Wolf Cries Dog and other Tales from the Edge

During the darkest days in his country, Igor Novikov (see video below) can find light. Yesterday on MSNBC’s Deadline White House he ended his daily check-in with Nicole Wallace on an upbeat note. Seems a Ukranian woman concerned about what she perceived as an injured dog abandoned by the war caught it bare-handed and took it to the vet. Story goes on it turned out to be a wolf. Igor delighted in the idea of the compassionate but tough vision of a strong Ukrainian woman.

BTW, the wolf is a coyote and it’s an American woman in a similar tale I discovered online, but it’s still moving to hear humor and positivity in the midst of war.


Zelensky’s wife makes emotional plea to media to share ‘terrible truth’ of Russian forces murdering children | The Independent

The wife of Ukraine’s President Zelensky has made an emotional plea to international media to report the “terrible truth” of Russian forces killing children in their attack on Ukraine.

In five posts on Instagram, written in Ukrainian, French, German, English and Russian, Olena Zelensky shared pictures of some of the young children who had been killed so far in the war.

She claimed that at least 38 children have already died as a result of the invasion, adding: “This figure might be increasing this very moment due to the shelling of our peaceful cities.”

Ms Zelensky pleaded with the international community to recognise Russia’s crimes, saying: “When people in Russia say that their troops are not hurting the civilian population, show them these pictures!”

She appealed directly to “all the unbiased media in the world” to “tell this terrible truth”.