Russia is using gas and all forms of trade “as a weapon” to instigate an international price crisis, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned during his evening address Wednesday — a move he said was “energy blackmail.”
“Russia is trying to provoke a global price crisis. To start chaos in all basic markets and especially in the food market,” Zelensky said, adding that Moscow would be waiting to use “one or another trade area” against Europeans to bolster its military machine.
Zelensky argued that Russia possesses “destructive ambitions” and interprets “a united Europe as a target,” and said that it is time for the continent to stop relying on Russia as a trade partner. Ukrainian exports, Zelensky said, would “help stabilize markets.”
Citing Putin’s recent decision to cut off gas to Poland and Bulgaria, Zelensky said the move served to highlight that “no one in Europe can hope to maintain any normal economic cooperation with Russia.”