Can’t We Find Somebody Under 75 To Run For President?

Trump 76

Biden 80

When I look at the awful 2024 Senate map for Dems (twice as many incumbents as Republicans up for grabs) I’m thinking a half dozen or so whose polls show their voters don’t want Biden to run will go to him and say we love you, you’ve been a significant president, we’ll run on your accomplishments but you need to step aside. As a lifelong creature of the Senate he might listen to them.

Democrats have a strong bench of contenders. Let’s give them a chance to emerge.

I do love our Uncle Joe but it just doesn’t make sense to me for him to run again.

If he runs he’ll get the nomination and he’ll get my vote, but I hope he gives this thing a lot more thought.

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46 thoughts on “Can’t We Find Somebody Under 75 To Run For President?”

  1. “… we love you, you’ve been a significant president, we’ll run on your accomplishments but you need to step aside.”

    BUT you got to take care and know when it’s the right time to fold ’em.  otherwise they’ll be even more chaos among the ranks and a limping old lame duck in the meantime.  IMO it should not be until the very last minute.

  2. wise words to heed in politics:
    “If you’re gonna play the game, boy
    You gotta learn to play it right”
    You got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re sittin’ at the table
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the dealing’s done
    Every gambler knows
    That the secret to surviving
    Is knowing what to throw away
    Knowing what to keep
    ‘Cause every hand’s a winner
    And every hand’s a loser
    And the best that you can hope for
    Is to die in your sleep
  3. another example in a different situation

    “If you’re gonna play the game, boy
    You gotta learn to play it right”

  4. way way way too early for this kind of talk

    ambitious dems wiil be lined up in droves at the door of the oval office at the first whiff of abdication


  5. More classified documents were found at President Biden’s residence, prompting House GOP members to demand access to visitor logs. Elsewhere in Washington, Rep. Matt Gaetz tried to get Rep. George Santos to reveal where he got the $705,000 he loaned his campaign.

  6. another example of people playing with the possibility or likelihood of unintended, unexpected and especially unwanted consequences 

    Scientists steer lightning bolts with lasers for the first time | Physics | The Guardian

    The laser diverts lightning bolts by creating an easier path for the electrical discharge to flow down. When laser pulses are fired into the sky, a change in the refractive index of the air makes them shrink and become so intense that they ionise air molecules around them. This leads to a long chain of what the researchers call filaments in the sky, where air molecules rapidly heat up and race away at supersonic speeds, leaving a channel of low density, ionised air. These channels, which last for milliseconds, are more electrically conductive than the surrounding air, and so form an easier path for the lightning to follow.
    The laser is powerful enough to be a risk to the eyes of overflying pilots, and during the experiments air traffic was closed over the test site. But the scientists believe the technology could still be useful, as launchpads and airports often have designated areas where no-fly restrictions apply. “It’s important to consider this aspect of safety,” said Houard.


    now what could possibly go wrong? shall we count the ways ….

  7. I’m sad to say these things, I really am. Maybe I’m wrong but think we gotta get real and ponder. Nothing lasts forever. After last night also looks like time for Tom Brady to retire.

  8. Poobah, I completely agree – about Tom Brady. You could chalk that uncharacteristic performance up to a bad night, or you could chalk it up to a terrible performance by the Tampa offensive line or to a dominating performance by the Dallas defense, but that doesn’t explain the Tampa season, which got them to the playoffs but as an 8-8 team. Tom looked like an over the hill QB who couldn’t hit his receivers. Sorry, Tom, but you should have listened to Giselle – but it was a great ride until this year.

  9. Nattering nabobs of negativism,   So fucking depressing.  So instead of simple “winning” we want to, through discord and disarray, just turn it over to the trailer park crazies while we democrats just traipse around in circles hollering “new blood! new blood!”   The gop will take your new blood and shred them into little pieces.  That’s my 3 cents.   Good luck sowing discord.   And, by the way, isnt it just a tad early for this kind of horse pucky?
    And, again…. the question is WHO? and how much convoluted discordant crap and hard feelings will we have to go through to arrive at this new blood candidate?
    Would it be so bad for Joe to win and then maybe at some point “resign” and make VP Harris Presidemt without firing a shot–no election? I do not understand the democratic party’s consistent URGE to willfully crap in the punchbowl.

  10. I get ya Sturg, maybe you’re right. I’m just a worry wart about Biden running. 

    Seems to me both parties, and the nation, would be better off with an open field.

  11. “Seems to me both parties, and the nation, would be better off with an open field.”

    CC that’s not only a pipe dream it’s a pipe DREAM, as in “only in your”.
    What’s at stake RIGHT NOW is the total defeat of the FASCISTS who infect our politics, our government, and our country, and that’s simply not going to happen by our side’s inneffective and feckless flailing about and clamoring for someone a bit more perfect than the proven WINNER who currently holds the seat.

    Ok….4 cents.


  12. The Greatest, Ali, stayed too long at the fair.
     Joe knows when and how to quit.
     “Support Your Local Sheriff”

  13. I, too, love POTUS Joe.   As much as I would love Elizabeth Warren, there’s the age thing, too.  Ageism is real. 

    If Joe doesn’t run (and he may not with the doc distraction), I would like to see Amy Klobuchar, Jon Ossoff, or Pete Buttegieg. The Dem bench is deep, but those are my top three. 

    Back at the ranch, Abbott/Patrick get sworn in for another term today. They are expected to make speeches with their vision of an antebellum world, or at least a pre-civil rights Texas.

  14. AMEN to what sturge said:  “instead of simple ‘winning’ we want to, through discord and disarray, just turn it over to the trailer park crazies while we democrats just traipse around in circles hollering ‘new blood! new blood!'” and “inneffective and feckless flailing about and clamoring for someone a bit more perfect than the proven WINNER who currently holds the seat.”

    like let’s concentrate/focus our energies on GOPer implosions like this instead of the usual dems’ circled firing squad :

    NY Republican calls for DOJ, FEC to freeze Santos campaign funds

    The Department of Justice and/or Federal Election Commission must act quickly to freeze any funds in the campaign account of Congressman George Santos. If these agencies require more authority to get it done, I’ll help. My full statement


  15. a few threads ago BlueBronc wrote about SCIFs, potus’ personal home and the current hullabaloo.

    here’s a relevant blurb about them from wiki:

    Officials documented to have had a SCIF set up in their private residences include:
    President George W. Bush at his Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas (which he used as his Western White House)
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at her Washington, D.C., home
    Donald Trump at both Trump Tower in New York City and at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida


    so why haven’t media brought this info into their reporting especially if there’s a possibility the found docs were in a home facility currently or once authorized as a SCIF? 

  16. It’s plain to see that the at this point totally unnecessary Age conundrum is going to sweep the party like a prairie brush fire set by the Lakota to stampede the buffalo, so this time I’m just going to watch it with a detached and bemused reticence.
       (As if that were even remotely possible.).  lol

  17. I agree with patd…  if Joe is gonna fold em… he needs to wait until the very last second to say so…
    Yeah… Tom looked lost last night.  On the Patriots side…  Belichick looks lost too.  Age catches up to everyone….  unless you die young.
    BTW… my biggest concern politically…  is that the crazies are about to default on the debt ceiling this Thursday.  IMO, the media needs to focus on that.

  18. “the crazies are about to default on the debt ceiling this Thursday.  IMO, the media needs to focus on that.”

    renee,  too hard. too complicated.  no sexy sound bites. not when they’ve got all that easy low hanging fruit to write and report on. why would they worry just because a whole lot of people will be out of work, old folks and the disabled won’t get their social security checks, the military won’t be paid and the gov’t shuts down?  

  19. According to the CDC, the chances of an individual between the age of 75 and 84 dying this year is one chance in twenty and that is for the general population the numbers are worse for men. If he is reelected? does he die in office? Better than 1 in 4.

  20. And if he does?   President Harris. No campaign, no election, no nothing, but mucho mouth-foaming from the magats.  

  21. Jack – don’t politicians in general and presidents in particular live longer than the general population?  (distracted right now with shiny “new” camera from 1950ish, Fujica Six, look up population studies later).


    “A Conroe brewery said Friday that it has canceled an upcoming “Rally Against Censorship” featuring Kyle Rittenhouse, who was famously acquitted of fatally shooting two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, at a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020.”

    aka – rally to protect hate

    “Rittenhouse has increasingly focused on anti-media and “anti-censorship” crusades since being found not guilty of homicide and other charges in 2021.”

    “The Jan. 26 event was also set to include a leader of TEXIT, a group that advocates for Texas to secede from the United States. The event organizer is Defiance Press, a Conroe-based publisher behind titles including “Corona-fascism” and a biography of Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff who refused a judge’s order to stop racial profiling by his department.”

  23. There really are some really serious shenanigans going on right now….insurrection, a predatory russian turned loose inside our republican party, proud keepers on trial, SS deleted messages, mysterious documents “showing up”, armed militia boys allaround the country itching like hell to be turned loose so they can start shooting liberals,  a totally fascist political party rearing its ugly head…..the DoJ and democrats are fighting it tooth and nail and what they need is support.  
    Some party has to get squashed–let’s hope it’s not ours.


    “When it came to schools, Abbott said they should be “for education, not indoctrination” and that they should get “back to teaching our students the fundamentals.” He also plugged school choice saying parents “deserve the freedom to choose the education that’s best for their child.” In his reelection campaign, Abbott signaled his strongest support yet for vouchers, or allowing public dollars to fund students attending private schools.”

    Public dollars for private companies running indoctrination centers. If you think Texas is a mess now, wait a generation.

    “Neither Abbott nor Patrick specifically mentioned Uvalde in their speeches.”

    “Abbott also enters the legislative session viewed as a possible candidate for the White House in 2024.”

    “Abbott announced Sunday, for example, that he would sign a bill banning certain foreign entities, such as Russia and China, from buying land in Texas…”

    “Sharing a row with Abbott on the inaugural stage were Tilman Fertitta, the Houston businessman who chaired this year’s inaugural committee, as well as Javaid Anwar, the Midland oil mogul and Abbott’s No. 1 donor.”

    “Former President Donald Trump has already launched a comeback bid, which Abbott has offered no comment on. Patrick has endorsed Trump for 2024…”

  25. “And if he does?   President Harris. No campaign, no election, no nothing, but mucho mouth-foaming from the magats. “

    sturge, add to that list fearless leader immediately has “somebody under 75… for president” and 51% of the country finally has a president that looks like them.  


    “According to a study by Texans for Public Justice, Sierra Club, and Public Citizen, in his 2014 run, Abbott raised nearly $10 million from fossil fuel companies. Gizmodo reported that Syed Javaid Anwar, the CEO of Midland Energy, donated a total of $1,617,500 to Governor Abbott’s PAC, the single biggest donor to Abbott. The CEO of the Dallas-based pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren, donated $500,000 to Abbott’s PAC, totaling $2,117,500 from the two fossil fuel donors.”

    Yet, as he was sworn in, with Anwar close at hand, he spoke of fixing the grid.

    “Smith, a 40-year veteran of Texas environmental politics, predicts Abbott will mandate winterizing electric utilities but not the equipment that gas companies use to deliver the natural gas burned to generate electricity. He told TYT, “Time after time after time — three times in the last ten years — we paid big for RRC not requiring that we protect (natural) gas devices or wells.”

  27. If the gov’t shuts down, if soc sec checks don’t go out, nursing home staff won’t get paid, and none of them can buy food or meds.  The blowback will be on Republicans. Not just now, but I’m two years.   Folks remember those who cause them pain.  

  28. Some: Joe, you’re too old. 
    Joe:  No I’m not. 
    Some: Well, youre just too old and we’re just going to have to take it from you.
     Joe:  What about all my supporters (lists groups) who got me elected?
    Some: They’ll understand. 
    Joe:  I think not.  
    Some: Ok we can fight it out in the primaries for the next few months.  

  29. I think Craig just does that cause he likes to see me hopping around like a madman.    lol

  30. Ah, the contrived, biennial “debt-ceiling crisis”, that’s when i know to re-seed my parsley

  31. I think its going to be rip-snorter this time.  Those trailer park heroes got a lot to prove, and a lot to lose if they dont emerge triumphant-ish.

  32. Okay, got done (for now) playing with new to me toy.
    There are several things to consider for the presidential race, it is already going due to SFB filing (appartently he needed more cash flow), internally for Dems.  Age of candidates, we have been here before and it is why I think Biden was not the favorite from the start last time.  The U.S. is rapidly changing, with Boomers sliding off the bell curve and the youngsters coming of voting age.  Various families other than Northern European White are now the majority.  Will the change from D to R of the Miami Cubans spread? Can California Hispanic or Black get traction in the middle of the country.
    will the greedy old perverts efforts to starve granny make a dent in the thick skulls of the maga cult?
    There is so much going on it is almost as wild as back in the Sixties and Seventies in turmoil.

  33. Unless……..the trailer park brigade are sabotaged by a number of less radical members.  

  34. Just came across another “make me feel old” thing, “time capsules”.  Fifty years ago, sixty years ago backwards to whatever.  Jeez. It would be one thing if it was from the Eighteen Hundreds, something my great-grandparents would have known. Nope just saw “FIFTY YEARS OLD”.  Come on. That’s nothing, I still have my Teddy Bear from. . . yeah, a long time ago.  The thing was filled with stuff from Nineteen Seventy-two.  I was in the military hoping I would never have to fire any of the things I knew how to fire.  I was not a kid anymore when that stupid box was being filled.
    I do have to say that “time capsules” were better sealed than the ones from the Eighteen Hundreds.  Not at all soggy.


    “George Santos, the freshman Republican congressman from New York who lied about his biography, has deeper ties than previously known to a businessman who cultivated close links with a onetime Trump confidant and who is the cousin of a sanctioned Russian oligarch, according to video footage and court documents.”

    “Taken together, the evidence suggests Santos may have had a business relationship with Intrater as Santos was first entering politics in 2020. It also shows, according to the SEC filing, that Intrater put hundreds of thousands of dollars into Santos’ onetime employer, Harbor City, which was accused by regulators of running a Ponzi scheme.”

    “While Intrater is a U.S. citizen, his company, the investment firm Columbus Nova, has historically had extensive ties to the business interests of his Russian cousin. As recently as 2018, when Vekselberg was sanctioned by the Treasury Department, his conglomerate was Columbus Nova’s largest client, the company confirmed to The Washington Post that year.”

    “Santos made headlines on the campaign trail for seemingly siding with Russia in the Ukraine war, calling Ukraine a “totalitarian regime” that is wrongly revered in the U.S.”

    But Kevin McCarthy wants to keep the Russian plant in the House.

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