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Jim Webb spoke today at the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft. Worth about the need for a vigorous foreign policy debate in the presidential campaign and his conclusion that he will not pursue an independent campaign. 

Webb: “I’ve worked with both parties, including as an official in the Reagan administration and as a Democrat in the Senate. Both parties, in my view, have moved away from the major concerns of the average American. We looked at the possibility of an independent candidacy. Theoretically it could be done, but it is enormously costly and time sensitive, and  I don’t see the fundraising trajectory where we could make a realistic run.”

In his speech Webb discussed the lack of serious foreign policy debate in the current presidential election cycle.

“We have not had a clear statement of national security policy since the end of the Cold War, “ he said. “And I see no one running for president today who has a firm understanding of the elements necessary to build a national strategy.”

Webb will meet tomorrow at 9:00 am with the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board.

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  1. Also the nation piece – the author doesn’t think Sanders is any better on the same issues of importance to the black community but better because he did not vote for the Iraq war

    however based on the reporting of the article you would think Clinton was a current slave holder

  2. PIT

    If Obamarama didn’t want to compete in Michigan how is that her fault and explain why Fla doesn’t count

    she got more votes.

    ps never mind I saw both states were doing things the national party didn’t like

  3. Craig

    I’m not certain where a centrist (some one willing to use good idea no matter who thinks them up) goes in this political purity world.  There are many really good people out there that are totally un electable. Jon Huntsman comes to mind.


  4. I have a respect for Jim Webb, but he truly did mess up during the first debate.  When you announce a run and people say, “Who” or “Why” it indicates a certain lack of viability.  When you announce you are leaving and people say, “didn’t know he was still in”, it is an even greater indication that you probably shouldn’t have run in the first place.

    On the bright side, his introductions on the author’s speaker trail can always include:  Former Presidential Contender, James Webb. 🙂


  5. MSNBC keeps saying some variation of “Sanders’ huge win in NH”.  They don’t mention that they left with the same number of delegates towards the count.


  6. Or if they do mention the delegate count it’s to say the super delegates are cretinous relatives of Wasserman-Schultz and should be run out of town

  7. When you talk about party politics to “young people” and they don’t know the history of delegate issues then

    conversation is worthless.  Now there is this whole super delegate conversation as if Clinton had set it up instead of a worried party concerned with going the way of the whigs in the 1980’s

  8. Mamaknows…enjoyed your post…hope we see more of you…

    I support Secretary Clinton for many reasons.  I will list three.

    1.  I vote for loyal Democrats who work and support Democratic candidates throughout the country.  Because of ballot access requirements, Senator Sanders only became a Democrat in 2015.  I registered as a Democrat at 21 and like Hillary have fought for the party and its principles.

    2. Her loyalty to President Obama, even joining his cabinet after a very difficult primary.

    3. Her devotion to concepts related to religious principles such as doing good, making lives of people, and after relentless attacks  for decades…she is still standing…fighting the good fight.


  9. craig, do not blame yourself.  your loyalty, your steadfastness has been a sight to behold.  he could not have found a truer follower.  these contests are for the contestants to lose or to win.  they own the responsibility.  the buck stops at their feet.

  10. Purple,

    All i can say its that if you are an Hillary supporter…….you are passionate…….if you point out her many, many mistakes…….or say anything against her husband…….then you are an angry person………this is a Hillary Blog….but it is full of the best people that exists…….like i said…..some parts of a family…..just like to argue a little…..not to worry, once every 8 yrs aint that bad.

    The problem that i see is that sometimes it goes beyond wanting someone to win…..it gets to the point of ignoring everything that is pointed out and proven…………Oh just one thing that bothers me a great deal……..no matter what happens…….after all is said and done……these people will go back to their boring Billionaire lives…..they will suffur so much…..that they will take a round the world vacation to get over it all

    What is being done about the drinking water over in Flint M…….not just talk about it……push, use the influences in government, private, or any where else……

    Thats why I liked Jim Webb……I think that he did want to help out the little guy………oh well.


  11. Jim Webb made a good statement.

    I agree that there needs to be much more discussion of foreign policy in this campaign.

  12. “there needs to be much more discussion of foreign policy in this campaign”

    od, that’s mostly the media’s fault.  media should be asking candidates more questions of that nature and about how the candidate specifically will deal with certain issues.  only questions I hear are about the horse race and what’s their response to their opponent’s latest criticism.

  13. Can’t believe the supposed “reporters’ or “pundits” on cable.  I swear they are getting talking points memos from on high to echo in every 15 min cycle or reading Twitter comments from their tele-prompters.

    There is more reasoned, well written commentary, debate, and issues here on a daily basis than appears in any given week on any of the cable news channels.  MSNBC has gotten absolutely horrific in the last 18 months since the buyout.

    Maybe we should submit our discussions/arguments as alternative program to offset the obvious brain drain now present on TV.

  14. Jamie, some days I think they already are using some of our stuff… just you wait, “mythunderstanding” will show up in the next few days coming out of some well-coifed anchor man’s mouth.

  15. Webb Out

    Pat Very, very well said. I know that for reasons of geography and heritage that Craig wanted Jim to win. I think Craig would have had a better chance than the candidate if more important things in Florida didn’t quite properly take precedence.

  16. The problem on the Democratic side is there is only one person with a foreign policy expert on staff.

    Which basically tells me Bernie doesn’t expect to win So why spend the brain cell power.


  17. Flatus, you lucky dog. Womens  basketball, it is the real thing. Finesse and tactics.

    Hope it is a good game, beyond that I don’t want to jinx your team.




    And Now It’s National


    What a lovely comment from the previous thread.. I really appreciate you loving comments to Craig at this time.. I remember you, yes.. I think you express yourself wonderfully and i hope you come around and chat with us.. Love you back and i appreciate your kind words to me.

    Obama Speech Sure Sounds Like A Tacit Endorsement Of Clinton
    “Trying to find common ground doesn’t make me less of a Democrat.”
    Christina Wilkie

    The speech was delivered the day after two ideologues, billionaire Donald Trump and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), won the New Hampshire primaries by harnessing voter anger at the perceived “establishment” in politics. But Obama’s words on Wednesday sounded like a tacit endorsement of his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/obama-clinton-speech_us_56bb9af7e4b08ffac123b6bc

  20. While it may or may not be in the cards, Webb has transferable skills that would make him valuable in many jobs.  As a right-leaning Democrat, either side might tap him for SOS.

    Craig – It was a weird, weird season.  Nobody would believe any of this if they weren’t watching it unfold.  I’m sorry it didn’t work out so you could’ve stayed in the race longer.

    Even with all of Bloomberg’s money, I don’t see people from either side clambering for a Mickey B presidency.

    Yep, a weird, weird season.

    If you mixed Donald Trump & ex-half-baked Alaska in a lab, you’d probably get Michele Fiore.

  21. Sanders skeptics aren’t stupid: It’s time to stop saying they’re ignorant and need education to bring them in line
    A decade of progressives assuming their opponents are ignorant has led to an onslaught of Bernie-splaining
    Amanda Marcotte

    Charles Blow, one of the best reasons to keep reading The New York Times opinion pages,  used his Wednesday column to issue a plea to Bernie Sanders supporters: Please stop talking to black Clinton supporters like they are stupid. He said it more nicely than that, of course, but no less forcefully. After describing an onslaught of comments from Sanders supporters that amount to arguing that if “only black people knew more, understood better,” they would “they would make a better choice, the right choice,” he attributed the behavior to a “not-so-innocuous savior syndrome and paternalistic patronage.”http://www.salon.com/2016/02/11/sanders_skeptics_arent_stupid_its_time_to_stop_saying_theyre_ignorant_and_need_education_to_bring_them_in_line/

  22. Craig…with your Mom and Webb’s journey ending at the same time, it is an awful loss for you.   I am truly sorry for this timing of life and it is an big load to carry.  I am glad you have David.  And he is grieving, too.    I hope you get to the point where you don’t give a rat’s behind…say and feel what you like.  You will never go through anything like this again.  As time passes, it is not so much that the pain lessens, it just you can control it…you are always allowed throughout the rest of your life to think of your losses and feel that same pain.  You can make it stop and eventually the fond memories and successes will make you smile and feel warm, too.  But, I can be brought to tears, feel that same pain in an instant.  It is really tough with Moms.  For most, they are our first love, our first betrayal (you love others besides ME?).   Moms are great.   My Mom’s Mom died shortly after she was born…it could have been prevented with woman’s health care.   It is why I continue to push for Planned Parenthood.  Stop the mythunderstanding of women and their reproductive rights.

    Pogo…Mythunderstanding is a wino word…I have been writing.   I wrote a play in one act last summer.  Sent it to a local theater and it was read on stage at the OYE Festival.  It was a comedy and I had a director, actors, etc.

  23. Pogo…Mythunderstanding is a wino word…I have been writing.   I wrote a play in one act last summer.  Sent it to a local theater and it was read on stage at the OYE Festival.  It was a comedy and I had a director, actors, etc.  BW


    woohoooooooooooooooooooo attagirl

  24. This would be a very good time for the entire Clinton campaign to shut up.  Obamarama can take care of itself

  25. Big endorsement coming in South Carolina
    By Mike Lillis

    “A wildcard in the looming South Carolina primary is about to play his hand.
    Rep. Jim Clyburn (S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat and a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), said Thursday that he plans to endorse either former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) before the Palmetto State’s Feb. 27 vote.

    “It’ll be after this weekend,” Clyburn told a horde of reporters in the Capitol.
    Clyburn said he doubts he’ll meet with either candidate before he announces his decision, choosing instead to huddle with family and political friends at home.
    The move marks a shift for Clyburn, who declined to endorse a candidate through most of the 2008 primary, when Clinton lost the contest to then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). He entered 2016 with the intent of remaining neutral again.
    But family pressures, he said, have sparked a change of heart.
    “They said you need to make a stand,” Clyburn said of his family. “They said whatever you’re going to do, you need to do it.”
    Support from Clyburn would be a boon to either campaign, as both Clinton and Sanders are scrambling to attract African Americans ahead of the primary in South Carolina, where black voters constitute a significant bloc.”http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/269193-big-endorsement-coming-in-south-carolina

  26. I have seen things this past year that give me almost no hope for a government that works for working people. I don’t know what this is, but it ain’t Democracy.

  27. Loved the miles Wisdom has flown in her life.  Airlines should give her a lifetime free pass.

    And a good south wind sprung up behind;The albatross did follow,And every day, for food or play, Came to the mariners’ hollo!In mist or cloud, on mast or shroud,It perched for vespers nine;Whiles all the night, through fog-smoke white,Glimmered the white moon-shine.”

  28. Craig we certainly have morphed…plutocracy, technocracy?  Wait until AI.

    Jamie, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a favorite —


    “Water, water, everywhere,
    And all the boards did shrink;
    Water, water, everywhere,
    Nor any drop to drink.”


  29. “no hope for a government that works for working people”

    boss, considering the congress critters I too have no hope, no hope we have much of a government left that works…. period.

  30. Shortly after the verse I quoted, the Mariner seeing something beautiful out of pride and just because he can kills the bird.  Mankind’s pride as a whole is killing a lot of beauty in the world of today.

    Probably should get filed under the more things change the more they remain the same.

  31. Webb Out


    I bet you have.. I’m so glad i haven’t seen what you did as i want whatever illusions i have left.. Don’t want a takeover of the Supreme Court by 3 more right wing judges.. Hell, 2008 and the DNC Super Delegates was almost more than i could take..

  32. Craig,

    I found you way back during MSNBC’s “Crisis in the White house” day 300, lol.. KO show.. You were so fair and stood out from the mainstream norm.. I always enjoyed you and found your blog in 07 just lurking.. Your commentary and navigation thru the 2008 primaries was vital to me.. I hate the TV talking heads so you filled the void.. Even given what you’ve witnessed this year politics wise and your grief you will get back to your old self.. Keep the faith, avoid the negative.. I appreciate you and I will continue on this ride with you and the rest of the family here..

  33. Clinton needs to stay away from direct attacks on Bernie and keep talking about her long successful record

    I hope tonight’s debate goes well and the candidates don’t let the bloodlust of the rightwing tools (or media) afffect a good discussion of the issues

    I like Jim Webb.  IMO he would be a great Commander-in-Chief, has good Foreign Policy background, Good choice of advisor, like Craig, but I have not been able to discern his economic stand.  Could be just like the Clintons or could be for the working people.

  35. Obama’s election in 2008 was a ‘political revolution’. It was followed in 2010 by another political revolution when many of the same people who voted for Obama on 08 sat on their hands and let the radical republicans take over.

    Bernie is right on a good many issues of the day, but his election would no more  make a political revolution than did Obama’s.

    If what is to come is to be a slug fest, I would much prefer that HRC be slugging for the Dems. Nothing against Bernie, but she has been slugging for going on thirty years, and she is still standing. Anybody else want to match that record?

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