We’re Still Here

… for now.

Attribution: Trump Trial Verdict by Bill Day, FloridaPolitics.com


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  1. heyday for comics last night:

    Donald Trump scored the most guilty verdicts of any President ever yesterday, there are still three other cases against him, each for more serious crimes, the tributes have been pouring in for our former pres, he held a doozy of a press conference this morning at Trump Tower, his attorney Todd Blanche made the opposite of a victory lap on cable news, Trump is scheduled to be sentenced on July 11th which is four days before the Republican National Convention, his campaign claims that they raked in more than $34 million dollars yesterday in donations, President Joe Biden played host to Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs, Grampotus weighed in on the legal follies yesterday, and we take a look back at all of the predictions Donald made about life under President Joe Biden in 2020.

  2. Joe makes music while Donald burns

    Biden Outlines Israeli Cease-Fire Proposal for Gaza War (foreignpolicy.com)

    U.S. President Joe Biden laid out a new Israeli proposal for a hostage and cease-fire agreement with Hamas on Friday, describing it as a “road map” to an “enduring cease-fire” in Gaza that would secure the release of some 128 hostages that remain in Hamas captivity. 
    Speaking from the White House, Biden gave one of the most detailed outlines of a proposed deal to date in an effort to pressure both Hamas and far-right members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to accept the agreement. Negotiators from the United States, Qatar, and Egypt have sought for months, without avail, to strike a deal between Israel and the militant group to secure a pause in fighting and the release of the remaining hostages.
    “Everyone who wants peace now must raise their voices and let the leaders know they should take this deal,” Biden said. “Work to make it real, make it lasting, and forge a better future out of the tragic terror attack and war,” he added. 
    [continues with deal details]
    Biden acknowledged that there were a number of details that still need to be agreed to in order to move from phase one to phase two, but he noted that under the terms of the deal, the temporary cease-fire would remain in place beyond six weeks—as long as negotiations continued. 
    “The people of Israel should know, they can make this offer without any further risk to their own security because they’ve devastated Hamas forces over the past eight months,” Biden said. “At this point, Hamas is no longer capable of carrying out another Oct. 7,” he added, describing Israel’s principal war objective as a “righteous” one.
    The final stage of the agreement includes the return of the remains of dead hostages and outlines steps for the post-war stabilization and reconstruction of Gaza, where some 370,000 homes have been damaged and almost 80,000 destroyed, according to a United Nations report released at the beginning of May. 

  3. no wonder he didn’t buck her about the flag, she probably would have sicced the guards on him too. echoing michael steele on tha alito brouhaha “at least we know who wears the flags in that family”

    Neighbors say Alitos used security detail car to intimidate them after sign dispute | Samuel Alito | The Guardian

    Samuel Alito and his wife described how a disagreement over political lawn signs put up in the wake of the 2020 presidential election quickly devolved into “unhinged behavior towards a complete stranger” by the supreme court justice’s wife.
    Emily Baden says she never intended to get into a fight with Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann, her powerful neighbors who live on the same suburban cul-de-sac as her mother outside Washington DC.
    Then a large black car, part of the Alitos’ security detail, started parking in front of her mother’s house instead of theirs, and Baden understood the perils of being an ordinary citizen going up against one of the most powerful men in the country.
    The two sides do not agree on much, but Baden, a staunch liberal, and Martha-Ann Alito, a staunch conservative, concur that they began exchanging words in late 2020, almost two months after Joe Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump. Soon after, according to Baden, the Alitos’ security detail began parking a car directly in front of her mother’s house – several houses down from its usual spots either directly in front of the Alitos or across the street.
    “This happened a handful of times,” Baden now recalls. “I took that as directly threatening.”
    Baden and her husband both say that the security detail’s car showed up in front of her mother’s house again two weeks ago, after the New York Times broke the story about an upside-down American flag hanging on the Alitos’ flagpole in the days before Biden’s inauguration – a symbol associated with the January 6 insurrection that sought to prevent Biden from taking office at all.
    Baden was no longer living with her mother by that point – she is now a mother herself and living on the west coast. Neither she nor her mother were mentioned by name in the initial Times story. Still, she found the message that this sent disturbing.
    “I couldn’t say who was in the car because of the tinted glass, and nobody ever said anything. I took it as a general threat,” she said. “The message was, we could do terrible things to you, and nobody would be able to do anything about it. When it comes to justices at the supreme court, they make the laws, but the laws don’t apply to them.”

    if a judge’s wife does stuff like that, it’s not surprising that magat joe six-pack will do worse to anyone who disses their cult demi-god.   sure hope those jurors get some protection..

  4. Attribution: Alito’s Way: Refuse to Recuse by Dave Whamond, Canada, PoliticalCartoons.com

  5. As I’m back in Colorado now, and last evening venturing into neighboring Weld County (cow country and perhaps the new legislative home of Lauren Bobo), I took note of a few upside down flying flags. So, that’s the new universal magger code, is it? I’m thinking why the hell don’t they just burn their flags? Maybe that will be their Independence Day frivolities instead of the traditional fireworks. 

  6. What should the jurors do? Come out loud or stay in hiding? 

    from my overnight reveries:
    Renee, it is perhaps my vague recollection of this part of the story that’s got me thinking about the book. On a certain level, I’m connecting them as the maggers threatening the jurors. We are in another neo-confederate age or maybe we never left it. 
    The Confederate Home Guard is featured in a major role in the novel Cold Mountain (1997) by Charles Frazier and the 2003 film adaptation of the same name, written and directed by Anthony Minghella. Both novel and film are presented from the point of view of a Confederate deserter, and the Home Guards hunting him are characterized as villains.


  7. BTW, strangely quiet at the magger table last evening. I certainly wasn’t going to gloat or even bring it up. My mere presence perhaps mutes them, but I may not have been the sole dissenter. May be a different story at the 70th birthday party I’m going to today. 
    There is also a funeral today which is across country that we won’t be able to attend, but we will certainly be mindful of our lost elder. Brings up the question of how to mourn a MAGA loss? Look for the best memories, I guess, and forget the rest. 

  8. Ivy…  I never saw the movie.  I usually love the book more and many times the movie disappoints me.
    Sturg has told us many times that the South is still fighting the Civil War.

  9. Ivy, very perceptive of you.  I meant both, a twofer so to speak, the country still stands and so does the Trail.  

    when I saw the trail down and inaccessible yesterday, my 1st thought was my old computer had screwed up and my 2nd was more dark/chilling thinking of magats/russia vengeful retaliation due to our celebration that the rule of law still abides.

  10. “1,000,000 men (armed) need to go to washington

    …ain’t they tired?
    Let’s move on, already, America

  11. Conservatives did one good thing as I was ‘minded at Poppy Bush’s place: the Americans with Disabilities Act. Bob Dole shepherded it through; Poppy signed it. If it hadn’t been for those greatest generationals, we might not have it.

    Today’s maggers are not great or even good, nor are they “conservative.”

  12. Have a great time, Craig and David. We’ll keep the weeds whacked on the Trail till you get back. 

  13. Craig… David… have a great time!
    Rick and I are also leaving for Massachusetts tomorrow… we will once again be on Cape Cod.  It feels like a second home to us.

  14. I don’t think there’s anything to lose and a lot to gain, because I am convinced there’s a swath of people out there who are going to be very, very troubled by this at this point and haven’t really completely followed it, wondered about it — but now all of a sudden, this is a game changer.” — Former Sen. Doug Jones (R-AL), quoted by the New York Times, on the need for Democrats to hammer Donald Trump for being a convicted felon.


  15. Saw Doug on my sound blaster this morning, so I guess he’s making the rounds. He should’ve been Attorney General, and maybe he still can. But still, no excuse why he voted for Loose Cannon on his way out the senate door. 

  16. Each time the magats attack DC the Beltway wins.  They can’t afford to visit let alone attack (again).  That is unless some wife of a big deal judge pays for it.
    I am just waiting for a big fat slob does the stroke and heart duo, possibly better on stage with the cameras rolling.

  17. Re: No  18 – “our” witnesses?  They called 2. One was probably the worst or certainly the 2nd worst witness against the defendant. There was a third who said he wanted to testify, but I guess he slept through his opportunity.  A very good friend and criminal defense lawyer tells me that while defense lawyers never want to their clients juries always want to hear the defendant say he (or she) didn’t do it. 

    Re: No. 19 – 67 (or something like that) courts looked at that and disagreed. 

    What a beautiful afternoon. Sunny mid 70s al fresco lunch with Mrs. P with live music, little nap afterwards and getting ready to build a pizza and give the new pizza oven a tryout. Onions, mushrooms, jalapeños and very thin sliced pepperoni with arrabbiata sauce.

  18. Lawyers and auto mechanics of the trail:
    Car with only 30k miles transported across state lines.  Ran like a dream.  Took video of the loading and on the first attempt, the wheels spun and it hit the ramp hard. He made it in the second attempt. There were, apparently, several loads/unloads before final destination.

    Went out to start it for the first time and the engine shook like it had a busted motor mount.  Called my uncle and he said maybe he hit the oil pan and something about the crankshaft.

    Anyway, the transporter is just a broker and said that carriers won’t cover anything mechanical.  

    Even if it’s negligence/mishandling?  I had to fight with him to get the carrier’s information.

    Still blue, even though I left Dallas behind.

  19. Blue (formerly of Dallas), it’s all a matter of state law. Sounds like that would be Texas under what you described. The guy has to have insurance. Get a certified mechanic to look at it and give you an opinion about what caused it and the cost to repair it and call an attorney in Dallas who advertises for lemon law cases – this isn’t one but they’d either have the chops to deal with your issue or could give you a referral. 

  20. if you feel like getting on your hands and knees you can visually inspect for something loose or broken, mobile mechanics are a thing now if you need a diagnosis

    just search “mobile mechanic (your town)”

    you can also get on youtube and search “diagnosing car rattling” or similar

    my catalytic converter cover was rattling so i made a brace with fiberglass cloth and JB Weld

    if it steers all right he didn’t break that, if it shifts all right he didn’t break that, if it rattles at a certain rpm yes it’s some kind of broken connection

    oh and your car insurance might cover it

    cars are somewhat symmetrical underneath so you can compare left/right if you don’t really know what you’re looking at

  21. i mean if it just happened that one time it could just be weird gas distribution in the cylinders from moving around while not running

  22. I have several times immensely enjoyed getting the EFF out of Dallas/Foat Wuth.  

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