47 thoughts on “Feel The Debate”

  1. My first thought is I would love to see Bernie in Hillary’s shiny jacket. Would be a Larry David episode unto itself. Remember the Seinfeld puffy sleeve episode?

  2. The PBS moderators are avoiding gotcha questions.  This looks like it will be a useful tool for voters.

  3. Hillary: “If it’s Medicare for all, then you no longer have the Affordable Care Act, because the Affordable Care Act, as you know very well, is based on the insurance system, based on exchanges, based on a subsidy system.”

    And that’s exactly what’s wrong with our current system, including ACA, it enriches insurance companies.

  4. Yep, Hillary defended the insurance industry; an industry that should not be in charge of dispensing healthcare.  No surprise there.

    Ha! Bernie gave Repugs a good opening; he made it sound  like he’s just going to let prisoners out on the streets. Dude, watch your words.

  5. Solarcrete,

    Looks like the people are holding police accountable, 4 police officers killed in the last 24 hours, I guess their families are feeling the “bern”!

  6. Mama,

    Yes, and earlier there were about 46 police jail gaurds arrested in a 2 year long fbi sting………sounded like one of those drug lord movies…..they took bribes for selling drugs, getting cell phones to the inmates so they could threaten families of witnesses against them.

    Those police that are in the 80% doing the best that they can…..i feel for them….if they are in the 20% of murdering unarmed people…not so much………….Fire fighters….now they are the true peoples heros imo

  7. ernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s smashing victories in New Hampshire have left the political world shaken, even afraid. But the pundits are ignoring one amazing consolation: If this thing keeps going, we’re going to see the most mind-blowing debates in the nation’s history this fall. Imagine what it would look like to see these two men on stage, battling each other before a national television audience to become the most powerful leader on earth. Here, purloined from the future, is a transcript:

  8. Hillary made it very clear to any fair observer that we need to see where we are and then work to make reforms with things like prescription pricing while getting from 90% coverage to 100%…

    What is the best way NOW to get more healthcare reform.

  9. Sanders so right, capping SS tax for the rich is ridiculous. Hillary “looking” at it.

  10. Hillalry has a standard answer for  anything……for years she has said that “i will take a look at that later”

  11. …..i don’t trust Sander either….he has been around far too long as far as im concerned….later my telenovela just came on….

  12. Yep, I gotta get up at 5.  G’nite.

    One thing is clear, the Dems have a lot more substance than fluff.

  13. i wish she hadn’t worn that suit- it is distractin

    he also voted to fund it- hope she remembers to mention

  14. Somebody give Bernie a Mucinex (or maybe a generic from Canada). The coughing is more distracting than Hillary’s neon jacket.

  15. Solarcrete,

    I not arguing, but those 46 jail guards, not police jail guards, I will make you a bet, 1/2 of those 46 belong to gangs. I disagree that 80% are good police officers, I say over 90%. And in Chicago, we do have police officers who are part of gangs, a small percentage, but they are there.  Have a good night everyone!

  16. i didn’t notice the coughing but the finger wagging while she speaks , would drive me nuts.  planned psych out  and distract strategy or just can’t contain himself?


  17. i liked the closing line about individuals living up to their potential. debate over , now the real trash talking begins..

  18. I enjoyed both Democrats.. Hillary of course won, lol.. Both excellent and full of substance.. Kathleen, lol, yes, Hillary’s outfit, oh my, did it stand out..

  19. i hate to even say it, however it was to me distracting.  i think it must be a beautiful shantung silk, it was the color and seams that took me  a few minutes to stop staring at.  but thing again i am honestly often distracted by “oooh, something shiny” .

  20. Clinton won. She hugged Sanders pretty tightly while pointing at her own strengths. Unfortunately, she also spoiled a good performance with a kissinger comment. A maggoty claw suddenly rose up out of hell and waved a middle digit at the Boomers.

  21. mamaknows- so glad you came back out from the shadows- i so enjoyed your company in the past and wondered many times what ever happened to you.

  22. The difference between the republican and Democratic ‘debates’ is astonishing, simply astonishing.

    I was also impressed with Woodruff rebuking Sanders for failing to answer a question. She’s a huge improvement over Jim Lehrer.

  23. Next, I want to see trump accuse kasich of being squishy soft on isis inroads in undefended Antarctica –

    5 1/2 M!LL!ON square miles of helpless penguins in orders.

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