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  1. “Remember this day forever” – DJT

    The impeachment trial this week has revealed a number of new, chilling details of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol attack. For the first time, Sen. Patty Murray from Washington state and the highest ranking female Democrat in the Senate, told Judy Woodruff Friday about the terror she experienced that day while hiding, just inches from the violent mob, who she says were looking to “kill.”

  2. from the above interview:

    • Judy Woodruff:

      Senator, soon after January the 6th, you, by name, singled out Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Josh Hawley for their role in this.

      How do you view their role? Do you think they bear responsibility, some responsibility for what happened? And whether you do or not, how do you see working with them as colleagues in the Senate going forward?

    • Sen. Patty Murray:

      Well, I view anyone who knew this crowd’s motive and incited them and did not condemn them should be held accountable.

      And I felt that the actions of Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in particular did that.

      I don’t know. It’s going to be really hard. I work across the aisle all the time. I work with Republican colleagues I respect a lot. But I can’t respect someone who tries to undermine our democracy by brute force.

    • Judy Woodruff:

      And you believe they were part of inciting this insurrection?

    • Sen. Patty Murray:

      It was clear to me, through the words they used, through the actions they used, through the incitement that they used, that they knew what this crowd was capable of, and they didn’t do anything to stop them.


  3. sturge, great picture.  reminds me of that book (or was it a documentary) about old highway art from chintzy corn castle sculptures to burma shave poetry.

  4. BB, i think you’re on to something when you noted

    “There are a couple of thoughts that SFB may have misunderstood “Pence has been taken out” to mean the mob version of taken out, not the moved out of the way.  After he was told that he sent out the tweet which sounds like he was referencing bobble-head in the  past tense.  Speculation, but a lot is plausible now.”

    the twit’s tweet: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution . . . USA demands the truth!”

  5. definitely past tense……….

    i remember South of the Border, SC, from the time even before interstate highways. They had “Pedro Says” signs for hundreds of miles before you get to it, from Florida to Maine on Hwy 17.

  6. As a child I would be driven regularly between cities on Old 99 in California at a time where there were actually spaces between towns.  Along the way there were various signs and  locations to anticipate.  The best one was the orange stands on the edges of Orange groves where you could get fresh squeezed juice over ice to cool off in the shade of 100 + degree days.

    My other favorite was the Bakersfield Bridge that was a walk way between buildings (It was taken down quite a while back but preserved as a famous landmark).

    I wrote about that trip years ago on a Manic Monday 


  7. jamie, those fresh “skwoze” orange juice stands bring to mind the boiled peanut vendors along southern roadways

    Image result for boiled peanut stands

  8. Jamie – the things I remember about Bakersfield are many, mostly getting off work at 830pm and trying to find dinner at 9pm and the temperature dropping into the upper 90’s.  And, getting at 430am to get to work by 530am to at least have some coolness do to some work in the morning before it got too hot to touch the metal on the rigs without gloves.

  9. Giant kitsch.  Yep, it was racist, as were the giant, teepee motels I thought looked like fun as a kid.    

    My ex-boyfriend made us stop at a concrete monument/cemetery thing in KS. Creeped me out.


    Giant balls of twine and “car henge” and art installations made of toilets.

    Humans are artists. Can’t help it.

  10. We’ve started a sort of mini-food bank at the office. Some of us just put stuff on a table in the break room early in the morning.   Some of those who were laid off have been replaced by temporary employees and that’s always a struggle.  It’s been decades since I was in that position, but I remember hoping the peanut butter would last a little longer.  Grocery stores make donating at check-out easy, but not everyone can, right now. Food banks are stretched…but Republicans don’t seem to care. 

  11. Yertle is not a healthy man and he’s not up for re-election, so WTAF? 

    Only weak-willed, weak-minded Senators need to be told how to vote if it’s a “vote of conscience.”   I guess they are a borg collective? Well, maybe they are just fascists and cowards, mentally goose-stepping their way into a pit they are digging for themselves.

    The Republican Party, under the direction of Moscow Mitch, have chosen to side with a mob boss/wanna-be dictator and domestic terrorists.

    Will they call witnesses now that the public knows tRUMPsky lied about being told about Pence, and, about refusing aid when McCarthy called him?

    The longer Republicans refuse to own up to this, the worse it will be for them in future elections.

    (Yes, I keep editing posts because I lose them if they are more than a sentence…and I like to use all the words.)

  12. BiD

    I loved those Teepee motel just outside of Tempe, Az.  It was cute seeing the cartoon version in Disney’s “CARS”.

    Parents were driving out there when one of those desert rains hit complete with flash floods.  We ended up taking refuge in a farm house that still used kerosene lamps.  A wonderful adventure for a child.

    Oh for the days when all those now cemented over areas were wide spaces of uninhabited  land 

  13. Those teepees look so wrong, now.   There are windmill motels, too, which seem a little less cringe-y.  Before I-80 went through, there were a lot of museums and attractions that brought in a little tourist money to small towns like my hometown. The interstate killed many of those places.

  14. Don’t like logic
    Don’t care for reason
    When it comes to politics
    We vote for treason
    And will again

  15. A morning of happiness at finding a gift in the doorway to my bedroom.  It was obviously placed there with care, dead center it was.  No sign of trauma, yet dead as a mouse that mouse was.  The question is which of the others which live in my house with me presented it so nice.  I laid down as the three were sleeping and there was no small mammal in the path.  An hour later I arose to find – all three sleeping.  I know the mouse did not walk there and commit suicide, they do not have that tendency in the middle of a door to a bedroom.  It is a mystery gift for now.  And, I hope there are no more available to be given to me.

  16. Here is a landmark restaurant sign from Saugus Massachusetts.  The restaurant closed a few yrs ago and is still for sale.

  17. Schumer should set up a select committee to hear impeachment testimony and get the full Senate back to Biden’s agenda. That’s how they’ve handled many judge impeachments throughout history. That’d be a way to torture Trump (and his probably unpaid lawyers) for weeks.

  18. Senate Impeachment Rule XI: “That in the trial of any impeachment the Presiding Officer of the Senate, if the Senate so orders, shall appoint a committee of senators to receive evidence and take testimony at such times and places as the committee may determine.”

  19. Special snowflakes
    In Carhartt and camo
    When our feelings get hurt
    We reach for our ammo

  20. Woman from Georgia
    A female trump-version
    Her understanding of law
    Is naught but perversion

  21. Republicans siding  with domestic terrorists will make for great campaign ads, but I wish they would do better…’cuz they do know better.   Are any law enforcement agencies going to back Republican candidates now?   They do not have the backs of the police.

  22. Jamie – that is it.  I am very happy I do not get presents in bed.  The big questions are where did it come from followed by which one of the three caught it and killed it.

  23. Mr. van der Veen is one of those lawyers who everyone who knows him hate. Full of bullshit with no hesitation to lie. 

  24. He cites a rule and misapplies it. He reads past the word NOT before divisible as if it’s Meaning is ONLY. He knows no Senator is reading the rule he cites. 

  25. Lawyer from Philly
    Why was he screaming
    Bravado and bluster
    No excuse for trump’s scheming

  26. 57% for guilty. Now it’s up to federal and state prosecutors as well as individual litigants to hold Dumbass responsible for his criminal and civil acts. Fuck the Republicans and fuck Trump. Our country is lessened today. 

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