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  1. from npr  Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run For President And ‘Risk’ Electing Trump Or Cruz
    “All of us have an obligation as voters to stand up on behalf of ideas and principles that, as Lincoln said, represent ‘the last best hope of Earth,’” he continued, “I hope and pray I’m doing that.”

  2. Good grief.  I do not watch television for two days and I miss a good debate by the Dems and come to find out Bloomberg has somehow escaped my notice.  Rather than waste the time to look at his former campaign site, I will say this – anyone who runs for prez on Sunday had damn well not quit on Monday.  Besides that, which party was he running under?

  3. I think trying to say Sanders is sexist is wrong and right.  Like so many white men of his generation the patterns are ingrained and unconscious   Because he is largely a conscious individual I think calling him a sexist isn’t likely to stick.   I think he believes a rising tide lifts all boats and women will benfit from his plans.

    But the unconscious Bernie and others of his ilk and age are kind of judgy in a sexist way and Clinton and all other women candidates and officer holders suffer for it.   Frankly I don’t see much change in millenial men either.

    Still plenty of other choices –the Greens, Peace and Freedom and one of the white nationalist parties now the Bernie folksare suggesting if he isn’t the candidate –write him in….sore loser.
    And of course Trump if they take away the nomination if he actually wins …go Ted

  4. Ted-The-Terrible.  Do not underestimate him.  I still can’t believe he won his Senate race.  He’s a slick weasle and idiologically rigid.

  5. As crzy as Ted is..and that is plenty of right-wing nuttiness  I’d rather haveTed then Trump

    It would certainly get Democrats elected to congress

  6. A woman from TX has had a uterus transplanted into her, temporarily, so she can try to carry a child.  I’m all for reproductive freedom, but I hope she understands what anti-rejection meds can do to her (and perhaps to the child, if she is able to conceive).  I know a transplant patient and there are a lot of problems from the anti-rejection meds, including cancerS (plural).

    She has adopted three children, so I hope she stays healthy for them.

  7. Bloomberg saw the writing on the wall. he’s simply not gross enough to get any traction this cycle. There is already one billionaire in the race, no need for another one. Especially one who can speak in complete sentences.

  8. Bronc,

    “it was designed to be built by someone with a high school education, and repaired by someone without a high school education.”

    My grandson no matter how much his teachers in HS pushed knew he did not want to go to college.  The whole idea was just a major turnoff.  He took up welding in his last year as a shop class, and at the end of this month he starts at the local Tech college to get full certification as a welder.  As a result he enters a high demand field in this part of the world.


  9. Bloomberg is an ordinary cow.  Trump is a purple cow.

    *There was a TED Talk about what makes something go viral.  Answer: It has to be something remarkable; good or bad, it just has to grab your attention and get you to make a remark about it.  A purple cow, in their example, does what a herd of ordinary cattle cannot do.

    Ted Cruz holds views that are as nasty, or worse than, Trump…but Donald is soooo purple, that Cruz isn’t so noticeable yet.

  10. Cruz is a slimy bastard with an off kilter religious bent. Anyone who isn’t afraid of him becoming president should be.

  11. I never saw a Purple Cow,I never hope to see one,But I can tell you, anyhow,I’d rather see than be one!

  12. It’s like a horror movie. The audience knows there’s a monster, but the people in the movie are clueless.  Oh, wait.  There’s a worse monster behind you…and his name is Ted…and he didn’t bother to give up his Canadian citizenship until he decided to run for the Senate a few years ago…and he only ran for Senate, not to serve the people of TX, but to run for POTUS.  His ideas about what he would do if elected are scary.   Never underestimate a weasle.

  13. Crackers – We used to drink purple cows; vanilla ice cream and grape juice. Blechhh.  I liked it as s kid, though,

  14. something to think about today  from cnn sally kohn: Trump’s ‘size’ is now a campaign issue. How’s Hillary Clinton supposed to deal with that?
    Tuesday, March 8 marks International Women’s Day in the United States and around the globe.
    While we should all be fighting every day of the year for the social, political and economic equality of women, International Women’s Day is an official occasion to celebrate how far we have come in advancing the rights of women and how far we still have to go.
    There’s progress to celebrate. For instance, in 1990 just under half of girls in impoverished nations were enrolled in elementary school. By 2011, the rate had jumped to almost 80 percent.
    Just as we encourage our young men to have sex but shame young women for being promiscuous, lewd jokes by men are tolerated or even celebrated. Not so when women make them.
    The insightful comedian Amy Schumer has noted: “I’m labeled a sex comic. I think it’s just ’cause I’m a girl. I feel like a guy could get up here and literally pull his dick out, and everyone would be like, ‘He’s a thinker.’”

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