And Now It’s National

Cathleen Decker (Los Angeles Times): “Tuesday marked the end of regional contests and the beginning of a national campaign, with all the financial and logistical demands that entails. … One Clinton campaign concern is that Sanders will benefit from the same primary dynamic that aided Barack Obama in 2008: a cascade of support that fell toward him as voters realized that he might actually win the nomination. The situations are different: Obama was a breakout African American candidate trying to appeal to black voters. … As a senator from Vermont, Sanders has not had to forge the relationships that would come in handy now with black and Latino voters. But as the New Hampshire contest wore on, he became more adept at expressing concern about issues important to those voters.”

  • On Feb. 20, Democrats in Nevada and Republicans in South Carolina will vote.
  • On Feb. 23, Nevada Republicans will make their picks
  • On Feb.27, Democrats will compete in South Carolina.
  • On March 1, the race widens to more than a dozen states, many in the South, that vote on March 1: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado caucuses, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota caucuses, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming
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  1. “Clinton Machine”

    Love that term, The “Clinton machine” is the result of them working their asses off trying to get Democrats elected. Nobody has been leading that charge for the last 8 years and look where the Democrats are.

    “Same church, just different pews.”

    Yea and it is my church, it is called American democracy.

    BTW anybody who can make that statement these days hasn’t been paying much attention.


  2. “….how much Sanders was actually able to accomplish while rejecting SuperPAC’s and Large Corporation Donations”

    me168, he has benefited from dem party fundraisers over the years… according to this cnn piece titled Bernie Sanders: Prolific Democratic Party fundraiser

    Sanders has based his presidential campaign on a fire-and-brimstone critique of a broken campaign finance system — and of Hillary Clinton for her reliance on big-dollar Wall Street donors. But Sanders is part of that system, and has helped Democrats court many of the same donors.
    A Democratic lobbyist and donor who has attended the retreats told CNN that about 25% of the attendees there represent the financial sector — and that Sanders and his wife, Jane, are always present.
    “At each of the events all the senators speak. And I don’t recall him ever giving a speech attacking us,” the donor said. “While progressive, his remarks were always in the mainstream of what you hear from senators.”

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  4. It Gets Harder From Here For Bernie Sanders
    But New Hampshire couldn’t have gone better for him
    by Harry Enten

    “Even if they do, Sanders has yet to demonstrate strength in a state whose electorate isn’t more than 90 percent white. Nevada and South Carolina, the next contests, don’t look anything like Iowa or New Hampshire. Only 65 percent of voters were white in the 2008 Democratic caucus in Nevada, and only 43 percent were in South Carolina
    Polling has indicated that Sanders trails among nonwhite voters by nearly 40 percentage points . Although no reliable recent polling is available in Nevada, Clinton leads by 30 percentage points in both of our South Carolina forecasts. In the latest Marist College poll, she’s buoyed by a 74 percent to 17 percent lead among black voters. Sanders must cut into that margin if he wants to have any chance in South Carolina or anywhere in the South.

  5. Whskyjack,

    I love you too.

    And your reply proved my point 😉 Not everyone in this country sees the Clintons as you do. Nor Party politics. And that is a good thing.






  6. It doesn’t help that Bernie listed one of the Nevada dreamers as an endorser who didn’t endorse and as a result pissed off Harry Reid who knows the young woman and blasted Bernie for the phony endorsement whether it was his mistake or a staffer.


  7. BW

    I agree with some of what you said about pot but not everything.    Recreational pot is coming to California soon probably within the year there have  already been many changes to the current law to lessen restrictions

    Legal pot is coming.  The black lives matter movement is going to make that happen because pot is used as a entry to arrest for young black men —  Pot prohibition is stupid and makes no sense.   The laws were made to allow law enforcement access to minority communities




  8. The emails say more about the reporter than Reines IMHO, but I digress.

    Decker is almost correct that the regional primary season is over – it will be over after Feb. 27 (although I guess you could argue that SC is just a 2 day early member of the SEC primary).  I doubt that HRC’s 30 point projected advantage for SC will hold at that level or current polling projections will hold at the levels reflected now – yesterday’s result will have to benefit Bernie in 2 1/2 weeks from now and beyond.  If RCP’s averages suggest anything, he has to hope they will. The smallest average HRC margin the polls reflect in the RCP “more states” polling aggregation is OK at 17%.  In fairness, most are through 2/4 or earlier.  Do I think those polls are right?  No.  Will they change as a result of yesterday’s results when new polls emerge?  Yes.  How much?  More than HRC would like unless she does something about the campaign’s message and appeal to the “new” voters.  Not enough for Bernie if she does.  She has to be concerned about the weak support among women and independents. If I was in her campaign management I’d be sweating bullets about that.


  9. Craig

    That is not blackmail, that is bribing.

    Looks like a time honored tradition to me (the name Judith Miller comes to mind but she was not the first, nor obviously last)

    Kinda reminds me of Casablanca. So are we also shocked there is gambling going on in the house?


  10. so who will the Donald deign to run with him?  probably  clone himself as veep or maybe marco if he think he needs the latino vote.  it will be hard on whomever he chooses since the chosen one will have to keep to script (half-gov didn’t and we didn’t hear much more from the big d about her).

  11. Craig

    The amazing thing isn’t that it happened but that it was such a casual occurrence that nobody on either side worried that it was carried out in email. just business as usual.


  12. sounds like deja vu all over again.  shades of ted knifing carter. dems blowing their chance.

    might as well get used to saying president trump.

  13. Yes, the reporters should be fired. And did I hear that Rev Al has just endorsed Bernie?? I hope that neither candidate accepts his endorsement as that will give the appearance of the potential for a quid pro quo as to his questionable tax returns.

  14. And Now It’s National

    Alas Pat, i agree in that if the nominee is Bernie it will be President Trump.. At least half of my older Democratic clients,yes we all talk politics say they won’t vote for a Socialist.. My Republican clients love Bernie, not to vote for but to run against..

  15. Found this nugget interesting:

    ” The same request previously revealed that Politico’s chief White House correspondent, Mike Allen, promised to deliver positive coverage of Chelsea Clinton, and, in a separate exchange,permitted Reines to ghost-write an item about the State Department for Politico’s Playbook newsletter.”

    Not sure why Chelsea was at issue.  I’ve never thought all that highly of Politico.  Even less so now.  And Halperin was also apparently engaging in shenanigans with Reines.

  16. Chelsea is seen as a problem because of being Mrs. Mezvinsky, a hedge fund manager.  Given the torches and pitchfork crowd rallying around Bernie, this isn’t a good thing.

    Of course Reince Priebus with Wolf Blitzer this morning was nasally sans breathing while gasping out how much the GOP was hoping to run against a “Vermont Socialist” or a woman who couldn’t attract women.  In other words, being his usual charming self while taking the pet snide out for a walk.

    As to placement with friendly sources of “word of mouth” items you want to be universally disseminated, entertainment & politics have been doing it since Hedda Hopper was shuffling hats for Hearst.  It is perfectly natural that this long standing tradition has spilled over into blogs, twitter & Facebook.



  17. excerpt from a poignant piece at cnn  by issac bailey *

    Is Clinton flawed? Yes — just like every other candidate and every president who has ever served, including the current occupant of the White House.
    But this does not change a simple point: History-making events don’t come around often. And if diversity really matters, then so does Clinton’s gender. It matters because it would represent another step in the never-ending quest to perfect this democracy, to assure that it becomes one in which we utilize all of the talent available to us, wherever we can find it. Unless you believe that only men have been qualified to lead this country, you must know that women have been held out of that spot because of gender, and that has been bad for this country in ways that are hard to quantify.

    *Issac Bailey has been a journalist in South Carolina for two decades and was most recently the primary columnist for The Sun News in Myrtle Beach. He was a 2014 Harvard University Nieman fellow.

  18. Jamie,  Silly me – I thought all that stuff was from the same time period, before Chelsea got hitched.

  19. So there’re no questions, I am of the opinion that Craig is perfectly free to support Bernie and make his opinions known here and to criticize Hillary in the process.  He’s gracious enough to host this place and let us put our own thoughts out there and publish links critical of his chosen candidate (thanks, Poobah), so I might argue with him, but I won’t complain because we differ.  I do have to say,though that if Hillary beats Bernie by a large margin in SC or the SEC states, I hope we’ll see a “Bernie Humiliated” banner here even if one of us Hillary supporters has to write it.

  20. Pogo,

    LOL – I’m loading up the “BERNIE BOMBS” missive for future use.

    In news from the other side, Fiorina and Christie out.  What may happen to Rubio going forward is still to be determined or as one pundit type said, “Christie committed a murder suicide”.



  21. rubio’s got to stay in so he can be veep to president trump.  seems that’s what the media want so that’s what we’ll get.

    wonder where they’ll put the big gold name sign….above the portico?

  22. Jeez, I ~~~~ hate to see them go.  Maybe Carson will be next?  Go to FL for shirts and forget to come back?

  23. pogo, god only knows. 
    recently reported ben carson said

    “I finally said, ‘Lord if you truly want me to do this, you’ll have to open the doors, because I’m certainly not going to kick them down. And if you open the doors I will walk through them.'”

    He added: “‘And as long as you hold them open, I will walk through them, but if you close them, I will sit down.”


  24. and the inaugural ball?  probably rent out the rotunda… might as well rent out the congress critters too while he’s at it.

  25. Another republican just following god’s message to run for president.  If every one of them that have cited that as their reason to run was following the guidance of god, there really is a separation of church and state.

  26. Right now HRC needs to retool her campaign.  It is running like a battleship.  Battleships do not turn as fast as a small power boat.  Sanders doing the Al Sharpton thing shows that slow running campaign did not do the Al Sharpton thing months ago.

    Delegate Count:

    HRC – 394

    Sanders – 54

    It is still early in the game.  These two states are to trim the low hanging fruits.  Christy quit today, another low fruit gone.

    And, Sanders has nothing to lose. HRC is too cautious because she has everything to lose.

  27. an earlier post has been held due to too many links… here’s the story I wanted to tell bb about:

    How Hillary Clinton Might Actually Win In N.H., Even Though She Lost Big by npr


    What Bull Manure spreading from the White House!  Just let the drug companies kill for profit.
    Sent to Obama on January 28, 2016:
    Dear President Obama;
    In the “Readout of the President’s Meeting on Zika Virus” on White House dot gov the following statement was made:
    “The President emphasized the need to accelerate research efforts to make available better diagnostic tests, to develop vaccines and therapeutics, and to ensure that all Americans have information about the Zika virus and steps they can take to better protect themselves from infection.”
    I believe that it is disingenuous of you and your administration, especially the Department of Health and Human Services, for emphasizing the need “to develop vaccines” for the Zika virus.  I think that you and your administration owe apologies to at least the 243 families of persons that died in 2012 from West Nile Virus.
    There were at least 243 West Nile Virus (WNV) deaths, of the total 5,387 cases, in the 2012 outbreak because it is not profitable enough for the big drug companies to develop a licensed vaccine for treating or preventing WNV in humans.  There is a licensed WNV vaccine for Horses but none for humans!
    Where were you during the 2012 West Nile Virus outbreak?
    Received today:
    Thank you for writing.  In today’s interconnected world, Americans are called by our conscience and our common interest to fight disease in all corners of the globe.  Just as freedom can’t exist when people are imprisoned for their political views, true opportunity can’t exist when children and adults are imprisoned by sickness, hunger, and poverty.
    Global health challenges demand an integrated approach—we can’t simply confront individual preventable illnesses in isolation.  An outbreak in Australia can reach Alaska within days, and if left unchecked, public health crises abroad can cause widespread suffering, conflict, and economic contraction.  Since the beginning of my Administration, we have worked with our international partners to support countries as they strive to provide for the health and security of their citizens.
    America is the world’s leading donor to global health, and we fund research, prevention, care, and treatment in the fight against infectious diseases.  We’ve also strengthened our Nation’s response systems so we are better prepared to handle any health emergency.  As soon as there’s an outbreak anywhere in the world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our health agencies coordinate with the World Health Organization, other multilateral agencies, and our partner countries to surge resources, contain the problem, and ensure an appropriate response.  Additionally, we launched the Global Health Security agenda, which will accelerate progress toward a world safe from infectious disease threats.  Backed by new, concrete commitments, it will move us toward a system that reports outbreaks in real time and contains localized problems before they become pandemics.
    These efforts have led to promising results around the world.  Today, vaccines prevent diseases that once devastated nations—and we should do more to spread the facts about their benefits.  Childhood and maternal mortality are declining.  Mortality from illnesses like malaria and tuberculosis is also going down.  Right now, we are on track to end the scourge of HIV/AIDS, and we have the chance to accomplish the same thing with malaria—something I’ll be pushing Congress to fund this year.  Moving forward, we must continue to join together to prevent, detect, and fight every kind of biological danger—whether it’s an outbreak like measles or Ebola, a pandemic like H1N1, or a terrorist threat.
    Thank you, again, for your message.  We can’t fix every problem, but by protecting the health and dignity of people everywhere, we can safeguard the health of our own citizens. 
    Barack Obama

  29. PatD – Rubio will never be Trump’s veep.  If he’d agree to if, I could see him choosing Kasich, or someone else level-headed, like Jon Huntsman.

    I wish I could’ve linked the WaPo article.  It really is interesting to listen to Trump’s words spoken with a British accent.

    He excelled at the military school he attended.  He certainly knows how to work the system to his advantage.   I wouldn’t be afraid of him winning.

    I think Bernie is the only one who can beat him (still on team Bernie), but I’m OK either way.

  30. Purple – I read an article about the use of pesticides in Brazil and their possible tie to microcephaly.

  31. The McGovern Campaign was only successful in getting the nomination because CREEP sabotaged the campaigns of Muskie, Humphrey, and Jackson.

  32. KGC

    My first vote and a sobering introduction into the  reality of politics.

    “If just enough of us turn out and vote…………….”

    lol I can still hear the begging voice.


  33. In the event that Clinton gains an invincible lead in convention delegates, look for a revamp of the republican krewe of the Bengt Ozzie Committee. I expect the new committee to be made up of House Republicans who don’t face opposition, or who are most likely to be re-elected. As soon as Clinton’s nomination is assured the BO Committee will schedule morning and afternoon hearings beginning July 25th, and ending on election day. There will only be one witness during that time.

  34. Clyburn should lay low or risk somebody pulling all those clips from 2008 when he basically called the Clintons racists

  35. craig, i love you and considered you the last of the true journalists. i don’t know whats going on but i’m really sorry web didn’t work out but you should know that your involvement was enough for me to consider him.  but jeezem crow your last post was so below your caliber of work, was just gonna pass on and overlook it till i saw your “interesting” comment about 2009?  are you kidding me? your writing was previously thought provoking and keep us all humble in the presence of such individual thought and great clarity..  that one simply inspired “wtf?”  sorry, will go back to my corner now.



  36. There is a piece in The Nation reasoning Hillary doesn’t deserve the black vote.  Bernie is starting to get support from some prominent people.  I don’t know if he can pull out a win in SC, but it’s gonna be closer than I thought.

  37. yeah the angry old white man from vermont who has been in washington since 1991 truly deserves the black vote now. he’d really have something to be angry about if he were black. give me a break.


  38. All of the Bernie folk who seem to think that they have discovered the injustice of life, really need to read Hillary’s commencement speech from Wellesley where she took on all their “it’s about time someone said something” by shaming a sitting politician to his face.  She’s been in the trenches a long, long time.  Posting pictures of her as a Goldwater girl supporting her Dad as a HS student doesn’t really cut it.

    ” What does it mean to hear that 13.3 percent of the people in this country are below the poverty line? That’s a percentage. We’re not interested in social reconstruction; it’s human reconstruction. How can we talk about percentages and trends? The complexities are not lost in our analyses, but perhaps they’re just put into what we consider a more human and eventually a more progressive perspective.”

  39. tony- has anyone here ever been to vermont? the biggest social injustice there is kids going cow tipping on the weekends.

  40. Fear not, Jack, if Sanders gains traction in So Carolina, karl rove will the repeating the negative words of the Clinton campaign.

    And, whoever the Dem nominee is will use the negative words of the republicans against their standard bearer.

    The difference is that the nixon campaign used their own words, but secretly sent them out on Muskie and Humphrey stationery, bearing forgeries of Muskie’s and Humphrey’s signatures.

  41. you didn’t even bother to link it.  powerful? i seriously doubt it, not if the premise is that sanders in fact is deserving of the black vote.  sounds more like comedy.

  42. And Now It’s National


    I read the piece in the Nation and its bullshit.. The piece does like so many here do and blame Hillary for her husband’s policies.. Very sexist.. Oh i know, none of you Bernie people believe you’re practicing sexism. I’m so sick of this shit..

  43. I admire everyone here..I like you all. But guys.. and gals… the Clinton supporters come across as remarkably thin-skinned. My earlier post touched on why people I know just aren’t into HRC. There are a lot of folks who aren’t for her. So? Life goes on, the earth rotates on its axis, revolves around the sun. We are a nation born in revolution, surviving a civil war. I hope no one will condemn another as ignorant just because they express an opinion. We’ve got 9 more months of this. Look at the bright side: we’re incubating the egg of democracy. What a wonderful privilege. 🙂

  44. And Now It’s National


    Appreciate your comment but i disagree, today of all days.. Have you looked at media across the internet.. Would it be better for you if Clinton supporters just didn’t comment??? Thin skinned, omg..

  45. OldSea, I hear you. My head is in a weird place these days and I am struggling to get it sorted out. All I ask of everyone is to give me time and I will get back to my old self somehow some way. I relaunched this blog after my Mom died in hopes you guys could help me out and you are. I can hear her saying some of the same things you just said, OldSea.

  46. tony,

    Please, Comment! I enjoy your work. I mean this in a friendly manner: no one’s candidate is perfect, they all have good points, all have not so good points. It is the truth (which is probably why I’m holding out for the Elizabeth Warren/Zephyr Teachout dream team) 😉 We will survive this election no matter whom is elected, yes, even if it is a dreaded Republican. Stay strong, hang tough.

  47. Hi SJWNY

    Thanks, love your positive posts always.. Good on you (Aussie) for trying to keep the peace and perspective.. I must comment but no wars because there’s not one single commenter i dislike.. It’s all good.. Hillary i’m passionate about and hard to contain..

  48. The Nation article is a fine hit job on Hillary.  What it does NOT do is say why Bernie deserves the black vote.   Sanders’ vote for the crime bill the author criticizes Hillary for (she did not vote for the bill BTW) is excused as probably a nuanced vote for the parts of the bill the author deemed favorable for blacks.  Really? Based upon what? Aside from rhetoric about how the inequities his soaring policies should correct will be great for blacks, the article literally presents no substantive reason that Bernie deserves the black vote based on his actions in the past.  I found it to be a well written hit piece that did not make a case for Bernie. For folks looking for a hit piece it was great.  Now tell me, well, tell blacks why they should vote for Bernie.

  49. I didn’t know anyone read The Nation anymore.  It is unfortunate that so many  are adopting the tried and true GOP methods of taking the Clinton’s strengths and making them into negatives.

    If I get to Heaven someday, at least I won’t have to deal with those people.

  50. PiT  Try writing to a repug administration.  At least you got a form reply back…and if you are really concerned about Zika?  Contact the CDC.

    sjnwy  I don’t want to have to hang tough for another repug administration and I am not ready for a Prez Trump.  So, I will continue to support the best thing for me as it is my America, too.  I do not like the tone that the repugs have set…too crappy for my frail skin.  Nobody likes being hijacked.

    Craig  Stay away from the tasty morsels of resentment while in the grief cycle.  Bittersweet is just that and I used to love to binge on the anger buffet with all of delicious regrets and rancor.   I once told you my Mom walked my mind…her sayings and support still as fresh as the day she told me.  She would tell me to buck-up and stick to my principles, speak my mind.   She also loved to smile and I could always make her smile or laugh.   She would be so disgusted by how the disrespect is so easy off the lips of the exceptional Americans.


  51. RR  Thank you for your very classy congrats to the Broncos.   I know they are all rich republicans, but my friends in Denver tell me the sea of orange parade was impressive.  The celebration!


  52. I laugh at the outsider label put on Trump, Cruz and Sanders.  Currently, Carson, Clinton and Trump are the only outsiders to DC.   All the rest of the candidates are currently holding office.  Once again, the mythunderstanding being promoted by the media.  Hah!  Release the hounds on Hillary!!!  I know we all think we know what Patsi would think, but I know she always spotted the attack dogs and I think she spelled it Hah! instead of Ha.

  53. VA and Bernie…the former chairman speaks.   The vets love Trump, the Blacks love Trump, the Hispanics love Trump, Women love Trump.   No matter what the polls say?  We will never elect a Democratic Socialist with no military service and a response like this to the medical problems at the VA?  We are still a spartan state and the repugs will devour the dems in September.  Some outsider!  Fighting for how many years and this is the best you can do??  I am not buying the purity of Sanders.  Just another man grabbing his legacy and in reality, he has gotten nowhere in his career.  The repugs love Sanders because he is doing the job for them.

    Yesterday, Trump started with the line that Hillary is Evil.  I will wait to see how many gullible humans fall for that one.  I know it is all smoke and mirrors and on Faux News?  Short dresses and surgically enhanced lips deliver the chant.

  54. Blonde Wino,

    Good morning.  Of course support & work for your candidate. Everyone should. This is Democracy in action. I have confidence that whatever the outcome come November, this country will survive. FDR said it best: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. America is a naturally Progressive country despite the best efforts of our politicians 😉

  55. I am very familiar with the quote from FDR, it is one of my favorites.   I wish for ennui again, but having had the bottom drop out of my life?  It is not fear, but survival.  Since posting on the Trail (started in 2008), I become a senior citizen.  I am now 62 and too young for Medicare.    I am entering the last quarter of my life and having watched the repugs erode my safety net?   The damn thing has a lot of holes in it!  I know my retirement ended-up as a desk in Iraq, thank you GWB.

  56. Pogo….the entire repug platform is a mythunderstanding.  They perpetuate the myths and float them on the internet tubes.  I guess all of that home schooling and changing text books in Texas have really helped.  We have a really ignorant electorate…just the way the repugs planned back in 1990’s by getting elected to school boards.  Now they are training their religious leaders to enter politics.   Keep them ignorant and uneducated and scared of the Almighty.

    I understand the Clintons are back to burning down rural America.  Too bad the dem vote is a week later in their SC primary — we need to keep them busy.

  57. Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters
    By Charles Blow

    ” I cannot tell you the number of people who have commented to me on social media that they don’t understand this support. “Don’t black folks understand that Bernie best represents their interests?” the argument generally goes. But from there, it can lead to a comparison between Sanders and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; to an assertion that Sanders is the Barack Obama that we really wanted and needed; to an exasperated “black people are voting against their interests” stance.
    If only black people knew more, understood better, where the candidates stood — now and over their lifetimes — they would make a better choice, the right choice. The level of condescension in these comments is staggering”


  58. Hillary, Bernie and History
    By Gail Collins

    “It took almost 40 more years before a woman won a major presidential primary. That was, of course, Clinton in 2008 in New Hampshire. She didn’t win the election, but she was so credible, and finished so strong, that the nation came away believing a woman in the White House was a completely normal idea.
    If the younger voters who are flocking to Bernie Sanders don’t share their elders’ intense feelings about needing to elect a woman president right now, it’s partly because Hillary Clinton helped create a different world. So no matter what comes next, everybody’s a winner.”

  59. Craig, I am, we are, here for you.  You are in the darkest of days.  Hang on.  The pain will lessen, little comfort when faced with the world without your mom in it, but it will.

    While my dad was dying i wondered, feared, if i’d ever be able to truly laugh again without him.  That week a young friend helped me change the message on my cell phone.  When I recorded it of course I screwed up, blanked out what to say, then started laughing.  My dad was dying yet I laughed.  So I saved it. I still have, need that stupid message on my cell to remind me that I can, will laugh again in the worst of times- with a friend.  I’m your friend.  We are your friends.

    I have also found that mashed potatoes and gravy to be of comfort. xox

  60. Craig,

    My deepest sympathies for this period in your life.  Just remember to give yourself time.  Healing happens when it happens.  It is a bit trite, but it is trite because it is true.  Grief has a time cycle.  With the loss of any deep relationship the cliche is “one month for every year” before you are really in a place to make decisions for the simple reason that you are not yourself until the loss is absorbed..  There was a reason for that old wive’s tradition of going from black to purple to normal dress to let others know when you were ready to return to society.  You were fortunate enough to have a long and loving relationship with your mother.  This time of not being yourself is the price you pay for that blessing.

  61. BW, yeah, I know that.  I was just taken by the term mythunderstanding.  Did you coin that or have you appropriated it?  It’s a wonderful word.

    OK, so what’s new? WaPo has an article about the battle for minority voters in the Dem party.  2 weeks is an etrnity in politics – be interesting to see if Bernie makes any real inroads among minorities in that two weeks.  I am not sure how the momentum he sees from winning a small almost lily white NE state (one Renee and I have in common) translates to SC & NV, but maybe he sees something I don’t.  Here’s what strikes me as a little disturbing.

    “Tad Devine, a strategist for the Sanders campaign, said that Sanders need not win a majority of black voters in South Carolina in order to put together a coalition with white voters to beat Clinton.”

    Great vision, that.

  62. “I can hear her saying some of the same things……”

    craig, listen to her as bw advised.  better yet write them down.  you have the gift of words and she had the gift of loving insight and sean had the gift of humor.  there are now two angels whispering wise witty things in your ear.  let yourself and let us in on their wisdom.

  63. Craig,

    Grief sucks.  We’ve all been there and it screws you up.  Time’s the cure.  IMHO it’s the only cure.  Cherish the memories, but live in the present.  Not sure you really have any other choice that won’t tear you up.

    We’re waiting with bated breath to hear whether Jim is going to run (my guess would be yes – who needs to announce they aren’t going to do something?)  If so, have you jumped ship to the SS Bernie or is the anti-Hillary stuff for Jim’s benefit? Just curious.

  64. “You were fortunate enough to have a long and loving relationship with your mother.  This time of not being yourself is the price you pay for that blessing.”  Jamie, so well and lovingly put.



  65. I have told my family, all of whom have access to my house, that they may let themselves in if they are concerned about my well-being for obvious reasons such as newspapers stacking-up, etc. If they find me at death’s door, they are to call my daughter who is to survey the situation and implement my wishes, i.e., let the Ohlfahrt pass to a natural death unimpeded by the medical establishment.


  66. Emphasizing again that everyone should have some version of the POLST on file with their doctor with copy in the hands of trusted next of kin/decision maker, and in file with will & such.  Whether you want nothing or everything in your final or totally incapacitate state, it is legally binding to exercise your wishes.  Most doctors have their state’s version available to patients, but here in the info nationally.

    National POLST

  67. Dear Stupid Jerky Media


    In 2008 Obama used super delegates to win…and now when Clinton is doing the same thing you are complaining about the very thing you thought was so wonderful.  Get a grip especially you Amy Goodman…Mr. Cracker may love you but you are close to being banned in this household…

  68. to Craig

    It’s alright to be crabby  and out of sorts–it’s your Mom.   You can’t rehearse your feelings and in this instance

    it is hard to imagine all the feelings and as you go through the first year –each first without your Mom brings back the lose all over again.

    It will never be the same again but you will learn to use your wonderful lifetime of memories to be  happy again about the great times you had with your family.

  69. Amy Goodman’s interview with Barbara Lee has caused her bebanned from this household

  70. flatus, hope that wasn’t your sly way of hinting bad news to us.

    might amend those last directives to include calling the trail after they call your daughter (would have put a smile emoji here but didn’t seem quite right)

  71. Former Virginia Senator  Jim Webb  may revive his White House bid according to raw story

    and from cbsdfw :

    CBS 11 News has learned Webb will discuss his intentions to make another run for the White House when he addresses the Dallas World Affairs Council at the Belo Mansion this afternoon.

    On February 9, the World Affairs Council tweeted happy birthday to the former senator and said he would be sharing his “5 Most Important Principles for Foreign Policy” at the luncheon today.


  72. mythunderstanding.


    Love it.

    It also points to why Clinton may be having her generational problems. There has been a concerted effort by both the right and the left to minimize the many accomplishment of the Clinton years.

    For us oldsters it is difficult to remember that many of these youthful Sander supporters weren’t even born when Clinton took office. For them it falls in that gap between being ancient history  and being so recent that nobody bothered to tell them. As I learned in HS and college any history that occurred around your birth never gets taught. But to us and HRC it is just yesterday. So she needs to be educating because she has a great progressive track record. Especially when it comes to women and children , and education.


  73. BTW, many millennials are alive and well do to HRC’s behind the scenes advocacy for SCHIP. My College bound niece being one of them.


  74. from yahoo :
    In what’s likely a late night first, Stephen Colbert asked his guest if he was concerned the  “revolution” he was preaching would “end in violence.”
    “We’re not talking about violence at all,” Sanders said emphatically.
    “But those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable, is what John Kennedy said,” Colbert pushed back. “If your answer is not The Answer, is a violent revolution inevitable?”
    “I certainly hope not,” Sanders said. “But I hope and what the goal of this campaign is all about, is to look at the civil rights movement, look at the women’s movement, look at the gay moment. Understand that when people come together,  we can accomplish enormous things. But I think what people are saying is ‘Enough is enough. We need fundamental changes in our political system, and our economic system’.”

    well, Bernie, i seem to remember seeing pictures of a lot of violence during the suffragette time and later (if not continuing to present).  and don’t forget the horror stories visited upon gay rightists.

  75. I really really am beginning to actively dislike John Kasich

    He’s like a thin Mike Hucksterbee

  76. KC, Kasich is a pugn. Not the worst of the bunch but a pugn nevertheless. Personally he seems fairly sane and is likeable, but he’s a pugn at the end of the day.  I think he may be the least worst but…

  77. The last time I commented on this blog was in 2008, at that time I was and am still a Hillary supporter. My comment was to Brian regarding what the Obamas gave to charity. I am from the Chicago area and in fact live in Park Ridge, where Hillary spent her life until she went to college.
    Why am I commenting today after almost my last comment 8 years ago, because it seems like deja vu again. I have read this blog almost everyday since before 2008, and missed it when Craig pulled it down. I then turned to Jamie for my fix, and was so glad when it was renewed. But, I have to say I don’t know what is going on with Craig, I always admired him, but it seems he really has changed, he dislikes the Clintons, and yet he has not said anything against “the Bern”,or maybe it was that the Jim Webb thing did not work out, or just maybe it’s the loss of his mom.
    I know how the death of a parent can cause bitterness, depression and you want to lash out at everyone. My parents died within 5 months of each other leaving 6 children, 3 of whom were 11, 13 and 15. It took me a long time to accept, and it was a dream where my mother came to me and said, hey your dad and I are okay. She took me up to heaven and showed me that everyone was so happy. No more tears she said, go on with your life and remember how much we love you. Craig, its been almost 50 years and I think of them almost everyday and it still makes me tear up. Craig, think of how fortunate you were to have your mom for all those years and all the good memories you have.
    Back to politics, I am not as gifted as all of you with your comments, but Bernie Sanders will not win against the Republicans. I don’t want a socialist, I want someone with experience, connections, and remarkable intelligence, and someone who has done so much for children, education, health care, public service and the Democrats, especially Bill Clinton.
    I want to thank my favorites, Tony, I love you, I try to read all your links, OD, you always make me smile. Jamie, you are the best, thanks for the link for the primary polls, so is Flatus, the Cracker, Oldseahag, Whskyjack, Pogo, PadD, and so many more. Keep up the good work!
    By the way Mudcap, I think you are the new Brian from 2008!


  78. I’ve never seen the god’s word side of Kasich, unlike Huckleberry who claims every action of his is just an an extension of God’s word to the chosen (you know, Southern Baptists)

  79. Hi there Mamaknows

    Please stick around and comment a lot.  Nice to have so many of the people from 2008 returning.

    Pogo, Kasich is about as God besotted as you can get.  Everything he does comes from his view of faith both the good and bad.  He is theoretically pro life with exceptions other than making an abortion almost impossible to get.   HOW KASICH IS MAKING LIFE HELL FOR WOMEN

  80. I think the thing about Kasich that you need to remember is he only seems sane when compared to the rest of the pack.



  81. Kasich  used to have a show on Fox — inbetween elected offices — he likes to think of himself as the happy warrior -unfortunately for the rest of us the things he is fighting for were the ideal in the 18th century.

  82. mamaknows, thank you for your good words and for reminding us of our long journey on the trail together.

    couldn’t help but think of these words between the lines while reading your comment: should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

    I found at this link an explanation befitting the warmth of the trail even in our adverse diversity:

    “The words ‘Auld Lang Syne’ literally translates from old Scottish dialect meaning ‘Old Long Ago’ and is about love and friendship in times past.  The Auld Lang Syne lyrics referring to ‘We’ll take a Cup of Kindness yet’ relate to a drink shared by men and women to symbolize friendship.”

    it’s comforting to know you’ve been with us all along the rocky way.


  83. So Bernie doesn’t think Obamarama has stepped up…..

    I wonder what calculation went into that remark

  84. KC, after just a little research I see what you mean.  I don’t live in OH so I didn’t follow Kasich’s elections closely enough to get a sense of how faith guides him.  I was unaware that he’s a member of a RW Anglican splinter church formed when Episcopalians ordained a gay bishop.  His church is very conservative – sounds more Catholic than Episcopal. He’s a mixed bag – stop abortion but expand Medicaid.  At any rate, it’s just academic to me – he’s a pugn so he’ll never get my vote.


    Jack, I hear ya.

  85. Pogo

    He did expand medicaid but not in the traditional way – no federal money so I think some of the restrictions on who is eligible are unique to Ohio  He’s an ass – I’m sick of his mailman father and his fake family values and his craptastic view that because he is from Ohio he some how has better values.  I grew up in Ohio and that’s a state whose values includes paving over most of the state and shooting college students for speaking their minds

  86. nytimes: Hillary Clinton Gets Backing From Black Democrats in Congress
    The endorsement comes after the board of the caucus’s political action committee voted to back her, with Mr. Sanders failing to get any votes and two people abstaining.
    Nearly half of the Congressional Black Caucus’ 46 members gathered at the Democratic National Committee headquarters Thursday in support of Mrs. Clinton, saying she had spent her career proving her commitment to causes important to them, including poverty and voting rights. They said the endorsement of the board — which is comprised of a handful of members of Congress as well as consultants and other prominent black figures — reflects that.
    And as some criticized the committee’s appearance at the Democratic party’s headquarters, Mr. Meeks dismissed the notion that the group’s backing signified that the Democratic political establishment was again rallying to Mrs. Clinton’s side against an outsider.

    “We are not the establishment,” he said, as other members laughed. “We are from the streets. Mess with us, and you’ll see we are from the streets.”

  87. OldSea – I didn’t link The Nation’s article on why Hillary doesn’t deserve the black vote, because I’m not able to link anything from my phone.



  88. Hillary gets backing from black Congressmen/women, but Bernie is gaining support from black leaders who aren’t on the take (because they aren’t in Congress).

  89. The opinion piece in the nation is a really a promo for the woman’s book  making outrageous charges is a good way to get publicity especially when you have a media hungry for opportunities to slam Clinton and this provided a great opportunity

    I guess Mrs. Greenspan doesn’t retire because she would have to spend more time with him but she is definitely past her sell by date

  90. Wow, so if someone doesn’t like your candidate they must be under stress or…? We all have different views here, including Craig.  That’s why I like this place.

    I will continue to support Bernie, and, I want to read why others are supporting Hillary.  If someone wanted to support Ted Cruz here, I would be surprised but, hey, jump on in the mix,

  91. Just did lunch

    I really feel sorry  for you all that you couldn’t  share what I had.

    I did a Thai type curry last night. ginger lemon grass, basil, and coconut milk. Had about a cup of it left over that I used as a sauce for lunch. got the wok out and cooked it with  a bunch of chopped greens. Mustard, spinach, choy sum

    god was it good, ate it with a piece of naan for bread.

    Having access to ethnic markets means it was cheap too.  Would have been twice as much if I had shopped at the American grocery.



    I saw part of Ed Rendell on Andrea Mitchell’s show and I heard him talk about the 2008 popular vote.  Let me nip this in the bud.
    Clinton and the Popular Vote
    Q: Did Clinton win the popular vote?
    A: Obama won more votes unless you count Michigan, where he wasn’t on the ballot.
    Did Hillary Clinton actually end up with more popular votes than Barack Obama? Given that there is some discussion on whether to count the popular votes of Michigan and Florida, as well as how to count caucus votes, who did end up with the higher count?
    I agree with blueINdallas that we all have a right to express our own opinion.  You can agree, disagree or be somewhere in-between.  I do not know who I will support in November; I just don’t think it will be a Clinton.  Voting for a Clinton is almost the same as voting for a Republican.  Last I heard, this is not a Hillary for President web site.
    The thought of Andrea Mitchell and Greenspan, still gives me nightmares.

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