Now Comes The Appeal Diversion

Trump and his flock are hoping to distract voters from his 34 felony convictions by confidently vowing to win on appeal.

Let’s see now, Trump has appealed every judgement against him, civil or criminal, from shutting down his charity and his bogus university, to two sexual assault awards, 14 counts of criminal fraud against his company, and a massive bank fraud fine — and so far EVERY SINGLE ONE FAILED.

To recap, as a convicted felon Donald Trump now joins his fellow felons — his campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, national security advisor, foreign policy advisor, political consultant, and personal lawyer.

None of them have won their appeals either, although Trump pardoned a few.

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24 thoughts on “Now Comes The Appeal Diversion”

  1. Just in time for me to leave for a 4 hour drive.  
    But here’s Kessler’s Fact Check on Dumbass’ BS statements about the trial. I don’t have time right now to distill it, but he doesn’t fare well.  But you knew that.

  2. The world did not end, but more information is coming out about how screwed up sfb is.  His old guy rant of something or other has not received a lot of praise.  Mike Lee and that cult are demanding NYC legal system bow the the Congressional crazy fools, that did not do much before either.

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  3. Blue Bronc, sous vide is Mr. Ivy’s favorite way to cook. He sous vides everything! 

  4. Ms Ivy – it is very good way of cooking.  I had never thought of using it to reheat something and not cook it.  Right now I am waiting for the temp to hit 70c so I can make an egg for my salad.  Tonight is weeds, literally some weeds from my yard, along with the usual leaves, stalks, carrots, onions and olives. I like a nice soft boiled egg to top it.

  5. Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction

    NBC News: Trump supporters are trying to doxx the jurors in Trump’s criminal trial.

    A non-profit that conducts public interest research found posts of the purported addresses of jurors on a fringe message board known for pro-Trump content.

    The same group found a high volume of violent social posts targeting Judge Merchan and DA Bragg.

  6. I have a copy but never actually read Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain, and I certainly did not understand the movie. How I’m thinking about this now and why it’s resonating with me, idk, but I’m going to go back and revisit. 

  7. Ivy…. I’ve read Cold Mountain.  I remember it being sad… but also very glad I’d read it.

  8. YouGov snap poll after verdict. Do you agree with the jury that he is guilty of these charges? Of the 3,040 U.S. adults surveyed, 50 percent said they believed Trump was guilty, while 30 percent said they believed he was not guilty. Another 19 percent said they were not sure. The poll found that a plurality of independents, a key group that could determine the outcome of the 2024 election, believed Trump was guilty. Forty-eight percent of independent voters said they believed he was guilty, 25 percent said they believed he was not guilty, and 26 percent said they were not sure. A plurality of Americans, 47 percent, also believed Trump received a fair trial, the YouGov poll found. The poll found that 37 percent of Americans said he did not receive a fair trial.

  9. Attribution: Witch Caught Hunt Over by Dave Whamond, Canada,

  10. Of course, this is lie. He’s just mad so few of his supporters showed up at the designated area — which was fully open all 220 days of the trial.  
    After sitting for five weeks through that Rigged Trial in Lower Manhattan, which was surrounded by vast but unnecessary numbers of New York’s Finest in order to keep law abiding MAGA patriots away, and as I watched insignificant numbers of fully funded Radical Left troublemakers, with brand new and gleaming professionally made signs, screaming and cursing from areas  said to be closed to us, and all others, I realized that Reason, Truth, and Love of our Country is no longer a force of Good and Change. These are Dark Days in America!
    May 31, 2024, 8:10 PM

  11. Renee, it is perhaps my vague recollection of this part of the story that’s got me thinking about the book. On a certain level, I’m connecting them as the maggers threatening the jurors. We are in another neo-confederate age or maybe we never left it. 

    The Confederate Home Guard is featured in a major role in the novel Cold Mountain (1997) by Charles Frazier and the 2003 film adaptation of the same name, written and directed by Anthony Minghella. Both novel and film are presented from the point of view of a Confederate deserter, and the Home Guards hunting him are characterized as villains.,sympathetic%20to%20the%20Union%20cause.

  12. …These are Dark Days in America!

    It’s not the epic film he sees it as. It’s just the home movie playing in his head.

  13. From Pogo’s post:

    As usual, Trump amps the critique to says it’s the “worst” conflict ever.

    He sounds like Saddam Hussein. Mother of all convictions. 

  14. “Donald Trump did nothing wrong — there’s nothing wrong. This is everybody saying it, except we have a judge who’s corrupt.”

    12 people who looked at the facts say he did 34 things wrong.

  15. We have a judge who’s highly conflicted. He happens to be corrupt. It’s the worst confliction that anybody’s seen. Nobody has ever seen anything like it.
    (In 2020, the judge made $35 in political contributions to Democrats, including $15 to Biden’s campaign.)

    $35 seems like pocket change to me. Felon must be fond of the old fake rule, one drop taints the whole. At least we can agree we’ve never seen anything like it, lol.

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