32 thoughts on “Not Convicted”

  1. McConnell, who voted to acquit, is excoriating Trump for a “disgraceful dereliction of duty.” “There’s no question – none – that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.”

  2. McConnell says the issue is not only Trump’s language, his endorsement of Giuliani’s “trial by combat,” but also the sense Trump created of “looming catastrophe.”

  3. We all saw and heard trump try and start a civil war, Republicans must think Americans are dumber than i do

  4. Traitorous and cowardly Republicans just made tRUMPsky and his fascist mob stronger. Idiots!

  5. WTAF did McConnell have to gain by voting to acquit?  He’s not up for re-election, and, as he seems to be unhealthy, it’s not likely he’ll ever run, again.  

  6. WaPo gave Scheon and van der Veen 4 Pinocchio’s for their denial of due process lies. BTW van der Veen was reportedly given the nickname donkey’s ass by his ATO frat brothers in college at Ohio Wesleyan. Perfect – ignoble anatomical nickname not associated with a noble animal. 

  7. Lindsey Graham wants trump to help incite riots in 2022.
    Graham has got to be one of the most contemptible weasels in American history.

  8. Someone said not to trust Mitch. “He’ll shiv you,” was the statement.   
    Let Georgia take Orange Julius Cesar down with criminal charges. 

  9. A high wind of truth (being called out) needs to blow those a-holes offa that fence.

    New SNL tonight can start the ball rolling. LP, You’re up next.

  10. Too afraid to come out, too afraid to lose his Senate seat and the accompanying perks, too afraid to speak truth to power, not enough shame to avoid begging…  just an all-around wuss

  11. What a sorry day in American history. Those fucking Republicans are scum! Now Trump will do his victory dance full of lies. McConnel was in it till Trump did his insurrection. How many weeks McConnel ignored Biden’s win giving Trump’s lies to further infect his “deplorables”. Their party needs to die. 

  12. Stated another way, it’s the most bipartisan Presidential impeachment trial vote to convict in history, plus we can stop talking about that asshole for a while, and move on with our lives (if we were lucky enough to live through his mal-administration).

    i’ll take small satisfaction from the consideration that Republicans will have to spend the next two years groveling to a man they despise, and who despises them. Have fun!

  13. Keith might be right.  We maybe an authoritarian regime in waiting.
    However, Evan McMullin may be the answer.  LDS and former CIA he’s gathering the sane folks of the repube party.  They’re trying to decide if they want to be a faction of the existing crazy GOP or start their own. If they form their own party, they may outlast and overrun the trumpski crazies.  
    I don’t like McMullin’s domestic policies, the typical conservative repube crap that only works for the rich, BUT, he’s SANE!
    Mary Trump said months ago that trumpski has never had to account for anything.  She was right.  He continues to be a Teflon Don.

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