Trump For Jesus?

Too funny. The idea that Donald Trump and Jesus are pals. Not since Saul traveled the road to Damascus has such a conversion been imagined. Paul got ‘er done. Trump? Not likely.

Seriously, if this is what evangelicals have come to, supporting the likes of Donald Trump, then they are simply finished as a force in Judeo-Christian politics, nothing but yet another self-serving interest group mocking their own cause.

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  1. I had a joke about Two Corinthians walk into a bar…but I just read Glenn Frey has died at 67.   My rock and roll heart can’t take much more.

  2. I nearly choked when I heard him say Two Corinthians.  Even a decidedly fallen away from everything such as myself can still recite a favorite bible verse.  It is obvious that Mr. Trump’s familiarity is sadly limited outside of his briefing book.

    Of course when you are speaking at Liberty other strange things can happen such as Mr. Falwell encouraging the students to get concealed carry permits to defend themselves against Muslims.

  3. I guess candidates tailor their message for a specific audience.  I’m not sure if Trump’s circle-the-Christian-wagons and unify speech went over big or not, though.

    One of the students at Liberty U told a reporter he didn’t understand how Trump could consider himself a Christian when he denigrates other religions. (That was pretty forward-thinking of that kid, because a lot of people say you accept Jesus and you’re good to go.)

    I haven’t heard him go after Islam. He has said he has Mulim friends, so if folks are taking the thing about wanting to block Muslims from coming in UNTIL the fold responsible for filtering out the bad guys get their ducks in line, wel…

    I think Ivanka converted to Judiasm, so he’s got that base covered, too.  Of course, his wife is an immigrant and that has no bearing on anything.

    Still, If folks see this as a hateful-Christian persona, it is the one thing that makes him truly fit in with the rest of the GOP.

    I did read an article about Trump attending Marble Collegiate Church.  Norman Vincent Peale was certainly about positive self-talk, but Trump kind of lost the rest of Peale’s message.  (I attended a service there in 1979.  There were TV lights, it was hot, I was hungry, and unfortunately, I can’t remember anything that was said; Peale’s message was lost on me, too.)

    I was really impressed with O’Malley last night.  Bernie’s veep, or, does he pull in Elizabeth Warren?




  4. Jace


    In reading your article about those in poverty  I found it interesting that they give the number as 3.5 billion.

    I’ve consistently said that the globe simply has about 4 billion too many people.  You cannot keep up the Ponzi scheme of increasing profits by increasing numbers or raising prices to get the same amount from fewer and fewer people without the whole pyramid crashing.


    Right now the wealth of the first world is sort of protecting a way of life that most people take for granted, but 9 billion people who want to eat, drink, poop, and make more babies while wiping out habitat and killing off other species are creating a disaster on the horizon.

  5. Did you read the article about the wife and the mom of the journalist; the Iranians are still bastartds, deal or no deal.



  6. How can we expect any different behavior from the Iranians?  Any society that treats its women like they do?  How would we expect any compassionate intelligence instead of bullying tactics.  It is literally a society of dicks.  But, how else are we to survive the religious oil wars if we do not use diplomatic solutions?   If it were the 1970’s, I would be thinking neutron bomb instead.

  7. Hey, teavangelicals!  It my America, too.  Start praying that Britain doesn’t ban the guy…it will make him more popular.

  8. Jamie,


    You are so right. Poverty and growing wealth disparity pose a threat to everyone’s way of life.

    When 3 billion start pushing on that boarder dream fence it will not prove to be much of a deterrent.

    Any politician who thinks he or she has what it takes to lead had better figure out a way to address this problem.

    It’s not who the enemy at the gates is, it’s how many of them there are.

  9. Not since Saul traveled the road to Damascus has such a conversion been imagined.”


    If I remember correctly Saul was blinded by an unusually bright light. Trump is simply blinded by his own press clippings, and a fawning media desperate for a story.

    Paul went on to become one of the most verbose, judgmental  and downright intolerant contributors to the New Testament. Trump may have more in common Saul/Paul than you think. If I am correct in this, it makes him virtually un-electable.

  10. Didn’t Hillary say something non-committal about the minimum wage last night?  Didn’t she say she wanted to raise it in whatever way possible instead of giving a solid number?


    Meanwhile, she admitted to counseling Obama on foreign policy matters.  So, anyone pointing their finger at him for our foreign policy flubs might want to picture what Hillary’s foreign policy, because it will be more of the same.

    Does she realize how unpopular Obama is these days, even within the party.  I’m not sure that any of the candidates should buddy up to Obama, because it definitely will bite them in the general and it might not help in the primary.

  11. I am much more afraid of Turd Cruz than I am of Trump.  Maybe they will destroy each other.   But that makes room for Rubio, Jeb!, and Christie.  Then you have someone who seems normal, just because they talk in nothing but hyperbole.  I’m not sure which scenario works out best for Bernie.

  12. “Does she realize how unpopular Obama is these days, even within the party.  I’m not sure that any of the candidates should buddy up to Obama, because it definitely will bite them in the general and it might not help in the primary.”


    I’m not so sure of that. Obama has not been great and I have my issues with him. That said when I survey the landscape circa 2015 versus 2008 the difference is pretty clear cut. I can only wonder what it might be like today had he been working with a ‘loyal’ opposition, as opposed to a party Hell bent on obstruction to the detriment of all else.

    Were I running, I would not be too quick to distance myself from Obama. The lesson of Al Gore and the disaster that followed is still too fresh in my memory.

  13. Blonde W

    So nice to see you and have you back..

    I was still stuck on the other thread..





  14. Bernie wants to take us in a new direction.  Hillary is just more of the same.


    No no matter who gets into office, there will be opposition from Congress.  Of course, if you don’t push for much change,  it won’t seem like you’re at odds with them.

    I like Bernie.  I say, ask for a lot more than you think you can get.  Never low-ball your dreams.

  15. PatD
    Hillary is certifiably smart. She and I share membership in the same honor society:

    Phi Kappa Phi
    Founded in 1897 at the University of Maine, Phi Kappa Phi is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most selective honor society for all academic disciplines. (n.b. not disciples)


  16. Flatus…   good job!

    but I bet you still make mistakes….   everyone makes mistakes.  Smart people learn from them….  and dumb people…   well…  don’t.


    BlueinD…   Hail Caesar looks like an interesting film…  but now that I know it’s a Cohen brothers production, it’s a definite must see.

  17. Kudos to those in the media who cover Mr. Trump & all the Candidates. They do Democracy a great favor. /  “The Press is the People’s Friend & the Tyrant’s foe” – Believe that dates from the 18th century but the message is timeless.

    Continue to channel your inner Marcia Jeffries/Patricia Neal & turn the mic on. Full volume. Then let the Candidates talk, talk, talk…. We’re smart enough to do the rest.


  18. Health Reform Realities Paul Krugman “The question for progressives — a question that is now central to the Democratic primary — is whether these failings mean that they should re-litigate their own biggest political success in almost half a century, and try for something better. Paul Krugman Macroeconomics, trade, health care, social policy and politics. Is Vast Inequality Necessary? The Obama Boom When China Stumbles Elections Have Consequences Privilege, Pathology and Power See More » My answer, as you might guess, is that they shouldn’t, that they should seek incremental change on health care (Bring back the public option!) and focus their main efforts on other issues — that is, that Bernie Sanders is wrong about this and Hillary Clinton is right. But the main point is that we should think clearly about why health reform looks the way it does”

  19. tony, looks like we were having our own private trek on the trail for awhile there.  perhaps we can convince fearless leader to drop crumbs spelling out “new thread” when he takes to another path…. then again maybe he meant to leave us there on purpose.

    speaking of fearless leader, his fearless leader made the news…. move over, ross, a new boss for the bossless

  20. Pat, he he i saw that… :0) Yes, i was merrily getting ready to share more of my reading.. I had another tab opened in IE and refreshed that’s how i got it, ha ha..

  21. patd,

    Good Morning!

    I get where you’re coming from but a whole lotta fellow citizens actually do like Mr. Trump & Senator Cruz (or at least their attitudes) & we have to live with them. They’ve been the top two Republican Candidates for a while now. Just as the Democratic Party bots have to accept that Senator Sanders is, well, a Legitimate Candidate. I find this all fascinating, the Political World Turned Upside Down. Doesn’t mean I like any particular Candidate or support him/her. If 2016 shakes up the Republican & Democratic Powers-That-Be….Good! Both Parties are stale & removed from the everyday Voter.


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  23. Actually…  I’m no longer surprised by anything the evangelical movement supports.  I’d love you to be correct, Craig, that this movement is moving into irrelevancy…  but I don’t think so.


    I wish that I were correct in my initial assessment of Trump’s campaign.  That no one would really take him seriously and it would fizzle after his 15 minutes were up.  But alas…  I’m wrong.  It looks like he’s here to stay.  Methinks the Republican convention is going to be very interesting and contentious.

  24. just in case the above linked article was overlooked (or ignored on purpose because a goper wrote it) here is his conclusion:

    “While it’s been difficult to fathom the lack of intelligence behind this whole thing, it finally dawned on me. Donald Trump isn’t a Republican. Donald Trump is actually a secret Democrat, working to tarnish the legitimacy of the Republican party. And guess what’s coming up in early 2016? That’s right. I’ve figured out this whole fucking thing. Donald Trump is playing the most elaborate, and dirty April Fool’s Prank of all time. While he’ll never admit to this, you can thank me later when he announces live on CNN that he’s been yanking our chain this whole time. It just makes too much sense, it’s the biggest publicity stunt ever created, and he’s doing it to wake Americans the fuck up to start taking politics seriously.”

  25. Never underestimate the power of people who are called names or denigrated. Because most of them Vote. And their Votes count.

  26. The prospect of drafting Jim as the Libertine candidate is awesome. Get out the Perot charts! And it will be neat seeing Bernie in a tux–he’ll look just as uncomfortable as any other grandfather at a rehearsal dinner. I wonder if they have black patent leather tennis shoes?
    Here in Columbia it has made its way up to 29-degF from a start at 18-deg when I arose at 0630. After a very long autumn, winter temperatures, if not the full spectrum of weather, have arrived.

  27. sjwny….   yup…   no matter what kind of insults were hurled at black people, they just kept on fighting for their rights.  No matter how many “get back in the kitchen” comments were hurled at women…  they kept fighting for their rights.  No matter how many “fag and worst” comments were thrown at the LGTB community…  they kept fighting for their rights.  No matter how many times one side screams “socialist” or “tax and spend liberal”…  people keep on fighting for their rights.


    Yup…  denigrated people get out and vote.  It works both ways.

  28. RebelliousRenee,

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger & more determined. History is funny that way 🙂

  29. Patd

    I’ve been saying for ages that Trump is an April Fools joke and would pop up with the news at any moment. How anyone could actually believe him as a Conservative is beyond me.  Either way, he’s totally unacceptable as a candidate for the office.



  30. there was a rather well-documented/done letter to editor in courier-journal today arguing that the prez is not a failed prez.  here’s some of it

    “14.1 million jobs were created during Mr. Obama’s presidency.

    18 million Americans became new enrollees in health insurance.

    55 million women received preventive health services at no cost.
    70 straight months of job growth occurred under his leadership.
    The auto industry was rescued and has rebounded to huge success because of President Obama’s efforts.
    “Pre-existing conditions” are no longer a legal reason to deny health insurance (this includes birth defects).
    196 nations signed on to the climate change agreement; apparently our Republican lawmakers are the only deniers on the planet.
    Our closed relationship with Cuba has been opened.
    The deficit has been cut in half.

    Got the picture?  And remember what the country looked like when President Obama took office.  George W. Bush had put a major war, tax cuts for the rich, and a prescription drug benefit on the country’s credit card, while easing regulations on big banks that led to the worst recession since the great depression.”

    not bad sentiment coming from a citizen in a state that gave us mitch and rand.  so not everybody hates Obama just like not everybody hates turd and the Donnie as blueid and swjny have posted.

  31. Pat

    Glad you posted that piece on President Obama not being a failed President.. It’s good to take stock of just what an overall good President Obama has been..

  32. off the subject, but will the black actors who’ve won oscars in the past be expected to give them up in  protest (a la marlon brando) or will just boycotting and not showing up be sufficient?

    according to wiki recent (relatively speaking) recipients in the best and supporting roles that this may effect are lupita nyong’o, octavia spencer, jennifer hudson, morgan freeman, cuba gooding, denzel washington, halle berry, forest whitaker among others

  33. new thread

    tony, seems they left us again around 4pm
    take my hand and we’ll find the way even without crumbs.
    also beware, Hillary bashing ahead.

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