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    Jeff Darcy, cleveland.com

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — In a bipartisan move, Republican Governor Mike DeWine had called for a Special Session of Ohio’s legislature to put an end to their malarkey and put Democratic President Joe Biden on Ohio’s ballot.
    Yet as that Special Session began Tuesday a solution emerged that didn’t require the Ohio House and Senate ending their impasse or an HB6 FirstEnergy type $60M bribe or foreign ‘dark money’ contribution from a Swiss billionaire to get Biden on the buckeye ballot.
    The Democratic National Committee announced they will hold a Special Session of their own: a virtual meeting of delegates to confirm Biden’s nomination ahead of Ohio’s August 7 certification deadline and the DNC convention that is held after that.
    DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison released the following statement:
    “Joe Biden will be on the ballot in Ohio and all 50 states, and Ohio Republicans agree. But when the time has come for action, they have failed to act every time, so Democrats will land this plane on our own. Through a virtual roll call, we will ensure that Republicans can’t chip away at our democracy through incompetence or partisan tricks and that Ohioans can exercise their right to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice.”

    The only question now remaining is will it be between Biden and Trump or Biden and Felon Trump?

  2. today’s runner-up ‘toon


    Attribution: Billionaire Bliss by Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune, UT

  3. Millennials are having the “midlife” crises. Why am I just finding this out?  A touch of sniffing around the intertubes shows they have been have “midlife” crisis for a few years now.  What this has done is make me realize my children are in midlife now. 
    Looking like there is pressure on President Biden to remove the restrictions of hitting russian rocket bases in russia. Let Ukraine blast those bases away to save Ukraine from total destruction of housing, hospitals, power generation and factories.

  4. BB, you’re right on both counts. LP is from the last year of the millennials and is, and has been, struggling with urges to follow his art and figure out a way to make a living doing that. He definitely doesn’t want to work for the man. 

    And yes, cut Ukraine loose to wage war to win it and stop with the restrictions that keep Russia on its front foot. Russia has no compunction against bombing the shit out of Ukraine behind the battle lines, and Ukraine should be free to give them back as good as they give.

  5. My neighbor so stupid he flies the confederate flag upside down. 
    Agter he heard us laughing, he went out and turned his Nazi flag upside down as well.  

  6. Apprentice Producer Claims Trump Said ‘Would America Buy A N***** Winning?’ — And It’s On Tape

    Trump is alleged to have used the n-word during deliberations of who should win the first season of The Apprentice, and according to a former producer whose NDA JUST expired, there are tapes of him saying the racial epithet.


  7. Poobah, you’re the second pundit with a legal background I’ve heard make that prediction.
    Hmmm, that shouldn’t help him with black voters… It’s one thing to harbor racist views but it’s quite another to broadcast them.

    And from the you can’t make this up file, I was just informed that the Animal Control Officer in one of the counties I practice in is Officer Slaughter.

  8. Bronc

    It’s best not to think about the ages of your offspring.  Both of my children belong to AARP.  My eldest grandchild who I still think of as 18, turns 45 next month, and the Eldest great grand is 12.  

    How all of this happened while I’m only 36 is beyond comprehension.


  9. Interesting jury having so much Pecker testimony read back. Before, during and after this trial I have thought he was the key witness, not Cohen — especially towards showing election interference. Still astonished how Trump lawyers didn’t harshly cross-examine him and didn’t even mention him in closing. The documents prove what Cohen testified to about payments. Pecker proves the conspiracy. And it started with that Tower meeting the jury is asking so much about.

  10. This being old has been a great load off my mind.  It’s like permanent recess in school. It’s like the military command “At ease” except all day long.

  11. I haven’t gotten to the recess part of this getting old shit yet.  I do so look forward to it.
    And Jamie, I hear ya.  I can’t be older than 40  – I’ve been thinking the same stupid shit for at least the last 32 years, so I must not be aging (If only my knees and shoulders would get the message…)

  12. About as dumb as it gets

    welcome to the new normal 

    now i gotta google that rep to know which district to avoid

    Ah ok “Rep Jack Kimble” is a fictional character and parody account

    hooray i still have value 🥳

  13. how delicious that should he be convicted, even if only sentenced to a short probation, he will be a felon and a felon cannot vote in FL.

    unsure though if DeSantis can wave his magic gov’ner wand and somehow waive the prohibition in time for Nov. election  

  14. All this discussion of circumstantial evidence in Trump case today reminds me of Abraham Lincoln’s definition:

    Direct evidence, he said, is seeing the defendant bite off the man’s ear. Circumstantial evidence is seeing him spit it out.

  15. …conservative Congressional dumbing-down is a deliberate strategy to hamstring the legislative process at the federal level, because the cons realized they can just institute their brand of dystopian fascism at the state level and there’s not much anyone can do about that with a complicit SCOTUS to rubber-stamp whatever they want
    They’re not a stupid as they would like you to believe, but certainly not smart enough to actually solve problems, hence the walls and guns

    …and i realize that that’s all understood but conversational and argumentative strategies must be developed to neutralize the practice

    a broad, electoral rebuke would do the trick, vote blue ✌️ 🇺🇸

  16. Pogo, when I say recess or at ease that doesn’t include medically…Medically it’s like having your ass in a sling, but when the medical stuff is all ok for a few days or whatever, there’s just sooo much you no longer need to think about.   

    No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks.

  17. He is fixated on prosecution not calling witnesses who hurt their case. Why didn’t he call them???

    Donald J. Trump


    Does anybody ask why the Government, under Soros backed District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, failed to bring in a Long List of Witnesses that they so viciously threatened everybody with? I’m not allowed to say the names BECAUSE OF THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL GAG ORDER THAT I AM UNDER, but there are plenty. The prosecutors didn’t use them because these people would have been very bad for the Government’s Case! But remember, this is all under the auspices of the DOJ and White House, for the purpose of Election Interference – These are the Thugs and Monsters who are destroying our Country.

    May 30, 2024, 1:03 PM

  18. I hear ya, sturg.  Of course my memory these days has no trouble forgetting things I should probably be remembering.  
    And as for dumb, I used to fly the Alabama state flag upside down – of course I only knew it when I’d see the manufacturer’s tag on the bottom instead of the top.
    You’ll appreciate this (I think).  Before I was aware of the rabidness of the Home Depot owner I ordered a bunch of stone and tile flooring.  Turns out we decided to use two of the tiles that we had extra of in other rooms, but of course we didn’t have enough to complete them so we had to order more.  I was 15 s.f. short for our laundry room so I ordered that (none of it is carried in the local store so it had to be shipped. Got a “part of your order is damaged” message – come by the store and see what your options are.  So I did.  The tile, which comes in a perfectly fine box w/ 17 pieces in it wasn’t in that box, but was individually in a box 3x the size of the factory box, and yes, there was some damage.  15 of the 17 pieces were broken into 2 or 3 pieces. not sure how those 2 pieces survived…

  19. Dumbass REALLY needs to have his antipsychotic meds dosage reviewed. Seems it’s not effective under the current dose.

  20. Place yer bets. Let’s see if the Guilty Thursday, Hung Friday predictions are correct. (I say they are).

  21. Jonathan Alter has an opinion piece in the NYtimes suggesting the right verdict is a political one.
    Convict on nine and let the other 25 go.   Even though Alter thinks he is guilty on all the counts.
    Alter continues to be a giant asshole…

  22. Apprentice producer who says he has tape of Trump using N word on CNN Abby Phillips tonight 10pm

    he could just post it on YouTube instead of milking it for publicity

  23. My guess is that dinner was not very good last night.  Might as well end this and go home.  Although I am resigned to not having sfb sit in a cell for a couple weeks, I do like that he might end up with a major gag order, house bound and no contact with some people.  No travel outside of NY city, stuck in his place there and always begging the parole officer to go down to the first floor to yell out to his cult of media types.

  24. GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!! 🤣 Poor baby. Will the suburbs of Philly, Detroit, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Minneapolis vote for a convicted felon for President?

  25. July 11 sentencing —- free on bail now.   Trump calling rigged and disgraceful.  This piece of shit should be on the way to Rikers. , not free to keep spreading lies.

  26. Dex, I seriously doubt he will get jail time unless it’s suspended. Of course the irony in this is that he can’t vote for himself in Florida. Not sure what Jersey’s voting law is regarding felons.  

  27. NPR’s on air reporting muted The Felon in real time to correct the spouting of the lies. Way to go!

  28. no data to base it on but i feel like a jury decision has more weight among the electorate than talking points and such, hard to argue about 👍 

    They are going to have to get very elaborate with their bullshit conspiracy theories when the defense was able to participate in jury selection 👍 👍

  29. SFB should get jail time and have to serve some of it.
    34 counts  fours years per  136 years  Lock that f—– up

  30. Are we still getting the “Apprentice Tapes” tonight? Icing on the cake. 🎂

  31. Maybe he will be accepting GOP nomination at home in his ankle bracelets

    Would rather see leg irons and matching wrist bracelets. 
    (That clanking sound will be like a jazz tune.)

  32. I’d be very worried as a juror, particularly after reports he studied their faces as they left the room tonight. He is now in full revenge mode, guaranteed — he will go after them one by one, have them followed and investigated for proof of bias. That’s how he ran his business when crossed, and in politics.

  33. Craig – that is something I am thinking about too. I do think that protection was set up for the jurors and families, and possibly a vacation time somewhere outside of NYC.  The gag orders were a good hint that something was being planned.

  34. Especially the juror they thought was one of themselves, reportedly making google eyes at the clown parade through the courtroom, the one they were counting on for a hung jury. Marked man. What magger folks hate more than anything or anyone is a so-called “race-traitor.”  That’s the level we’re at with it, I do fear.

  35. BB & Craig,

    I’m worried too about the jurors since that felon does have their names (or at least his lawyers do). 

  36. The Felon’s new bling on the cover of The New Yorker.

    It’s not the first time that news of a verdict against Donald J. Trump has been eagerly awaited by cartoonists, commentators, and the general public. For the cover of the June 10, 2024, issue, the artist John Cuneo created a familiar illustration of the former President’s latest entanglement with the justice system—but, this time, representing a historic conviction.


  37. Melania will let her silence speak volumes until a spokesperson for the campaign crafts her statement. 

  38. convict-guy currently weighing the pros and cons of running his campaign from exile in Russia or Hungary 🧐 

  39. Presumably a felon can be elected by any number of useful idiots, but can he hold office once any Oath he takes has officially been rendered worthless? 

  40. Hahah. Good one, indeed, Bink. 

    And great musical choice, Ivy. Been years since I thought of the BF4. Apropos of the occasion.

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