It’s Pragmatism, Stupid

By Amy Chozick and Patrick Healy (New York Times) — “This new line of attack was a risky attempt to puncture Mr. Sanders’s growing popularity before the next nominating contests in Nevada and South Carolina. Mrs. Clinton is wagering that voters will care that Mr. Sanders has not provided a political strategy or clear financing plan to enact Medicare for all and provide free public colleges, and that such details will matter more to voters than his inspiring political message.”

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  1. I got distracted and missed the debate.  Anybody know a site where I might have 24 hours or so to catch it on-demand?  Bernie was coughing incessantly Wednesday on a diner interview with one of the NBC crew, cups of tea with large lemon slices doing his voice and chest cough no good at all.

    The Night Owl Night Watchman turning over the war room to the early rising crew here.  I will now make a quick cup of chamomile tea , get a little shut-eye, then arise and make a batch of blueberry muffins for breakfast.   Toodle-oo now.

  2. Kudos to NPR for leading off this morning with a story on the Syrian refugees. To their editors, good on ya. Yep I know this story is the ultimate failure of politics & what shoulda coulda woulda if only etc. etc. etc. Just for one moment today think of one person who is facing a hell no one here will ever experience. We can write a thousand words on this little blog & in the end it means squat. Thank You again, NPR: Priorities.

  3. This is what Democracy looks like: this weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the Wisconsin protests. Thank You, Unions.

  4. “The difference between the republican and Democratic ‘debates’ is astonishing, simply astonishing”

    xr, you can say that again. oh I just did.

    also astonishing is the difference of who puts on the debate, the questioners and the questions they pose.  can’t just be due to commercialism can it? or does it reflect their respective audiences — faux and the rest must have lower opinions of their viewers.  somehow proves the living up to expectations theory.

  5. from wapo’s  Transcript: The Democratic debate in Milwaukee, annotated

    “….if — and here’s the if — we have the courage to take on the drug companies, and have the courage to take on the insurance companies, and the medical equipment suppliers, if we do that, yes, we can guarantee health care to all people in a much more cost effective way.”


    mighty big IF, Bernie.

  6. Safe to say no one’s mind was/is/or will be changed by any Debate, now & forever, Amen. Now to stuff that matters: What did you do for humanity today? What is the true measure of your soul? Actions matter, words are cheap.

  7. An idea: For every Post, we pledge – honor system, of course – to donate a few dollars to a worthy charity or an extra can to a food drive. +1 for humanity, one word at a time. We can’t change the world but we sure can help it.

  8. Wish I could link, but most here wouldn’t appreciate it.  A book review by Kyle Smith in the NY Post about Hillary’s book for young girls.

    It’s worded a bit harshly at times, but she should take note of it. If she happens to be the nominee, the things pointed out in this article are exactly what she will be facing.

    Bernie is a pussycat (who needs something for that hair all in his throat, poor guy) compared to what she would face from Trump or Turd or…I can’t even add Rubio to the list. (Rubio & Cruz are the only two young enough to be thinking about another run.)

    As an NPR listener, I missed her jacket, but it sounds like it was meant to distract people.  I also missed Betnie’s finger pointing which, while it can be distracting, is just how he gestures; with every syllable.

    I did take exception with Bernie wanting to release a lot of prisoners. A)  Dukakis; The GOP aid gonna roast him for that line.  B) Where do they find jobs and housing so they don’t do something worse?

    Maybe all debates should be on radio only.  All GOP debates combined didn’t have as much substance as any one of the Dem debates.

    In Zika-probe areas, they are asking that people delay having children.  Hmmm, how is the Catholic Church gonna deal with that government directive?   It would help with population problem, though.


  9. if? Bernie, if? to quote rudy….

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:
    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    ‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
    if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,


    kipling says – you’ll be a Man, my son!  I say you’ll be more like Hillary.


  10. Slow and steady won Clinton the debate
    By Scott Lehigh

    “THURSDAY NIGHT’S PBS-fest wasn’t a night of political pyrotechnics, but a good solid exchange that showed the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates. I scored it a win for Hillary Clinton.
    One of the most dramatic moments came in the last few minutes of the debate, when Clinton, who had wrapped herself in President Obama’s legacy, offered up several critical comments that Sanders had made of the Democratic incumbent.

    She expected that kind of thing of Republicans, but not of Democrats, Clinton said.
    “Madame Secretary, that is a low blow,” Sanders rejoined.
    Um, Bernie, this ain’t beanbag.”

  11. Gerson writes Donald Trump is the alpha male  — and he’s on the rise:

    As Donald Trump’s GOP opponents descend on South Carolina, they are running smack into a phenomenon. In this state, Trump is riding a wave of adulation more common for rock stars, faith healers or South American dictators. His rally crowds run into the thousands — some in excess of 10,000 — with cars parked for miles down the sides of roads leading to venues. South Carolina Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster — who recently endorsed Trump — describes a woman waiting eight hours without eating to keep her place in the front of the crowd, and promptly fainting when Trump’s speech began. “Nineteen-year-old girls have him sign things and have tears in their eyes,” says McMaster, tracing lines down his cheeks.


    question: is he the new elvis or the old adolf?



    You Will Never Feel As Good As This Pomeranian Getting A Haircut
    The pure joy of getting your fur snipped.
    By Ed Mazza

    http://You Will Never Feel As Good As This Pomeranian Getting A Haircut The pure joy of getting your fur snipped.

  13. Hillary Clinton Won The Debate With Sanders By Defending Barack Obama

    by John A. Tures

    SANDERS: Well, one of us ran against Barack Obama. I was not that candidate.

    Sanders got only tepid applause at best for that last line, because voters recognize that Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2008, not trying to stop Obama. But by calling for a primary opponent for Obama in 2012, that was a different story, one which could have sunk the Democratic Party’s chances. Nothing takes out a president like a primary opponent.
    Sure, Sanders didn’t slam Obama personally in his foreword to the Bill Press bookBuyer’s Remorse. But the book blasted Obama, and Sanders had to know what the book was about. If not, he should have asked at least. But he didn’t. Clinton is right on this one.
    Obama took plenty of abuse from Republicans. The last thing Obama needed was friendly fire when trying to muster support for initiatives that Sanders otherwise claims to support. By making the nomination a referendum on Obama, Secretary Clinton should shore up her support among Democrats who realize what the president has done for the party, instead of those who complain he didn’t do anything for Democrats.”

  14. I know at least the majority here know about SuperPacs, but for those lurking or ones that don’t know here is some info.  Just for full disclosure, the rules are often more honored in the breach than in the observance.

    SuperPacs are independent political action committees that may raise unlimited sums of money from corps, unions & individuals.

    It is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates.  NEVER.  It’s against the law.  Illegal.  An opposition party SuperPac can even run commercials to try to sway the other party’s election.  i.e. Carl Rove running ads to benefit Bernie Sanders

    Both Hillary & Bernie have SuperPacs. 

    SuperPacs can run ads for their candidate, but the candidate has zero input, which can be dangerous for the candidate. I.E. Bernie’s insulted black women by holding a meeting for all white people on “How To Talk To Black Women” and Hillary’s ran a commercial before Iowa that hurt her with voters.

    When you hear that someone’s SuperPac did so and so, always double check on the source and intention and always question the candidate.

  15. Patd

    I’ve always thought Ted Cruz came across as the kind of man who had more kinks than a slinky but not in public.

  16. Jamie


    “How To Talk To Black Women”

    My recommendation  to an old white guy(like myself) is the same recommendation one should use with all women. Keep your opinions to yourself.

    then listen and learn.

    Now if I just took that advice more…………..



  17. from cnn day before yesterday

    BLITZER:….What’s your relationship with the Clintons like today? [Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black]

    CLYBURN: Well, we have a great relationship. I spent a lot of time, I was on the phone with Mrs. Clinton last week. I’ve seen the president, the former president several times. Mrs. Clinton and I set with each other at Senator Clementa Pinckney’s funeral and we have had several conversations.

    You know, I had my fish fry out in Charleston a couple of weeks ago and I spoke with her at that time as well as Senator Sanders. So the relationship between me and the Clintons are like any other relationship. Sometimes things get testy. But I’ve been married 54 years so I know what it is to have relationships that things get testy in sometimes.


    rep. clyburn sure knows how to keep the media dangling

  18. I saw a little of the debate before I konked out.  Chris Cillizza, who has been pretty harsh on Hillary of late scored it a win for her.  Since you couldn’t see Hillary’s jacket Blue, there’s a pic of it at the bottom of the article.  I didn’t find it distracting, but for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t have chosen such garb. But then again, Mrs. P always says I need a bit of spiffing up.

  19. jamie, as to he-who-thinks-he-walks-on-water, wonkette’s most recent description of:
    Ted Cruz has one of the creepiest faces of any human ever to anchor baby hisself into America. It’s that special combination of how he doesn’t know how to genuinely smile — he constantly sports the expression of a person who KNOWS he’s smarter than everybody else, but obviously is an idiot — and also he is just a total dick with a punchable face, and everybody hates him.

    my apology for spreading ad hominae. after awhile one may begin to feel sorry for him… well, maybe and maybe not.

  20. poobah, at 9:05 last night I think I saw the glimmer of a smile on your face.  don’t know if it helped lift some of the despair, but it was nice to see.  hang in there, boss.

  21. Well, Poobah, while it is likely a loss to the ‘murcan pipple that Jim has decided not to run, their (our) loss is our gain since you won’t be spending the next 8 1/2  months gallavanting around the country with him trying to drum up votes. 🙂

  22. I didn’t see anything wrong with HRC’s out fit except the color kinda clashed with the studio back ground. Bu8t then again if she had wore something that went with the background we would be discussing how drab he outfit was.

    How many words have been wasted over her clothing over the years?


  23. Jack, it was a much more satisfying game than Monday’s, not to say our women didn’t play through injuries in giving it their all. The Gators tried really hard last night; they can hold their heads high.

  24. BTW question for those who watched the debate?

    Which one of those over the hill politicians brought up Kissinger?

    And why weren’t they tagged by the other as hopelessly out of touch.

    Jeez 40 years ago, There are grandparents out there born since Kissinger’s day.




  25. It was Bernie who commented on Hillary meeting with Kissinger implying that that was the source for her foreign policy advice.

    On her outfit, it was that yellow color.  It washed out her natural blond skin tones and (last night) overly powdered makeup.  She can’t wear blue all the time.  A nice peach would have been kinder as would powder that doesn’t glare under bright lights.  Of course men (unless they are Nixon with the flu and sweating) don’t have to consider such things.

    Hillary knows Danson & Steenburgen are actors.  They must know a good make up person who could campaign with her.

  26. Jamie, Kissinger was certainly the architect of our modern nuclear strike strategy which supplanted Ike’s ‘it’s all or none’ doctrine on their use. It would have been dumb not to learn from Dr Kissinger while he is still alive. That does not mean that one need adopt the things that are clearly proved wrong.

    An insight on SC politics. I, of course, have Rosie’s radio stuck on NPR. Driving back from the ballgame last night at shortly after nine, it was strictly normal programming–not a hint of the Democratic debates. On the other hand, when it was time for the Clinton impeachment, the local PBS stations were gearing-up for gavel-to-gavel.

    Obviously I wasn’t the only one to threaten with my billfold because they dropped the first segment within an hour.

  27. I almost saw the debate last night, but a long day caught up with me before it started.  I have read a few of the articles and columns and can see the strategy being formulated in the Hillary camp.  Bernie is nothing but a grumpy, old, white guy.  He is like dear Uncle Clem, grand ideas, but it best to humour him otherwise he gets pouty and waves that finger of his around.

    Can the Repubs get their acts together enough to hijack Trump?  I think they are coming up with ways to poke a stick under his armor.  They need to do more, like pop a plate off enough that he not only blows up, but blows up high and hard and stomps off the stage.  That would be great.  To be followed with a lot of “he would be worthless against my Gramma”  “Putin would pee in his pants”. . .

  28. Last night was a very good debate.  PBS did a very good job, putting the cable news networks to shame.

  29. speaking of Clueless I love this AP article head line.

    US retail sales rise as consumers shrug off stock price drop




  30. OD

    You do realize that better than cable news is a very low bar.

    maybe even an insult




  31. hillary re henry

    “His opening up China and his ongoing relationship with the leaders of China is an incredibly useful relationship for the United States of America… Yes, people we may disagree with on a number of things may have some insight, may have some relationships that are important for the president to understand in order to best protect the United States.”
    Sanders is correct that Clinton praised Kissinger in her 2014 diplomatic memoir, “Hard Choices.” In it, she describes being fascinated by Nixon’s trip to China in 1972. “Bill and I were law students without a television, so we went out and rented a portable set with rabbit ears,” she wrote. “We lugged it back to our apartment and tuned in every night to watch scenes from a country that had been blocked from view for our entire lives.” Clinton highlights Kissinger’s efforts in negotiating the trip ahead of time with Chinese authorities. “I have joked with Henry that he was lucky there were not smartphones or social media when he made his first secret trip to Beijing,” she wrote. “Imagine if a secretary tried to do that today.”

    wonder if Bernie would have a cow because she also conversed with other past sec.s of state like condileeza, colin etc. and even might say nice things about them.

  32. Bernie would probably respond with this gif making the rounds.  Add your own caption.

    [video src="" /]

  33. Jamie, as to the poor quality of make-up last night, perhaps they were using the make-upper provided by pbs… I noticed some sallowness and other missteps make-up wise in their 3 political reporters earlier in newshour… maybe Milwaukee has some sort of union code or perhaps it’s just the limited funding for public tv that mandates cheap powder and paint.

    as to yellow, it has all sorts of things going for it. supposedly denotes intelligence.  easiest for human eye to detect I think. it and red are used a great deal in the ad agency and photography worlds to draw attention.

  34. patd, all I can see is HRC heading to a post-debate briefing with Jim, Spock, Bones McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty and Chekov


  35. tony, thanks for the Krugman link.  here’s an excerpt for those who can’t get to it:

    “I’m getting a fair bit of seriously abusive mail,” Krugman confided this week to The Daily Beast, citing the ugly reaction from “Bernie Bros”… to his recent columns and blog posts criticizing the Vermont senator’s allegedly unrealistic campaign proposals and casting doubt on the 74-year-old Democratic Socialist’s electability.

    “It started immediately after I first wrote that single-payer is not going to happen,” Krugman added, referring to Sanders’s health care proposals, “and I got a barrage of mail declaring that I’m a corrupt tool of capitalism and all that.”
    He continued: “I’m not sure if people understand that, with some differences, I went through the same basic thing back in 2008”—when he wrote skeptically about Barack Obama’s soaring rhetoric of hope and change. “Bernie’s and Obama’s messages are very different. Bernie is about ‘If only we make a stirring progressive case, we can overturn the innate limits of politics.’ Obama in 2008 was saying that we can reach sweetness and light and there will be no confrontation.”


    “I think it’s tough to trash Paul Krugman as the conservative or someone who’s out-of-the-gate hostile, but it’s just another data point,” said Nation columnist Joan Walsh, a Clinton sympathizer who has written about being victimized by Bernie Bro trolling. “Senator Sanders has an online cadre of mostly young men… an army of keyboard warriors… who are really abusive to people they disagree with.”

  36. Dear Poobah

    A couple of my posts seem to have disappeared into a black hole.  Can you help?


  37. Hey gang…  sorry about disappearing…  my mini iPad upchucked and then died on Monday afternoon (stupid thing is only 7 months old…  arrrgghh).  We’re home now.  Caught up with all the reading on this blog.    Just a few thoughts.

    I gave up the Nation magazine years ago.  Got really tired of what I was supposed to be outraged about on a weekly basis.  Methinks the writers would benefit hugely by removing the sticks from their asses.

    Yeah Bernie won big in NH and Clinton didn’t…   so…

    I did watch the debate last night.  Thought they both did ok.  But Bernie is starting to remind me of Rubio…  the same canned answers over and over again…  it’s getting tiresome.

    I agree that we need more foreign policy questions in the Dem debates.  Hey pundits…  even our economy is a world wide economy…  you might wanna sound like you know this.

    OSH…  glad to see you came back…   you too Mamaknows.

    And lastly…   and most importantly…    Craig…   (((((((((CRAIG)))))))))  … wish I could hug you in person…  that’ll have to do.

  38. Yes, Sanders brought up kissinger. I must have taken a break to piddle, and come back when the camera was back on Clinton. It was a classic case of quick draw and shoot in foot – for Sanders and I.

    Folks under age fifty must have wondered, “Who’s Bernie talking about ?”



  39. Too bad that PBS didn’t hold the first ‘debate’. Substantive questions would have given both Webb and O’Malley better chances to influence the campaign.

  40. from Lexington herald leader

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Angered by several anti-abortion bills this winter with language restricting a woman’s relationship with her doctor, Democratic state Rep. Mary Lou Marzian fired back Thursday with a bill to limit men’s access to Viagra and other erectile-dysfunction drugs.

    House Bill 396 warns men of the health risks of sexual-enhancement pills — “such as an erection that will not go away and lasts more than four hours, sudden vision loss in one or both eyes, and sudden hearing decrease” — and it requires them to have two visits with their doctor on separate days before they get a prescription, so they have time to truly consider what they’re doing.

    Even after two visits, doctors could only prescribe the pills to men who are married, with a signed and dated letter from their spouse confirming plans to use the pills together. Finally, the man must place his hand on the Bible and swear that he will use the pills to have sex with “his current spouse.”

  41. In all honesty my biggest complaint about Bernie Sanders despite his noble sounding economic issues is that basically he was a freeloader off of other people until he was 40 and has now been a freeloader off of the taxpayers for the past 30 years. He has basically contributed nothing and demands everything.

  42. Regarding ‘Bernie Bro’ abusers, I suspect that most of these folks are actually repub saboteurs, sowing discord. Just as when the kochs invented PUMA in 2008, and suckered tens of thousands of die hard Clinton Democrats into it.

    Of course, many die hard Obama folks fell in with the saboteurs in ’08, and many die hard Sanders supporters will this year.

    That is why both candidates should admonish their followers to avoid confrontation, and always take the high road to the White House. I can’t stress how important this is.

    Sabotage and false flags have been republican campaign staples since donald segretti tricked old friends Muskie, Humphrey, and Jackson into savaging each other in ’72.

  43. Another head line

    Russian, US military leaders in Twitter spat over Aleppo claim

    My how the mighty have fallen, no wonder Hillary and Bernie are nostalgic for Kissinger.



  44. Why is it unfair?  He was for the most part a four decade rabble rouser, sleeping on other people’s couches with no steady job.  Rabble rousers are needed in society.  They provide goals, point out inequities, scream from the housetops when injustices happen.  That does not make them good Presidential material.


    Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution Is Off to a Slow Start
    He has pledged to mobilize millions of new Americans to transform politics, but so far, Democratic turnout is down.
    by Sahil Kapur

    “Bernie Sanders’ pitch to Democrats is that all the new voters he’ll energize will compel Congress to support the transformative programs they want, like single-payer health care and free college tuition.
    “I think what we need, when I talk about a political revolution, is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist right now,” the Vermont senator told MSNBC in an interview set to air Thursday.
    The first tests are in, and the signs of a revolution at the ballot box are scant. Rather than a surge of the previously disaffected, Democratic turnout was down in the first two states to hold contests in the nomination race—by 28 percent in Iowa and 13 percent in New Hampshire.”

  46. Ellen Tears Up Talking with President Obama About Gay Rights – WATCH
    By Sean Mandel l

    “Ellen DeGeneres became emotional while talking with President Obama about gay rights and the fight for equality during a segment for the funny lady’s daytime talk show.
    DeGeneres praised Obama for all that he has done to advance the cause of gay rights, saying, “I cannot tell you, or thank you enough, for what you’ve done for the gay community. So, thank you.”
    Of his record on gay rights, President Obama said, “It’s one of the things I’m proudest of because my whole political career has been based on the idea that we constantly want to include people and not exclude them.” He added, “How do we bring more and more people into opportunity and success and feeling hopeful about their lives?”
    President Obama also had high praise for DeGeneres, which caused her to tear up:”

  47. XR

    He was getting a steady paycheck from the Taxpayer and the support of his wife for the past 30 years.  He seems to have done a fair job on committees and getting amendments put on legislation in line with his beliefs.  He basically neither sponsored or passed any legislation of his own.

  48. I don’t see Sanders winning the nomination, however, he is making a better campaigner of Clinton. Also, by pressing Clinton on certain issues that are important to his constituents, he is making Clinton say that she will take action on them when she becomes president. This means, she will have to take those actions if she wants to be re-elected in 20/20.

  49. Clinton’s outfit was beautiful. And, if she had worn green slacks, the WI crowd would have gone wild.

  50. Jamie,

    There are a few hundred republican congressmen and senators who combined have accomplished almost as much in the last 12 years as Sanders has.

  51. Bernie has gout?  Mr. Cracker had a gout attack earlier this year…horrible and the cure is sour cherry juice

    keep it handy — it dissolves the uric acid crystals that cause the pain

  52. Hillary Clinton Is Calm, Cool and Effective
    by Jonathan Martin

    “Facing off against Senator Bernie Sanders on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton did not comport herself like someone who had just suffered a landslide loss in New Hampshire. She did not raise her voice or express anger. She did not demonize Mr. Sanders or suggest he would be a dangerous choice for Democrats. She remained calm as he pungently sought to highlight their differences.
    Instead, she behaved like someone heading into Nevada and South Carolina with every reason to be confident and little to fear but her own missteps.
    A week after loudly confronting Mr. Sanders in a debate for perpetrating what she called a “very artful smear” against her, Mrs. Clinton took a far more strategic approach. She sought to portray her political approach as different from that of Mr. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, but her tone was firm but not panicked. For much of the night, a viewer could have been forgiven for thinking that it was Mr. Sanders who was grappling with the way forward after being handed a 22-point loss two nights earlier — and Mrs. Clinton who was riding high.”

  53. XR

    And they are not claiming to have the capabilities to be President.

    By pushing Clinton to be her best. He will help her get elected.

  54. Throw in the political careers of governors payush jindal, tim pawlenty, pope gregory abbott, rick perry, babybush, bruce rauner, jebus h, susana martinez, john dalrymple the iii, paul lepage, mitchell daniels, michael pence, mary fallin, patrick mccrory, dewey bryant, christ christie, rick snyder, nikki haley, nimrata nikki randhawa haley, mark sanford, bill owens, and dennis daugaard.

    Plus local reichsfuehrers sharon angle & david duke.

  55. Jamie,

    As long as they keep it positive, Sanders will help her to beat the republican nominee in the first open seat landslide since 1952.

  56. What did you do to make the world a better place today? / I donated to an Animal Rescue group that cares for cats/dogs that no one else will. Love to hear what other people did today. Actions matter, words are cheap.

  57. x , so true about pbs- too bad they didn’t hold them from the start.

    jamie- i agree about the make up , usually it is perfection but it was visible. was that jacket silk?

    x – i agree -her outfit did look great in the wide angle shots.

    hey renee- hope it was a good vaca!

    i donated to hillary’s campaign today to make the world a better place.

  58. Jamie,

    I was just rereading this thread and saw to my horror that I had typed an accusation that you were unfair. What I meant to type was that a particular statement of yours seemed unfair. Also, I meant to address my comment to you, rather than to just throw it out there. You are not an unfair person, in my opinion. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.

    I aim to be more careful in the future.

  59. Nite Time Nooze

    1. Whatzis name, the Virginia Guv, is out of the race – not that anyone ever noticed that he was in it.

    2. Former brainy guy, ben carson, generously admitted that he would consent to be trump’s v.p. It would be more practical to offer trump brain surgery. But at least his openness to the possibility is something. Whatever it is.

    3. Sometime Cuban/Canadian ted cruz slid this beaut past the moonstream media : “Look, Donald Trump supported Barack Obama’s TARP, big-bank bailout of Wall Street. ” 

    In his own defense, is trump likely to say, “No, stupid, TARP was bush”

    I kinda doubt it, but it would give him an opportunity to paint cruz as an idiot while smirching jebus h with his Big Brother’s “big-bank bailout of Wall Street.” It’d be a two-fer. 


  60. xr, after such a fine mea culpa, you must say 5 “hell  donalds” and run thru the streets with pitchfork in hand yelling revolting slogans.  pax vobiscum, my son.

  61. xr and sea, I also tho’t that yellow jacket was quite stunning (if not stinging).  kudos to all the silk worms that worked on it.

    you mentioned the next election in 20/20. there must be minions right now slaving over possible candidate “with clear vision” logos in preparation.

  62. I’m a little past running, Pat. Could I please just crawl ?

    Btw, I’m fallin           a              sleeeeeeeeeeee

  63. from wapo editorial board

    The most obvious distinction is in the differing lessons each candidate took from Mr. Obama’s inability to moderate the tone and conduct of the country’s politics. Mr. Obama’s promise of that change animated his 2008 campaign and that year’s blowout Democratic win, yet Washington now appears more polarized — and gridlocked — than ever. The outside-the-Beltway, popular-coalition-building strategy on which Mr. Obama ran — the closest the country has gotten recently to the “political revolution” Mr. Sanders wants to spark — did not alter partisan political behavior.

    Ms. Clinton, pointing out that Mr. Obama had to fight tooth-and-nail even for relatively centrist solutions such as the Affordable Care Act, draws the lesson that the next president must have a strong sense of practicality and realism; big rallies cannot wish away the complex politics of Congress. Mr. Sanders, by contrast, claims that Mr. Obama had insufficient revolutionary zeal. That’s why he proposed that the incumbent Democratic president be challenged by a primary opponent in 2012.

  64. Not sure what to make of this article.   I’m sure I know what bernie’s and Donnie’s supporters will though.  I can see an unholy alliance form between the two.  There is no limit to the irony. Let’s see, shall we?

  65. blueindallas- the finger wagging to which i referred was NOT while he was speaking, it was while she was speaking.  The impatience while Hillary had the floor,expressed by face making and finger raising,  wasn’t flattering.

  66. pogo, if that lobbyist pac is amassing moola for the general election to be used only after the primaries, than the bern can turn them down/ disavow them then…. that is if he’s the nominee.  the line below is from the article you linked:

    “It allows the party to collect money from lobbyists and PACs in preparation for the general election…”

  67. Jack, I’ve spent many hours trying to do an open source reconstruction of Bernie’s use of, and impact on, society since his migration from Brooklyn to Chicago. So far as I can tell, except for his distinguished service as mayor of Burlington where his socialist agenda meshed exactly with the needs of that community and its residents, I believe him to be a calculating, self-serving, opportunist.

    Having been the owner of a camp on Lake Champlain for a number of years while I was still in the service, I can see how he could seize the opportunity to become the State’s sole House representative, and maintain that seat over the years. And I can also see how he manipulated his Democrat friends into caucusing with them while holding out to the public that he was a Democratic Socialist.

    And now the chameleon is a Democrat.

  68. XR

    Not at all upset with you.  Yes I am ardent in my support of Hillary Clinton, just as I was eight years ago.  Also, judging by the all out push from the right, I’m absolutely convinced he is the candidate they want to face in the general election and consider running anyone other than Hillary means sacrificing the SCOTUS.

    I don’t hate Senator Sanders, but I do consider him an interloper and opportunist who’s not as saintly as he tries to appear.  If he is the nominee, I will vote for him, but it won’t make me even a little bit happy.



  69. Hillary’s campaign office in Dallas is opening…right next to Forest Lawn Cemetary.  I guess they are close so they can bury the campaign there. Pragmatism. ?

  70. OldSea- Hillary will have to contend with more than a finger-wagger if she gets the nomination.

    I listened to the debate on NPR, so there were no visual distractions.  Maybe all (or more) debates should be done  without TV cameras.

    patD – I love your red-hot, Bernie emoji!   He should put that on a tee-shirt!  (As a Bernie supporter, I  embrace it.)

  71. Texas will be interesting vote.  Between Austin weird college youth vote and the Wendy pro choice  campaign/Planned Parenthood support things could get exciting.  Haul out the Moly Ivins quote page. ? “The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet. It requires a certain relish for confusion.”

  72. BlueinD…

    Hillary has been taking a Republican pounding for years…  and yet is still standing.  It’s Sanders who has yet to be torn to shreds by the Republican attack machine.  Something tells me he would respond to it by getting even angrier than he is now.

    OSH…   we had a great time.  But I always love coming home to the licks and head bumps from my kitties.

    Hey…  Xrep…   it’s time to get up!

  73. I don’t sense that SC is particularly anti-gun or pro-gun. What I do see is frustration at lack of efficiency in processing background investigations for which there is general support if they are done quickly at the point-of-sale.

    State government is extremely slow in processing concealed carry permits–wait times of several months are not uncommon. This encourages scofflaws when it comes to applying for registration.

    The Charleston killings should be handled as more of a racial/religious/mental health/community coming together happening rather than how did he get a firearm. The candidates would be wise to bow their heads and pray and leave it at that. Let the people closer to the situation sort it out.

  74. I think the election 1932 was a political revolution. The revolution continued in 1934 when dems. increased their majorities in the mid-terms. There may be a political revolution brewing, I can’t say, but at the end of the day republicans will still have the house, and possibly the senate. The revolution may be broad, but it is hard to see that it is going to be very deep.

  75. If Bernie continues to gain support of millennials (a group who is also racially diverse) because he speaks to their concerns rather than maintaining the status quo, it won’t matter what Repugs throw at him.   I live in a majority-minority state, so it’s not just weird-and-wonderful Austin that might vote for a true progressive.

    Also, I’m sure Bernie has experienced muck-flinging before. It’s the big show, but not his first. Plus, one builds up a bit of a calus just living life.

    By the way, I don’t think he’s nearly as cranky as some of you do, although it doesn’t seem to be an issue with him getting his message of a more equitable country across.

    Hillary’s jacket was fine; not sure what the hubbub was about there, or that it matters.  Bernie, although wearing a clean suit, always gives off the impression that he just rolled out of bed.  WYSIWYG!

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