Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux?

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor
I know: Back to the Future. It’s like Back to the Future

Dr. Who 10th Doctor (David Tenant)

I think we have time travelers in our midst. While digging through some folders in my file cabinet, many very old and untouched for years, I came across this sheet of what feels like plastic wrap. On it is something like a printout, which is this strange report. I would not have believed it except how would anyone in 1968 think anyone with a name like Trump be the leader of the United States. The routing information seems to indicate this went to an agency with a name of National Transform Time Agency (NTTA).   Why it is in my file for LGBT Lesbian Party Invitations 1999 is hard to fathom. I am now wondering about the nice woman who just sailed into the marina.

47820611.cachedWashington D.C. National Transform Time Agency, Beltsville, MD

July 4, 1968

Re: visit to July 4, 2018

As Supreme Dictator and Know It All, Trump has allowed only white males who have pledged their right and left testicals (colloquially known as a “balls”) to his dinner table. Although this will render the men sterile, they have acknowledged a predilection towards being worthless anyway. Women are not invited to this event as The Donald has dictated no cu**s in his world (which tends to make him seem a little strange).

For the Supreme Dictator if you want something to happen, gold makes it happen. Except gold which has been in any location where Spanish is spoken. Los Angeles of course. Anywhere in Texas.  Most of the suburbs of Atlanta. Pretty much most of the United States outside of North Dakota. Okay, you need old gold and not the cigarettes. Preferably very old gold which was not in the U.S. before the country became the Protectorate of The Donald.

Due to having a problem with the old Constitution, The Donald changed it to name him as Supreme Leader of the United State of Freedomia and he would write the new version as he wanted sometime in the future. Such a bold move was met by voters saying they were tired of politicians being political and compromisers. They wanted someone who would stand up to compromisers. Now with The Donald in charge they do not have to worry about compromising. As Supreme Dictator he will now let you live your miserable life in pain and want. Congratulations, you voted for your hell.

Without having to deal with old weaklings, after challenging Roberts to a duel to the death with hair coloring, he now owned the Supreme Court. He decided that as Supreme Dictator there was no need for a court of any kind. He would decide if you were a good enough white male or to be exported because you are not. He tells you what you need to know, and that makes it alright with his supporters. There are no known non-supporters left. But there are a lot of non-white people making bricks in the area south of Texas and California. A big wall project is underway.

For some reason the Supreme Dictator forgot to close the northern border which has become an outbound highway full of non-supporters. Most other countries of the world have agreed to take in these refugees. All the good spots in the Caribbean are filled as are South America, Central America, Cuba, Mexico and Australia.

This phase of the testing is complete. The next phase is being prepared and should commence once I have my brain reconfigured to human thought. Listening to those weird people made me upset.

downloadfileOBTW: The National LGBT headquarters has successfully located to the Virgin Islands. Party Hearty. I met with my counterpart at NTTA and we had a great time she is looking forward to coming to the office sometime with me.


Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

152 thoughts on “Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux?”

  1. pog, you said and asked:

    “I could be wrong, but I believe that a 48% margin for Hillary exceeded any expectations in South Carolina. Or am I wrong?”

    the last I heard from the pundits was that she had to win by more than 20%

  2. Entertaining post Blue thank you.  Am however disappointed that there is no post  on Hillary’s victory in SC.

  3. BlueB…   nice piece of writing.

    OSH…  I was going to submit a new post this morning…  but this one is too fresh.  I was going to entitle it….   Sanders Squashed!

    Ya know…  for political junkies…  this election is even more entertaining than in 08.  Watching the Repugs implode over the Donald is lip smackin’ delicious…

  4. Where do you look when a politician is at the podium?  At the politician?  Or around the politician?  The speeches are canned, several a day, changing the location at the start because the rest of the talk is rote.  No need to listen to the talk, you can find it on youtube later on.  Look at the people around the politician, if there are any (which is telling too).

    You will see all sorts of people, many there doing their campaign staff jobs, a few there as a reward for their campaign efforts, and occasionally you will see people on the dais because they were forced there.  We have all seen the shots of the people nodding off, tired from a long day and they have heard the speech five times that day.  Look at the diversity, real or not.  The ages of the supporters range the same, so there is not a lot to read in that.  And, finally, look at what the people are wearing.

    Casual, even casual professional are often around HRC.  Jeans and T-shirts (even a few with a Bern statement) surround Bernie.  Does this observation have any value?  Possibly.  Perhaps a psychology PhD candidate will do a thesis on this.

    When I go to an event I change out of jeans into something a little nicer than what I wear on the boat.

  5. OSH – I wrote the “report” Thursday and Friday  evenings, but could not figure out how to wrap the “report” into something that made any sense to me.  Finally yesterday afternoon I saw a Dr. Who thing and knew a Dr. Who line would be the title and time travel the way to wrap it.  I also had to think of a way in use LGBT in it because Trump promises to make our lives hell.  So this one took a lot longer than usual.  I tend to write the four hundred plus/minus words in my typical piece in about a half hour.

  6. Blue-  Thanks for explaining the method to your madness! He would surely make everyone’s life hell, why we cannot let him and his hatred win.

  7. sea, fearless leader probably tho’t the almost 12 hrs devoted to it was enough  and that we had celebrated sufficiently in last thread.   rules you know about excessive celebration

  8. Renee- looking forward to reading it.  Last night was a moment that so many of us here have hoped for for several  years.  So many of us became tm’ers because the trail was a hospitable environment where we could share our enthusiasm.

  9. pat- the celebratory comments are great- still  not the same as headlines and an opinion on the victory, its impact on whatever.  whatever,  all things change.

  10. Stopping Trump is a matter of numbers and GOTV for Dems.  It is important to look at the quantity of supporters of Trump and compare them to the quantity of supporters of either Sanders or Clinton.  A month or so ago those quantities were explored and it came up Trump a very distant third in quantity of supporters to Hillary or Bernie.  The media reporting on the campaigns are using the “if it bleeds, it leads” method.  They do not want analysis, save Phillip Bump of WashPo, and FiveThirtyEight.

    Looking a few months forward, and with the usual disclaimer, predictions are best done after the fact, the Dems will have a few Republican discontents, quite a few indies and possibly some Green party voters.  The Republicans will have a large portion of the “angry white guy” vote (including John Birchers, KKK, white supremacists and others on the SP watch list), which has been going on for several election cycles.  They will also have more than a few of the Stepford Wives voting as their husbands dictate to them or even fill out their mail-in ballots for them.

    The problem for the Republicans is the same as the last two president elections, there are not enough “angry white guy” voters to over take the Dems.  This will make them more irritable and they will take over another remote Federal site while stomping their feet and holding their breath until they turn blue some odd color.  They will never be Democratic Blue.  But, the numbers are still aligned no matter how much the media wants to make this a horse race.  It is not a horse race.


  11. Thanks Pat, but its not just about gloating.  It was a grander victory than expected and hoped to read something insightful from fearless leader… Lots more to think about after last night, imho.

  12. OSH – one WashPo (I think that is correct) reporter wrote that a person exiting the polls made the statement that ‘. . . economic equality does not mean anything to him. . .’ in response to a standard question regarding Sanders issues.  Sanders is economic equality.  There are no other issues.  I would like to have this question asked “can you explain how economic equality will enhance your life?”

    Sanders has one act.  HRC has many, with multiple iterations.  She has been through everything possible, including Bill and the Republicans.  That alone means she can take whatever the office has to hit her with.

    With the world a mess of bad stuff, the results of multiple presidents over the last century making bad decisions about foreign policy, and one VI with his criminals making real bad decisions in the Middle East and Western Asia, I want HRC running the show.  She may not have the correct future decisions, but she will make decisions from having seen and experienced the past bad ones, letting her not make those again.


    Sunday Serendipity.

    A rather unusual work. A nice way to start a quiet and contemplative Sunday morning. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day!

  14. Sturge- What I saw was go back to the plane.  so weird. all i could figure is that trump promised him a quick ride home after the endorsement?  whatever it was about it didn’t sound right.

  15. Osh…..I used an old southern thing by changing plane to truck……..as in when they probably told that Palin kid at the big block party/fight up there in Wassilistan…..

  16. Jamie44,

    I watch TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar. I hope this gets me an honorable mention (or a teeny-tiny statuette.)

    Blue Bronc,

    Interesting post. I keep hoping Mr Trump is Tony Clifton’s Tony Clifton. As for supporting anyone, I am supporting the Press. A free press is integral to Democracy. Certainly not perfect, but there are folks out there doing their best to report on all the good,bad,ugly. In the spirit of Oscar Sunday: get your Marcia Jeffries on. Now & forever.

  17. To me it’s an old southern thing…….it’s probably universal wherever people gather in pick-up trucks and wind up in bloody brawls and melees…….

  18. jace,

    Msnbc ceased to be relevant after 9PM January 21,2011. Anyone working there/watching it does/did at their own peril. That network rots from within.

  19. The high school kids and college/grad school interns that daughter Sue works with pretty much said that their classmates had decided that while they liked much of what Bernie said, it was not a productive use of their votes. And, in reaching that conclusion, they didn’t see Hillary as second best. Mature beyond words.

  20. BlueB – That was an amazing piece of writing.  Keep it up, please.


    The fearful/hateful Dallas Baptist preacher, Jeffress, had endorsed Trump.  (Not from his physical pulpit in his church building; couldn’t risk that tax exemption.)

    He said Trump would be a friend of  evangelicals.  Well, if Jeffress wanted to endorse the candidate whose ideals were closest to Christ’s, he would endorse Bernie-The-Socialist who wants us all to take care of each other AND the environment.

    Jeffress went on about how many times he’s met with Trump and that he’s been up in Trump Tower (I assume somewhere other than the public area and food court where commoners are allowed).  He’s clearly bleary-eyed over power and money.  There is nothing wrong with money, and, rich people are not inherently evil.  However, the love of money and power are a yuuuge problem.


  21. Just heard it thrown out that if Hillary wins the nomination, she might propose Cory Booker for VP.  Interesting idea.


  22. I was all pumped for an evening of entertainment yesterday. I had an early, light supper then prepared a bag of popcorn and headed for the teevee room. It was about 1915-eastern. By the time I was organized and turned on the set, everything was over. Sheesh–what a disappointment. So I watched the figures wind on the WaPo web site while watching time-shifted programs on the teevee.

  23. Chucky T trying to poke a stick to rile up Trump.  Ridiculous.  Just because he liked a Mussolini quote  does not make him a fascist anymore than me being a vegetarian makes me the same as Hitler.

    Ted Cruz pushing for Trump’s tax returns because there might be a donation to Planned Parenthood and if he is the nominee, Hillary will be able to use that against him, is also ridiculous.  How would Trump donating to PP help Hillary?  Trump is the only Repug who understands there is more than “ulimited abortions on demand” (as Ted says) going on there.  Trump’s anti-choice conversion helps Hillary, but not his support, in whatever degree, of  PP.  Ted is such a liar; this is about trying to chip away at Trump’s base.

    Question:  If Carson and Kasich (outside of Ohio) voters decide that they need to vote for a front-runner rather than a long-shot, is there any clear indication who would get those votes?

  24. Just saw my first Bernie ad & got chills.  That’s the America in which I want to live.  God jobs, equal pay, access to higher education where tuition is not an obstacle, healthcare as a right, being able to retire and not end up in poverty, and, not waste lives and treasure by being a warmonger like Hillary.


    from courier journal 
    In 1976, Ronald Reagan’s challenge to non-elected President Gerald Ford was gaining steam, and with a string of wins in the South, Reagan was widely expected to win Kentucky. But the state GOP establishment got organized (a Somerset prosecutor named Hal Rogers was Ford’s chair), Reagan muffed a question about tobacco, and he lost by 4 percentage points.
    That, plus an equal margin for Ford in Oregon and his 0.7-point win in Tennessee, made the day a turning point, and the president narrowly won the nomination on the first convention ballot. Reagan had to wait four years.
    “In a world overrun by brigands and terrorists, authoritarian Christians prefer a ‘ban, bar and bomb’ president, even if he’s a self-promoting heathen, over some milquetoast pseudo-Christian who embraces strangers and prefers negotiation to warfare.”
    That’s a big reason Trump is the favorite for the nomination, and why he could do well in Kentucky, one of the more religious states. Also, he does best among people without college degrees, who are more plentiful in Kentucky than most states. His policy positions are shallow, simplistic responses to complex problems, and are largely unchallenged by journalists who often treat him more as an entertainer than a job applicant.
    Though Trump’s demeanor and behavior make him unacceptable to many if not most Republicans, the anti-Trump vote will be divided until at least March 15, the second “super Tuesday,” when the winner-take-all primaries begin and Ohio Gov. John Kasich is counting on a victory in his home state.
    So, the Kentucky caucuses could be one of Republicans’ last chances to deny Trump the nomination and stop a hostile takeover of their party.

  26. Jorge Ramos “Al Punto” show is an excellent way to watch the circus.!

    He had Hillarys victory at the front, and showing many, many Latino celebrations…..

    only 16% would vote for donald duck…..72% for Hillary.  Bet those 16%ers are evangelicals….these people voting for little Hitler and against their own interest is aggravating to say the least……a few of my family are in that group……..they should be ashamed of themselves.!

    Ramos had ex president V. Fox on his show, and thanked him for being responsible for saving his life….Fox had a lot to say about the Donald….and repeated what he should do with himself, they bleapted it….but one of my talents is that i can read lips….he said Hey Donald Duck Go F……yourself….or something like that.

    Once Hillary gets into office….she better come through……the dems will lose a lot of the Latino votes to whomever is the next person that is not in one of the two parties…..

    .I will stop my whole life and dedicate it to this purpose, since im going to vote for the first time for one of the two party s……. there are many latino indies that will feel the same…

    “let it be written-let it be done”     –  Yul Brenner…..or Victor Mature …….one of those cool dudes



    Sturg, back a few post I left a pic of my motor home….if you did not see it ….il fetch it for U…

  27. I really liked what Warren Buffet had to say: “Though the pie to be shared by the next generation will be far larger than today’s, how it will be divided will remain fiercely contentious.”

    I really thought the Occupy Movement would wake up the “haves.”  I guess the “have-nots” have to take to the streets with pitchforks or something.

  28. Blue

    We all want to live there.  In the 1930s, the Socialists proposed all of those wonderful things.  Over the years bit by bit, we got a shorter work week, overtime pay, Social Security, Medicare etc. Some countries adopted more of the ideas than others, but even they are finding them too expensive.   The problem is that the ideas are magnificent and in a perfect world inhabited by well educated, generous people with hopes and plans for future generations, we would be living them out right now.

    Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in and even if we did, given global population, poverty, and available work to be done, all those ideas become horrendously expensive  and nigh on to impossible even if there was a snowball’s chance in hell of getting them through a recalcitrant and calcified Congress.

    Thirty years ago, the GOP and the “cut taxes, I’ve got mine, screw you contingent” started building the tea party via school boards and city councils.  They appealed to every pet hatred and fear and lathered it over with an evangelistic Christianity and jingoistic, phony patriotism.  They then took advantage of the 2010 census to gerrymander large chunks of the population out of a fair vote.  The end result is the House of Representatives we have and a Turtleman in charge of the Senate.

    This time around, we need someone who understands that system backwards and forwards and having established relationships that make national and foreign alliances to achieve goals possible.  The best thing about Hillary is all the money she is funneling down ticket that might just change the balance of power.  She may be too moderate and the hands of political manipulations may not be completely clean, but if you want to get anywhere close to those great ideas, she is the only one with a chance to doing it.

    Now maybe the Democrats and super Liberals will take a slap up the side of the head and start electing some dog catchers for use thirty years from now.



  29. Hola, Solar….   if you ever point that camper in the direction of NH, you’d better let me know.

    Hey I wanna live in a land where Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Prince Charming and Fairies live.  Our slogan will be “A Unicorn and Pot O’ Gold in every backyard!”

    And oh yeah…  I also want the Rapture to happen too…   suck up all those evangelicals and get them the hell outta here…

    ps…  and while we’re dreamin’ ….   how about one of those orgasmic machines from Woody Allen’s movie.  😉

  30. This is just how historic Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina win was
    “The scale of Hillary Clinton’s blowout win in South Carolina in the 2016 cycle is impressive. Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire by about 22 points, as did Donald Trump. Clinton won South Carolina by nearly 50.

    In fact, it’s the largest margin of victory in one of the first four primaries or caucuses in a contested election since Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) won Iowa in 1992. And it bears mentioning, in case you didn’t read the preceding sentence closely, that this was Harkin’s home state. Other candidates didn’t really contest it. And, of course, this was the year that Bill Clinton won the Democratic nomination and the presidency.”

    By Philip Bump https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/02/28/this-is-just-how-historic-hillary-clintons-south-carolina-win-was/?hpid=hp_hp-cards_hp-card-politics%3Ahomepage%2Fcard

  31. Nikki Hayley defending Rubio engaging in a schoolyard fight with Trump.  She is probably going to be his veep if he wins the nomination, but she seems more competent than Rubio…and she sounds like a helicopter-mom, taking care of junior.

    I finally saw the clip of Trump poking at Rubio as he waved around a water bottle.  He missed an opportune moment for a Marco! Polo! joke.  Cuz this whole GOP season has been a joke.

  32. Jamie,  this should be a warning signal, trump’s

    “…..it’s hard for me to turn down money cos that’s not what I’ve done my whole life. I grab and grab and grab, you know I get greedy! I want money, money!

    “I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do, right – we get greedy, right? Now we’re gonna get greedy for the United States. We’re gonna grab and grab and grab!”


  33. BTW…  OSH…   my comment this morning about making a post of Sanders being squashed was a joke.  It’s Sunday morning…  the sun it out…  spring is in the air… had a fantastic breakfast with friends at a local spot…  and Hillary won big.   I feel good.

    Now I’m off to poke my nose in good John Irving book…    life is grand.

  34. What I remember about 1992 is being disappointed when Bob Kerry dropped out before Super Tuesday.

    I voted for Tsongas.

    This was followed by more disappointment at the county convention when I had to go up to a caucus room to pledge allegiance to Bill Clinton.

    Bill eventually won me over, but Perot was right about NAFTA and that “giant, sucking sound.”  The effects of that continue.

    The “haves” will, for the most part,  continue to “grab” without thought for anyone else.  I didn’t get a raise for five years after we were bought by a smaller Canadian company, who also closed down manufacturing here and opened a plant in Mexico to “stay competitive.”


    Flatus – If your popcorn isn’t too stale, the Oscars are tonight.   You should have a longer opportunity to enjoy a snack on Tuesday; three hours of coverage on NBC. 2 aka COZI.

    Jamie – Thank you for putting up an Oscar page on your blog.

    As an alternative to the Oscars, NBC is airing the movie, “Ted.” Just waiting for the video mashing up that movie with some of Cruz’s whiny words.

  35. Renee,

    Depending on my finances……i would love to see as many of the trail mixers that i could…..Jack is near…so im thinking that he might be my first…..ill look him up in the barrios…..could not miss a 6 ft 4- inch, 250 lbs hillbilly wearing coveralls………

    North of me….Judy has a cousin in Wisconsin…..would be fun to bring that ol grouch……yeah U from Minnesota…..bring him an extra large Ninos Pizza…….You might remember the place……you danced on the bar at one of our club lunches…you and Chloe……I still have the pics…….wanna see em?  You and Rick,Rick are in line with  Coreen….she is probably somewhat pissed at me for dropping out of the swamp…..but im willing to endure her wrath……..sides Judy will be there……i will have her back….

    Zorba will definitely want to visit Patricia, Pogo, Craig and David……….the list goes on….the people here are the  most interesting, knowledgeable of any site that i have read.!  I have learned so much here……thanks to all.

  36. ” but Perot was right about NAFTA and that “giant, sucking sound.”  The effects of that continue.”

    Blue he sure was.. Were still suffering the effects NAFTA and its sister trade deals.. Seems all Presidents in love with them…

  37. Jamie – My great-grandmother refused refused to teach her children Danish, despite my hometown being a settlement of, primarily, folks from Denmark.  I heard her speaking Danish to a neighbor and when they noticed me standing there, switched to English.   After a few tries at learning Danish, I came across an app last year (Duolingo) which makes it fun.

    Bernie is trying to sell folks on the Danish way of doing things.  Since the water levels may sink Denmark at some point, the Danes may want to start the paperwork to move here. They already speak English.  Their schools seem to be far ahead of ours.

  38. Oldsea, I just wasn’t surprised by Hillary’s margin in South Carolina. We’ve all known for months that the turnout machine run by their state Dem chair Jamie Harrison — a former Clyburn aide on the payroll of her campaign chairman John Podesta’s DC consulting firm now run by his brother Tony — would get the black vote to 60 percent of the electorate, overwhelming for Clinton, and Sanders camp had no clue how to compete for that vote. Like I wrote in yesterday’s post, she has nailed this thing and Sanders is just a protest candidate.

  39. Tony – Hillary was for TPP before she was against it.  I hope she now means what she says and it isn’t just politickin’, although I suspect that’s all it is and she will do the bidding of her corporate over-lords, if elected.

    Bernie thinks TTP would be “disastrous” for us.

  40. The New York Times embarrasses itself again: Grey Lady holds Hillary to separate disclosure standard
    Republican candidates can give all the paid speeches they please. Only Clinton is called to release her transcripts
    Eric Boelert

    From Politico [emphasis added]:

    Stanford law professor Joseph Bankman said it’s not so odd for a man of Trump’s wealth to be subjected to repeated audits. “A lot of super wealthy individuals, and all large companies, are audited every year,” Bankman said Thursday night.
    But he said Trump’s statement that he “can’t” publicly release his returns is a headscratcher.
    “I’m not sure why that prevents him from releasing his returns. They are his to release,” Bankman said.

    So when will the Times demand Trump release his tax returns? When will the Timescall for transparency from the Republican front-runner?”

  41. Canada holds a 25th anniversary commemorating the Persian Gulf War…and invites American vets because our government does nothing to honor our servicemen and servicewomen.

  42. http://trailmix.cc/home/2016/02/28/oh-how-to-explain-the-mechanics-of-the-infinite-temporal-flux/#comment-8236

    Blue i know Hillary evolved on TPP once she got more info..Hillary is very cautious and guarded..  All politicians change their positions and i’m glad they do.. Bernie does as well and good for him.. Here’s 2 examples of Bernie’s evolving and Hillary probably has more instances than him..

    Bernie Sanders Claims He’s a Longtime Champion of Marriage Equality. It’s Just Not True.
    Mark Joseph Stein

    Hillary Clinton correct that Bernie Sanders flip-flopped on liability for gun makers, sellers
    Louis Jacobson


  43. I would be more impressed by Clinton victories in the South if they don’t starve these states for campaign resources in the general election, as the DNC and national Democratic house and senate campaign committees have done in recent years. They galvanize black vote to win primaries and then ignore their states for November, especially South Carolina, conceding most of the region to Republicans without a fight.

  44. Solar man……I have seen the motor home……..it’s a beaut and now you are King of the Road……..El Rey del Camino………

  45. Bernie thinks he can win California.  I don’t.  Hillary won in 2008 and  I don’t see how that will change.  It’s a June election and doesn’t come at a good time for a young people’s uprising

  46. That’s our Craig- thanks for one of your  thought provoking comments!

    “just politickin’”- for crip’s sake-I sure hope their positions have changed.  they are both so old that if they didn’t evolve over their many years along with changing social mores etc.  they would be stagnant.

  47. Yes, and Hillary only brought up Flint at the debate because she was focused on the upcoming vote in Michigan, and, the large number of black citizens in Flint.

    Craig – If Bernie is just a protest vote, if his candidacy isn’t viable (which Camp Clinton has been floating since day one), then my protest vote for the primary goes to the very viable Trump, because the Repug I’m truly afraid of is Ted Cruz.

    Hillary will not be able to beat Trump.  She could mop the floor with Rubio. Ted is such a weasel, I think he might just beat Hillary; he surprised the heck out of me by winning his Senate race.

    So, we probably have Clinton and Trump, neither of whom want to disclose either their tax returns, or, transcripts of speeches given to 1%-er interest groups.  It must be an embarrassment of riches.

    Rubio only released his summary tax return; the devil must be in the details.

    Can we just call a Mulligan and start over with a new batch of candidates on both sides?


    OK, I have nap up for the Oscars.

  48. politic like this all you want, old girl. music to my ears:

    Hillary Clinton took to two pulpits in Memphis on Sunday to preach a message of inclusion and a rejection of divisiveness, in the wake of her dominant win over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in South Carolina on Saturday

    Clinton made her oft used called for “love and kindness” at the two church stops [….]

    “I am very confident, not just hopeful, I am confident that if we start working together again, if we remembered we are the United States of America, if we reject the demagoguery, the prejudice, the paranoia, the mean spiritedness we hear in our public political discourse … America’s best days can still be ahead of us,” Clinton added.

  49. I wonder if trump is not playing kingmaker to insure a democratic presidency.

    Look who I saved you from………you OWE me…….

  50. Tha was not her first mention of Flint and she has been doing things to call attention to the inaction of the state government  She has been to Flint more times then she would need to under campaign circumstances

  51. sturge, only trouble is his rhetoric has unleashed some rather unsavory supporters…  they won’t go gentle back into their hole.

  52. Anybody who would go up there with a head like that has got some brass…….moxie.

    it doesn’t matter a whit what one says in order to seal the deal.  You can’t tell an outright lie but you can dance around those suckers all day long.

    Truthiness in its most refined and almost zen form is the art of the deal.

    I loved all the deal making in Tai-Pan and Noble House by Clavell……

  53. I am more struck in these early contests by Hillary dramatically losing control of New Hampshire, and barely hanging on in Iowa (probably lost raw vote total, which I suspect is why her friends in the state party still won’t release those numbers). Both are states that can be in play for Democrats in November, with potentially significant electoral college impact..

    Also, Republicans are so far exceeding turn out compared to past cycles, while Democrats are underperforming. Not a good sign for Democrats.

  54. Pat…..now that you mention it…..the GOP has been dog-whistling past the graveyard at those guys for, what……since segregation ended, maybe?    At least now, they’re out in the sunshine.

    Sunshine is a great disinfectant.

    It could be that they might with great relief re-occupy their holes.

    the big problem there would be…….what on earth would happen to country music?

  55. Dr. Dean is a Hillary supporter perhaps they will bring back the 50 state strategery

  56. blueINdallas,

    My Grandparents refused to teach their children Danish too. What part of the Denmark were your ancestors from? Mine came from Vester Haesinge (located on island of Fyn), Toksvaerd & Fakse (located on island of Sjaelland). Small world.

  57. My parents etc didn’t teach us Yiddish because they wanted to be able to talk about things and not have us understand

  58. Bill is quite the artist!

    Thank you all for your kindness.  And, to Craig for allowing his site to be a big post on which to nail our considered outputs.

    I just accomplished my first, and hopefully last, disagreeable task of the year.  Sometime over winter a squirrel had the misfortune of ending up in my little pond.  It did not leave on it’s own volition.  The other day I was raking leaves out of the bottom when I lifted a heavy load.  At first I thought it was a big blob of leaves and algae.  No such luck.  It was squirrel.  Due to the unknown age of Mr. Squirrel (big squirrel, not petite squirrel) swimming career (lots of algae in the fur) rather than take him to the Bay and feed the fishes, he is heading to an unknown grave, carried in the big stinking truck.

    To take the time to fish Mr. Squirrel out of the pond I left All the Presidents Men spinning in the DVD player.  I consider this movie as one of the most important movies of my lifetime.  A movie which I watch at least once each year.  What Nixon did in his few years as president almost destroyed this country.  It also set the stage for decades of bad things.  The VI used many of the same criminals in his presidency thereby transferring the cancer to us in this new century.  A cancer we are fighting in this election.

  59. What Nixon did in his few years as president almost destroyed this country.  It also set the stage for decades of bad things.  The VI used many of the same criminals in his presidency thereby transferring the cancer to us in this new century.  A cancer we are fighting in this election.  BB

    standing ovation

  60. Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux?


    Even given the Demographic makeup of Iowa and NH your surprised it was close? I’m not given Bernie’s appeal in the region.. The fact that Hillary won NH in 2008 was the surprise and i think that happened because then Barack Obama was unknown. Oh and between Bernie and Hillary it’s Bernie who is deemed more liberal which fits the state’s makeup to a tee…

  61. Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux?


    As you know, i was born and raised and lived most of my life in Flint. The Clintons have been there before, in fact i saw Bill up close and personal as did the other neighbors on my Grandmother’s street when the motorcade came thru and stopped, wonderful he was.. Of my family and former neighbors i have spoke with and Facebooked with they were very grateful Hillary came to Flint for whatever reason.. The national attention Hillary brings to Flint when she brings it up is priceless and i hope she keeps talking about Flint..

  62. We found our Darwinian Award squirrel out there in Evergreen Color-Raydo at the bottom of the French Fryer up at the Saddle Down bar and grill, an uncountable number of French Fries having passed over his lifeless deep-fat-fried self.

    he did not get a state funeral, so to speak.

  63. “I would be more impressed by Clinton victories in the South if they don’t starve these states for campaign resources in the general election, as the DNC and national Democratic house and senate campaign committees have done in recent years. They galvanize black vote to win primaries and then ignore their states for November, especially South Carolina, conceding most of the region to Republicans without a fight.”


    Great point. At some point the Dems. need to pick off at least a few of the southern states. They may not win but they will never win if they don’t try. Still seem to recall that it was not Florida but rather Tennessee that tripped up Al Gore.

  64. So Clinton got a similar margin SC to what Bernie has in Vermont — numbers that Rachael Madow “simply could not get over”   didn’t seem as interested in the Clinton win dismissing it as a low electoral vote state sheesh.   And I am looking forward to Amy Goodman’s description of Clinton’s win.  I wonder if it will include the word trounced.  It’s one thing to support a candidate it’s another to support that candidate’s campaign hooha

  65. Jack, here is something different for you: familiar and different at the same time……..great instrumentals….i give it a ten….easy to dance to, and …….a must listen for you…




  66. Jace, yep, all Gore had to do was win his home state of Tennessee, and W would have harmed nothing but the weeds on his ranch.

  67. KGC

    Hillary also sent two of her staffers to Flint to work with the mayor to see what they can help her get done and to help coordinate water acquisition.

    It might be cumbersome, but Flint must have a schools or gyms with swimming pools and showers.  How hard could it be to hook up large venues like that with safe water so that children could at least bathe safely.


  68. Democratic winners in the past.  JFK (if you call that winning), LBJ,  Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton ( with a tip o’ the Hatlo hat to Ross Perot), and Barack Obama.     We’ll exclude Mr. Carter since Nixon basically got him elected.   All the rest have a good bit of “devious connivery” to ’em, and a lot of gumption.

    what democratic candidate do we know who might fill the bill?

    thats whom I’m for.   I want to see them win.

    If Dr Dean is on board, all is well.

  69. Sturgeone – an uncountable number of French Fries having passed over his lifeless deep-fat-fried self.

    I raise my glass to those perky little fiends for their dedication to humans:

    For testing our reflexes while driving
    For testing our power grid in ways the Soviets never will
    For testing  the ice cover
    And, for adding that special flavor of squirrel to fries

    To my great ancestors who enjoyed squirrel as part of their regular diet, uhh, only on special occasions do I imbibe.  I can buy cow parts at the store and do not have to feed it.

    It may a bit early in the season (election season) to start thinking about Labor Day, but it is necessary.  Everyone of us is one of the few, the few who are political before Labor Day.  At one training we were described as abnormal.  A few of you have a strange obsession and watch Prime Minister’s Questions on CSPAN or even BBC if you are lucky.

    Friends, co-workers, and many people we do not know, rely on us for how they vote.  We influence because we know politics.  We probably will not change someone who is as political as we are but of the wrong party.  But, we can influence many others.  Now is the time to start thinking about what we can do.

  70. Of course Bernie was going to win big here in NH…  we consider Vermonters to be our brothers and sisters.

    Jamie and BlueinD…   enjoy your Oscar night.  I haven’t seen any of the movies.  And with it being political and all, I’m going to skip it this year.  I get enough politics with this being an election year.  Beside… I really want to watch the hockey game….   Go Bruins!

  71. Blue Bronc,

    Latinos will pick up a lot of the slack.  Another reason that im voting for a dem….is that im afraid of how they will be treated under the new Hitler……..im going to make sure that anyone that i come in contact with knows what Trump is all about…….Educating those that dont know so much about politics is the only way, not talking down to them, but sorta just talking about how things stand.

    There is a lot of politcal conversation at the gym that i go to…….i maybe, just a mite stick out a little when i wear a t-shirt that says (name by name in english and spanish, pics, front and back) that the whole Bush regime is wanted for illegally crossing boarders………that gym is in republican territory….people are used to my many different messages on my t/s………like the darwin monkey that is sitting and contemplating the human skull…….lots of religious people stay away from me thata way…

    But i will do my part….as small as it might be……………or maybe i will go and carry signs with …..OD……ha, ha, haaaaaa………..


  72. Tony – I am very glad I was wrong about an opportunism on the part of Hillary with regard Flint.  There should be much more national outrage that so many lives are being impacted because someone thought they would cut corners.

    sjwny – Smaller than you think.  The Danes in my family came from Hjorring.

  73. Hill & Bill were at Trump’s most recent wedding.  Maybe he is trying to ensure a Dem win.  It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing we’ve seen this season.

  74. RR, Bernie’s Vermont connection doesn’t explain Hillary’s difficulties in Iowa, where I am guessing he won the raw popular vote, simply because her friends in the state party won’t release those numbers. I am simply saying that she is proving to be weak in states with general election demographics, and she is losing badly among self identified independents who are on the verge of outnumbering Democrats and Republicans combined. Hillary supporters doing a dance over South Carolina’s rigged vote in a state she will likely abandon in the Fall had better get busy and prepare for the trench warfare ahead.

    Republicans are beating Dems in past turnout numbers, and Hillary is in terrrible shape among younger voters, even women (who resent suggestions they should vote for her because she is a woman)

  75. blueINdallas,

    Years ago my Aunt wanted us to vote for Lloyd Bentsen for President because he was Scandinavian-American. Seriously, the only reason. We nodded & smiled politely.


  76. I think the Gooper turn out in the primaries is not a predicter for the fall.  If it is anybody but Trump – all the strumpettes will stay home or write-in trump, and of course the Trump threat of a third party run (Trump Blomberg oy vey)  If it is Trump eventually it will be just the Trump rabid supporters who see him as the front lines of the white supremacy movement.

    The elder statesmen of the Republican party are in no position to stop Trump since they are primarily as Blue Bronc pointed out Nixon or Nixon spawn

  77. KGC, primary turnout has never NOT been a predictor of Fall turnout. But this is a weird year. I just think Democrat and Republican bosses both are living in a dream world, not understanding that their traditional models are imploding. Which explains Trump and Sanders.

  78. Tony – Thanks & right back at cha.

    sjwny – LOL.  That’s right up there with women voting for a woman just because…that was John McCain’s reasoning for putting you-know-who on his ticket in 2008.

  79. Craig…   I agree that Bernie being from Vermont doesn’t explain Iowa.  But no one (including you or me) could have predicted Trump mostly likely winning the GOP nomination.  I watched about 5 minutes of CNN this morning with Jake Tapper and Trump.  Trump was denying he knew who David Duke was or what the KKK stood for…  what garbage!  That stuff will not play well, IMO, with the electorate when they start to pay attention after Labor Day.   And as for young women…   if Trump even hints at misogyny they will get their hackles up.  I know lots of young women…  they may not want to hear my story of fighting for women’s right… but they sure as hell expect to be treated as equals to men.

  80. Craig – What do you make of Rep. Gabbard resigning from the DNC to support Bernie at this stage of the game?   Was it just because she’s as sick of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as some of the rest of us, or, does she really see a way forward for his campaign?

  81. I fear that Craig is correct. If Dems. get out and vote in large numbers we win. The republicans can smell the White House and the chance to put another Scalia on the Supreme Court. That’s all the motivation they need. Apparently that prospect is not enough to make Dems. come out and vote. Can’t imagine why, but it is a sad and scary state of affairs. Hillary and Bernie would both do well to start explaining this very clearly, and Dems. would do well to start listening very carefully.

  82. If the Dem ticket could be Bernie for me & Hillary for y’all…now that is a dream.

    Don’t worry about Bloomburg.  Don’t worry about Repugz trying to put up someone else, in some other way, if Trump gets the nomination.   There will not be a flood of voters heading to any third person.

  83. Blue,


    I hope and pray that your are right. But this is the same country that re-elected George W. Bush! Electing Trump is not all that far out of the range of possibility.

  84. BlueInD, Gabbard resigning reflects widespread disgust within party at DNC running the place like a Mafia restaurant for Hillary. This will not only haunt them but it reveals an insecurity in her camp about her ability to win this thing without gaming the traps.

  85. The VP on the Democratic ticket is probably going to be under 55.  (Hillary – 68; Bernie Sanders 74).  So you get prospects floated like Julian Castro (41) , Cory Booker (46) or Amy Klobuchar (55)


  86. Craig and Blue,

    For my money the DNC has been dysfunctional since Howard Dean left. DWS has proved to be nothing more than a political hack with few if any organizational skills.  Really, I think that both the RNC and the DNC are for the most part, irrelevant to the process. Neither one has the good sense that God gave a goose.

  87. Craig – Thanks for that explanation.

    The writer who won the Oscar for The Big Short just, I think, made an appeal for Camp Bernie!

  88. Craig,

    “Gaming the traps” or just really, really making sure that in a year when SCOTUS is so much in play and the need to bring in down ticket to take back the Senate if not the House, they were just scared out of their minds of losing and really, really wanting to save the country from itself.


  89. Jamie,


    When the majority of the Latino community feels that the Republican party is overtly hostile to them, Castro makes good sense. Neither Rubio or Cruz can connect with them. My guess is that  Castro can.

  90. Then we get the pitch for the environment courtesy of the Mad Max costume designer and diversity pitch from Mad Max Production designer

  91. So she made multiple visits down there cultivating those contacts and friends from the past 40 years and Bernie paid them a visit this year.  Not exactly hard to understand their preferences.   We could just as easily dredge up financial relationships for Jane Sanders that put Bernie in the top 4%

    These things go on all the time   No one goes in to political life to qualify for sainthood.  You pick your goals and try to get there as honestly as possible with some shreds of your soul intact.

    Oh and Mad Max Fury Road is cleaning up in the technical awards.

  92. Poobah,  with all due respect I’ve read at least a couple of articles about the SC dem party chair Jaime Harrison and his ties to the Clinton’s past affiliate, Podesta, and past opponent, Clyburn

  93. I put this on my ballot tonight.  Should have gone with my heart instead of my head.  Congratulations to Mark Rylance for a great performance in a supporting role.

    Best Supporting Actor – Sylvester Stallone, Creed (even though I want Rylance)

  94. I gotta give Chris Rock  kudos for an excellent job hosting. I’ve seen nothing more than the trailer for any film this year, so I guess the right recipients were chosen.

  95. Not widely reported; par for the course with the Clintons.  Politics is like Mad Max.  Welcome to The Thunder-dome

  96. There are days when I swear the Bernie supporters won’t be happy until Hillary Clinton is hung in effigy from the center of the Capitol Dome.?

  97. Poobah, perhaps you could provide a link to an article.   The video link tells me it isn’t still available and the stories I’ve read haven’t had that kind of info.

  98. Jamie,  I decided a few weeks ago to just ignore the negative.  There are enough positive people to keep me interested.  The few posts I make are positive.  This better reflects my life in the real world.

    On to Super Tuesday!

  99. OD

    Really just about the same here.  I don’t hate Bernie, I just don’t think he has any business anywhere near the Presidency.  I really like Hillary and whatever the flaws the Clintons have, I think they will be good for the country at this time in history.

    Since the only other alternatives are the Republican possibilities, I really prefer not vomiting on my ballot.


  100. Original Screenplay – Spotlight
    Adapted Screenplay – The Big Short
    Actress Supporting – Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl
    Best Costume – Mad Max Fury Road
    Production Design – Mad Max Fury Road
    Make Up & Hair – Mad Max Fury Road
    Cinematography – The Revenant
    Film Editing – Mad Max Fury Road
    Sound Editing – Mad Max Fury Road
    Sound Mixing – Mad Max Fury Road
    Visual Effects – Ex Machina
    Animated Short – Bear Story
    Animated Feature – Inside Out
    Supporting Actor – Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies
    Documentary Short Film – A Girl In the River, price of forgiveness
    Best Documentary Feature – Amy
    Live Action Short – Stutterer
    Foreign Language – Son of Saul
    Original Score – The Hateful Eight
    Original Song – Writings On The Wall
    Directing – Inarritu – The Revenant
    Best Actress – Brie Larson, Room
    Best Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant
    Best Picture – Spotlight

  101. It sounded like Leo DiCaprio would be a Bernie supporter.  Green.  Not beholden to corporate money.


  102. The practically bankrupt Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: $600K

    Monsanto, Merck, and all the usual suspects.

    Who is the Dorchester Group?  Google kept flipping to Dorchester collection hotels, which also mentioned the Sultan of Brunei.


  103. Where is the expose on that?

    Man, how much can she really care about the water in Flint, income inequality, or anything else for that matter?

    She was more concerned with her own survival after the first Benghazi hearings.  She didn’t have the sense not to use a private email server.  Rules just don’t apply to her.

    Actually, I think that’s the Clinton character flaw.  To paraphrase Ernest Ann, they don’t have to care, they’re the Clintons.  Married people looking alike, again.

    She wants the job for the title, her place in history, and, continued income (and I’m not talking the measley salary of POTUS).

    Leo DiCaprio is a Bernie supporter.  Most of the celebs endorsing him are making noise about government being corrupted by corporate money.


  104. Mr Crawford,

    The info about the Podesta Group isn’t shocking, surprising. It’s expected. The Clintons have a history of attracting detritus in their orbit. Next….

    Wanted to say thank you for an earlier Post mentioning the growth of non-affiliated voters. We’re here, Candidates. Respect us.

  105. Oh, this stuff is interesting.  After filing bankruptcy, the forensic accounting firm on that list settled with the DOJ for $30 million for fraud.  After filing?  So,  pennies on the dollar for a bankruptcy claim?  And now I assume reorganized and are paying a lobbying firm for access?  Crap on a cracker, there are a dozen The Big Short-style movies on that list.

  106. Hmm, one company on the list was created in 2015 as Google’s parent company.  Fascinating stuff.

  107. Yes, SJWNY, the saddest part of all to me is that Democrats accept this cave to corruption and dismiss it, unless of course when the other side does it, rationalizing it as the cost of doing business. Not the party of the little guy I once believed in, and no longer do.

  108. If the Bernie behaved like a Clinton, and if Hillary held to Bernie’s ideals, I think they’d be clambering for Bernie to step aside.

    I’ve enjoyed (for lack of a better word) investigating the lobby list, but it’s late.

  109. OMG! Do they know how much hell they created?   All of this stuff will make for an interesting book or documentary.  Really, the world should know exactly how complicated and intertwined all of these things are since they have hijacked our democracy.

    I’m sorry that happened to you and Webb.  It should be a level playing field.

  110. Hmmm, Crawford Group, parent conpany of Enterprise; making  large car rental service endeavor  in China.

    Who new there was an Oscar after party on TV?

    I wonder if Bernie will get a DiCaprio bounce?


  111. David Himbara is on the list. As in Riwanda? Yikes.


    Question for the morning: When Trump is elected (and he will be) how long will it take before he does whatever the heck he wants and it turns out to be an impeachable offense?   It seems to me that he can reign it in when he wants to, for the most part, so it would take some  time.   Shall we start a pool?

  112. “Jamie,  I decided a few weeks ago to just ignore the negative.  There are enough positive people to keep me interested. ”

    OD, Jamie-Occasionally some of the comments here aren’t worthy of my time or energy. So I now make a small donation to the Clinton campaign upon spying a super bitter, unrealistic or ignorant comment .
     Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching. 

  113. BlueBronc – sorry i missed your comment- guess i was mesmerized by Pat’s videos! “can you explain how economic equality will enhance your life?”I agree it would be a preferable question to pose.

    Am quite pleased to hear on Trump TV aka CNN that it appears that Hillary will show better tomorrow in MA than expected previous to SC.  Thank you good people of South Carolina!!

  114. CNN just announced that both Clinton and Trump pulling out ahead nationally- expected to be nominees.  Clinton leads Sanders by 17%  Sorry,  I looked for a link but none as yet.

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