Debate Rut

At least tonight’s Republican debate, airing just before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, could be pivotal, but these last few days, with two Democratic showdowns, are getting a bit tiresome even for the most addicted political junkies. Still, get out the popcorn, here’s your latest debate thread (on ABC 8pm ET).


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  1. Yep Jace. Maybe somebody can count how many more times they say “Hillary” than “Reagan” — RR has seemed to get fewer mentions in Republican debates this year

  2. I will have a drink anytime I should happen to catch the tiniest glimpse of any republican on my television…..

  3. jace – Glad I wasn’t alone in thinking Claire McCaskell was doing a horrible disservice to her candidate, and our shared gender (mine & Claire’s) by trying to shame women into voting for Hillary.

    Lemon bars sound good, but Tony’s mention of apple crumb pie won me over this morning.  With coffee for breakfast and seconds at half-time.  Also chips, guacamole & Reed’s extra-ginger ale. I have Monday off, so I can stay up for Colbert’s special show after the Panthers win (since the Pats lost, I can’t go for Denver) & sleep off my sugar stupor.


    Have an extra beer for an old pal? Jace.

    Blue Bronc, been a little bored with food lately going to try those hammocks.

    Flatus…..I really liked your vid about those marching Japanese.  You could almost feel the energy in that building.  Coming up soon it will be Ti chi day……one world one breath.  For just one day. i can feel the energy of millions of people all over the world.  The focus and attention to make this a better world on this day is palpable……

    Me 168…..sup?been having fun……kd stuff?  good to see you.

  5. I always leave two in the hole in case Solar drops in…….

    It’s the code of the south

  6. Saw one half of the debate…..both Hillary and the Bern are quite impressive……either one is a closer….could have you sign  the contract right there in the spot…and drive away with your brand new car…….thing is, will they  be around when you need to take that car in for service.

    I dont plan to watch any part of any R s debate……too close to bed time, and i need to keep me head calm so i can sleep…..too many talking heads in there as it is….later i hear one calling me now……

  7. Enough commercials ABC. At least one of the ads remind us to get out our heartburn relief, good advice for watching this bunch

  8. Sturg…..i know that is true…..same here for you……..hey guess what…..i did get that motor home…..a little old  …like me, but solid….will post a pic….when i can remember how to

  9. Carson managed to get introduced twice by forgetting to walk out. Moderators forgot Kasich. This might not end well

  10. Yes, por favor….un pic of the motor home……I’m going to build a so-called tiny home to place in the Catskills……

  11. My goodness, Rubio must’ve done 8th-grade debate prep this afternoon.  He’s ridiculous.

  12. Omg,  Trump is so full of bullshit.. Never any substance.. Replace with something great..  Ugh..

  13. Blue,  lol,  yes The Publix Apple crumb pie,  oh God,  closest to my Grandmothers. My mom’s favorite.

  14. Ha, Trump shsshing Jeb, slamming the audience, getting booed, so glad he did not skip this one

  15. Keystone is NOT public use of land, Jebbers!

    Tony -No Publix here.  It’s a Marie Calendars in deck for tomorrow.


    I want to know what Ben Carson has to say about North Korea.

  16. Yep, TPP is a stinker. Mitch McConnell wants to wait until after the election to debate, because it’s unpopular but the Repugs in Congress are mostly in favor of it.


    My company opened a factory in Mexico and laid off all of the manufacturing people here. It was the only way they could be competitive because everyone else outsourced manufacturing, too.  Some components come from China, Brazil, etc.


    *Craig – That debate rut you mentioned  seems to be being dug by Rubio’s mouth.  Obama, Obama,Obama.

  17. But Governor Christie, if 68% think you’re wrong and vote their conscience, you lose.

  18. I was going to use a drinking phrase of “The Fact of the Matter is” but realized I would have to join AA tomorrow if I did.

  19. Cruz says his call for carpet bombing ISIS would not be “indiscriminate” but “targeted.”

    Self Contradiction Word Game: Targeted carpet bombing. Limited apocalypse.  Restrained fury. Unlimited caution …

  20. They’re losing me to ABC’s many President’s Day mattress commercials. Time for Christie to chew up some more scenery

  21. Look south, Donald.  The drug cartels in Mexico behead people, too.

    I can’t believe that they can’t get a single VIN # off of a truck in a caravan to track and cut off ISIS’ supply line.

    The one thing I am in agreement with with everyone on that stage is their estimation of Obama’s performance.


  22. My guess is the fierce battle for second place tonight is helping Trump stay on top. Rubio getting way more heat than he.

  23. I need a translation on the following hashtag:  #FFVCS

    I’m think FF might be fact free, but can’t figure out the rest of it.


  24. Good thing for Kasich he came out even though the moderators forgot to introduce him. He is having a very good night.

  25. Yes, Kasich seems like the level-headed executive in the room.  Trump has toned down everything a bit, including his hair. It looks like an ash blonde rinse.

  26. Interesting how these Republicans asked about it clearly said women should be required to sign up for selective service, but Hillary dodged the question in the Democratic debate, said she would have to think about it.

  27. Hillary is a hawk who would keep us engaged in conflicts.  More chance that we would need troops with her at the helm than with Bernie.

  28. I’ve always felt that there should be mandatory public service/military.  Many countries have such forces following high school.  It teaches discipline, work ethic, gain college funds/grants, and serve many of the infrastructure and charitable functions so badly needed.

    In case of all out war, the registrants would be available to draft.

  29. Debate Rut

    Jamie thanks for the link

    Yes, it’s clearly obvious all over the internet that the media is against Hillary Clinton..  I just only go to my favorite sites daily and it’s clear.. A woman has to have an extra set of skills to handle this and i believe Hillary does.. Not fair but like being gay in this straight world we have to deal..

  30. Just had a state political ad air.  No idea what the guy is running for, but he is running against Obama.

  31. Well I don’t know about the candidates but based upon ABC’s mattress commercials I think I will choose Serta’s Icomfort. Who could turn down memory foam with dual gel technology?


  32. Hillary is going to have to differentiate herself from Obama.  She was hitched to his administration and she is going to have to run against his policies.  That won’t be easy.

    I still think Bernie has a better chance.  The GOP can try to scare people with the word “socialist,” but when the 99% hear what he stands for, they will be scared of Repug policies.   Hillary is just more of the same.  More middle class erosion. More failed foreign policy.

  33. What the Hell? I got one , okay maybe two decent drinks all night. What happened to the free market republicans?

    It’s the economy stupid!

  34. blueIndallas,

    The apple crumb pie sounds great. When you are In AZ you eat lemon bars or lemon pie.

  35. I was going to select a Sunday Serendipity in honor of the republican debate. Lost cause. the only tune I could come up with was ‘Pop goes the weasel’

  36. debate rut?

    from online etymology dictionary “annually recurring sexual excitement in animals, ….. from Late Latin rutigum (nominative rugitus) “a bellowing,” from past participle of Latin rugire “to bellow,”

    perfect title for the goper grope

  37. jace said to jamie last thread:

    this is not the first time Bernie supporters have ventured into the area of questionable tactics……I don’t blame Bernie. Grassroots campaigns often lack the discipline of their more traditional counterparts.

    too bad there’s not the same tolerance for misstatements (blueid, it was not claire but madeleine) by undisciplined supporters of Hillary.


  38. Well in honor of his age, era, and all the promises he makes a pretty song for Bernie Sanders

    Doing it backwards and in high heels  – Something a little different from the lady:  The Original Polonaise #6

  39. Now that was exciting – reading the comments that is.  I, once again, forgot to turn on the television to watch the event.

    With the record cases moved around, the rest of the room can be rearranged.  This is good.

    Living in the eastern edge of the D.C. region, near Annapolis, we get the Baltimore channels and the Washington channels.  Baltimore carries mostly Maryland news and politics, D.C. the D. C. and Northern Virginia news and politics.  But, with the technology today, politicians can pick where their ads go.  Too bad and to my dislike, sometimes the ad buy includes where I live.  I can do without some right wing Republican in Manassas or Leesburg showing up on my television.  Either they have no clue how to do an proper ad buy, or worse, they feel their idiocy should be spread like a layer of cow manure over the entire region.

    Puppy Bowl day.  I let the cats watch it too.  They need to be reminded of whence they came.  Both are shelter picks.

  40. Rubio’s only hope is to take-off the tie and open his collar to reveal an ankh.

    It is Super Bowl Sunday and I enjoy the break from watching the dems kick the old lady’s ass into the WH.  At least it keeps the Clintons from carpet bombing rural America.

    Bombs away!

  41. Of course Bernie supporters are bullying and rude — it’s a revolution!!!  And every revolution needs lawyers, guns and money…Bernie is the perfect revolution candidate as he has the guns!!  He has the testosterone infused young men and his hands into the dem money bag.   Only question, who are the lawyers behind Bern?



  42. from jamie’s link re bernie encouraging rudeness:

    “She is the only woman in United States history to be elected both a governor and a U.S. senator.

    … , Jeanne Shaheen ranks pretty high on all the various scorecards measuring how liberal senators’ voting records are

    Why in the world would Bernie Sanders’ supporters treat this woman who made the Democratic Party a winning party in New Hampshire so disrespectfully?”

  43. patd…it is going to be an ugly process getting a woman elected POTUS.  The ABH movement is alive and well within the dem party.  No one wants to see her go down in history as the first female prez…they just want her to go down.   Sometimes the mob kills and then regrets.

  44. bw, some of that venom reminds me of those folks who stone victims of rape and wives of adulterers.

  45. Debate Rut


    I agree. My niece, Ashley (26) was by last night and she doesn’t think Hillary will get elected.. I asked her why, Ashley said, she’s a female, nope, never.. I said why the negative thinking and she said i see how she is treated and even talked about at my work by mostly guys, nah.. I showed her the clip from the last debate where Hillary took it to Bernie about his “artful smear” and Ashley said she looks good and she is tough but still she didn’t think it was enough.. I felt really terrible that she feels her gender holds her back.. I can relate some because of being gay.. Gm was not an easy time either.. Still, i told Ashley, we must hope for the best..

  46. Hi…I,m in the wooly north.  I thought David Muir sucked as moderator.  Pretty boy maroon!

    as for Super Bowl snacks….pizza…



    Sunday Serendipity.

    A wonderful work by Hayden. In honor of the soon to be departing Republican candidates. Farewell.

    Enjoy the music, enjoy the day, and enjoy the game if you watch.

  48. Bernie has all the social graces of a pig in slop. He is the role model for the same type of uncaring, I’ve got mine, behavior in his youthful followers. Go back, read his bio from his college days on forward. After doing that, then decide if this is the person that we want as our next president; I sure as the dickens don’t. Not that my vote means anything in South Carolina, I’ll pledge this: If he is our party’s nominee, I will not cast a vote for president this year.

  49. How do you know when your campaign may have hit a bump in the New Hampshire road?

    BRIT HUME: Trying to assess how much harm has been done to Marco Rubio tonight, his performance reminded me of nothing so much as Dan Quayle in the 1988 [vice] presidential debate when he was asked repeatedly what he would do if he suddenly became president… and he fumbled the question… and that led to the famous moment where Lloyd Benson who was running for VP for the Democrats… said “I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine and you’re no Jack Kennedy.”


  50. Just to give Bernie his due.  On CNN State of the Union he did say he didn’t want the support of the Bernie Bros.

    Of course he said it with all the quiet force of ordering mashed potatoes, but at least it was something.

  51. Just watched the Sanders sinking ship clip on SNL

    oh that was bad, why are liberals so unfunny. It wasn’t as bad a Jessie Jacksons infamous SNL appearance, but close.


  52. Jace and Sturg

    You guys have done good this morning! And I’ve found the right cable combination for my miracle speakers and they make the Haydn wonderful and the strummin in the jam spectacular. Thank you both!



  53. Hillary Clinton is at her best when she’s counted out, campaigning her heart out
    Jill Abramson

    There is a picture on the wall of the Espresso Café here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in a corner near the exit. Hillary Clinton is talking to voters, but it doesn’t show the famous “Hillary cried” moment from eight years ago, when the senator teared up on the eve of the presidential primary.
    She was exhausted, and a loss to Barack Obama was predicted. Some pundits believed the unusual display of emotion was a turning point that helped show Clinton had a human side.
    That was sexism. Why do powerful women need to show their softer side or shed tears to be considered fully human?


    The whole issue of Clinton’s likeability – now, on the verge of a potential defeat to Bernie Sanders, as then against Obama – rests on a long established, sexist double standard that many sociologists and business-school professors have studied: power and likeability have a negative corollary with powerful women. With men, that is not the case. If Clinton is judged too powerful and aggressive, she’s dinged for being unlikeable. If she’s too soft, she’s dismissed. Women, unlike men, are rarely perceived as warm and competent. This locks them in a classic double-bind. Certainly, I’ve seen it at points in my own career.

  54. Hillary and ‘The Discipline of Gratitude’
    At a town hall in New Hampshire, Clinton reminded the world how much her faith shapes her worldview.
    By Goldie Taylor
    “I’ve had to deal and struggle with a lot of these issues about ambition and humility about service and self-gratification, all of the human questions that all of us deal with,” she said at the town hall. “But when you put yourself out into the public arena, I think it is incumbent upon you to be as self-conscious as possible.”

    Despite the early and impassioned rise of Bernie Sanders and the fisticuffs going on in the Republican primary, it is difficult not to believe that Clinton will be our nation’s 45th president. Maybe that’s hasty to say since the race has barely begun to unfold, but—for better or worse—as a nation we appear to be resigned to the idea that Bill Clinton will soon be picking out curtains and china patterns.”

  55. Craig, be thankful for those mattress commercials.  Being in NH, I had to endure not only the mud slinging during the debate, but on all those republican political ads as well.

    i do not feel like Critiquing Bernie this morning.  I do want Hillary as the dem nominee… But I still like Bernie also.

    posting with a mini iPad is funky…

  56. Clinton on sexism: ‘We are still living with a double standard’
    by Jed Rouche CNN

    “”We are still living with a double standard,” Clinton told CNN’s Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I know it. Every woman I know knows it, whether you’re in the media as a woman, or you’re in the professions or business or politics, and I don’t know anything other to do than just keep forging through it, and just keep taking the slings and arrows that comes with being a woman in the arena.”
    Clinton said she finds the discussion about her volume on the campaign trail interesting, adding, “Sometimes I talk soft, sometimes I get passionate and I get a little bit excited. I don’t know any man who doesn’t do the same thing.”
    “I’m so used to this,” Clinton told Tapper, telling voters to judge her by her record.”

  57. PatD – Yes, it was Madeleine Albright.   You’re correct.   Hillary just referred to that remark ad “light-hearted, but pointed.”  Light-hearted? Not do much.

    The 2% digital short on Bernie in Iowa was pretty good, but what media-savvy candidate agreed to to a skit on the deck of a sinking ship.   The crowd clearly loved it when Bernie showed up.

    Best line of the night was Zoolander on WU referring to the “Iowa couscous.”

    Who is on the panel of Meet a The Press today?  Rubio won the night?  He must’ve been watching a different debate.  IMO, Rubio came in dead last.  WhileBen Carson didn’t seem electable, he was genuine, knowledgable and likable.

    I would say it was a tie between Christie, Trump and Kasich. Second runner-up to Jeb!  Most congenial: Carson.

    Oh, I forget Ted. Huh? Well, he made a good showing, but I forgot he was there.

  58. If Trump would always express himself as well as he did on MTP today, he would win a lot of folks in the middle.   I’m for single-payer, but Trump has a plan that sounds decent and humane.  It beats the heck out of what Obama did, which was to make the insurance companies richer.

    Go, PAnTherS!

  59. Out of all the Anti-Bernie Sanders articles I’ve seen in two days, I’ve noticed a trend of them being from 1 of 2 types of sources. 1 is opinions columns, and the other is extremely Pro-Hillary, biased news sources.

    If I may step out of the forums a little here, I implore someone to bring up unbiased news sources or actual commentary from the candidates. I know I have my own political preferences, but me trying to educate myself as a new voter, I reject opinions columns personally. I want something very concrete and real about who I’m voting for.



    I understand your quest for unbiased reporting but not much in the press is unbiased.. I share what i read here and offer my opinion at times.. I find opinion pieces valuable in disseminating facts about candidates and the issues of the day.. I make up my own mind though of course..

    Take the pieces I’ve posted above one with Bernie quotes from a CNN interview and one with Hillary quotes from an ABC interview.. Good info in both then you can decide.. I don’t have cable and refuse to listen to the Sunday shows, its the internet or bust for me..I’m pro Hillary so of course lots of what i read is pro Hillary, doesn’t make the facts less valuable..

  61. Me168… good on you for wanting substantive criticisms of your chosen candidate.  But welcome to the political world.  It’s an unfortunate truism of human nature that people are mote attracted to the negative than to the positive.

    btw…. really great to see you posting again.

    ps… I am rooting for cam newton… But if the Broncos win, I,m ok with it…  I am an AFC fan.

  62. Christie: ‘I think the whole race changed last night’
    by Bradford Richardson

    “The New Jersey governor said voters can’t trust a first-term senator like Rubio to take on Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton in a general election.
    “You can’t trust Senator Rubio to be the nominee of this party, and that’s what I was saying last night,” he said. “We need someone who is tested and ready to go against Hillary Clinton.”
    “She is a skilled debater,” he added. “She is an experienced Washington insider. And you’d better have somebody on there who can take her on.”
    “Senator Rubio proved last night he can’t do that, so now let’s go to the next phase, and I’m ready to go.”

  63. There is a narrative out there that Rubio would be the strongest Republican to nominate.  I have never accepted this belief.

    I have always felt that he was a flavor -of -the -moment and increased exposure would reveal him to be an empty suit.

    Christie destroyed Rubio while revealing his owned canned bully routine.

  64. Tony -I’m sorry your niece is disheartened because she thinks this is just about gender.  Yes, there are double-standards sometimes, but not in all situations.  I really don’t think that fact that Hillary isn’t the inevitable nominee has anything to do with her gender.

    Power, money and fame trump gender, race, etc.

    People shouldn’t be given a pass for any reason, when it comes to something as serious as being POTUS.  Not Bernie, not Hillary, not any of the GOO nominees.

    I also think the media is still foolishly referring to Trump as only the star of a reality TV show.  He is an executive, just like the governors are executives, although with a different set of responsibilities.  We need a problem-solver who will understand that all of the people in this country are important, not just the top 1%, right-wing conservatives, or any other sub-set of citizens.

    Rubio actually made an argument that would also support Sharia law.  Of course, he wants to cherry-pick whose religious beliefs are protected from the gov’t.  He is a joke, a disaster and should not be anywhere near the Oval Office. He should just drop out now.

  65. Me 168,

    Don’t ever change that attitude.  Keep asking the hard questions.  Me, I don’t personally get too involved in the election process…..its all rigged any way.  It is all smoke and mirrors by both the D’s and the R’s!!..

    They are just one and the same, the Dems and the Rs just let us talk about them as if they were two different political parties ….

    The biggest thing that they have in common in my opinion… that they both spend our money with the greatest of ease…the problem is that our government is out of control…it is on auto-pilot about spending the tax payers money…..we are giving it free to the largest corps in the us…and to others that are in bed with them.  I won’t go into how we keep growing our informal overseas empire….but suffice it to say that those who spend our money on exotic weapons etc. etc….are not government officials…but private corps………if they had to spend their own money…we  would not have most of our problems today… if both parties are in debt to the large corps, wall st…….they both have to pay them back for getting filthy rich on the tax payers  teat..

    Here is what I mean: People think that the Dems and the Rs are enemies…they are not….they work just fine together as a team…….as a team Obama and they hand out some goodies….and the goodies recently have been very large

    Obama and the Republican Congress just recently passed a (i think) a 1.8 trillion $ budget…….I think that around 70 b…is going to go to weapons….and some of it for building roads and improvement here in the us….but will be wasted/lost/stolen…….this will add another few trillion to the already 19 trillion deficit already…….both of the policies of the D s and the R s over the years have been a joint effort to get us to this point…….

    So keep asking the hard questions……later


  66. Debate Rut

    Yes, i was shocked to hear this from Ashley.. I never really talk politics with her but last night i reminded her that she was still registered to vote at this address and she needs to change it or come here and vote.. Ashley pays very little attention to politics but obviously enough to form her opinion.. I assumed she was Hillary from 2008. Ashley from what she says experiences sexism on the job vs male servers so maybe her sensitivity to the issue.. Still, striking was that she doesn’t think a female can be President, wow! I get it because certainly a gay man or women can’t..
    Although that Gallup poll back months ago says we stand a better chance than a Socialist, really..
    In U.S., Socialist Presidential Candidates Least Appealing
    By Justin McCarthy

    I agree, i don’t believe her gender is wholly the reason Hillary isn’t the inevitable nominee.. I think it plays a part as the polls show overwhelming support of males for Bernie and Hillary gets overwhelming support among females overall.

    I agree on no one should be given a pass and certainly Hillary of all people hasn’t been given one..

  67. Hi Tony,

    Love your enthusiasm…..question…in all of your reading….has there been much talk about campaign financial reform….like i said, i haven’t been following to closely….Ashley sounds like a great person…congrats

  68. me168, good for you to weigh creds of the opinionators.  my preference has always been to go to the source and listen/read what the candidates themselves actually said, not filtered thru the analysts (their views usually calibrated according to the bias of the reporter) or newscasters (even the most fair and balanced have to edit due to time limitations and thus skew the comment to some extent) or the faulty memory of bystanders (eye witness accounts are not as reliable as folks think).  also look to their past activity whether it be votes or executive actions taken or how they treated their families and friends.

  69. me168

    If you haven’t read this article it’s a good starting point on Bernie. It seems well researched, is by a competent writer, and is published by a demanding publication:

    Authoritative sources are the weekly news magazine The Economist and the news sections of the Wall Street Journal. Both publications are available delivered and on-line and have very favorable student pricing.

  70. Debate Rut

    Hi Solar

    Thanks.. Yes, Ashley is a nice young woman..

    In answer to your question, no not much at all about campaign finance reform.. Bernie, Hillary on Dem side give lip service to it but neither has a real way campaign finance reform will happen..

    On the Republican side, nothing, no mention cause they don’t think its a problem..

    I think it’s a real problem and i always have but i live in the real world of what’s possible..

    Bernie says if he’s the nominee he won’t take super pac money and only small donations, what, that’s a losing proposition. Bernie will take the money like Obama did or lose..  Let’s see Republican’s will have more than a billion and Dems 200 million in private donations.. Stand on principle and lose..

    Money Wins Presidency and 9 of 10 Congressional Races in Priciest U.S. Election Ever

  71. On campaign finance reform, Hillary did say she would make it a priority to go for either a Constitutional Amendment or support of a case before the Supreme Court.

    Since those are the only two ways that Citizens United can be overturned, that’s about the best that can be done. Legally Congress could fiddle around the edges if shamed/pushed hard enough to go for “full identity disclosure” for all Super Pac contribution.


  72. Debate Rut


    I agree she did commit to doing just that but i seriously doubt unless the court is changed dramatically that will happen.. I would def like to see publicly financed elections, oh yes..

  73. If campaign  finance reform is going to be so difficult to come by, why should Hillary or any candidate be criticized for playing by the rules as they exist now? And, yes that includes money from Wall Street as well as other places. Doesn’t make any difference how good your ideas are if you can’t get elected.

    Yes we need serious campaign finance reform but a constitutional amendment or  an over turn of Citizens United by the supreme court don’t appear to be on the horizon any time soon.


    It’s interesting reading about “Bernie Bros” as such a bad thing when there are Clintonites who are the exact same kind of person (Is Clintonite the right word for it, I really can’t think of anything else?).

    I personally know a person at school who is extremely pro-Hillary, and he makes sure that whenever my friends and I are talking about Bernie Sanders that he butts in and lets us know that we’re wrong for supporting him, and that Clinton is the only answer.

    Generally, my response is “OK, why do you think Hillary is better at (Insert Issue Here)”. The general response is “Because she is.”

    “But here is (Insert Article/Statistic/Comment/Tweet) that Bernie Did/Said that I think is better.”

    “But Hillary is better.”

    Usually by this point nobody talks and disbands due to the simple fact that you can’t educate somebody who is not willing to step outside their opinions zone. I can guarantee that the idea of a “Bernie Bro” is not solely the product of Bernie Sanders, I would be shocked is there weren’t “Trump Bros” or “Cruz Bros” or “Vermin Supreme Bros”. Those people, however, are just jumping on the first coattail that they can and riding it to wherever it takes them.

    The Vox article did a really good job of pointing out the idea of “Not All Bernie Supporters”, because with all of the other avid candidate supporters the same thing applies. Not all Hillary/Trump/Cruz/Supreme Supporters.

  75. “Is Clintonite the right word for it?”

    me168, sounds too much like kryptonite so if you are a super bernie bud that might not be a good choice as it hints of more power over your man than you would like.  “clintonista” maybe but that harkens back to big dawg days and somewhat pro-Latina,  not one of bern’s big voting blocs.  came across “hillarybeasts” the other day and  “hillhysterics”…both are  too pejorative and not pc.

    ‘tho am admittedly a bit biased, my preferred nickname for her is “mz prez”

  76. cbs sunday morning does broncos vs panthers “One has stamina and agility, the other speed and claws. Who would come out on top in a contest…” – the real animals not those on the field – very clever. good pitch at the end for teams to help support the wildlife they make so much money off of as mascots.

    loved the little dig at the denver “geldings”

  77. Pat, I’m more of a traditionalist. For me it would be “Madame Prez”. Please forgive my pedantry.

  78. flatus, proper yes, but being called a madam reeks of houses of disrepute… more appropriate for a critter from congressville.

  79. I also forgot to even turn the debate on, then I got engrossed in the James Foley bio on cable tv  and forgot to watch Larry David on SNL.  I suppose I can find Larry’s bits on the ‘nets somewhere.

    I had sort of tuned out the Foley story because years ago I watched the Nicholas Berg beheading and I never really got over that, and a few other beheadings…but after Berg’s demise I just couldn’t stand that stuff anymore…my God!  I figured they would not show the actual beheading of Foley so I watched the show…they did show the final moments just before the murder and that was enough.  Berg was a contractor over there working to make money and Foley was a journo in Syria.  I don’t understand why people put themselves in that situation  , but I respect their calling.  They can’t help themselves.  Like millions of others I was also in a country where people were trying to kill me;  the difference is I did not want to be there, but I went in lieu of being a criminal, thrown in jail, simply for refusing to go.  I met many who felt it was their calling.  I came to understand them, therefore I can respect Foley’s sacrifice of his life for the cause of journalism .

  80. cnn reports:  The slim margin by which Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucuses shrank even narrower after the Iowa Democratic Party said Sunday it found counting errors in five of the 14 precincts it double-checked.
    The Democratic Party announced Sunday that Clinton won 700.47 state delegate equivalents (SDEs) to Sanders’ 696.92 SDEs — a razor-thin percentage of caucus goers equal to 49.84%-49.59%.
    The party determined that Clinton lost .122 SDEs in the recounting, Sanders gained .1053 and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley gained .0167.

  81. “….forgot to watch Larry David on SNL.  I suppose I can find Larry’s bits on the ‘nets somewhere”

    dexter, or scroll upthread to my 10:00 a.m comment to see it.

  82. I agree that impugning the motives of young women probably isn’t going to help the Clinton campaign and certainly isn’t going to make anyone change their mind.  It is kind of sad that some young folks don’t recognize the progress made because of the work of Hillary Clinton.  In  the areas of health care and women/children’s issues she has made great contributions and to pretend she is the same as some gooper hack is wrong and annoying.

    When Bernie Sanders says he respects her during the debates – I would bet a lot that what she hears is Obamarama saying “she’s likeable enough or whatever condescending horseshit he actually said.”



  83. Debate Rut

    Jace, yes the candidates didn’t create are system so they have to play in it to the best of their ability. Take the money until such time as things change..

  84. The Puppy Bowl was as great as always.  The halftime kitten show was a little flat, but still was okay.

    Beef stew for dinner.

    Now, a football game.

    Pitchers and catchers are ready to report to spring training.

    Colorado caucus planning is on schedule and training ongoing.
    Go Broncos





  85. Shrimp.  Wine. Football.   Not a bad Sunday night.  Pulling for Peyton,  but not stupid.  Cam’s amazing.   Good game so far.

  86. I was driving home from Canaan Valley last night during the debate and found music more enjoyable than pugns yelling at each other. Happy to see the also ran bunch ganged up on Rubio.

  87. Anyone who plays football past 8th grade should prepare for having their ass in a sling once they get old.

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