Is Bernie’s Run About Done?

By Pogo, a Trail Mix Contributor

DEM 2016 DebateI believe that structurally Bernie is done.  Tuesday may tell the tale, Ohio in particular. Hillary has won 200 more delegates of the 1000 at stake thus far, counting only won delegates.  Add the super delegates and the numbers just can’t work for him unless he quickly and dramatically turns around his performance in states that aren’t overwhelmingly white and don’t choose delegates in coffee klatches.   He can’t string enough Kansases and Nebraskas together to do much more – those states are almost done and his sweet spot is shrinking quickly.

Join us for tonight’s Democratic debate on CNN at 8:00pm ET.


150 thoughts on “Is Bernie’s Run About Done?”

  1. God Bless America and for those believers Nancy is at peace along with President Regan.


  2. OK,  Now the debate.

    I am very distracted already.  But I have searched and realize that Hillary is wearing an exclusive in a new line developed by Sir Edmund Hillary.  It is environmentally freindly and can be used both as a garment and a pup tent.

    Now the BS has already started.  Looking for ESPN

  3. HRC: “It’s raining lead in Flint” — was that a conscious reference to the Weather Girls?

  4. Wow… An audience with blacks in it… And they are polite and not yelling ….. How refreshing.

  5. Quick Bernie segue to trade and Wall Street, nice try but he’ll have to patient

  6. Oh – he is a Democrat so he is off limits

    And oh my the Softball questions…. Give me a break

  7. Ping the problems inFlint are a direct result of the work of the emergency manager appointed by the Republican gov

  8. Hey ask them both again,  You have been in leadership for all of these years and you are just finding out?  You Mr Sanders and Mrs Ms Clinton – You are part of the problem–  NO YOU ARE THE PROBLEMS

  9. Wasn’t the mayor of flint excluded from all the reindeer games by the dictator….. I mean city manager?

  10. It’s a race to see who can be harshest toward the Flint, Michigan & fed personnel who knew. Is this really an issue where these 2 differ? Is it tone Andersons after?

  11. Great question – Why are you not doing this as a political opportunity.  Now the Clinton talk about.

    KCG – Hello and good to be back.  So I still hold the question – Where is the Mayor?  Why is the Mayor not accountable?

    And Hillary – Why so long to bring this up until the Primary?

  12. Michigan GOP and Dem officials deserve blame for Flint, but so does Obama’s EPA

  13. Hi Ping The emergency manager caused this problem — he switched the drinking watertosave money  mayor excluded

  14. Understandable, raspy voice a side effect of non stop campaigning — but I kinda like Hillary’s Patricia Clarkson voice tonight

  15. Ha, Craig. It’s raining lead, hallelujah.  Good line for a very serious situation.  There was a story on the other night about lead in the water in (I believe) Hattiesburg, MS.   Different reason, though.  I wonder how much crumbling infrastructure is causing problems elsewhere?

    As for Bernie being done, there is a grassroots campaign to write in Bernie if he is not the Dem nominee this fall.  I realize that will help the GOP, but it will send a message that people are tired of the status quo and we will not fall in line.


  16. Ping….. In case you was out of the loop a bit Michigan passed some slimy….. I mean, a law which allowed the governor I think, to appoint a dictator over any city he dint like….. I mean any city in financial hardship.

    Or something along those lines….

  17. In one question regarding Flint, Hillary and Bernie were more substantive than all the republicans in all the republican debates.

  18. I will have to dig in to the history.  It seems the City and Mayor of Flint made a decision to change the source of water.  We cannot depend of the Federal Gov to take care of local  issues.  They must meet standards.  More to follow

  19. sturge

    the regional epa director failed to do anything to help in flint even though she knew the lead levels were dangerous

  20. Bernie,  you’re not on Wall Street, you’re in Flint.  The question was about trade agreements, morphed to the GM bailout and you pivoted to Wall Street.  I suspect the people in Flint want to hear about issuesthey can feel.   They can’t feel Wall Street.

  21. Pogo,

    Thank you for your Post.

    Senator Sanders’ legacy is not as simple as delegate totals. His impact will be measured years from now. If his candidacy contributes towards ‘traditional’ politics evolving into something better, he won. Maybe that’s the whole point.

  22. Go hillary go   Auto industry vote good finish for that volley. Thinking of tony. He worked on a line for many years. Born and raised in flint .this is his night

  23. Will Debbie Wassermann allow questions on National Defense,  ISIS and will you go to bed when your embassy is being attacked?

  24. Jace, Hillary doesn’t give an inch by switching to a different ruler, changing the subject. Makes sense unless you think about it.

  25. PP

    Considering one of her best friends died, let’s not do the Benghazi dance.  I doubt Hillary slept the night away.
    1) Secretary of state has ZERO authority to order a “stand down” of military forces.
    2) Department of defense has REPEATEDLY stated that there was NO “stand down” order regarding military assets.
    3) Only ground forces available on the African continent were over FOUR THOUSAND miles away
    4) How long at 575 miles per hour would it take to fly those ground forces to Benghazi?

  26. GM paid back $70B of $79B loaned. Export-import bank.  They give loans.  It’s not corporate weflare unless they default.

  27. AMEN to that! Can we say Chuck Schumer?

    Sanders: “I hate to break the bad news. Democrats are not always right. Democrats have often supported corporate welfare. Democrats have supported disastrous trade agreements.”

  28. Bernie is winning on this support question.  Uh oh now he goes to healthcare.  Bernie you had her on the ropes and you changed the punch????  Whisky Tango Foxtrot


    Agreed,  Not only Hillary but also Pres Obama have still have a high accountability.  There was support on the way.  Their behavior was driven by immature desire to create a narrative they are solving the problems in the area.  Placing blame on lies.

  29. Why would anyone trust Hillary?  She went to bed during a crisis!  Now she is going to save the day in Flint.  Oh yes – Need to buy votes

  30. Craig,

    Both candidates brought their A games tonight, but I give the edge so far to Hillary.

    In any case there is no republican that can stand on the stage with either one.

    Compare this debate with the most recent republican porn show.

  31. I am really starting to actively dislike Bernie purely on the basis of self professed saints are a pain in the ass.


  32. Why in the world was Bernie not briefed well enough to respond to Hillary’s defense of government subsidies for Boeing and Caterpillar by noting that after she advocated that assistance as Sec. of State they gave millions to her foundation, and later to her campaign.

  33. Bernie got this correct.  Individuals must be responsible for their actions.  Hillary tries once again to pander.  What a joke

  34. When any of the three Clintons give a speech, how do they determine if they are getting paid personally, or, if that money is going to the foundation?

  35. Bernie is going to call her out but the PC community will cause him to pull back as he just did.  HILLARY is such a PANDERING INDIVIDUAL.

    Bernie is correct at the foundation of his point.  Hillary – Shame,  Shame

  36. Her answer to supporting Bill C’s mass incarceration of blacks is only that Bernie did too?

  37. Agree,  This is much better than the Republican Debate.  We can see the true failure of individuals to answer question.  Hillary answer the question.  Oh My

    I wish we could get the Republican to this point and maybe one like John K would show so much better.


  38. The issue was not making gun manufacturers liable, it was giving them immunity. Bernie’s got it wrong.

    They both have feet of clay on the crime bill. Both of them supported  the VAW provisions in the crime bill.

  39. Nothing like watching senators try to explain the illogical internal logic of their votes.

  40. Bernie’s position on firearms will sway few of any independent voters. Republicans own that issue it is best to stay away from it. Hillary took the focus off the  individual gun owner and re-focused it on the NRA and the gun manufactures.  You can get some traction there.

  41. Yes, Jamie, but if we defend socialism for Fortune 500 companies because the Europeans do it, why is it so wrong to emulate them on health care? And why shouldn’t the taxpayers get a share of the profits for those subsidies.

  42. So Bernie is still bragging about something he did 50 years ago?  Of course he didn’t work for his first 40 years before taking up employment by the taxpayer, so I guess he had time back then.

  43. Bernie gets better with each passing day of this campaign. Unfortunately for him, so too does Hillary.

  44. Craig

    I’m in favor of Single Payer.  I just think given the fact that Congress gets involved in such things that getting there is going to be like pulling teeth, but we will get there.  Bernie seems to think the Presidency comes with a magic wand.


  45. Pandering Again.

    Thank goodness the community I live in does not have the racial issues that the Dems and CNN need to continue to exploit.  I am not saying that this is not an issue but can you please look at the great strides we have made.  all of this talk today at this debate is not a factor.  SO BERNIE is that the case today 20 years later?

    What responsibility does the community have?  The vast majority of the Police are great.  WHY THE H DO THEY TAKE IT TO THIS LEVEL?

  46. Craig

    The mass incarceration is not so much a fault of the crime bill as it is of private prisons at the state level and the legislation at that level and overcharging of felonies to keep those prisons filled with three strike convictions.

    Private prisons are actually now suing states for penalties because lower convictions means they aren’t filled and making a profit.


  47. Ping

    Places like Ferguson were supporting their city budgets over constant ticketing of black citizens, exorbitant fines, and incarceration for inability to pay bail.  Those problems exist and some police departments & local courts are more criminal than the people they are trying to police.

    So yes you should expect individual responsibility, but if you have a history where there is no reason to trust the local police, then it takes a whole lot of action from both sides to achieve a state of trust.


  48. spirited discussion  too bad they aren’t talking about the same thing at he same time

  49. so glad hillary is able to set the facts straight for sanders re the 90s .  smug and sexist.

  50. Jame,

    I fully agree with you that there are places and individuals that need to move on and must face consequences.  Ferguson has issues on many sides.

    But the Dems’ and much of the media play to this as if it is the majority.  How many officers have been killed already this year.  The reaction of Hillary, Sanders and Obama in this area is fully unacceptable.  They are dragging our nation backwards.

    Again Thank God that what Hillary, Sanders and Obama portray is not the standard and our country is moving on to great places.   They are pandering and a disservice to our nation.

  51. Speaking of relying on stuff one did decades ago, I get a bit weary of Hillary constantly touting her work at Children’s Defense Fund right of law school, and name dropping its founder Marian Wright Edelman, who was furious at her and Bill over the welfare reform bill he signed, calling it a “pernicious bill that makes a mockery of his pledge not to hurt children.”

    “Hillary Clinton is an old friend, but not friends in politics,” Edelman said in a 2007 interview.

  52. Bernie

    This is not a federal issue.  Can you imagine if Bernie won and everything we need ran like the VA?  Oh My!


  53. Ping, local and state govt. has failed in Michigan.   The pugn governor put a crony in to run emergency management.   It’s time for fed help.

  54. Craig

    Be fair.  every time he turns around Bernie brags about taking a day to hang around the Tidal Pool in 1963 followed up by almost nothing after.

  55. Love teachers !  my daughter, 2 sisters, 4 nieces and nephews and a good friends mom all teachers.  They are so important and under paid.  My daughter with her minimal income spends her money to help fund the needs of the classroom.

    And now Bernie gives away college.  I worked my way through college.  Can I get a refund?

  56. Bernie,

    Education, infrastructure, health care, free college, all going to be paid for by taxes on the one percent. Is there really that much money there?

    Color me dubious.

  57. See reference to “unintended consequences”.  That doesn’t change the fact that the minority areas were the ones asking for the help.


  58. There is no question the crime bill was a disaster for minority communities.  It was part of the contract for (with) America.  No one believes Hillary (or Bill) don’t know that or would vote for (or sign ) it today when it’s effects are so clear.

  59. Will they ask about the Federal Deficit?  OH NO – Debbie Wassermann will not allow such a question!

    OK – If this and National Defense is not asked the whole debate is a FRAUD



  60. How are we going to pay for it Bernie?  OK true General Electric is one of the worst offenders,  But if they did pay the tax it would not come close to solve the problem.

    Oh gosh  – now the softball on global warming


  61. like most debates, no game changer tonight. which means advantage Hillary

  62. Ping

    College costs these days make “working your way through” almost impossible.  Turning the loans over to the banks instead of govt regulated grants and low interest have shoved the costs into the stratosphere.  It doesn’t help that the interest rates are four and five times current loan interest and if you can’t get work, you can’t declare school loans on a bankruptcy filing.  Twenty years of servitude seems a little exorbitant for a four year eduction.


  63. Why don’t we ask “how are we going to pay for it” when spending trillions on pointless invasions and wars?

  64. Bernie waving the wand again.  Totally eradicate what is a legal business by Presidential decree?  Fracking is hideous but again Hillary is saying here is what can be done and done legally.


  65. guess she isn’t st. bernie, but doesn’t seem to matter to the voters- she’s got the lead and his revolution is where?

  66. Great question.

    Lets all Tweet #DemDebate – How are we going to pay for the programs?  How will the Dem candidates address the national debt?

  67. OSH

    Haven’t you heard … the millions of young people marching on Congress ….


  68. Pointless war once the current President worked hard to keep his campaign promise and created a bad situation so much worse.

  69. Why don’t we ask “how are we going to pay for it” when spending trillions on pointless invasions and wars?”

    Amen! Thank you sir!

  70. “Pagliano will likely be asked how he was able to “migrate a State Department secure system onto her private server.” He then presented this theoretical question: “Mr. Pagliano, did Mrs. Clinton give you her personal Secretary of State password to enable you to do that?”
    “If he answers, ‘yes,’ we have an indictment for misconduct in office as well as espionage. She should be terrified of the fact that he’s been granted immunity,” Napolitano added.” – from The Blaze

  71. There is little true substance in this debate once you get past the entitlement and give away.   Both debates and all of the players in both parties leave me wondering Wisky Tango Foxtrot

    Our Poor Republic

  72. The crime bill’s interplay with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is disastrous for nonviolent criminals.

    And don’t get me started on fracking.  It’s awful.  I do have to challenge the water impact claims.  Fracking is very prevalent here.  The contamination of water supply is from well site runoff, which is mostly mud, into surface water. It makes cleaning water to good potability levels harder, but even our little water board does that ź and we have extremely clean water with virtually no chemical or gas drilling related contaminants.

  73. True, OldSea, I was a Teen Republican for Nixon in my shameful youth”

    Oh Craig,

    I was the last person standing that thought he should not resign.


  74. Hillary should just coast and stay out of trouble for the final segments. Bernie didn’t lay a hand on her.

  75. Craig

    War is an excellent jobs program.  Probably our largest government run jobs program.  Of course most employment in the US is in some way whole or partially funded by tax payer dollars.  Without those expenditures the jobless rate would be about 50% since most work is unneeded.

    The tricky part is deciding which jobs will be created instead of all that military/industrial complex and how do we stop being policeman for the world while peacefully knitting booties (or at least building bridges and paving highways) within our own borders.

  76. The mess in Syria; that’s partly on Hillary, too.  He’s not Saint Bernard, but everyone seems to gloss over stains on  Hillary’s record.

    She is a one-woman, poor judgment factory.

  77. i was watching my mom going off to the war moratoriums in dc, she even brought  back an arlo gutherie signature for me.

  78. I have a friend worked for Harry Dent in the Nixon Whitehouse and then he took

    mescaline and became a Democrat







  79. blue, citing Glen Beck’s Blaze won’t make you any friends.  Might as well carry a picture of Hitler.

  80. OK,

    Regardless of how we got here.  #DemDebate  How are we going to address the National Debt? This is a major issue and I love my children.  This is irresponsible that once again a softball debate under the rules in the backroom of the DNC and Debbie (She is a disgrace to Florida) Wassermann.

    No National Debt questions again

    Keep away from the massive failures of Hillary and Obama in world affairs.  I have not heard ISIS, Iraq, Afghanistan or the other crisis in the world.

    Fraud Debate

  81. The Blaze is an excellent source for suppositions and hypotheticals.  Fortunately those are rarely criminal unless you live in a dictatorship.


  82. ha, Hillary, it’s easy to get more votes than the Republican frontrunner when you have only one opponent

  83. Hillary


    You are trying to avoid the fact of a federal investigation

  84. Good lord.  Is god relevant? Who let this question into the debate.  Nice answer by Bernie.

  85. For the most part this was a waste of 2 hours.

    Bernie if you worry about your grandchildren why do you want to strap them with such a debt that will shut down this country if not addressed.

  86. Ping

    Hillary is NOT being investigated.  Her server is being investigated.  There is a difference.  So far there is absolutely no proof of any kind that Hillary did anything illegal in any way.  I don’t know how many times the FBI has to say this … probably forever since nothing ever dies on the internet and the right wing nut jobs aren’t about to give up a good conspiracy.

  87. This is not the first time in a debate or town hall that Anderson Cooper has found a way to point out that Bernie is a Jew. What’s up with that?

  88. I am proud of our Democratic candidates tonight.  Most of the posts tonight have been productive.

    Be kind…

  89. Hillary is conflicted,

    Sadly she allows her political self and drive allow failed choices from what is most likely a good person under the weakness of her desire.  This is why she will not be the President.

  90. I thought he strted out great but got lost in stuff and spluttered

  91. Anyone who wouldn’t vote for a candidate because he/she is Jewish won’t be voting for any Democrstic candidate anyway…

  92. Fun chat. Thanks all. Time for my DVR of Downton Abbey finale. Welcome back Ping Pong.

  93. Hillary-

    Do you see the results of the good efforts of the 99% of good?  Do you have a call for self responsibility?  Oh but no as this does not get you the votes.

  94. Ping, unlike the state dept’s server her server was not hacked. 1/4 of 1% of the governmental related emails were later classified.  Most were sent TO her. She generated or sent almost none. There is no suggestion that she compromised or divulged classified information. This investigation will go away.

  95. Ping

    She simply did what the two previous SoS did and she has apologized for the fact that her email combined both work and personal emails as a flaw in judgement.  As I wrote before as with most people in the their 60s she just wanted the technology to be easy and asked someone to please do that for her.


  96. jamie-thank you for clarifying that again.  it is incredible how it falls on deaf ears.  good night!

  97. Regarding emails.

    It is the responsibility of the individual email holder to understand the rules of classification.  As the Sec of State she must hold the highest standards and not put her head in the sand.  She must know the rules of classification.  She must be the leader to enforce the rules.  When something comes to her that was either modified for some illegal reason an error of commission or an error of omission it is her responsibility to get it right.

    She did not.

    She failed in this simple matter and as a test for President of our United States – She has failed.  This among other key test – Such as the lies about the Benghazi video and going home when as was stated her good friend was under attack.  This is not Presidential.


    It is good to be back…


  98. Ping

    Unlike the GOP where blaming minorities for crime and terror while not accepting in responsibility for their actions to gain votes, power, and money.

    Life simply is not black and white.  There are always shades of gray, nuances, and possibility vs probability.  Hillary’s biggest mistake is that she is a hard working, responsible Methodist girl who doesn’t think she has all the answers and simply operates by “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, for as long as you can”.

  99. I love Methodist.  Clinton and Bush!  Me as well.

    Agree – there are shades of gray.  There is no absolute.  I am frustrated at all of the candidates with the exception of John K.  He gets my vote as I am sure no secret being the minority Republican in Craig’s World.

    Love you all,

    good nite

  100. Oregon Democrat,

    Gotta love the folks who would vote for a Candidate because he/she is Christian and against another because she/he is Jewish. Oops…

  101. Hi Ping Pong,

    Your Posts are important, as are everyone’s. I enjoy reading differing views. A poke to the brain is good. Keeps it active.

  102. OD

    Voting for a religion is ridiculous which is why I find the whole Evangelical contingent hard to take.  This particular Jewish girl is going to vote for the Methodist. 🙂

  103. Can’t see voting for someone because of religion, However, the reverse is not the case.

  104. Wow.

    I spend a day hand carving creating the new What-ME and music database and miss all this.  I did not have the television on yesterday and forgot about the debate so I missed another one.  The live blog (above) gives me a feeling that passions are riding very high.  Which is good.  But we always have to live with one question, “what would happen to America if the Republicans hold the Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidency?”.

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