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  1. Democracy doesn’t die in darkness. It dies in plain sight because enough people think democracy is a luxury America can no longer afford.

  2. BTW, those brands the GOPers proudly wear like cattle symbols show who owns them and are hieroglyphics for words like “liar, coward, traitor, clown… ”  

    so brand on, GOPers. let’s know who you really are.

  3. also add “inciter or enabler of violence and insurrection”

    the hill:

    The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol asked a federal judge on Friday to enforce its subpoena of Mark Meadows, revealing new evidence that the former White House chief of staff had been warned of potential violence ahead of the riot.
    Hutchinson also laid out a wide array of GOP lawmakers who participated in meetings with Trump campaign lawyers alongside Meadows.
    That group includes GOP Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio), Mo Brooks (Ala.) Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Scott Perry (Pa.) Jody Hice (Ga.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.) and Debbie Lesko (Ariz.).

    oh yeah, don’t forget to add “probable felon” on those brands 

    Former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows was registered to vote in 3 states at once (msn.com)


  4. The silver lining is that they keep raising their obvious stupidity to levels that just can’t be missed or explained to make it seem normal. 

  5. For decades, France has been one of the few European countries that the rest of the world didn’t have to worry about, but with its upcoming election between current president Emmanuel Macron and far-right contender Marine Le Pen, that could all change. #DailyShow

  6. MTG suffered from either Alzheimer’s or amnesia on the stand.  Between her total ignorance of how the nation is governed and her inability to remember even the most minor of her actions, she is obviously incompetent. Still, she will probably be re-elected due to her district.


  7. She had no inability to remember what she did and said or who she talked to and about what. She was lawyered up by a criminal defense lawyer. “I can’t recall” and “I have no recollection” and “ I don’t remember” are virtually unimpeachable responses to avoid perjury exposure. . 

  8. It would seem that bad memory is no defense at all if there are tapes and video.   

  9. Are Russians still using tRUMPsky properties as breeding grounds, as they await the arrival of their American-born offspring?  Is that type of tourism still a thing or did cofeve, and then Vlad’s war, put a stop to it?

  10. Will MTG start spewing the truth, now that’s not under oath?  Will she get cocky if allowed to run, and step into her own crap? Will her memory suddenly come back to her? And, yeah, there’s a digital record.  She’s full of it.

  11. tRUMPsky likes Pootin.  Anyone who likes tRUMPsky is a filthy Pootin-lover. The Donald thinks a “genius” orders the torture, starvation and murder of civilians. Donald tRUMP thinks it’s OK to kill grandmas and children. And, rape? Yeah, he has no problem with that, either.

    If you still want the approval of tRUMPsky, you have also aligned yourself with Vladimir Putin.

    If you like what tRUMPsky/Putin stand for, you are a fascist. You like organized crime. Mobsters. Murderers. Republicans.

    Romney, Cheney, Kasich, and the few others who’ve shown decency should start their own party. Completely distancing themselves from tRUMPsky loyalists is the only way they don’t smell like the BS the others are dropping. They can not save their party from within. tRUMP touched it and it died.

  12. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/04/22/greg-abbott-immigration-invasion-declaration/

    “The Center for Renewing America, a conservative think tank led by Ken Cuccinelli, a former Homeland Security official under Trump, has been leading the charge to get Abbott to declare an invasion, criticizing his border-security efforts as inadequate so far. And Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council — one of Abbott’s most visible endorsers for reelection — recently said Abbott should “absolutely” declare an invasion.”

    We have a labor shortage. We have folks at the border who want to work. Some are from Central America and Mexico, but some are from other countries like Ukraine.

    And, no, we are not being invaded. The streets are not teaming with the uninvited (like my brother thinks, no matter how many times I tell him otherwise).

  13. let us hope that this kind of infighting spreads to some others of the nutball genre

    Tillis super PAC launches $300K ad buy knocking Cawthorn | The Hill

    A Super PAC affiliated with Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) spent more than $300,000 to air an ad targeting fellow North Carolina lawmaker, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R).
    “Madison Cawthorn’s Lies,” was uploaded to Youtube on Thursday by Results for NC, a Super PAC tied to Tillis. The ad will also air on cable.

  14. BiD, a little bit of good news from TX at last

    Texas butterfly center targeted by far-right conspiracy theorists to reopen | US news | The Guardian

    There’s a legend in south Texas involving the Monarch butterfly, the magnificent insect with the tiger markings. The Monarch typically arrives in the Rio Grande valley on its annual migratory trek in early November. That’s when people on both sides of the border celebrate Day of the Dead, a sacrosanct holiday in which residents honor dead relatives by visiting their gravesites and building elaborate altars in their memory.
    Legend has it that the butterflies carry the souls of the dead relatives as they make their way to the warmer climes of Mexico.
    In the past few years, that legend has been competing with disturbing and unfounded far-right conspiracy theories that the National Butterfly Center, a 100-acre sanctuary for the Monarchs and other species on the banks of the Rio Grande, is the site of child sexual abuse trafficking and illegal immigration. As the misinformation crescendo grew, driven by the hot-button issue of immigration, the center closed its doors in February. Far-right conspiracists and QAnon followers targeted the center and threatened violence because it opposed the construction of Trump’s border wall based on its impact on the surrounding habitat.
    Today, the center will reopen to the public in honor of Earth Day, which was celebrated on Friday.

  15. bink, those pics insure he’ll never make it as victoria’s secret model in his next career after losing the primary.

  16. Dems fundraising email:

    “Donald Trump is hosting a rally in Ohio TONIGHT.

    While Trump campaigns with Republican candidates across the country, President Biden and Democrats are working hard to build a better America and lower costs for working families.

    But everything we’re working towards could come to a screeching halt if Republicans get the chance. Our party holds slim congressional majorities heading into November’s midterms, and Trump is wading into races across the map.

    Before Trump takes the stage in just a few hours, will you chip in $7 to the DNC to make sure Democrats from the school board to the Senate have what they need to compete this November?”

  17. Blinken, Austin to travel to Ukraine to meet with Zelensky | The Hill

    Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Saturday that Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin would be traveling to Ukraine — the highest-ranking U.S. officials to visit the country since Russia launched its invasion in February.
    “I don’t think that this is a big secret. The people from the U.S. are coming to us tomorrow. I shall … meeting with the State Secretary Mr. Blinken and the Defense secretary who are coming to us,” Zelensky told reporters during a briefing.
    “Tomorrow we will be discussing the list of weapons which we need,” he added.

    his news conference was held in a subway station with trains going by every so often:

  18. Couldn’t every ad opposing a GQP candidate endorsed by tRUMPsky be tied to his buddy Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the slaughter of its citizens?  Today, a 3-month old baby was killed in Odessa by the order of tRUMPsky’s friend.  Pro-life, eh?  Pro-democracy? Pro-freedom?  The GQP is none of those things.   Call ‘em out. 

  19. Russia’s excuse for attacking an Odessa apartment building is worse than bullshit. At least with bullshit there’s a bull. 

  20. https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/23/us/california-church-hosting-ukrainian-families-cec/index.html

    “Who would ever imagine that a pipeline into America (for Ukrainians) would open through Mexico?”

    “…a growing number of Ukrainians were crossing the border from Tijuana to seek refuge in the United States…”

    “Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. Right now, these are our neighbors,” Metzger says. “They’re literally showing up in our backyard.”

    “Over the past six weeks, Metzger says thousands of Ukrainians crossing the border have spent at least a night inside his church, and hundreds more have stayed at the homes of church members.”

    “The whirlwind of arrivals passing through his church seems like it’s about to end, Metzger says, since the Biden administration is advising Ukrainians to stop journeying to Mexico to reach the United States. Federal officials now are rolling out a program that creates a more streamlined online application process for those seeking temporary refuge in the US.”

    The poor folks Russians are kidnapping and deporting to eastern Russia. Crime upon crime and nothing is done to stop it. Russia will NEVER recover from this. The word Russia will be considered nothing but filth. Nobody should ever do business with Russia, again.

  21. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/04/22/texas-medicaid-waiver/

    “The agreement was meant to be temporary while Texas transitioned to an expanded Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, but that never happened because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that states couldn’t be forced to expand Medicaid. The agreement is up for review every few years.”

    “Since then, the state has relied on the waiver for various programs to care for Texas’ uninsured, with Republican state leaders frequently leaning on it in their arguments against Medicaid expansion.”

    Don’t ya love it when politicians talk out of both sides of their mouth and through their asses?

    “Texas has the nation’s highest number of uninsured residents, estimated at 5 million, and also has the country’s biggest share of residents — at least 18% — who are not covered.”

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