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  1. Anything that helps break the condescending arrogance of the established political machines is a step in the right direction. Tired of the they-know-better-than-us usual suspects telling voters who’s electable.

  2. 6 months ago, I made the Trump V Sanders Presidential Campaign an improbable joke….now, I’m not so sure

  3. Flatus,
    During that era, the majority of public universities were free tuition only charging books, lab fees, and fee per class.  It was actually fairly easy to “work ones way” through.  The major cost was living expenses and he had some income even though his parents died while he was in school.  He was rather notorious for sleeping on the couches of friends.
    Sanders studied at “Brooklyn College”  for a year in 1959–60  before transferring to the “University of Chicago” and graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in Political science in 1964.Sanders’ older brother, Larry, has recalled that during Bernie’s childhood, the family never lacked for food or clothing, but major purchases, “like curtains or a rug,” were difficult to afford.

  4. This would be HUUUGELY entertaining, indeed! I would love to see how Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s alter-ego would debate that scenario.

  5. Right now if it turned out to be Trump/Sanders, I would sign my name while sobbing and the son would have to deliver it to the mail box for me.

  6. Right now with 8% in Sanders declared the winner, but Hillary within 11% at this time.

    Republicans:  Trump, Kasich, Bush


  7. Ya know if the dems and the Reps are stupid enough to give us that ticket then Solar may get what he has always wanted, A third party candidate in the white house.  Bloomberg looks attractive.


  8. KGC

    Worse than the Trump?
    Sanders doesn’t count cause no left winger has ever been elected President in this country. The closest was Kennedy and he ran and ruled centrist.



  9. blah blah blah msnbc  Hillary is over no matter what she says

    I’m beginning not to think much of Rachael

    So if she closes the gap what will the losers say then esecially Brian , Rachal and Mrs. Greenspan what a group of buffoons

  10. Jack – Bloomberg may run, but from where would he siphon votes? He may help one side or the other, but he wouldn’t get enough votes to be prez.  What would happen with the electoral college?

    The funding request to fight Zika is $1.8 billion. It has morphed from a mosquito-borne virus, to also being an STD; it was only a concern for pregnant women, but now it may also cause paralysis in adults; one, sick monkey in 1947, then nothing for about 50 years, then a blip here and there, and now it may impact millions. Wha???

  11. Solar

    Enjoyed reading you on the other thread.. Glad you’re here now.. No apologies.. Voting lesser of two is American as Apple pie, lol, sorry.. You a serious caring guy and sometimes we change are minds even if for moment..

  12. CNN is trying desperately to make the GOP race for 2nd exciting.

    I always feel their coverage is designed to create buzz that will entice viewers.

  13. The ABC crowd is having a field day to night. this may continue and if it does, so be it, but the Clintons have been down this road before. The reports of the death of the Clinton campaign are very premature.

  14. OD

    Second, for the Republicans may determine who is the candidate. Have trouble believing  that Trump will go the whole way. just not disciplined enough.



  15. @MSNBC is rising to new levels of nauseating.  If they were any happier over the St. Bernard win, they would all be rolling on the floor while guzzling champagne straight from the bottle.

  16. If the media can concentrate on a Sanders win, they don’t have to say much if anything about the Iowa media darling Marco Rubio, who is sucking pond water tonight in New Hampshire.

  17. Jack

    I love your real life opinions. Love you too.. What a guy.. I agree, just can’t see Trump going the distance.. So thin skinned he is.. When asked a one word to describe Hillary, evil, wtf, so juvenile..

  18. Jace,  I agree.  We’ll see how Bernie translates this to SC & the SEC primary.  I wouldn’t be too smug yet. Hillary won it in 08 over the prez. 7 years later Obama is being criticized by the pugns as a terrible PRESIDENT.



    He draws country club Republicans and Moderate Republicans.  Splits the religious vote as they can’t decide between him or Trump. Democrats he splits them wide open. pulls a significant black vote and Hispanic vote takes all the NE, Middle Atlantic and Midwest  Left coast as well. May do well in Texas as it will be a choice between 2 NYers and a socialist. And from A Texas point of view they are all the same.

    If he doesn’t win the electorial vote  it goes to the house where the moderate and sane conservative rep wing joins with the Dems to block Trump and elect Bloomberg.


  20. Trump always sounds better in one-on-one interviews; more substantive.

    There is a WaPo article called, “Donald Trump’s Accent Explained.”  There is is a link embedded in it with a posh, British voiceover of Trump’s words.    Don’t look at the screen, just listen.  Very interesting.

    While Hillary (like Obama) tailored their accents for their audiences, Trump and Bernie don’t seem to do so.

  21. Blue

    Women  tend to do that.

    Men tend to keep the dialect/accent  they were raised in.

    With minorities they have the way they speak to the dominate culture and the one when speaking to members of their group.


  22. The only consolation to this evening is being right about Kasich.  He may be God besotted but at least there is a breath of sanity about the man, so it is a pleasure to have him come in second.  Now if Bush can finish 3rd so that Crazy Cruz is shoved as far down the totem pole as possible.


  23. Kasich speech one of the best election night speeches I’ve ever heard, very touching, genuine — “just slow down, listen, give them a hug”

  24. She will have the main stream Republicans to help her.

    The Bernie victory goes a long way to explain why the Dems are a minority party. They are close to losing the presidency. They have already been decimated  on the state level and in congress.


  25. given the toxic nature of the Democrat party, Kasich looks like he may be our next president.


  26. Yep Jack, Democrats in denial remind me of the line in The Cherry Orchard when the realtor tells them they are bankrupt and he’s told, “I’ll have you know, sir, we are mentioned in the encyclopedia.”

  27. The Dems problem isn’t HRC or Sanders but all the young studs that set on the sidelines.

    Just like in 92 when nobody wanted to tackle a popular president except an light weight governor from Arkansas.

    As they say in my neighborhood, “No huevos”


  28. Must say, Bernie at 60 pct to Hillary’s 38 with 66 pct reporting far worse for her than I expected. This is a freakin rout.

  29. Ted Danson tonight was asked about the perception of Hillary’s honesty.  His response that she was one of the most generous, decent, kind, and totally honest people he has ever known.  This is the estimate that I have heard from anyone who has had personal dealings with her.  Unfortunately, decades of Republican lies have been swallowed whole by the public.

    I have to attest that every Bernie supporter I ran into ALL repeated some accusation whose only source came down to a Faux Spews talking point of the “some people say” variety.

    She is classic proof that a lie can go around the world before the truth gets its shoes on.  I don’t know how you combat that level of venality, but I hope she will be able to find a way.


  30. looks like the polls showing her closing were wrong. But he was spending like a drunken sailor. lets see if he has enough in the tank for down the road where it get really expensive.


  31. Vote Counting Time In New Hampshire


    I can feel your happiness, congrats..

    A good night for Bernie, wonderful..


    Exactly, all the young voters that don’t participate.. In Iowa, Bernie should have beat Hillary handley but his young voters only voted  18% of the time.. The media is so fixed on the young but they don’t really vote..

  32. There is also the left wing Phenomenon  that the presidents who are best at getting the liberal agenda passed are the ones they hate. Prime examples being LBJ, Clinton and Truman all were and the first 2 still are hated by the left.


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