Bernie Doesn’t Get His Moment

In Sunday night’s debate Bernie Sanders pushed hard on trade and Wall Street issues where Hillary Clinton is certainly vulnerable, but landed no hits that she couldn’t diffuse by changing the subject, counter punching and occasionally with outright prevarication. Flustered and flummoxed, Sanders basically threw in the towel. One wonders if Trump is her debate foe in the Fall whether he will rise to the occasion.

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  1. “…..passions are riding very high.  Which is good.  But we always have to live with one question, “what would happen to America if the Republicans hold the Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidency?”

    blue, good thing you said that this morning after everyone left for bed last night….  would have caused terrible nightmares


    I would only amend your comment by qualifying which republican party clarifying “today’s republican party or whatever that alien is that’s posing as the gop” not the grand old one of Lincoln.


  2. Last night certainly was interesting.  Can’t fault the level of the conversation around here.  Of course there are times when it falls under the heading for the definition of tact:  Telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they think they will enjoy the trip. 🙂

    Of course there is an outlet for storm, strife, misunderstandings, and general angst:  The Calming Manatee

  3. NPR had a story about the late SPY magazine & its’ favorite target, Mr Trump. I had a subscription back in the day. It had a lot of razor sharp humor on good days & a lot of tedium on not so good days. But it served a needed purpose. Good to remember the importance of humor, lampoon, satire. They work hand in hand with truth.

  4. Yesterday afternoon I cut the grass (trimmed the weeds) for the first time of the year, watched the rest of the first half of South Carolina v Mississippi State, raced into the shower, and  back to the breakfast room in time to watch most of the second half. No matter how hard they tried, the women from Mississippi couldn’t prevail. Final score? University of South Carolina 66, Mississippi State 52. The undefeated SEC champion in both regular season league play and the tournament is USC.

  5. way to go, lady gamecocks! or are they called hens? anyway congratulations again, flatus.

  6. Ah, the ups and downs in the Dem race.  I’d say that Hillary edged Bernie in the debate.  Predictably, Bernie won Maine yesterday (white state, caucus). Congrats to him.

    A new round of polls came out yesterday and today.  It doesn’t look like Michigan is feeling the Bern.  Good news for dems is that neither Trump nor Cruz bests Hillary or Bernie there either.

    Flatus, the USC women are pretty incredible. Congratulations to them.  Looking forward to the tournament?

  7. pogo, that bastion of liberal sainthood  came up with this to add to the derogatory nicknames list:
    Bernie Sanders supporters have struck back by creating their own nickname: the Hillary Hoe. This concept obviously is attempting to make a rhyme using Hillary’s name, but unfortunately the result makes Bernie supporters seem as sexist as the stereotypical Bernie Bro is supposed to be.
    Based upon comments from social media, not all of the Bernie supporters are intending for the nickname to be sexist. As some seem to understand the meaning behind the nickname, a Hillary Hoe is a Clinton supporter who defies all facts or lies on behalf of their favored Democrat. A Hillary Hoe can also be a Clinton supporter who is just far too aggressive in promoting Clinton. A Hillary Hoe can also be a man or a woman, so — depending on the context — it’s implied the slang need not be necessarily sexist.

    sure it’s sexist. not so subtlety calling someone a whore is sexist.

  8. patd, strikes me as offensive.

    Stephen Stromberg wrote a piece in Post Partisan (WaPo)  that echoes my observations about the debate last night. Story short, Clinton is running for president, Bernie’s doing something else.

    “At least the detour onto fracking forced the candidates to speak about an issue that has not gotten much attention this campaign, even if the candidates’ positions simply reconfirmed their general approaches to policy. Mostly, Sanders steered the conversation back to his core concerns — Wall Street, campaign finance, a massive public jobs program and single-payer health care — and made his usual pitch. Clinton, meanwhile, ran for president. “A president can’t go ordering folks around,” she said at one point. “Our system doesn’t permit that.” It’s nice to know at least one candidate on either side is keeping that in mind.”

  9. Flatus – University of South Carolina 66, Mississippi State 52.

    Sigh.  Bulldogs a bit short.  Same for my other MSU, Michigan State lost to Maryland.  Spartans v Terps sigh once again.  At least March Madness is starting.  It will give my basketball loving cat a lot to watch.

    After reading the post mortems for last night, almost all have the same theme, Sanders is still running his campaign of the beginning – bad Wall Street and class warfare.  A great bit of me thinks Sanders was surprised by the popularity of his one message and that provided a longer fifteen minutes than he or anyone expected.  As he was unprepared for a full campaign that includes more than blaming Wall Street and the bankers for all evil, he is still trying to be the thorn and not the president.


  10. In the midst of all the praise for Nancy Reagan, it is fun to remember that she and Ron had a somewhat scandalous start.  He was in the process of a divorce from Jane Wyman in 1949 which may have been triggered by the still birth of their daughter Christine in 1947.   He supposedly met Nancy on a blind date (Some fudging of dates and relationships have been charged to protect the guilty in the filming of Hellcats of the Navy).  She was pregnant when they married in 1952 or as she said on occasion:  “You can count”.  🙂

    In any case they followed the time honored tradition of actions being immoral only when Democrats do it.  Jane Wyman was a Moderate Republican who drifted to Democrat as did many in the 70s, but Michael and eventually Maureen became Republicans.  Nancy was a republican but both Ron, Jr. and Patti became Democrats.   The Reagan Children  All seem to have resolved any differences to one degree or another before the deaths of Maureen, Ronald Sr., and now Nancy.

    Nancy & Patti

  11. Story short, Clinton is running for president, Bernie’s doing something else.

    Pogo….   AMEN!

    I enjoyed watching the debate…  snuggled up on the couch with Rick and our cats.  Is she perfect… hell no…  but….     Go, Hillary, go!

    I don’t see this country going down the drain as some do.  I’m actually pretty optimistic for our future (provided that the Republicans don’t take over all 3 branches).  I will occasionally make fun of younger people being too much into their phones…   but I really think their sense of community is better than the boomers was when we were young.  They definitely have way too much college debt…  but they are getting educated in a larger proportion.  I think the key is to watch what’s happening at local levels in towns and cities across this nation.  Of course there’s bad stuff happening…  but there’s a lot of places making a turn around too.  If all one does is focus on what is happening in D.C…. it’s easy to see why the “angry old white man” syndrome has cropped up.  For me…  I ain’t going there.

  12. I challenge the Clinton haters to examine their reasons for hating her and to see if they are based on fact or on gooper/Ann Coulter/Fox News lies.

    In custom and practice she is Obama and he is still wonderful no?  Of course he lied about what he would actually do…




  13. here’s Alexandra The Flint Democratic Debate, abridged

    best lines imo:
    Sanders: Could I finish? You’ll have your turn, all right?
    Clinton: (clutches his arm, suddenly speaks in a terrifying guttural tone) I’VE BEEN TOLD TO WAIT MY TURN FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS AND BY GOD MY TURN IS NOW (mutters) but like if you’ve decided that this shushing thing is what you’re going to do I’m not going to STOP you, it sounds a tad bit sexist and is not a great look for you so, you know, keep going if you want to I’ll just stand here and try to look presidential and maybe quickly unwrap myself a lozenge, we both really need lozenges.

  14. craig, nytimes map in this chart shows popular votes in each iowa county* by county.  is this what you have been waiting for to be released or are these figures disputed and/or invalid?

    *example: cursor on linn county (cedar rapids) pops up Bernie’s votes as 6331 and Hillary’s 5733

  15. very interesting stuff in this excerpt from fivethirtyeight’s Clinton Voters Like Obama More Than Sanders Supporters Do
    And other divisions between Clinton and Sanders supporters:

    It’s also important to keep in mind that in late 2007, the Democratic nomination wasn’t a two-candidate race. In the period when Rielle Hunter was a little-known campaign videographer, Edwards was a credible contender for the presidency, having been the party’s vice presidential nominee four years before. (In fact, here’s an example of the perils of political memory: How many of us remember that Edwards finished second behind Obama in the 2008 Iowa caucuses?) And it is among Edwards supporters that Sanders outperforms Clinton, winning 55 percent of their backing. People who leaned toward Edwards and his more populist-themed campaign are an important but overlooked pro-Sanders demographic.

  16. BB,

    My last alma, USF (University of South Florida) will be up against UConn for their league title. I believe its 1900-EST on ESPN2. I have mixed feelings about the match. If USF wins it would be great, but would deprive us, USC, from having revenge on UConn in the NCAA final. And I wouldn’t want to have USF and USC playing each other for anything except fun.

  17. It is hardly surprising that the Bernie supporters like the President less than Hillary.  Given that many of them cite Trump as their second choice and quote virtually every anti-Hillary meme ever broadcast on Faux Spews on RW radio.

    The Hillary supporters regularly defend the President from those same sources.

  18. Patd

    The 2008 war here on the trail was between Clinton and Edwards supporters.  To say it got heated, is one of the understatements of all time. I totally enjoyed the Edwards downfall from grace.


  19. For those so fed up they are considering a write in.  There is a great candidate available courtesy of Douglas Adams … Just remember.   DON’T PANIC


  20. trent who?  oh yeah the lobby lott:
    “I probably would’ve handled it differently,” Lott told CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod on “The Axe Files” podcast, produced by CNN and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. “My attitude, particularly on the Supreme Court, was that elections do have consequences, sometimes bad, and I tried to lean towards being supportive of the President’s nominees, Democrat or Republican.”

    “If they were qualified by education, experience, and demeanor and had no other side problem, my predisposition was to be for them,” added the Mississippi Republican, who led the Senate from 1996 to 2001.

  21. I have been the only one in my family interested learning how to use a screwdriver and the only one (other than my sons) to master it.  The engineer side of me likes to take things apart and put them back together, if the thing broken so much the better.  All my life I have had the question of “how can you do this?” asked when I talk about fixing something.  Anything, the toaster, the washing machine a truck or car.  My reply had been, it was designed to be built by someone with a high school education, and repaired by someone without a high school education. Simple, or at least simple when you look at it from a mechanical and systems aspect.

    I can still do it, I know how to use the technology, but I do not own it. So the smart car gets a reprieve from being torn apart and put back together.  Right now I am rewriting my main website, it is easy for me, I’ve been doing this stuff all my life.  Millennials can do it too.  But, not enough are.

    If age discrimination was not so horrible in the tech world I would wobble on over to Google or Amazon or somewhere and apply for a job.  Most of what they do is something I wrote years or decades ago, just I wrote it to the bit and driver level and much is now done at the paragraph level with little knowledge of how the software works. (that’s software stuff and talk)

    Technology is what the U.S. does now.  The tax laws need changing if hard technology is going to thrive in the U.S., and in particular Michigan.  We have the smarts to do the change.  But, no money to do it under the Republican regime.

    We can only guess what losses will occur if the R’s hold all the cards.

  22. I heard the NPR interview with spy magazine guys …….. That was fun………short fingered vulgarian……lol

  23. from npr  Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run For President And ‘Risk’ Electing Trump Or Cruz
    “All of us have an obligation as voters to stand up on behalf of ideas and principles that, as Lincoln said, represent ‘the last best hope of Earth,'” he continued, “I hope and pray I’m doing that.”

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