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  1. He’s sure makes that piano work hard. 
    I’d rather be a bassoon than a piano.  Being a snare drum would prolly be worst of all. 

  2. Joke of the day:
    What’s the difference between a drummer and a toilet seat?  
    The toilet seat only has to put up with one ass at a time.

  3. Hey jack….in re “finish work”. It’s all in the math. If you do the math right, the machines do all the work.
    Calculators are the real heroes
    Friend of mine used to rag me: “Putty and paint: make a carpenter what he ain’t”.

  4. Life gets closer, seems my daughter-in-law may have COVID-19.  So far not a serious infection.
    In the unmovable COVID-19 hibernation pod all is good.  Making plans for another video to release later today.

  5. I loves me Freddie C, and Seong-Jim Cho is a remarkable talent – Freddie would smile at his rendition of his work.  Love to know how they did such a remarkable recording of Odd to Joy – I’m guessing it’s not just iPhones. Mrs. P tells me she has trouble hearing me over mine. 

  6. Max Boot:  Joe Biden has Character. Donald Trump Does Not. This Crisis Makes it Obvious. 

    Nothing reveals character like a crisis. The coronavirus crisis has revealed — or rather reinforced — that Joe Biden has what it takes to be an effective president and Donald Trump does not.

    At a time like this, you want a leader who is calm, reassuring, knowledgeable and trustworthy. That’s not Trump. As the New York Times summarizes, the president has been a one-man disinformation machine: At first, he played down the pandemic (“We have it totally under control,” he said on Jan. 22), then he played up dubious cures. He has also attempted to blame others — including former president Barack Obama, who left office more than a three years ago — for his own mistakes. Apparently, the buck stops everywhere except the Oval Office.
    Biden isn’t just superior to Trump in the nuts and bolts of policy. Where Biden really shines is in the human dimension of leadership. Just watch his moving interview Friday with Anderson Cooper. Asked about the grief of those who have lost loved ones, Biden delivered a touching, personal response. He almost gave out his cellphone number on national television and then urged survivors to contact his campaign: “I’m happy to try to talk to you. Not that I’m an expert but just having been there, I’m so sorry for you.”

    Contrast Biden’s empathetic, emotional response to Trump’s unfeeling, self-centered response on March 20 when he was asked if he had a message for “Americans who are scared.” His answer was to attack the questioner — NBC’s Peter Alexander — as a “terrible reporter” who asked “a very nasty question.”

    That tells you all you need to know about the choice we face in November. Biden has shown that he has the human qualities needed to be a good leader. Trump has shown that he does not.

    But we knew that  


  7. Looks like winter is over and we are getting a week of sunshine that will make everything pop. 
    The age of Corona has made my spring allergies more obvious. One clearing my throat and I’m by myself.
    So far I’ve not been hosed down with Lysol.
    I’m headed out to pick up my monthly supply of medicine then back to work on the yard.

  8. I ordered some old fashion field corn. 
    ~~~~~Just in case it is really the end of the world~~~~~

  9. Jack…  loved it!
    Jamie…  loved it!
    yeah… allergies are hitting my throat too.  When I get groceries or medication, I’m very careful not to cough or clear my throat.  Only god knows what people think if you do so in public.

  10. Saw folks wearing masks on their morning walks on the trail this morning.   Wide open space and when someone on the trail comes from the opposite direction they stop and turn away.
    Next issue, health insurance.  They can’t be billing for this mess and expecting payment when so many are uninsured.  And, if they do have it, will they even have the deductible?   Hot mess.  Hot, hot mess.

  11. bId – people tend not to think in terms of real risk vs creative risk.  Right now the real risk of exposure in close contact with the public is rapidly increasing, and will for at least three weeks.  After the beginning of May the bell curve has most likely peaked and is starting to slope down, from most real estimates.  The problem is that we will not be in the same risk of infection we are today until June or July.  Some of the most scared think they are at high risk when even alone in their homes today, which is not absolutely true.   If I lived in NYC or New Orleans or Detroit I would be very lonely because I would be holed up with the door locked.  Where I live, if you look at the video coming out soon, you will see a lot of park and few people, I will have no compulsion about walking around for sunshine (if it ever reappears) and fresh air.
    Jack – need to grow some chickens to eat the corn, then you have your eggs too.

  12. Pass it around: Getting fraud emails claiming to be IRS distributing checks. Should go without saying but Don’t open them and Don’t give out any financial info. IRS says it will not be contacting us that way and payments haven’t even started. Only .gov sites can be trusted! 

  13. Poobah, they were doing warnings about that scam this morning on MSNBC.  Despicable pricks.

  14. I like that there Fox poll.  Hope it’s not a Faux poll.  It’s not in conformity with the ABC News poll out today tht only shows a 2 point advantage for Joe over SFB.

  15. Dumb Republican acquaintances falling for and sending me fake news-items created by internet trolls.
    Fact-check before posting to social media plzzzzz

  16. Bink, there is no want for either dumb Republicans or fake news items created by internet trolls.

  17. Here in Oregon, my local hospital reports that it only has enough masks for one more week.

  18. Yeah, consider shaming such people on those social-media channels.
    We ain’t got time for that kind of bullshit.

  19. Craig: I hope those polls are correct. 
    I have not been impressed by Biden on TV recently.  This pandemic has made his campaign’s emphasis on his supposed “stability” irrelevant.  What he needs to project is “strong leadership in a crisis,” and it’s hard to do this when he’s stuck self-isolating in his house.   He looks tired and confused, and his comments seem to ramble from one theme to another, randomly.

  20. And once again, the mainstream news media refuses to even mention Bernie Sanders.  In their eyes Biden has already won the nomination so why bother covering anything Bernie has to say about this crisis?  
    The fact that this pandemic is a perfect justification for Medicare for All, is not what the mainstream news media wants to talk about.  

  21. I want Biden to assault swing state local news shows with  interviews from his basement. Local news ratings are skyrocketing due to virus, so good as ads, and FREE! 

  22. I have a friend who used to keep an Excel spreadsheet on folks in an online place.  I feel like I should do that here.
    A nurse from the Kirkland, WA nursing home said a symptom they saw there was red eyes – like red eye shadow, she said. The people died a few hours after that.

  23. I do report any Tweet that is an obvious fake.  Twitter usually doesn’t do much about the ones that are just annoying (too many of them), but they are pretty quick to take down any that are obviously dangerous.  

  24. Tonight we can all go to the weirdest, saddest concert together-ish.   The iHeart Living Room Concert, with all your faves (plus Billie Eyelash) performing from their homes.  Elton John will host from his home in California because he does not have a piano, so he can’t perform.  

  25. I have insurance (for the moment), but I’d just as soon stay holed up here as go to a hospital and have them take what’s left of my money.    

    Stop wearing contact lenses, too.

    Medical staff need face shields/googles, not just masks.

  26. Damn near perfect afternoon.  Got LP to run the lawn tractor and put down spring treatment, now sitting on back porch, Dog, beer and peanuts, 79, sunny and breezy, And the Allman Brothers blasting through my earphones. If this chair reclined I’d be in heaven. 

  27. My dad is still going to town multiple times a day and he’s now at my brother’s place (he’s trying to keep his distance from our dad because he sees patients every day).    I told him to tell our dad about Joe Diffee, so maybe he would get it; maybe it would seem real. 

  28. When Joe Diffie first started out, he opened for Billy Ray Cyrus at the county fair where I lived back then. This was during Billy’s “Achy Breaky Heart” mania. The day after the show, all I heard was what a great show Joe Diffie put on and how much better he was than Billy Ray Cyrus. After the show, someone overheard Billy say, “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

  29. Tiptoe21:   I read an article online in the (reputable) UK newspaper, “The Guardian,” where a doctor reported the whites of the eyes turning red (conjunctivitis) as a symptom of Covid-19, in some patients. 

  30. I’m watching Trump’s press conference.   He’s keeps saying what a “great job” he is doing.
    Wait few weeks.  People will be dying in the hallways of hospitals because there are no more beds.

  31. Haha reporter Jeremy Diamond handed his mic to Yamiche Alcindor to ask her 2nd question after an aide took her mic from her
    Bravo, Jeremy dude. 

  32. Yep Nash. I’m seeing a brand new talking point from him in this presser, bragging that without his genius 2.2 million Americans would die, now only 100,000. He’s now going to take credit for “only” 100,000 dead??? 


    Ahmed Baba



    When Trump accused Jeremy Diamond of lying while he read his quote about needing to be appreciated, Diamond read back his entire quote to him.

  34. As soon as the presser started..  I said fuck it…  then went into the kitchen to cook supper.  Don’t need to hear his crap no more.

  35. I’m watching “That 70s Show” now, because gas rationing and that recession is less stressful than the current sitch.  

  36. I just can’t watch the asshole lie and politicize a national disaster. He doesn’t like Yamiche -she’s black, she’s a woman, and she doesn’t buy his shit.  I love her for that.

  37. Sad to here about John Prine, he is a tough ol boy and has survived a lot of stuff, hope he can lick this one.
    A lot of memories tied up with his music.


  38. Everyone has dedicated their performance to doctors, nurses & first responders, but Mariah Carey dedicated her performance to her children. What a self-absorbed…

  39. Nash, I thought of conjunctivitis but the young woman described it as red eye shadow. Maybe she just didn’t have the words.
    My son can’t call me until Wednesday when he has a day off!
    As for the concert on Faux news, they put their stupid logo on the bottom left corner right were the names of the performers is. Right over top! Also, most of the video they’re showing I’ve seen on other channels.  I’d never watch Faux fo anything approximating news.

  40. Highest unemployment numbers in history.  Essentially, we’re in a recession.  Time for a Democrat to save the day!  Just like Obama saved us from Bush’s 2008 repression! And with NO help from Moscow Mitch who said NO to everything Obama did or tried to do.

  41. It was in the regular Fox channel, too; I don’t have cable.   Maybe, now that it’s been made abundantly clear as to how bad the virus is on Fox, maybe SFB will believe it and stop equivocating.  
    The loan to be forgiven if you don’t lay off your employees does no good if you can’t go to work because of an extended lockdown.
    GD bat-eaters!

  42. The dictator loves the daily pressers.  His ugly self showed up when the medical ship Comfort showed up in NYC as a photo op. 
    I don’t like Hugh Hewitt!

  43. Hate to think John might be a victim of this virus.  Jack, thanks for one of the absolute best renditions of his song “Angel from Montgomery”.  That rendition and Bonnie’s are wonderful. 

  44. Tom Hanks update: “Hey, Folks … We’re home now and, like the rest of America, we carry on with sheltering in place and social distancing. Many, many thanks to everyone in Australia who looked after us. Their care and guidance made possible our return to the USA. And many thanks to all of you who reached out with well wishes. Rita and I so appreciate it.”

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