Sunday Serendipity

A fun piece I ran across last week by Jazz artists Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin

While linking to the two artists biographies, I discovered that Chick Corea passed away this week from cancer. Rest in peace, Chick and thanks for all the good music.

Enjoy, Jack


33 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat) interviews senators Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) and Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) on former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial.

  2. I have a couple of Chick Corea albums from the 70’s.  I need to pull those out sometime.
    After a couple of years of minimal winter we are having some real winter weather now.  The Arctic Snow Geese are a bit happier now.
    Maybe now is the time to start pressuring Schumer to get Biden’s cabinet picks through the vetting process.  We should put the last four years in a drawer, only to open when necessary.
    Today is Ystävänpäivä or Friendship Day in Finland.  It is in addition to Valentine’s Day.   Happy Friendship to all of you.

  3. Happy V Day, y’all. 
    The right day for a little Janis
    We got freezing rain last night and are warned about more to come. Hope not. 

  4. Turned on the TV and there was an ad for the 700 Club, fear-mongering to ‘vangelicals about loss of religious freedom under the new administration. Of course, they showed a pride flag, etc., and what they really meant was their freedom to hate and exclude and act in a very un-Christian manner.

  5. Jack….   great piece!  I saw Chick Corea live in Boston many moons ago…  R.I.P.
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  6. I am going through something I never expected now that I have an appointment for vaccination, I want to get out of the land pod and see people – right now!  But, no.  No. NO.  Sit inside and wait.  No going to the sea pod.  No going to walk around the city.  No going shopping.  And, no going to a restaurant to celebrate.  At least I am looking at an escape within a month, both shots, before doing anything beyond what I have been doing for a year.  A year since I started isolating, this time in twenty-twenty I was isolating to get ready for surgery.  It has been a long time, a year which was definitely worse for many others.

  7. And to the journalists(sic) whose take on everything that happened is Democrats are weak.   F—k you.  Where was your reporting on the weakness of the goopers.

  8. I just got my second vaccination shot-Moderna.  I woke up the next day with all the symptoms of the worst flu ever.  I had read contradictory advice on what to take for the symptoms.   It turns out you can take any otc pain reliever but not in advance in other words
    not in advance hoping to avoid them.
    The good news is it was over the next day.  
    It also doesn’t happen in most cases or is very mild. 

  9. Other thoughts on Valentine’s Day courtesy of Lapham’s Quarterly

    “Friends and fellow citizens: Tarry here for a moment. My words shall be few and simple,” Frederick Douglass, who chose February 14, 1818, as his birthday (his exact birthdate is unknown), said in a speech delivered at Arlington National Cemetery in 1871. “The solemn rites of this hour and place call for no lengthened speech. There is in the very air of this resting ground of the unknown dead a silent, subtle, and all-pervading eloquence, far more touching, impressive, and thrilling than living lips have ever uttered. Into the measureless depths of every loyal soul, it is now whispering lessons of all that is precious, priceless, holiest, and most enduring in human existence. Dark and sad will be the hour to this nation when it forgets to pay grateful homage to its greatest benefactors. ”


  10. I get my second shot march 10, they say wait 3 weeks that means for me April 1st is freedom day, and yeah I’m planning on finding a warm beach for a few days. Fresh sea food too. I think I may take some of Mrs Jack’s ashes along she loved the beach.

  11. Given McConnell’s follow up speech, I wonder if individuals killed, their families or the injured in the Capitol assault can sue Trump as a party responsible for their conditions.  

  12. jamie, bet your booty some will and some of the injured perps may also, those who are  the self-acknowledged gullible may even have a case holding him accountable.    not that they will win but there’ll be a bunch who try.  if for nothing else but vengeance. 

  13. Lara Trump is the future of the Republican Party?  She’s so ~~ appealing ~~. Coulda been worse. Coulda been Kimberly Guilfoyle. There is hope for the Democratic Party after all. But let’s play this out. Say she is and becomes president- Eric would be first gentleman. Daddy would be so proud. 

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