Demented Debt Deadbeats

“They’re gonna talk about big-spending Democrats again. Guess what? I reduced the deficit last year $350 billion. This year, federal deficit is down $1 trillion-plus. That’s a fact. And there’s gonna be hundreds of billions reduced over the next decade. But so what? These guys are the fiscally demented, I think. They don’t quite get it.”


“Like many Americans, I was disappointed to see the very first bill that House Republicans … are bringing to the floor. It would help the wealthy people and big corporations cheat on their taxes at the expense of ordinary middle-class taxpayers … This is their first bill and they campaigned on inflation. They didn’t say if elected their plan was to make inflation worse.”

“What in God’s name is that all about?


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  1. huffpo on a segment of the above:

    Stephen Colbert said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is beating Donald Trump in some polls of Republican voters ― but “The Late Show” host also spotted a couple of factors working against DeSantis if he runs for president.
    First, Colbert pointed to a report in Politico in which GOP insiders say that DeSantis “lacks charm.”
    “Oh come on,” Colbert said in mock disbelief. “He’s got the smooth style of a non-playable character in a Playstation 2 game.”
    But DeSantis has an even bigger flaw: His schmoozing game is weak.
    “Ron is at his best on paper,” a Florida political leader told New York magazine last year. “Then you meet him and you say, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ ”
    Colbert agreed… for a different reason.
    “It’s true, DeSantis is best on paper,” he said. “Specifically, that roll by the toilet.”

  2. this past summer Rollingstone also had a story referencing deadbeat GOPers

    Stephen Moore Says ‘Deadbeats’ Don’t Pay Debts, Adds to GOP Hypocrisy – Rolling Stone

     Stephen Moore, a right-wing economist former President Trump tapped for a spot on the Federal Reserve, joined the chorus on Thursday night during an appearance on Hannity.

    “This isn’t what America is about,” he said of the plan to ease the financial burden on millions. “You play by the rules, and you get rewarded. If you’re not paying your debts, you’re a deadbeat.”

  3. Well, one more day before the US reaches the deb limit.  Let’s see if this plays out like it did under Gingrinch or under Ryan. The Gingrinch model benefits Democrats politically and  the Ryan model benefits the country. Let’s see how this goes.

  4. something else that should be mentioned in addition to the home SCIF

    Fact check: Biden did have the authority to declassify documents as vice president (

    Legal experts told USA TODAY that Biden had the authority to declassify documents as vice president as the result of a 2009 executive order signed by President Barack Obama.
    Materials that could be classified include military plans, foreign government information or scientific, technological or economic matters relating to national security, according to the order.
    “It is longstanding practice in the executive branch to treat the vice president as having the same amount of authority in that respect as the president unless the president explicitly says otherwise,” McClanahan said.
    The 2009 executive order is still in effect, David Weinstein, former assistant U.S. attorney, told USA TODAY in an email.
    A variation of the 2009 executive order was implemented through executive order by former President George W. Bush in 2003, Weinstein said.


    “Egypt’s economic situation is so dire that the government is asking people to eat chicken feet.”

    “The Arab world’s most populous nation is suffering a record currency crisis and the worst inflation in five years, making food so expensive that many Egyptians can no longer afford chicken, a dietary staple.”

    “The soaring cost has prompted the nation’s National Institution for Nutrition to call on people to switch to eating chicken feet.”

    “Are you looking for protein-rich food alternatives that will save your budget?”

    You know what else has protein? Beans and greens.

  6. What if the maralogo documents are just what’s left after the russians and saudis got thru picking thru them.  

  7. Every accusation is a confession.   
    “Keepsake”.      Like this demented jackass has ever had a “keepsake” which didn’t have a picture of Ben Franklin on it.  

  8. Here’s the thing about Republicans using the debt ceiling to hurt average Americans and help the 1%, putting Santos (with his pants perpetually on fire,  and Russian ties) on two committees, the many Mar-A-Lago docs that tRUMPsky snatched, lied about, and refused to return, which triggered a raid…they are better at spin.  They are accomplished liars.  

    Dems need to work on messaging, especially when it comes to what Republicans are trying to do to average Americans.  

    Do not go high.  Dems can’t be snarky, passive-agressivists.  It’s time for Dems to be, to refer to a chapter in one of Craig’s books, more aggressive.


    The mob boss doesn’t understand their first loyalty isn’t to him.

    “There’s great disloyalty in the world of politics and that’s a sign of disloyalty,” Trump continued, bemoaning evangelical leaders who have declined to support his latest campaign.”

    “Nobody has ever done more for Right to Life than Donald Trump. I put three Supreme Court justices, who all voted, and they got something that they’ve been fighting for 64 years, for many, many years…”

    And, now tRUMPsky has nothing more to offer them. Buh-bye.


    The only valid thing Santos should put on his resume: POS!

    “Santos on Tuesday got a seat on the House Committee on Small Business, a committee spokesperson confirmed, and a seat on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology…”

    And should he be on any committees? No. But I can see him figuring out ways to grift money, and possibly endanger national security on a science/space/tech committee.

    Kevin McCarthy, tool of the Russian tool.

  11. Of course Anthony Devolder is on Science, Space and Technology – he and Mark Kelly are the only 2 astronauts in Congress, right?

  12. pogo – Ha!  Actually, Santos was the first man to step foot on the moon, and this is not well-known, he’s also been to Mars.


    “..,Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is set to serve on two major committees: the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the House Committee on Homeland Security.”

    “Joe Biden, be prepared,” she said. “We are going to uncover every corrupt business dealing, every foreign entanglement, every abuse of power, and every check cut for The Big Guy.”

    She seems to be thinking of tRUMPsky.

    “The Homeland Security Committee, set to be chaired by Republican Rep. Mark Greene of Tennessee, deals with national security issues including border security, counterterrorism, election security, and cybersecurity.”

    Election security from an election denier. Great. Put the fox in charge of the henhouse.

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