Why Panic?

The Clinton campaign, starting with Bill himself, seems to be freaking out about Bernie. Why? A loss in New Hampshire is survivable, considering the favorable turf for Hillary going forward. So why antagonize Sanders supporters they will need in November?

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    I was watching the Discovery Science Channel The Age of Aerospace Season 1 Episode 2 Miracle Planes and I remembered several things.
    1) Women did almost all of the production line and building, Rosie the riveter, and female pilots ferrying plane in the pacific during WWII.  Why did it take 30 tears for the feminist movement and Gloria Steinem in the 1970s?
    2) Corporations trained the people then and in the 1960s & 1970s.  Today they don’t want to spend the monies because of the Wall Street short term profit objectives.  During the 1970s through the 1990s I believe the all upper management bonuses should be paid in company stock that cannot be redeemed for a least 10 years.  That should help the long term viability of a company.

    Bill Clinton is a much more accomplished con man than even Obama.  Bill Clinton declared himself the winner in the 1992 New Hampshire primary.  Paul Tsongas won and Clinton actually came in second, but declared himself the “comeback kid” and the press bought it.  That is a great con man!  I lost but I won? 
    The Clintons’ have no ethics or integrity.  Win at all cost whether you do or not.

  3. They aren’t “freaking”.  They are pointing out the absolute inequality of media coverage and basic underhanded anger of Sanders.  Having been on the receiving end of the “Bernie Bros”, I’m more than willing to have Bill call them out on my behalf.  Sanders “we don’t want that crap” was said with all the forcefulness of someone ordering oatmeal.


  4. First votes went to Kasich winning over Trump and all votes to Sanders with zero for Clinton from Dixville Notch. Millsvfield 2 for Hillary and 1 for Sanders


  5. PIT

    Bill may be a con man, but he is a brilliant charming one that did right by the country.  I trust the even more understanding of the “two for one” team to be a good President despite the fact that, as usual, the RWNJ crowd will be even more pissed than they are at the current president if only because the so called middle & liberal gang will be avidly repeating everything the RWNJ alliance says.  It’s better than Game of Thrones and “Khaleesi is coming to Westeros”

  6. odd that a man is castigated for standing up for his wife and word thrashing a person for saying things about her he considers false and disrespectful.  in courtlier times such a scene would culminate in a glove slap followed by a duel… or more recently but still long ago, a harry truman cursing.

    also odd imo that in such a so-called christian nation, a good methodist from girlhood thru womanhood and a wife who honors her vows (whether marital or partisan) would be considered evil, a liar and disloyal to her convictions.

  7. nate silver yesterday published an informative good read. this excerpt is in part 1 from 538’s why young dems love Bernie:

    What’s distinctive about both the Sanders and Ron Paul coalitions is that they consist mostly of people who do not feel fully at home in the two-party system but are not part of historically underprivileged groups. On the whole, young voters lack political influence. But a young black voter might feel more comfortable within the Democratic coalition, which black political leaders have embraced, while a young evangelical voter might see herself as part of a wave of religious conservatives who long ago found a place within the GOP.

    A young, secular white voter might not have a natural partisan identity, however, while surrounded by relatively successful peers. In part, then, the “revolutions” that both Sanders and Paul speak of are revolutions of rising expectations.

  8. “Bill may be a con man, but he is a brilliant charming one that did right by the country”. 


    Well said and thanks for the comments..

  9. Why Panic?


    It’s just more of the same.. Media is looking for another Hillary takedown and again they will use Bill to do it..A man sticking up for his wife, yes.. I feel the need to defend Hillary as well so i can only imagine how Bill feels..

  10. Yes, why all the panic?  Stay cool, set some modest expectations, roll with the results and head on to Nevada and South Carolina. Now there are rumors of an impending campaign shake up with Bill out on the takedown tour, this looks all too familiar. 

    Chill, it will ultimately go your way!

  11. tony, another thing that reeks of a double standard and is strange is why it is so revered and honorable and championed the band of brothers, the leave no man behind, the brotherly love and bonding while any hint of sisterhood and of women helping women is a negative and subject to jeers or worse.

  12. however, o’reilly did hit a homer with “people want an avenger….both trump and sanders say stuff that’s impossible, that could never happen… but their followers, I guess, don’t care”

  13. What the Clintons are the best at…..is their ability to go unnoticed:

    After the Bush family fiasco’s..Bill Clinton s huge mistakes(or deliberate policies) pale by  comparison…..but make no mistake….he is not a democrat…he is a Republican…..at least if you would judge him by his policies alone…not all of the RAh Rah cheer leading in the world can change his fk ups………

    Same for  Hillary…..she is not a Dem….take a good look at her foreign policy choices throughout the years….she is more like the Rs than  anyone could guess…..she is not known a mama warbucks by the military complex for nothing…….she even get more (think) money than any other person by the defense contractors……….a good hard look at her past choices ……and she won’t look so democrat-like to those that do…..go back a few years she has always been more Reagan like…..than anything else…

    I don’t judge her b/c she a women………an open minded person would take a good look at her vast history and then make a decision….knowing hers…..she would never pass the liberal test….

    There is no doubt that Bill Clinton is both brilliant and charming.  How else could a person who is more Republican that most Republicans, fool all of the Democrats all of the time.

  15. Maybe young people don’t like Clinton cause she has a crappy position of the legalization of pot

    maybe old people don’t like her for the same reason.  It’s  stupid position and a political calculation and dumb

    they need to forget about Bernie and get on with their own message.  Most of the Bernie folks around will vote for the party candidate but insult them enough and they will stay home.

  16. Well just looked at the 1956 Republican platform.  It would seem that a large percentage of Democrats are actually Republicans by that standard.


  17. Yea, Craig that worked real well for John Kerry.

    You just can’t set there and let them use you as a punching bag.

    Sanders surrogates need to be called out on their swift boating  misbehavior.

    The amusing thing is the laziness of the media. It is like they want to recycle all their 2008 talking points.  We are now to the Clinton’s staff is in chaos stage.


  18. The current dicotomy of the Clinton Sanders campaigns is not unexpected if you consider that Sanders is a socialist and not of the Democratic Party, while Clinton(s) birth puts her in the early Baby Boomer generation.  Sanders is of the generation which preceeds Baby Boomer.

    I have little enthusiasm for things today.  I am waiting for a Bernie burnout moment.  It will happen, someone will ask something and he blows up.  HRC campaign is going to be interesting as she builds another ball inside.  There was a very good analysis of her campaign staff and who is likely to be moved, not released, and the lack of anyone from outside who can step in and run the show.

    The closed ball (circle is not good enough to describe her campaign now) is what is holding her in this seemingly strained message.  And, why women who are almost as old as my mother, are on the trail saying stupid things.  Her campaign has never been focused on three points of stance.  And, it is especially not focused on women who vote.

    HRC is still my vote.  Yes, she is what we used to call Republicans in the 60’s and 70’s.  But, garbling the saying, “she is ours, not theirs”.


  19. BTW on the true progressive debate. Progressives are reformers not revolutionaries. And socialist never were progressives, nor did they ever pretend to be.

    But then again in a world where libertarians are called conservative…………………..



  20. While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.

    I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world.

    The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.

    Eugene V. Debs, Socialist

  21. Jack and Jamie–you’ve captured the essence of Bernie’s political soul from the days he arrived at Univ of Chicago, if not before. His agenda fit right in with the people of Burlington when his crusade became saving Lake Champlain from the railroad that separated it from the city.


  22. Feminism is a lot older than WWII or Gloria.  IMHO, men are bigger than women and can ‘take-us’ any time (think caveman with club), thus the inability of women to get the upper hand.  Plus, that baby building keeps us busy.  I agree, however, that even with the feminism movement of late 1960’s – 70’s?  — women couldn’t even get the Equal Rights Amendment approved.  I still hear that women should have never been given the vote.  We are trash…the repugs tell us they will cherish us (directly from the bible) and we are to submit after that cherishing.  But in reality, they treat us like chattel.

    Women have been doing some great work for a long time.  In geology, women drawing the map for the transatlantic soundings, found a pattern which later became identified as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge…thereby, adding to the theory of plate tectonics.  The male geologist above the project?  Didn’t believe the silly women.  Look at so many outstanding women with achievements and they do not get the credit.  I could go on, but I would rather go forward (it is still progress), not left with Bern or backwards with Donald.

    If the Clintons are panicking?  Good…it will help them keep their hands off of rural America.

    Inhale and enjoy the New England air.



  23. The first invasion of Libya made me  sick to my stomach…..looks like we are getting ready for a second invasion……almost as much of a crime as Iraq…some parallels are the same to me…..looks like we will return to the scene of the crime…..Hillarys.  This is all i need to not vote for her…..i will be voting for the lesser evil of the two…..I dont feel the bern……but……

  24. Hilary(b/c… i do see her as the next potus) is going to help modernize our Military(we are sooo behind the rest of the world)…..going to cost one trillion…….nothing for us po folks……we are sending 800 more tro….ops to Iraq…………but we already have (secretly) 4,000 troops there already. Her vote for invading Iraq was not a correct one… has she admitted that it was a mistake.??

    Cold war is revving up again…..China is acting up….we will spend a lot of money trying to make them shut up about those islands…..even tho they are not the only ones trying to lay claim to them.

    Yeten ya hoo will want just a little more cash for another secrete weopon, and  for building some more penthouses in Palestine……


    She will be a one term president……what will be her opening act…..universal health care for all.  Bring our troops home, stop the theft of our tax money by the large corps…..im hoping that im wrong about her…and that she finally does the right thing by all of us………..


    ….had a dream once….we stopped paying taxes for a cpl of years…….it brought about world peace….and we legalized M J and prostitution…….we fixed all of the us with these taxes that were not available to the Military……..





  25. last one……All of them scare me….they all talk about escalating wars all over the world….including the unapologetic Iraq war voting Hillary….

    Will look into it…..but I think that Bernie Sanders is the only one that opposes these things…..


  26. Hi, Solar. Our involvement in/with Libya goes back to the Reagan years. Why the specific anger at Clinton? I was opposed to Iraq, but I knew things that few people had access too. I suspect that Hillary probably listened carefully to Gen Powell’s speech and, knowing that man and his stellar reputation for service above self, believed what he believed. Unfortunately for all of us, his political masters did not possess his sense of honor.

    FWIW, when it came down to making choices, he listened to me, an Air Force chief master sgt, rather than his own senior officer experts. In fact, he made the correct choice. I was long retired when the eruptions occurred.

  27. President Eisenhower is more of a Democrat than Carter, the Clintons or Obama.  He had the largest GDP growth of any president since, had the highest income tax rate (90%) of any president since and he had balanced trade with a small surplus. He doubled (101.578%) the amount of Government Social Benefits spending (BEA Table 3.12) compared to Carter’s 5.444%, Bill Clinton’s 16.320% and Obama’s 32.948%.

    Both parties have shifted so far to the right that Eisenhower and possibly Nixon were more like Democrats than Carter, the Clintons or Obama.  Eisenhower even warned about the military industrial complex, but LBJ did not listen and he killed 58,000 Americans in Vietnam.

  28. has she admitted that it was a mistake.??

    solar, yes she has admitted several times answering reporter questions and she wrote it in her book “hard choices”

    “[M]any Senators came to wish they had voted against the resolution. I was one of them. As the war dragged on, with every letter I sent to a family in New York who had lost a son or daughter, a father or mother, my mistake become (sic) more painful.”

    “I thought I had acted in good faith and made the best decision I could with the information I had. And I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.”

    as to sending more troops to iraq, she has said recently according to times of india “I will not send American combat troops to Iraq or Syria. That is off the table. That would be a terrible mistake,” Clinton said. [….]
    “I will do everything I possibly can to avoid sending American troops abroad, getting us involved in military conflicts,” she said.

  29. How close does she have to come to prevent the media narrative that her campaign is over

    As well as being a neighbor hasn’t Bernie spent a bunch in NH

  30. KGC

    Yesterday, I read that Sanders is outspending Clinton in NH on tv ads 3-1.

    He is doing an all out push to run up the score. Good short term, but disaster for the long haul. And the long haul is coming up shortly with super Tuesday. March 1.



  31. Twitter is a sad, ugly place.  We will not discuss the absolutely empty, foul mouthed, and virulent attacks of  supporters of “THE DONALD”

    St. Bernard may not be to my taste, but at least he is sane.

  32. Trump arghhhhhhhhhhhhh ack ack ack  the Republicans should be ashamed but they are shameless



    Thanks for the info – I think it is a good strategy he needs momentum going into the south

    today began an attack against Bill ad Hill’s prison policy of the 1990’s  some of the conclusions I heard on Democracy Now are horrifying but I don’t know enough to know if it was unintended consequences or things the policy makers should have anticipated  — I think we can all agree for profit prisons have turned out to be a bad idea as with most privatization of public functions


  33. Pat,

    Sorry, you are correct…she finally did.  I think the dentist with pliers had something to do with it.


    For the same reason that once in a great while, I still seem to get angry with those that seem above the law, they are just a little more American than the rest of us.

    Obama prosecuted a person that took a selfie of him self and send it to his girlfriend.  There was a picture of a sonar in the back ground…..

    Then there was the Marine that was prosecuted for espionage for reporting an al qaida operative in police garb…….somewhere in Afghanistan…….he used his g mail account………..Hillary seems to me to have us

    Even Gen. Petraus was going to get prosecuted for keeping secrete and not so secrete papers in his home…..if it weren’t for this…i would not care one iota about her hundred of e mails….one that she received and forwarded was one that contained a satellite pic of some North Koren nuclear facillity …….they said that the government did not have to prove anything about her

    But i am sorry if i seem so angry….I will be voting for her tho…….there is no one safe on mother earth with any of the other crazies that are running for potus……maybe thats why im angry….i swore to my self that i would never vote for a lesser of two evils……..thanks….later

  34. What has changed since I last posted?  Right now on MSNBC is Maddow.  The count down is less then two hours to NH polls closing.

    The entire exercise of Iowa and New Hampshire predicting the next 48 states results is idiotic.  Why the frothing? (remember good old Frothingslosh)  The answer is there is nothing else to report on.  Another small batch of white people voting.  Together, Iowa and NH have fewer voters than my Amaryllis pot.  Again, the only use of these two states is to prune the low hanging fruit.

    My choices on a site which allows one to predict winners and losers are getting creamed. sigh

    Clue for a knock out Gin Martini is a dash of orange bitters.

    So.  HRC is the choice of old people.  And, the Bern is the choice of college kids and those who fall for his spiel.

    I like more Maddow.

  35. Pat,

    And all on the trail…..im sorry for the tone that i just had.  I could have said the same thing in a few different ways……….this is a great place and it wont happen again..









  36. Happy Fat Tuesday!

    Grab your towel (and hope your followers make desperate-sounding comments) and don’t panic; it’s only February.

    Besides, the Zika virus or North Korea might take us down before November gets here.  (A month ago, Zika was a blip on the radar.  Now, Obama wants a “B”illion or so to fight it?)

  37. Oops.  Bernie Sanders claimed someone as an endorser who isn’t and happens to be well known to Harry Reid.  Right now Harry is not being kind (in his quiet “do you understand fear of death” way) to Bernie.

    “.@Astrid_NV isn’t a ‘press hit.’ She’s my friend, an activist and a hero to so many people across America working for better life.”

  38. During that era, the majority of public universities were free tuition only charging books, lab fees, and fee per class.  It was actually fairly easy to “work ones way” through.  The major cost was living expenses and he had some income even though his parents died while he was in school.  He was rather notorious for sleeping on the couches of friends.

    “Sanders studied at Brooklyn College for a year in 1959–60 before transferring to the University of Chicago and graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in political science in 1964.  Sanders’ older brother, Larry, has recalled that during Bernie’s childhood, the family never lacked for food or clothing, but major purchases, “like curtains or a rug,” were difficult to afford.”

    February 9, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Does anybody have a source for Bernie’s funding of his education at the Univ of Chicago?

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