Where We Are

The presidential campaign seems to be at a crossroad, and it is in New Hampshire. Will the status quo survive? That is the question. Will Jeb Bush beat expectations and revive? Will Hillary Clinton overcome? The establishment has served us all so poorly that I hope the answer to both questions is a resounding NO. But if not, this too shall pass and we will certainly survive.

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  1. not to worry about piddling politics, boss, how you fixed for living in an e-free zone?  I know it’s old news but it’s still a worry what with crazy talk of a beyond-waterboarding world, a kookie korean kiddie king, crusading cruz-es  et al.  the arsenal of today and tomorrow includes the e-bomb

    …an e-bomb would actually destroy most machines that use electricity. Generators would be useless, cars wouldn’t run, and there would be no chance of making a phone call. In a matter of seconds, a big enough e-bomb could thrust an entire city back 200 years or cripple a military unit.

    The U.S. military has been pursuing the idea of an e-bomb for decades, and many believe it now has such a weapon in its arsenal. On the other end of the scale, terrorist groups could be building low-tech e-bombs to inflict massive damage on the United States.

    we might survive a world without our favorite candidate at the helm, but how will we get by without our cellphones?

  2. I’ve been wrong before (8 years ago, f’rinstance), but I believe it will be establishment D versus the non-establishment developer R.  And yes, regardless, we will survive.

    And although I really do not like Christie, kudos to him for taking Rubio down a peg Saturday.  Leaving a presidential candidate speechless is no mean trick.

  3. I’ve become fond of Alexandra Petri’s accounts of the debates.  Here’s hers from the Saturday night debate.  Since the only part of it I have seen was the Christie “There it is” takedown of Rubio – this is what I know of the debate.


  4. Craig… I hear you loudly and clearly…. But you do realize it will take a lot more than the minority of us that will vote in order to take down the establishment.  And I’m talking about the general election… Not just the caucuses and primaries.

  5. Congrats to blondewino and bluebronc …. And any other Broncos fan here.

    What an awesome defense!

    what was up with Peyton mentioning Budweiser twice and kissing papa john during the celebration right after the win… Does he have to turn everything into an endorsement…

    imo, the commercials were pretty lame

    can’t wait til next season…

  6. The best thing about being elected to office by saying things like “the present (fill in the blank) is broken, elect me and I will fix it” is you can’t fix anything.  The prez has a lot of power (1/3 IIRC) compared to the nine (1/3 power IIRC) and the 535 (1/3 power IIRC).  They have to function to make the country function.  At most, a newly elected president or congressional person has very little power to change how anything changes, except for the clothes he or she picks out for the day, and for men that is usually limited to the red power tie or blue power tie.

    Only a few presidents have had full run of the country.  Only a few Speakers have been able to run Congress.  The Republican anti-everything group of 2010 (Koch Bros team) only mucked up the works, not changed it.  And, now that they can’t get their way they are heading home and not running again.

    I will take HRC over Bernie.  And, any Dem over any Republican any day for any position.

  7. And to be fair…. Peyton conducted himself with class and grace after the drubbing he took two years ago.  Cam not only quit at the end of the game,imo… He acted like a child at his ending press conference….  Grow up, bud.

    ok… Now back to your political programming…

  8. renee, the daily mail also noticed
    Peyton Manning mentions Budweiser TWICE in post-game interview plugs with an advertising value of $1.6m, and hugs his sponsor Papa John

    Peyton Manning mentioned Budweiser twice in post-Super Bowl interviews
    He said he was going to ‘drink a lot of Budweiser tonight’ two times
    But the beer makers insisted they had not paid him to mention the brand 
    The Broncos quarterback reportedly owns piece of two Anheuser-Busch distributors in Louisiana
    Manning’s first hug after winning came from the owner of Papa John’s pizza, who he does adverts for 

    so there’s your answer

  9. Happy Year of the Monkey:  

    Now that that is out of the way, most people don’t realize just how much of government trundles along on the backs of Civil Service workers.  Presidents, Politicians, and Pundits can pontificate all they want.  At best, they nudge around the edges while the day to day labor rests elsewhere.  If you have never seen the British show “Yes Minister”, catch a few episodes.  It’s just the same on this side of pond.

    Poor Rubio got caught reaching for the water because he couldn’t take his eyes off the teleprompter.  It just happened where Christie could point it out immediately instead of laughing at him the next day.  Someone is bound to eventually expose the emptiness that is Trump and if done in time will actually create a major opening for Kasich thus setting up a Kasich/Clinton campaign.  The GOP can afford to waste Kasich by giving him the crown of his career while not actually being elected.  This will give them 4 – 8 years to age and develop their bench for 2020 & 2024.  A Clinton presidency will be a solid middle ground to handle the world at home & abroad.  That won’t make the ultra liberal branch happy, but the US will be better off for actually getting work done.


  10. Peyton owes Papa John (well, really, it’s the other way around) and he’s apparently got something post retirement in the works with Bud.  Yep, Cam has some growing up to do – and he will.  I could not get a handle on that damn dog-monkey-baby ad.  Way too disturbing.  This morning they said it was a parody of super bowl ads.  I guess I need to brush up on my parody detection skills.  I just thought it was a bad ad.

  11. pogo, agree with you about the strange monkey ad.

    none of these this year compare with the old bud ads of the Clydesdale and doggie bff heart tug.

  12. For other purposes, I spent time reading the 1952 & 1956 GOP Platforms.  In many ways that was a party worth supporting.  It is a shame  they went crazy.  Given the current invasion by the crazies in Oregon, the positions on the environment are particularly sad.



  13. Agreed.  I think it will be Sanders/ Warren vs Trump/Kasich (or Huntsman).  The days of Clinton and Bush are over.

    While Trump is hard to get a handle on (because he speaks in hyperboles when in front of a crowd), he explains himself better in one-on-one interviews.  His idea for fixing the healthcare/insurance problem isn’t bad; it is most certainly better than the current situation which was made worse by the ACA (an appropriately, Orwellian-named program). I’m still for single-payer.

    Trump is also right about holding China’s feet to the fire about helping with Kim Dung Yuck, too.

    If an e-bomb is used, you’d better have food and water stockpiled, and, not live in a highly-populated area.  Those of us in cities are screwed if that happens.  On the bright side, no TV or radio means no political ads.


  14. Puppy-monkey-baby was creepy.  I get it, though.  Super Bowl ads love to use puppies, monkeys, and, babies.

    I want to live in the world of the Hundai commercial, where all men look like Ryan Reynolds.

    I was underwhelmed by most of the ads, but Colgate’s turn-off-the-faucet-while-brushing was fantastic.

    Not another Ben Affleck Batman movie.

  15. Peyton’s mention of a brand of beer was no different than if he’d said he was going to Disneyland…except that it was way worse.   Kids look up to him.  Hey, kids! Drink Bud!  It was not a classy move.

    Maybe Peyton can do some cross-marketing with Bud & Nationwide.  Enjoy your beer, but don’t drink & drive.


  16. If you saw the introduction of the Super Bowl MVP’s you saw the toll of the game, not just NFL level.  Almost every pro football player started playing as a child.  Even those who started playing in high school and played in college and the NFL are damaged.

    Every single one of them limped.  A few had the stare of someone whose eyes did not see the world in the way the rest of us do.  A good bet is  many of them cannot raise their arms above their shoulders, that is the ones who still have shoulders.

    My sons have yet to understand why I was less than supportive of them playing sports.  Maybe when they are in their sixties and can still function without artificial body parts they will understand.

    Politics is a contact sport.  I do not remember when I first heard that.  It is true, less physical contact than in other countries, but a punching of ideas and thoughts.  Why the current crop cannot stick to real facts of the real universe I do not know.  A guess about Republicans is their red meat crowd does not live in this universe, but rather one they make up.  Beating up lies is difficult, but it has to be done, and not in a reporters fact screening a day or so after a debate.

  17. Despite the Millennials, I will continue to be a feminist in the traditional mold, and will continue to believe that work on the feminist agenda is not yet finished.

  18. I didn’t bother with the Super Bowl–my team is the olde Browns that were smuggled out of that poor city decades ago. In any case, college ball seems much more exciting and a little less lethal.

    I did watch the three hour finale of American Ninjas that filtered out all the commercials. Some pretty good athleticism there.

    And this evening we are going down to cheer our Gamecocks against UConn in the match-up of number 1 and 2 in women’s basketball. We are number 2. All 18,000 seats have been sold-out for ages. It will be on ESPN2 at 1900-eastern. Both teams are unbeaten.

  19. Gloria Steinam made a cringe-worthy comment about female voters of a certain age.

    She thinks young, female voters are flocking to Bernie because that’s where the boys are.

    Like the girls can’t think for themselves?  Really?    Again, it’s just another comment from Camp Hillary that reeks of desperation.

    Gloria, If young women are only at Camp Bernie because there are more young men  there,  then why are those young men there?  Maybe it’s his message.  Maybe it’s his authenticity. Bernie isn’t just saying those things to win votes, that’s the direction he wants the country to go.

  20. Gloria Steinam is a great person who has contributed much to the United States for many decades!

  21. Pat, my Welsh grandmother was a loved student of Florence Nightingale and worked with her until my American grandfather swept her away in the early 1900s. She taught my grandfather and my mom, an only child, born in ’07, the true meaning of women’s rights, equal rights, the basis for suffrage, and why women should have their own purses. In turn, my mom was an amazing woman.

  22. ORD – Steinam’s comment was anything but supportive of women, with the exception of Hillary.  Did she really think that snarky comment would be helpful?

    They are desperate over there, I tell ya.  If Hillary is doing this poorly in the primaries, imagine her poor showing in the general election.

    Maybe those who support her should try to convince people (both genders) to vote for her because a, b, c, etc.

  23. Great polls posted on RCP today…Hillary leads by 32 points in both Michigan and Arkansas.

  24. according to wapo, gloria said her quote was “misinterpreted.”

    “I misspoke on the Bill Maher show recently, and apologize for what’s been misinterpreted as implying young women aren’t serious in their politics,” Steinem said.

    She did not address the post specifically to Sanders supporters, but focused on the strength of politically active women today.

    “What I had just said on the same show was the opposite: young women are active, mad as hell about what’s happening to them, graduating in debt, but averaging a million dollars less over their lifetimes to pay it back,” she continued. “Whether they gravitate to Bernie or Hillary, young women are activist and feminist in greater numbers than ever before.”

  25. 1972 Dolphins survived again with the only unbeaten season including play-off and super bowl. Sorry 2007 New England Patriots and now the 2015 Carolina Panthers.  Good try but no Super Bowl.

  26. Flatus,

    I’ll be watching that game.  Should be a barn burner.  Maybe I’ll see you in the crowd.  Have fun.

    BB, no doubt football takes a heavy toll on the players.  Of the guys who carried the trophy I only know anything about Joe Namath.  He limps, and well he should – his knees have been worked on enough – 4 times – 6 if you count having both knees replaced.  He is a traumatic brain victim and plans to donate his brain for research when he dies.  He started hyperbaric oxygen treatments in 2012 and is a big supporter of concussion research.

  27. “They are desperate over there, I tell ya.  If Hillary is doing this poorly in the primaries, imagine her poor showing in the general election.” Blue

    Maybe that’s a little premature – since there haven’t been any primaries yet? Lets talk after the SEC primaries.  Then we may know something.

  28. Iowa & NH caucuses help to filter out candidates, so although states with primaries in which to vote haven’t rolled around, they are part of the process.

    Steinam’s apology was hollow.  She was speaking from the heart when she commented on those who don’t support her candidate.

    She is desperate for a female POTUS.  I am only desperate for one who says what they mean, means what they say, and, will be good at the job.

    The Clinton/Bush era is over.  Time to really move on.

  29. Where We Are


    Exactly.. Ask President Clinton how Iowa and NH filtered him out, lol..

    We need to wait for all the voting to be done.. Like last time Hillary received more votes but the DNC and super delegates had other ideas.

    Exciting times..

  30. Blue, when there are 2 well funded candidates, no one gets weeded out in IA or NH.  3rd & 4th also-rans with no money might call it quits (See the ‘pugns, for instance).   Your pronouncement of the Clinton era being over is a bit premature IMHO.  John Edwards was in through South Carolina in 2008 (one reason the back channel bloggers left here), and both Hillary and Obama were in until the end, so…

    I can’t say whether Bernie would be good at the job.  He’s done some good things in the Senate by way of amendments to legislation, and really, I think his heart is pure.  I simply do not think he can win a general election contest.  If I have to find out I hope I’m wrong.

  31. “The Clinton/Bush era is over.  Time to really move on.”

    Ha ha, the Bush era looks certainly over.. Clumping Hillary in with Bills era seems very unfair to me.. Is the wife always responsible for the husband’s career success or failure.. Listening to a lot of Bernie supporters seems it’s so as it fits their narrative, Clinton’s bad.. More of the “artful smear”?

  32. I think the Dems fight on…and it will be for the good  —

    I could live with Bernie not my first choice but if it’s him I’m ok with it.

    I’m not ok with the media making up their own narratives about the race instead of covering facts on the ground


  33. KGC,

    Same here, either Clinton or Bernie is fine but my overwhelming preference is Hillary as she’s most qualified.. It’s no different than 2008 same reason i chose her over Obama..

  34. My thoughts on American Football from end of last thread. I do not advocate abolishing any sport but I certainly do advocate avoiding them.


    Anyone who plays football past 8th grade should prepare for having their ass in a sling once they get old.

  35. I really don’t have much use for “Little Dictator” coaches, either.

    Walk it off.

    rub some dirt on it.

    i listened to an old footballer on NPR this weekend, started playing around ’75, who found out he’d been playing with a broken neck for two years…..raider……went to the owner for help and said he never heard from the owner again…….he was cut and said it was like being “disappeared”.   A ghost.    Spent everything he made on surgeries with absolutely no help.

  36. Clinton Campaign Coverage Goes Off the Rails — Again

    by Eric Boehlert

    “Meanwhile, did you notice that when the Clinton campaign accurately predicted that it had the votes to win the caucus, members of the press were quick to mock the move. Even after Iowa officials declared her the winner, the Clinton campaign was attacked as being “disingenuous” for saying she was the winner.
    And then there was the weird embrace of the coin toss story, which was fitting, since so much of the Clinton campaign coverage these days seems to revolve around a very simple premise: Heads she loses, tails she loses.”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-boehlert/-clinton-campaign-coverag_b_9188182.html

  37. Tony – No different for me to tie Jeb! to W, than it is for Bill & Hill in the way that it was meant; the status quo has got to go.  (I voted for Bill twice.)

    It’s going to get much tougher in a few months.

  38. Where We Are


    I guess i understand coming from you.. I just think it’s unfair to tie either i suppose with the other because of a name.. Jeb is a poor candidate, his brother was better.. Hillary is way more liberal than Bill.. Again though with Bernie’s purity test of liberalism few measure up..

    I think it’s a way to bring Hillary down through the few awful policy things Bill did.. The man is a great Democratic President and sad lots of Bernie supporters can’t appreciate him and  his time in office.. All this anti Clinton stuff is typical of Democrats so i don’t take it personally. Democrats always eat their own and do the GOP’s work for them, why should now be any different..

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