Hillary Humiliated

New Hampshire in Clinton lore was once their land of fairy tales, the place they came back from the worst. But this was a crushing defeat, far worse for her than imaginable. Invincibility, inevitability? Gone. No amount of spin can twist this away. Sure, going forward the Democratic demographic terrain might favor Clinton but the remarkable resistance to her in New Hampshire’s more general-election type electorate reveals a major warning sign for Democrats in November if she is the nominee.

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  1. A positive  on the Republican side, it looks like the nut case wing, Trump / Cruz are coming in under 50% so there is still hope for the semi sane factions. if they can coalesce around one candidate.

    We will see.


  2. looks like I’m off face book for a while, both jack’s page and my other one for family, just getting  too weird  with the politics.


  3. Too late, Dems have no choice it is either HRC or die. She has a 50/50 chance , maybe a bit less if the sane faction of the Reps win. But that beats zero.



  4. Tks Jamie, fixed.

    Looks like time for Chris Christie to cash in his chips for the debate murder suicide on Rubio and collect his reward from Jebb/Trump whomever

  5. I kinda got a kick out of Christies, Jersey swagger.

    Over here on the east side we pull the same thing on light weights from the suburbs.


  6. The pundit/chatterers have been going gaga over Rubio, guess not so much any more. VP material for Kasich. Lock up Ohio and Florida,  the Dems are toast in any election.
    Lets see if the Republicans are smart enough to do it.


  7. Bernie has won me over, but yeah, I know, I had those great optimistic hopes for the long list of dem pols who petered out over the past fifty years.

    I watched Bernie’s victorious address to the crowd, which Brian Williams of msnbc called ‘very long, too long’ but I suppose he said that because he was tired. I enjoyed it all; he made many promises with points…”the USA should not be the policeman of the world”, Medicare for all, about a dozen more. And taxes on Wall Street speculators will pay for it all. Nobody in my lifetime and back a little more, until we get to 1932 has a candidate promised such a plan. I think of Franklin Delano Roosevelt every time I see or hear Bernie Sanders.Then I watched Trump…all hat and no cowboy. Rambling, incoherent bullshit all spoken with brash tones, criticizing Bernie’ promises as “giving America away and we are not going to let that happen!” {yea! yea!” screamed his one per centers}Then…the real sleeper, my governor John Kasich. Watch out for this candidate. He really is the best repugg in their field. My wife and I both think he’ll outdistance The Donald once the majority of red voters realize Trump is a fraud…or is Kasich sort of a lightweight inside the beltway, like Evan Bayh was for the Democrats in 2008?

  8. 126 years ago, the 14th amendment gave black men the vote and 118 years later a black man was elected president.  women need to calm down and wait their turn as the 19th amendment was only 100 years ago so shouldn’t expect a presidency until 2034.

  9. solar, you said last thread “Even Gen. Petraus was going to get prosecuted for keeping secrete and not so secrete papers in his home…..”

    more than that he loaned classified info to a person without clearance, he lied about it under oath but he still retained his pension as a general… not demoted nor put in the public pillory like hillory.

  10. Jack…went retro a couple of years ago when I dumped FB.   Just like this place, it has that Pet Semetary feel.

    I listened to Trump’s speech and the repugs will melt Bernie like butter in the general.   Trump has warned us…Sanders wants to give your country away.  I have given a lot of thought as to how we got to this political juncture.  Curve ball?  You betcha.  My whole life I have lived by the sine wave.  It was presented to me as the bell curve when I was young. ‘ You are being graded on the bell curve’…it is a great analog depiction of life.  And it has served me well.  I can remember the first bio-rhythms I had done at the shopping mall in the 1980’s.  Sine waves floating through my life as determined by a computer and printed in a blue cover with dot matrix printing!  My life was determined by the waves.  Fast forward to 2016, and with better graphics and 3D, it has turned into the toilet bowl.  The lefties and righties clinging to the sides of the bowl and they are going to flush all of us in the middle right down the sewer tubes.  All to kill a woman who is not more phonier than any other candidate…has money just like many of the candidates.  It is a deliberate take-down and unpleasant to watch.  Keep eating yourselves alive scared humans.

  11. The whole meme of hate, fear and jealousy has had its way with the American psyche so far.  Let us hope the next 48 states manages to put a little hope, backbone and decency back into those voting.  I kept switching back to Bernie … still talking … switch … still talking.

    Honestly right now if it weren’t for fixing the Supreme Court and the fact he thinks he should do a woman’s thinking for her, I would vote for Kasich.  Hope Hillary can pull it together to keep me from being permanently depressed for the next 8 years.

    Yes. I’m a sore loser. I don’t like either Sanders or Trump and that is making me grouchy.



  12. I have started watching Faux News (CNN is so juvenile) and caught a piece on Ailes and Faux News Diversity school and the awards show! I always love to see Ailes as I have the aching desire to sew jingle bells around that flubbery second chin.  It is so impressive.  I had to laugh, no Shep Smith.  Exclusionary diversity…but the GLBT keeps getting their paychecks from their news masters and laugh all the way to the bank.

  13. I see you have joined me in the toilet bowl, Jamie.  All is going as planned.  Faux News started their attack on HRC in December 2012 and the weak humans went for it.  I could talk my abandonment issues (even Bill Richardson is back in the Clinton camp), but it is a buy-in to the drum beat Faux News started.    We will be looking at a repug POTUS delivered at the hands of dems.  Bill Clinton was correct…those who got theirs, could give a rat’s behind about the rest of us.

  14. Craig,

    I know you have to click to enlarge the posted images but can we make the image seen first just a little bigger or at least centered to prevent cutoff of edges?

  15. Well that was a devastating loss for Clinton. As I sat down to write her political obituary this morning somehow there was no ink in the pen. Bernie had a great win last night in a small white state in New England. Hilary, Paul Tsongas, Ed Muskie, and Estes Kefauver all know that a win in New Hampshire is a great thing, but it doesn’t necessarily put you into the nomination. Maybe Bernie can ride this wave did the same thing that some other winners of the New Hampshire primary have done and take it all the way to the nomination. I’m not so sure. Like I said, let’s talk after the SEC primary.

  16. Craig, Jamie, for what it’s worth there is no cut off if you download the app on a mobile device.

  17. KGC — even it Bill donned the Zouave cap and inhaled, it is not going to change the current marijuana situation in the US of AA.  Legalization is going to be like gambling, a state issue not a federal one — even with a once, huge pothead sitting in the WH.  The only way marijuana has gotten into the states is via the medical route.  That has enabled the states like Colorado and Oregon to develop dispensaries and computer tracking of seeds, plants, etc. to be taxed which has helped transition them into recreational use.  In New Mexico, we have had our medical marijuana law since 2007.  Last year PTSD was included in the list of treatable ailments and our access and supply increased dramatically this year in NM.  Because of Chuck Hagel, Vietnam Vets can now take part of the MM program.  Prior to Chuck, they were locked-out of the PTSD diagnosis.   As for the feds?  I look to the repug lawsuits by Oklahoma and Nebraska against Colorado as one federal blockade.  The lawsuit must be heard by the Supremes and they have kicked it to Justice for clarification.  Here in NM, the Border Patrol is getting sued for confiscation of product at the Deming station.  HRC has taken the path of the states approving MM use.   Yes, she can be a stronger advocate.   The great thing about the MM or recreational use laws…they allow home grown product.  A cost savings to the very needy.  It is also another growth industry to legal indoor growing market…it is about $30 million nationally.  Plus, the agricultural boon of marijuana to our economy…I have in my fridge, raw shelled hemp seed from Trader Joe’s…a product of CANADA.    I could go on….but the repugs really want to kill MM.  Trump doesn’t smoke or drink.  That will become increasingly important as this race moves forward.

  18. Primary results
    Totals to date

    Includes superdelegates


    Hillary Clinton
    394 / 4763

    Bernie Sanders

    Martin O’Malley


    Donald Trump
    17 / 2472

    Ted Cruz

    Marco Rubio

    John Kasich

    Jeb Bush

    Ben Carson

    Carly Fiorina

    Mike Huckabee

    Rand Paul

    Chris Christie

    Jim Gilmore

    Rick Santorum

  19. blueid, you asked about bloomberg. here’s latest from politico’s Why the Media is Desparate for Bloomberg to Run

    The Michael Bloomberg for president trial balloon has arrived just in time to elevate and rescue a weary press corps that has been suffering almost nonstop for a year to cover the candidate-surplus slog that is Campaign 2016. [….]
    Even if Bloomberg’s entrance into the race gets the same coverage as Rick Santorum’s exit did, he’s got the money and the tenacity and the winning record to put on an excellent show for the press. By giving the campaign a third dimension—making the race more like the caroming and crashing of three billiard balls than a two-person horse race—Bloomberg’s independent run will trash enough of 2016’s coverage to force reporters to start over. Trump’s billions must now be compared to Bloomberg’s more ample billions. Bloomberg’s centrism will encroach on the centristic thinking of Jeb Bush and John Kasich. His social liberalism will displace much of what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have brought to the political market. His common-sense approach to issues will puncture a bit of the Tory fervor of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Cable news and the Sunday morning shows will punch and gouge each other to give him a platform.

  20. Jamie, you’re welcome.  the stoning is a bit premature.

    still, even rotten tomatoes and slung mud hurt.  the smell and stain linger and evoke sad memories.

    but her motto has always been


  21. Craig, Hillary has known and survived humiliation; this was not humiliating. It’s an opportunity to retool at the beginning of a nationwide campaign.

  22. Don’t know what this means for the final outcome, but the feeling of a lot of people I know is they’re tired of the Clinton Machine & all the muckety-muck it involves. This election is more a vote not for someone as much as not voting for the other. Condescending arrogance + entitlement isn’t exactly an attractive proposition. Shouldn’t dismiss Mr. Trump either: easy to mock & put down but he has tapped into something brilliantly. He may be playing Lonesome Rhodes, he may be Lonesome Rhodes… and is thriving despite the best efforts of several Marcia Jeffries. If this election has any good points, may it be a chip-chip-chip away at Democratic/Republican Party politics. Same church, just different pews.

  23. Democrats take an extremist turn
    by Timothy P Carney

    I found this on Real Clear Politics.. Here’s just a bit of what we can expect from the right wingers should Bernie prevail.. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/democrats-take-an-extremist-turn/article/2582885

    “And when Democrats got a chance to vote for their presidential nominee in the nation’s first primary, they picked Bernie Sanders.
    After six years of mainstream media pearl-clutching over the “extremists taking over the Republican Party,” it turns out the Democrats have their own extremism issue.
    Sanders hasn’t campaigned as a hardcore socialist, but his record is long and clear. In 1970, as The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak reportedrecently, Sanders wrote in an op-ed that the federal government should “institute public ownership, with worker control, of the major means of production.” That’s straight out of Karl Marx. In 1976, Sanders told a local paper “capital has to be controlled by the people.”
    Sanders campaigns for universal single-payer healthcare — in essence socializing the health insurance and healthcare industries, effecting massive wealth redistribution through a giant and growing sector of the economy.
    His tax plan involves raising rates for the wealthy, hiking the payroll tax and increasing the capital gains tax and the inheritance tax. Sanders would create a new tax on health insurance and a new tax on “Wall Street speculation.” All told, it adds up to $19.6 trillion over a decade — almost a 50 percent increase of the tax burden on Americans.

  24. Humiliated may be a bit to strong looking at the Delegate counts (Although Clinton is that far ahead through Superdelegates, otherwise Sanders would be in the lead right now), but losing New Hampshire by 20-22% of the vote is a huge loss for Clinton, and it speaks volumes about how much Sanders was actually able to accomplish while rejecting SuperPAC’s and Large Corporation Donations. I won’t be surprised if this trend is going to continue, especially in California, which could easily get Sanders the delegates needed to start overcoming the Superdelegate Bias towards Hillary at the moment.

  25. I’m Not Ashamed to Like Hillary

    By Leslieann Coker


    “I like Hillary.
    There, I said it.
    I’m tired of feeling like a pariah. Liking Bernie Sanders is cool. Liking Hillary Clinton is not.
    Whenever I tell people I like Hillary, I’m met with incredulous stares and voices dripping with disgust. “Really?” they ask. “Why? How can you like her?” You’d think I confessed to killing puppies the way they carry on.
    I’m then met with a litany of common refrains. “She lies. You can’t trust her. Remember Benghazi?” Or my personal favorite, “She’s a Clinton. She thinks she’s entitled.”
    And those are just my Democrat friends! My Republican friends are even more unrelenting in their irrational disdain for this woman.
    Yet when I ask them to explain, they can’t delve deeper than the platitudes.
    When President Obama famously said to Hillary in a debate before the New Hampshire primary in 2008, “You’re likable enough,” he was tapping into a deep vein of unlikability that surrounds her like a cone of shame.”

  26. Jamie, Bernie went to the high priced school–the state school is the Univ of Illinois at Chicago. He was not a distinguished academic, he was a thorn in administration’s side, he was ‘invited’ to take a year off, and I’m sure the powers to be breathed a collective sigh of relief when he left their hallowed halls. I wonder if he will release his transcript and related records. Like Joe Biden did.

    I wonder, do you think the faculty and staff at Brooklyn, a pretty neat school, took-up a collection to ship him off?

  27. Hillary Humiliated


    Absolutely smart comment.. Yes, superdelegates.. The biggest hurdle for Bernie is can he widen his base from predominantly  white people? If he can he stands a real chance and that could sway the superdelegates..

  28. Hillary Humiliated


    Now I have to wonder about the stories of poverty and orphaned in late teens & first year of college.  If the school was expensive what was the source of the funds?


  29. This morning I was chased out of bed by the ominous sound of the battery backups I have in key places throughout the house. It was (marginally) time to get up anyhow so I did my duty, got dressed, was about to start a fire in the fireplace when the power went back on. Such a sigh of relief you’ve never heard.

  30. The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics
    By Ezra Klein http://www.vox.com/2016/2/10/10956978/donald-trump-terrifying

    “On Monday, Donald Trump held a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he merrily repeated a woman in the crowd who called Ted Cruz a pussy. Twenty-four hours later Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary in a landslide.
    I’m not here to clutch my pearls over Trump’s vulgarity; what was telling, rather, was the immaturity of the moment, the glee Trump took in his “she-said-it-I-didn’t” game. The media, which has grown used to covering Trump as a sideshow, delighted in the moment along with him — it was funny, and it meant clicks, takes, traffic. But it was more than that. It was the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president showing off the demagogue’s instinct for amplifying the angriest voice in the mob.”

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