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  1. I agree with  Webb on the stink-factor of the Iran deal.  Obama’s foreign policy has been inept; Kerry is an impotent fop as SOS.

    The Iranians have never been trustworthy.  Welcoming them back, well, I think it’s going to be a pretty short honeymoon period for us.    And won’t the Iranians  be delighted when they find already depressed oil markets not clamoring for Iranian product?

  2. But it’s a done deal, so at this point we hope for the best, cuz “I told you so” doesn’t fix it.

    Why wasn’t the release of our (and all political prisoners) a condition of the deal?  (Not that that would make the desl a good one, but…)

    Did anyone else think the sailors who drifter into Iranian waters, were detained and released, seemed like a set up?


    Tony – Pretty house. Nice lighting!

  3. Meanwhile, North Korea is actually testing/showing off its nuclear capability.  Iran gets a sweet deal.  Putin is laughing at the West.


    There are too many moving parts, and, world is too small.  Time to go make a mess of Mars.

    * A flower has bloomed on the ISS.



  4. Sharing the Hawk “Spirit Messenger” perched outside our porch as Mom fell asleep for the last time Christmas Eve.

    Click pics to enlarge

  5. Okay.  Now that I have read up a bit on the Iran sanctions reduction and the prisoner exchange, I feel confident to state once again, I am not an expert on matters of state.  The sad truth is almost everyone in this country and all others are not either.

    The Republican clowns are really upset because the Black Guy in the White House did something good – again.  Iran is out of the nuclear weapons business and they are attempting to do good things, like not kill our sailors and keep the boats, and releasing prisoners held for years.  What is not to like?

    I suppose you would not like it if it took away your screaming about a “weak and traitor” president, who just did a great thing from a position in a coalition of powers to complete a peaceful change in a deadly region.  But, those men and woman are freaking nuts.  Whatever it is they are yelling about I have yet to see how it applies to the United States of America.  Perhaps their lives were lost by not understanding the comic books and Mad Magazine are not about a real life.  No.  Much of the clowns world is in Bizarro World!

  6. seems we have the blues today…. blue in big d and the blue bronc

    no matter what devils are in the details, this is one happy day for a few folks:

    “Friends and colleagues at The Washington Post are elated by the wonderful news that Jason Rezaian has been released from Evin Prison and has safely left the country with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi.


    Now a free man, Jason will be reunited with his family, including his brother Ali, his most effective and tireless advocate. We look forward to the joyous occasion of welcoming him back to the Washington Post newsroom.”


  7. cruz toast for breakfast

    “He obviously didn’t want the voters to know that he is totally controlled lock, stock and barrel by Citibank and by Goldman Sachs, and I think that’s very hypocritical, to be honest with you —- I think it’s very hypocritical,” Trump said

  8. LOL, that’s good, Trump expounding on hypocrisy. Ya got to admit he is an expert.


    So the modern way to get ahead in politics, Find a gal (or guy) who works for Goldman-Sachs , marry them.



  9. Did anybody else notice with Cruz, the more Trump pushed the birther issue the more Cruz’s Texas accent became rural back country. By the time it was over he was sounding like the second coming of LBJ. Quite a feat for a Cubano from Canada.



  10. jack, “a Cubano from Canada” the makings of a song…  something on the order of llonely little petunia in an onion patch

  11. Ha! W’jack is right about Turd trying to sound country.  He’s already got that nasal thing going. And the look on his face is pure man-of-constant-sorrow.  (Or as SNL put it, he always looks like he’s peeing.)


    The Iran deal was nothing more than negotiating with terrorists.  Russia has their back. This effects the whole region.  Iran is untrustworthy.  This will not turn out well for us.


    And this his is something that irritated me about Bernie.  He made a statement supporting it, then went in to say he didn’t know enough about it.    He may have done that because Israel doesn’t like the deal and he wanted to distance himself from them for the race.  Foolish.  If the people in the neighborhood don’t like the deal, you need to take a closer look.  It’s very easy to ignore things that aren’t happening in your backyard.

    Like I said, small planet, lots of moving parts.





    Sunday Serendipity. 

    Something rousing to mark the return of ‘Trail Mix’.

    Enjoy the music and have a wonderful Sunday!



  13. Bruni doesn’t get it.  A) Trump will likely win Iowa.  B) He’s a great spin doctor for himself.  He makes so much noise when he backs off of a statement,  that everyone else has to expend a lot of time and energy trying to remind folks of his initial position.

    The RNC doesn’t get Trump.  The media doesn’t get Trump.  That’s OK.  The people get Trump and that’s all he needs.  And if the DNC doesn’t get that, they’ll be sunk, as well.



  14. Craig

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  15. The Destruction of Progressive Wisconsin By DAN KAUFMANJAN
    “The people least surprised by Mr. Walker’s reversal were the state’s beleaguered workers. A longtime Wisconsin civil servant told me that she worries about the security of her job if the bill becomes law. “If you’re an at-will employer, you can just tell someone goodbye,” she said, noting that 72 state employees in Arizona had recently been fired indiscriminately.
    Despite the long odds of stopping the measure after the failure of large protests against Act 10 and the right-to-work law, the woman quietly helped organize a teach-in last week to raise awareness about the bill. As she talked about her efforts, however, it became clear that a culture of fear had taken root in the Wisconsin workplace. Though she describes herself as a “labor activist,” when I asked if I could use her name she declined. She was too afraid.”

  16. Yeah…  I’m far from an expert on the Middle East.

    But might it not be the prospect of Iranian oil entering the US/world market that’s got Saudi Arabia all in a snit?  Just askin’…

  17. Poll: Clinton leading Sanders nationally by 25 points By Eugene Scott,

    Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders nationwide by a crushing 25-point margin, though Sanders bests Clinton in a hypothetical general election match-up against GOP front-runner Donald Trump, two polls released Sunday by NBC News/Wall Street Journal have found.

    The former secretary of state received 59% support from Democratic primary voters, while 34% support the Vermont senator. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley received 2% support.”
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  18. Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Deficit Anymore? By Andrew Flowers

    “And as the government’s finances have found a sounder footing, GOP presidential candidates and members of Congress are talking about deficits and debt less. “While it is true that deficits are significantly smaller, it’s also true that we’re still running deficits and we’re adding to the debt,” Michael Strain, a resident scholar at the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, said in an interview. But, he acknowledged, “it doesn’t have political salience anymore, or doesn’t seem to.”

  19. “Or as SNL put it, he always looks like he’s peeing”

    blue, and just remembered he forgot to put on his depends


    tony, comments that have more than 3 (I think that’s the number) cites/urls are held up sometimes

  20. Thanks, Pat, i think Craig said its 5 links.. My problem is Chrome is not allowing me to paste in the comment box.. IE seems to have solved it for me…

  21. renee, yep…   saudi disgruntlement over oil coming out of an unsanctioned iran imo is why we’ve seen a opec glutting market and lowering prices

    “When U.S. and other international sanctions were tightened in 2012 and took nearly 700,000 barrels a day of Iranian crude oil off world markets, the price of an average barrel of OPEC oil that year ran $109.45.

    But with today’s easing of those sanctions, Iran is poised to boost its sales of oil in the middle of a massive glut, with the OPEC benchmark average barrel selling for $25, less than a quarter of the 2012 level.”

  22. George Stephahoopahoo just mentioned Webb with regard to a 3rd-party candidate, should Trump be the GOP nom.

    Then he mentioned something that gives me a sinking feeling, and what I feared (but 4 years from now) when he made them beg him to take the Speakership:  Lyin’ Ryan.   Yikes!

  23. Carl Hiaasen: Polluters win again in the state Legislature

    “If voluntary compliance really worked, we wouldn’t need any pollution laws. Corporations would care as much about clean, safe water as ordinary families do. Unfortunately, that’s not the real world. It’s just a fantasy promoted by industry lobbyists and bought politicians.

    And now, in Florida, it’s going to be the law.”

  24. Tony

    That’s not taking the gloves off, He just put a pistol to his head and is daring her to pull the trigger.

    Make one wonder if age is catching up to him.

    Now let’s see if her team is politically savvy enough to tie all of Bernies promises to it and drive home the point that Bernie doesn’t have the skill to deliver on any thing.

    After all as SoS Clinton was part of the team that expanded sanctions with a broad coalition of other countries participating
    The sanctions are largely responsible for bringing Iran to the negotiating table.


  25. As to Webb’s comments.

    What would he have proposed that could have worked any better.

    While sanctions and cyber warfare were slowing down Iran’s march to a nuclear weapon They were still making steady progress toward it and sometime in the near future would have succeeded. What we now have is  move backward with the destruction of infrastructure needed to continue and a strict observation regime in place to make sure the treaty is not violated.

    Trust but verify



  26. Carly Fiorina’s outrageously sexist attack on Hillary Clinton is the worst yet by Ruth Marcus

    “That distinction explains and underscores why Fiorina’s comment was so out of line. What does she know of the Clintons’ marriage? What does anyone know about another person’s marriage? Fiorina says she loves spending time with her husband, and great for her, but she has no clue — none — about whether Hillary Clinton loves spending time with hers.

    For what it’s worth, I believe Clinton deeply loves her husband, which explains her decision to stay with him — a choice that conservatives should applaud, not disdain. But I also believe that how they feel about one another, and how much time they spend together, is none of our business. Just like Trump’s multiple marriages.”

  27. Jack as always, I like the way you think. You touched on it, how does Bernie deliver?? I think it was CBS Face The Nation a few months ago when asked that very question, Bernie said he needs to brings millions of people into the political process that aren’t now involved, a political revolution to make his agenda happen, wtf?? Sounds good bit like “Hope and Change” to me..

  28. jack, that politico article pointed to authoritarians as those most likely to be trumpers noting:

    “Authoritarians obey. They rally to and follow strong leaders. And they respond aggressively to outsiders, especially when they feel threatened.”


    that describes most dogs. no wonder they respond to dog whistle political speech…..

  29. debbie does debates

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, responds to criticism about the number of Democratic primary debates.

    party starts tonight at 9:00 on nbc

  30. Again, they are missing the fact that Trump is giving voice to their concerns.  Maybe there are some followers who like the authoritarian aspect of his presence.  It’s more than that.  It’s more than the cult of personality.  The media is so set on boiling his success down to a single ingredient, that they miss the main thing:  he is saying what people are feeling.

    I am thankful he’s in the race because he has thrown a monkey wrench into the GOP.  He’s holding off Turd and Rubio. He has made Jeb! and the others seem inconsequential.

    I don’t think Hillary would do nearly as well as Bernie against Trump in a debate.

  31. ” he is saying what people are feeling.”

    Blue, if he is saying what people are feeling then their pretty ugly. The things he says about Mexicans, Asians and women are demeaning, racist and sexist.. Oh i know, they can say we’re just not being politically correct, nonsense. Trump and his followers are the lowest of low.. I hope he never gets near the White House..

  32. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Tony.  He’s saying that we’ve lost standing in the world, we’ve lost good jobs, and, we aren’t secure within our own borders.

  33. In any other year, O’Malley would be doing really well.  Good debate performance.

    Even the UK’s healthcare system is strained.  We could surely have something better than what the ACA has done to insurance rates, co-pays, and even finding a doc to accept a policy.

    Somebody get Bernie a losenge.

  34. am taping the debate- will watch tomorrow after hearing the results.  love those polls jamie! one wouldn’t know watching whatever channel i tuned into this afternoon (thought it to be cnn)  enjoy the night!

  35. Hillary has ties to Goldman Sachs & it’s not just speaker fees, but also through Chelsea’s hubby.  Turd’s wife worked for Goldman.


    Love O’Malley backing up Bernie.

  36. Um, there are high levels of uranium in water in Stockton, CA. There is a methane cloud in what looks like an upper-middle class neighborhood.

  37. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Tony.”

    Oh Blue, you’re not sure what i’m talking about, please!!! Give me a break.. “He’s saying that we’ve lost standing in the world, we’ve lost good jobs, and, we aren’t secure within our own borders.” What a load of rubbish.. I’m more afraid of white Christian terrorists.. Sounds like Fox News to me, ugh..

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