, Luisa Espinel, who had been an international singer in the 1920s. The songs come from Sonora and Ronstadt included her favorites on the album. Also, Ronstadt has credited the late Mexican singer Lola Beltrán as an influence in her own singing style, and she recalls how a frequent guest to the Ronstadt home, Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero, father of Chicano music, would often serenade her as child with these songs.


This is the first time I’ve listened to the whole album in one setting, very enjoyable.


Sunday Serendipity

It is the middle of spring, the grass is growing, flowers are blooming and I had my first salad from my garden. Life is good.

So put on your dancing shoes, go out in the yard, crank up the music and dance. The first of May is just a few days away and it is time to celebrate life and what better way than today’s selection. So, dance with someone or by yourself. Dance in the sunshine or in the rain. Just dance.


Rondo alla Mambo, which combines the music of W.A.Mozart and Cuban Mambo, was featured in this flashmob on the streets of Havana, Cuba and was the grand finale of the Mozart y Mambo project. Inspired by W.A.Mozart and written by Joshua Davis and Yuniet Lombida Prieto, it is performed by Sarah Willis and the Havana Lyceum Orchestra,