Our Dayafter Critiques, Ratings Reviews and other Hangover Complaints on Dueling Townhalls

According to Trail Mixer X-republican:
Biden Beats trump in Ratings
Biden won “the ratings battle” by an astonishing 7 – 2*, proving that Low Key is less boring than Boring Boar is.
A tiny victory for a man, a lopsided rout for Humankind !
*You Tube’s Count

According to Ms Maddow:

Flop, Flip, Flap

On page 177 of “Disloyal: A Memoir” by Michael Cohen is a blow by blow accounting of what once was a secret closely held by the President of the United States, the construction of his bouffant pompadour dyed gold.
The elaborate coiffing is accomplished in three carefully performed maneuvers of the shoulder length tresses which cascade from a scarred balding pate on the right and back side. To wit:
(1) The back locks are flopped forward, (2) those left hanging over the face are then flipped back and (3) the side strands are flapped over that. A thorough hair spraying secures the three layered structure. “Flop, flip, flap.”

Flop, flip and flap could also describe the standard order of the many scandalous events immortalized in the book about DJT. He flops, he flips the truth and a flap ensues.