Hillary in tonight’s debate:

“I was responsible for getting those sanctions imposed which put the pressure on Iran, which brought them to be negotiating table, which resulted in this agreement.”

When asked about her role in Lybia/Syria:

“If there is any blame to be spread around it starts with the Prime Minister of Iraq who sectarianized his military, setting Shia against Sunni. It was amplified by Assad, who has waged one of the bloodiest most terrible attacks on his own people. 250,000+ dead, millions fleeing, causing this vacuum that has been filled unfortunately by terrorist groups including ISIS.”

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  1. Hillary had another strong performance tonight.  Another national poll out today gives her a 25 pt. lead over Sanders.  This supports the NBC poll .

  2. I found this a bit illogical from wapo — “outstanding” equals “loser”?

    * Hillary Clinton: The former secretary of state was, as always, solid. And, at times — like in her closing statement on the water in Flint, Mich. — she was outstanding.  Her knowledge — both the depth and the breadth of it — is on full display in these debate settings.

    So, why is she in the loser column? Because she did nothing in the debate to slow the momentum that Sanders is building in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

  3. Pat

    The press has their narrative on Hillary and it’s not likely to change.. Like no other candidate she is held to a different standard.. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a woman or if it’s her tough exterior, years in political life, lol all of the above.. That from your link says it all… Hillary could only be a winner last night if she slayed her opponent, knocked him out of the race, lol and pigs will fly..

  4. Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan isn’t a plan at all Sanders’s long-awaited health care plan is, by turns, vague and unrealistic.

    In the absence of these kinds of specifics, Sanders has offered a puppies-and-rainbows approach to single-payer — he promises his plan will cover everything while costing the average family almost nothing. This is what Republicans fear liberals truly believe: that they can deliver expansive, unlimited benefits to the vast majority of Americans by stacking increasingly implausible, and economically harmful, taxes on the rich. Sanders is proving them right.

    A few days ago, I criticized Hillary Clinton for not leveling with the American people. She seemed, I wrote, “scared to tell voters what she really thinks for fear they’ll disagree.” Here, Sanders shows he doesn’t trust voters either. Rather than making the trade-offs of a single-payer plan clear, he’s obscured them further. In answering Clinton’s criticisms, he’s raised real concerns about the plausibility of his own ideas.”

  5. A race to claim the mantle of anger by Doyle McManus

    And a leading conservative thinker, Arthur C. Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, argued that broadening the party’s message was not only the right thing to do, but a political necessity.

    “We know that if conservatives capture the traits that are typically associated with liberals, empathy and compassion, that fact will swing independent, persuadable voters,” he said. “That’s not something that can win; it’s the only thing that will.”

    That may be wishful thinking. The GOP campaign has turned into a scramble for what Trump called the mantle of anger. And the angriest man appears to be winning.”

  6. tony, back on that winner/loser issue, why can’t media see it as a win-win-win for all 3?  they did the dems proud last night when you compare it and their other debates with the gopers’ “debates?” who appear more as debunkers, depressors and dangerously disturbed destructionists.

  7. this just blows my mind- honestly i didn’t know how recent that women served on juries in all states- 1951 for ma.


    As late as 1942 only twenty-eight state laws allowed women to serve as jurors, but these also gave them the right to claim exemption based on their sex. The Civil Rights Act of 1957 gave women the right to serve on federal juries, but not until 1973 could women serve on juries in all fifty states.

    Full caption: Studies in Expression: When Women Are ……/d1.html

    American Memory

  8. Hillary was wonderful and Sanders knew he was outclassed so he made a lot of faces. O’Malley was substantive and interesting but didn’t get to talk.  There were several times I found myself wishing the debate was between Clinton and O’Malley.

    As to winners and losers, the usual “anybody but Hillary” hate squad is in full force.  Heaven forbid a knowledgable, experienced, brilliant woman actually be in control of the White House.

  9. Jamie, it boggles my mind how in same article the reporter said hillary “was, as always, solid. And, at times … she was outstanding” yet dubbed her a “loser”

    what’s with these so-called journalists and what dastardly thing did she do to them (other than maybe be smarter) to foment such hate.  I understand un-trusTED being disliked (which they don’t hesitate to report)  yet they praise his debates, even calling him a winner.

  10. Hello to Craig and welcome back!  I was sorry to hear about Toby, but so happy she had a long life.

    Bernie Sander’s NRA past has bit him in the ass.  It was the NRA who propelled him into finally winning a political seat and he has been their loyal lap dog for votes ever since.

    I do not think HRC is Brian Williams, but embellishment is a heady drink.




  11. Ok Craig…’

    so maybe Hillary did exaggerate there a bit.  She was part of the American team that led the way for those sanctions.  But trying to make it into her “I invented the internet” moment….   no dice…  nice try.


    IMO, it was a much classier debate than the one last Thursday.  Yup…  Bernie was angry…  he was pandering to his base of liberals angry at the rigged economy and the government policies that led to that rigging.  Hillary spent a good deal of time pandering to the black community by invoking Obama and his policies.  O’Malley…  seems like a nice man…  but polling at 2-3% makes him irrelevant, IMO.  But politics is….   well….  politics.  And smart politicians pander to their base.  It happens on both sides of the aisle.   Nothing changed my mind…  I’m still firmly in Hillary’s camp.

  12. bw, so good to hear from you again. how’s the hubby…hope well and well-insured.

    brian being male, as you say, embellishes but a female fibs, lies or worse.  when he exaggerates, a man is self-promoting but when a women does it, it’s called bragging and is a no-no


  13. Hello RR…we are on again next Sunday with the Broncos and Patriots!

    Hello Patd…hubby just had shoulder surgery for a slap tear…the medical mood is still rotten, recent graduates getting political about patients during recovery, no less.  Lots of Obamacare angst.  Yes, we are still part of the expansion.



  14. This morning our local councilman is dead of an apparent suicide.  It seems to be part of a global trend.  The Democratic councilman recently had an unsuccessful run for Mayor…the Independent won and has been our mayor for 4 terms.  I doubt if his ending was political  I always believe that globalization and the economic stress of limited resources and excessive greed causes despair…sort of a return to the 1970’s and ugly terms like stagflation.   Alas, we have no Bowie this time.

  15. More and more of the middle income white collar workers are being replaced by much lower paid ladies with a computer.  Thanks to technology and automation, jobs that used to comfortably support a family are disappearing.  The men who used to manage whole rooms of personnel are taking early retirement packages and wondering how they will survive or taking work at half their former pay.  Women who were stay at home in a nice house raising kids are taking barely above minimum wage service jobs and wondering who failed.

    It is that old rotten truism:  Supply and Demand.  Global population has tripled in 70 years while technology and medicine have come in with a one two punch knockout … Fewer jobs and more people living longer to do them.

    Being faced with you are no longer needed is a hard blow and will mean a complete overhaul of what it means to “work” and how to get paid for it.

  16. “Jamie, it boggles my mind how in same article the reporter said hillary “was, as always, solid. And, at times … she was outstanding” yet dubbed her a “loser”


    Nothing in the world causes more male angst, than when the ‘smartest guy in the room’ turns out to be a woman.

  17. I get the double standard issue about treatment of women leaders, but also think there is a tendency to label legitimate criticism of Hillary Clinton as such.

  18. poobah, “legitimate criticism of Hillary” is okay.  it would be nice to now and then see coverage which is just as critical about what other candidates say/do on the same issue.   am afraid the old swift boat has launched again. 

  19. BlondeW…   can’t wait to see the re-match of Brady vs Manning!


    Craig…  you do have a point.  It’s really easy to throw labels around instead of actually listening to people.  Someone criticizes Hillary…  call them a misogynist.  Someone supports Trump…  call them a racist.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that misogyny and racism don’t exist.  But actually listening to people without your own bias talking in your head….  very hard thing for a human being to do.  Being human…  I fail at times too.


    patd…  read that Examiner article you linked….   the Red Arrow diner is a famous little place that makes excellent food (it was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives)….   I highly recommend it to anyone that travels to Manchester or it’s satellite place in Milford.

  20. Craig when the majority of “legitimate criticism” are right wing memes first started on Faux Spews, it is a little hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.  After years and years of investigations followed by hours and hours of testimony at some point you just have to say that the woman is human.  She’s made mistakes.  She’s embellished some stories.  Dammit she even lived past 60, gained weight and isn’t as pretty as she used to be.

    Considering what we are being offered instead on the male side of the scale, she is practically Joan of Arc.

  21. Pat

    Good Cenk piece.. Oh yes, he still doesn’t care for Hillary but it truly is about substance with him and i’m fine with that..

  22. If the Sanders campaign was making up stuff and twisting facts to attack her as Hillary Clinton’s campaign is doing to him, he’d be called a misogynist. Which would be as ridiciculous as if he were to claim attacks on him were anti-semitic.

  23. Hillary should be held accountable for getting wrong biggest foreign policy decisions of her career: invading Iraq and intervening in Libya/Syria. No one other than Obama did more to create ISIS.

  24. Goldie Taylor Flint Was Forgotten Before It Was Poisoned

    So sad this tragedy! Flint was a wonderful place to grow up.. Nice parks, close to the lakes, nice libraries, Whiting Auditorium.. Good paying jobs plentiful.. I lived there my whole life until 9 years ago, worked at GM from 18 years old till 40… In talking to family members still there it has been a nightmare.. America i just don’t get it??

  25. That may be wishful thinking. The GOP campaign has turned into a scramble for what Trump called the mantle of anger. And the angriest man appears to be winning.”

    Note to Trump: You may not know the difference between the mantel of anger and the mantle of fear but the average person does. You wear the latter quite well. Your mantle of anger is as phony as your hair!

  26. Her revisionist history during the debate, quoted above, is pure fantasy. Destabilising Lybia and Syria when no treaty, congressional authority, or national security interest justified it is what created the vacuum for terrorists she talks about. And she was the main driver in the administration for doing that. It was a massive blunder calling into question her supposed brilliance.

  27. Craig

    I’m very sure Mrs. Clinton didn’t set policy all on her own.. I mean Obama i’m sure was the main driver of the policy, yes with Mrs. Clinton and other’s advice.. So maybe it’s a question of President Obama and Hillary’s “supposed brilliance”??????



    “The wealth of the richest 62 has increased an astonishing 44 percent since 2010, to $1.76 trillion. Meanwhile, the wealth of the bottom half of the world dropped by 41 percent.”

    Interesting read here.

    If this is true and I have no reason to doubt it, the fear mongers are worried about the wrong people. We have far more to fear from an increasing group of have nots that counts itself in the billions than we have of terrorists and immigrants. Both parties might want to catch a clue!


  29. Craig, I know that you guys are in the middle of a campaign. Out of respect for you and Jim, none of us railed against him, his intelligence, his policies, etc.  You know where I’m heading, so I’ll stop. We’re all thrilled seeing you back at your proper place as the Trail Boss. Let’s enjoy one another’s company.

  30. Craig…

    I clearly remember you cheering when Gaddafi was found and caught.  I know I did.  But on hindsight…  it does look like it was the wrong thing to do.  Of course she isn’t going to admit it was a mistake…  that would be political suicide.


    BTW…  if this is also Webb’s opinion…  why didn’t he stay in the Democratic race?  He could have pointed some of this out by debating her.



  31. Jamie, The Reagan administration sent out an air operation from the UK in April of ’86 to bomb Qaddafi and his leadership structure as well as airfield targets. It was only marginally successful with some casualties on our side and about 60 KIA on theirs.

    It didn’t stop Qaddafi’s bad behavior as evidenced by PanAm103 in Dec ’88. It did, however, really screw our relations with the blokes.

    Our f-111s were really stretched by the 14-hour mission all the way around Europe, at night, with many refuelings, under radio silence, with inadequate, IMO, target intelligence.


  32. “No one other than Obama did more to create ISIS.” ?

    craig, you’re forgetting the real perp —  dubbya


    flatus, interesting that ronnie’s crew was part of a get-gadafi fiasco. since (according to the about jim webb page)  “In 1984 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, and in 1987 became Secretary of the Navy” perhaps he was one of the wh military advisors involved  and  he may have had a hat in some of their other less than savory activities…. just sayin’ it’s easy to pluck birds of a feather when casting aspersions on the supposed “brilliance” of hillary.

    speaking of fearless leader’s fearless leader



  33. Lol, Obama and Hillary created Isis, i must have bumped my head!! Here all this time i thought it was GWB who destabilised the region and that lead to Isis.. Jamie is correct, faux News memes alive and well..

  34. You are so correct about hypocrisy, Craig.  Sarah has taken time-off from her relentless struggle in supporting special needs children…her daughter has served the public in her announcements about teen pregnancy while now having two children out of wedlock (where’s Huckabee?) and her veteran son has stomped on his gf because of his PTSD….all of this to freely $upport Trump.  Let’s kick ISIS’s ass!  You Betcha!!

  35. A final thought…I cannot understand why the pundits, the election professionals and the media haven’t done a better job of vetting Trump.  It is easy to bash the Clintons because they have more of a historical political record.

    When Trump started his birther crap, met with Palin over Pizza (the eternal political food)…my mind started remembering the Trump of old.  I remember posting something here on the Trail on Trump and how it reminded me of the end of the 1980’s…the age of Wall Street moguls, Neil Bush and the Silverado banking debacle, Reagan and Bush presidencies.  I believe I made a reference to the Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe.  It was the era of Marla Maples and Trump’s public divorce.   Then end of the glitz era.  I remember watching a younger Trump (it was on TV’s Entertainment Tonight) while Marla was bouncing on a mini-trampoline…headband on her fore head, suspenders and I believe a striped shirt…with a leotard and tights.  Bouncing up and down while Trump was watching her jiggle.  I know that video exists and it would probably garner more supporters.  He really wants to bring that 80’s glitz and sleaze to the WH.  Anyway, when did Trump change?  Who caused his change in political direction?  Who was responsible for the transformation?  Those answers are hard to find as most of the media continues to be so lazy…rehashing tweets…giggling over nasty comments.   This is the dumbing down I loathe so much.   Who, What, When and Where??

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