Our Gay Neighbor

Canada was once called by comedian Will Durst “Our gay neighbor to the North.”

Ted Cruz doesn’t fit that bill so let’s just wait for the next Canadian worth electing.

His Harvard law professor Larry Tribe says Ted’s constitutional standing for the presidency needs a sleep over:

“He hasn’t really put it to bed. If he did put it to bed, he is certainly sleeping alone.”

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  2. Hi Craig Crawford. Chef Sheila checking in. {Hand salute!}

    Nice to be able to open my mouth without someone on my Facebook page freaking out.

    Senator Cruz is crusing down the wrong lane, I believe. His shyster lawyer interpretation of Natural Born Citizen is not going to work.

    We were raised up in school understanding what it takes to be elected President. Born within an American territory or border…period.

    The facts are, his father and mother made their home of choice Canada and Senator Cruz’ mother was voting in Canadian elections, meaning…..Canadian Citizenship, when Cruz was born.

    I honestly think enough Americans out there understand this and my opinion is that SELECT Dems are just waiting for Cruz to get the Nomination so they can file a law suit headed for the Supreme Court.  Bogging down the Nominee’s Campaign.

    What a game of chess, this horse race is.

    Congrats on the new digs.

    As always, your Chef Sheila



  3. Hopefully you see this picture of a Thick Cut Bologna Sandwhich!!  From J N R Tavern in Ohio.  Thinking of you the other day.

    Of course, this baby should have been fried a bit more and I would like some velveeta and fried onions. Simplicity please  ?

  4. I am puzzled by the challenge to the candidacy of Ted Cruz to be President of the United States.

    I am certainly not an admirer of Ted Cruz, but am confident that he fits the definition of Natural Born Citizen.

    There are two standards of citizenship…natural and naturalized.  There is no in-between.

    If I remember correctly , the very first Naturalization Act by Congress defined Natural Born as being a citizen from birth including being born outside the United States if at least one parent was an American  citizen.





  5. dexter, let me pass forward some help renee and jack gave me when I was also  “a bit confused as to how to get an avatar up”

    1st make sure you have saved your chosen avatar in your computer picture file — like when one makes a fried bologna sandwich one must first kill a bologna–  (this was the Voilà! moment)

    then scroll down to “avatar” in the “edit my profile” list (which is found thru clicking your name on the upper right of this blog) and plug into the “browse” blank your picture cite.

    and miracle of techie miracles, you have been transformed from zorro to the handsome dog you are.

  6. Jamie posted this last night on her blog: “I was totally entranced by Rachel Maddow interview of Hillary Clinton. It was great. If you didn’t see it an get a chance once on line. Make the effort. Two brilliant women actually discussing issues. What a concept.”

    here’s what she was praising.  what a difference compared to the debate going on at the same time.


  7. Oregon Democrat

    There is actually an in between:  American Citizen Born Abroad.  In order to qualify, a form must be filed with the State Dept by the parent before the child is 18.  Apparently, this was not done for Mr. Cruz because of separated parents, drunk dad in TX mom in Canada, parent reconciliation, move to US etc.  His mother was a citizen so didn’t need a passport to return to the US and Cruz was a minor … This is the area all those darn “Constitutional Scholars” are sweating over.  He was definitely a citizen of Canada, but was he also a dual citizen of the US without that form?




  8. From what I understand….  because Cruz’s mother was a natural born American, that act of Congress that OD mentioned made Ted a naturalized American citizen at birth.  Naturalized citizens are not eligible to become president.


    How ironic that the birther question has now come back to bite the Republicans in the butt…

  9. I did watch most of the debate last night.  The first half hour was the candidates answering questions from the moderators.  However if they didn’t like the question, they just spewed talking points.   And the moderators (who sucked, IMO) didn’t make any attempt to get them to answer the question asked.  Then the fireworks started with the question to Cruz about his birth eligibility.  From there it became somewhat a brawl.  I laughed at first.  Then I realized that one of those clowns was going to be the GOP nominee for president.  The negativity about this country and fear they so loudly proclaimed was shameful.  Heaven help us.

  10. tpm’s story on canadian election records of  cruz’ mother and tpm’s conclusion as to eligibility (which I disagree with)

    Ted Cruz’s Mother Was On Official List Of Canadian Citizens Eligible To Vote

    Even if it were proven that Eleanor Cruz had become a Canadian citizen, she might well have remained an American citizen. In other words, she could have remained a dual citizen. If that were the case, a reasonable interpretation of the constitutional requirement would still find Cruz eligible to serve as President.
    Ted Cruz, who was a dual citizen, formally renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014.

  11. Watched Hillary on Maddow last night and then listened to her on Morning Joe this AM.  There is simply no question that she can’t answer with total comprehension & intelligence right off the top of her head.  No dodging, just answering with both facts and authority.  Loved Bill, but Hill is ever better.

  12. Trump is a vile human being, but he is correct.  The exact meaning of “natural born” citizen is murky and it has never been considered  by the Supreme Court.  An argument can be made that Cruz does not meet the criteria.

  13. Nash

    I agree if Bernie wins NH and Iowa it will change.. How ironic that Mrs. Clinton’s husband lost both and still was the nominee..

  14. Pat,

    Thanks for the posting of the Hillary Rachael interview, excellent.. Def Hillary is hitting at the heart of the problem i have with Bernie, how’s he going to make his agenda happen? It’s “Hope and Change” 2.0…..

  15. Hillary’s interviews with Rachel and Mika/Joe were great.

    Senstor Sanders, in the next debate, will not be able to avoid explaining his funding mechanism for Single Payer.  I was disappointed that his campaign will not be releasing this information prior to Iowa

    I have enjoyed the Democratic debates, although I wish O’Malley would disappear. The GOP debates are revolting!


  16. Hello, everyone.  Hello especially to Craig.  Glad to see the trail boss is back on the trail.



  17. Sheila, I’m hungry now.

    Avatars looking snazzy.

    Don’t know why that Gravatar link is on our edit profile pages, it was supposed to be disabled.

  18. I was absolutely repulsed by Cruz’ pompous proclamation as to how disgraceful it was seeing our sailors on their knees and how that would never happen when he…

    At that point I switched off the teevee and retired to bed.

    I don’t well suffer fools pontificating about military subjects about which they have no knowledge or experience. May our deities help us all.

  19. Those early immigration acts (1790 & 1795) said that if someone is born outside the US to an american citizen, they are considered natural born (well, the repealed one did).

    According to Wiki (and who doesn’t trust Wiki?) “The Naturalization Act of 1790 stated that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States.”[25] This act was repealed by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which removed the characterization of such children as “natural born,” stating that “the children of citizens of the United States, born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States” while retaining the same residency restrictions as the 1790 act.”

    For some reason congress removed the 1790 “natural born” language in 1795.  If the lawsuit just filed makes its way up the judicial chain it might answer the unanswered question of whether the omission of natural born in the 1795 Act means anything with respect to qualification to be president.  My money’s on a broad interpretation (citizen by birth is good enough) IF the case is taken up.  If not and Cruz gets the ‘pugn nod, someone will have to figure out someone who has standing to ask if he’s  qualified.  The FEC maybe?

  20. Flatus,


    Apparently Cruz thinks Iranian (or any other country’s) soldiers and sailors would be so scared of the US under a Cruz administration they wouldn’t dare do such a thing as arrest and detain US soldiers or sailors that violate their territory.   I think he’d find he’s wrong and he would be left to respond rather than preempt.

    The ‘pugn debate was painful (the few minutes I watched) and Cruz was among the worst of the candidates.  He has a true talent for saying stupid stuff in a very polished way. In short, he’s dangerous.

  21. I did not watch the “debate”, in fact I avoid watching them for the same reason we always served popcorn for SotU by Bush II.  Anything harder would cause broken things around the house.  Last night was better spent with my volunteer work.  I am an American Red Cross Disaster Services volunteer.  Last night meeting was primarily focused on our roles for Saturday’s fire detector handout and installation.  We will be giving (free) smoke detectors in Annapolis and New London Town.  It’s a great deal, free and installed.

    Break over, back to work.

  22. from http://www.mediaite.com/online/trevor-noah-takes-on-flint-water-crisis-if-the-waters-browner-than-me-i-dont-drink-it/

    While most in the political world eyed the Republican debate on Fox Business, Trevor Noah — perhaps nursing a bit of hangover after his drinking escapades with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul — hit on the devastating water crisis in the city of Flint, Michigan. Many people have expressed national outrage after officials found toxic levels of lead in the drinking water there.

    “I have a very simple rule in rule,” began Noah. “If the water’s browner than me, I don’t drink it.”


  23. I’m not surprised at all that Bernie Sanders is narrowing the polls here in NH.  He is a very popular Senator from a neighboring state.  Remember that Bill Clinton lost the NH primary in 1992 to Paul Tsongas…   another popular Senator from a neighboring state.


    As to winning the Democratic nomination for 2016…  I’m pretty sure that what kind of ground game one has in each state matters very much.  From what I’ve read, Clinton has a big advantage over Sanders in this.  Bernie seems to be putting most of his eggs into Iowa and NH.  Hillary is preparing a 50 state strategy ala Howard Dean.

    If Bernie wins both early states, of course his campaign will get a boost.  But I’m still putting my money on Hillary actually winning the nomination.

  24. Not that I would ever choose Ted Cruz as my president, but I hope the birther question can be thrown aside. IF the R’s nominate him AND the country elects him he should be inaugurated and serve.

    We’re already an overly litigious society. I don’t believe ‘natural born citizen’ needs to be defined through litigation. (As an aside: Why waste time and money when we know what this Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision would be.)


  25. I believe congress has already weighed in on this subject.

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 explicitly said that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born citizens.”

    Nuf said . Ted is a natural born citizen as well as being a natural born   (fill in the blank)

    It is as it was with Obama. all about prejudice and racism.


  26. Ed, I think the lawsuit has already been filed. Whether it will survive is a matter of speculation.   Unless he wins the ‘pugn nomination I doubt the Court would find a case and controversy subject to consideration. But then again with the Roberts court one never knows.

  27. The trouble for Cruze is that he is a super strict original intent guy regarding interpretation of the Constitution. The irony is that he has to abandon his long held views and rely on flexible interpretation, which he has always opposed, in order to be deemed legitimate. That is his old law professor Tribe’s point. Hypocrisy is a slippery slope.

  28. Jack, the 1790 act was repealed by the 1795 act.  Natural born was omitted in 1975.  Does that mean much?  Who knows? Makes for interesting argument about congressional intent.

  29. Pogo

    If we are going with original intent of the framers, legislation passed by the first congress should be close to the gold standard. Then given that there was no different definition approved and that definition is still in use today to determine citizenship. It looks like Cruz is on solid footing.

    We all know Trump is using the issue to say Cruz “ain’t from around here and ain’t one of us” Much like Cruz is beating Trump over the head with “New York City” in rural Iowa and across the south.



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  31. Let’s see if my mug shows up now…picture is me sitting in Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Spring Game, many moons ago.

  32. nope, the link of the url (or is that the earl of link) didn’t work.

    must be more to it than pulling down the link icon, inserting the url and then pressing post comment? where did I go wrong, mr. wizard?

  33. Jack, I hear your argument and I think it’s got a lot of merit. I’m just laying out that there are two different statutes passed very shortly after the ratification of the Constitution that differ with respect to that term. Ill have to do a little research on the overlap of the framers and the Congresses that passed the respective versions of that Act, however I have about four things that I have to get out before the end of the day so I can’t do that until later. I’ll check back in when I had a chance to look at it. That said, I think you’re probably right.

  34. It was my understanding that the Framers didn’t want some foreign born bloke claiming rights to the confederation they were on the verge of creating. A generation later, after diplomatic missions were established in other countries it became more practical to allow the spouses of mission members to bear young while having those young blessed with their full birthright as if they were born on our soil.

  35. If original intent is what the Supremes were to look to, the 1790 Act would be the one.  There was significant numbers of the framers in the first Congress and the term “natural born” was i both documents.  the 3rd Congress had a bout a 50% turnover from the first (in the Senate), and the House looked almost nothing like it did in the 1st Congress. But here’s the rub.  There have been 6 acts named Naturalization Act of ___ (the last one was 1906) and a slew of immigration acts.  If the issue is whether under original intent Cruz would be eligible, the Court would look to the 1790 Act.  If the question would become whether Congress intended to change the definition of natural born citizen, and did so through the subsequent acts, and such changes were constitutionally sound, the Court would look at all the acts that impacted the 1790 Act and see if he’s a “natural born citizen” and eligible to serve as Pres or whether he’s just a citizen and ineligible.

  36. Jeeeesuuuuus H Christ!

    Rick and are sitting at the table eating our take out lasagna, salad, and garlic bread supper and the phone is ringing like crazy.  Our caller ID says things like Las Vegas, Washington DC, somewhere in California, etc. etc.  I guarantee these are all pollsters wanting to know what we thought about the Repub. debate last night and who do we want to vote for.   One finally says “Name Unavailable”….  at that point I wanna pick up the phone and say….   “Yo…  Name Unavailable…  what the fuck you want!”

    Feb 9th can’t come fast enough….

  37. The McCain decision was centered around the idea that a military base was actually US Territory as are Embassies and territorial possessions such as Puerto Rico & American Samoa.  Last time I checked, we don’t claim Canada unless Cruz was born in the Consulate office.

  38. Many thanks to you Jamie for hosting and nurturing our flock while I wandered off into the wilderness.

  39. Okay we need a reply function.

    Craig,  It was my pleasure.  The crowd is fun and I thoroughly enjoyed having them around.  Don’t be strangers.




  40. Ted kept his dual citizenship until about 2 years ago.  Why did he want to keep his Canadian citizenship for so long?  *For healthcare? 🙂

    Anyway, the optics of holding on to Canadian citizenship until he was sure it didn’t serve him in some way aren’t good.  In fact, someone could spin it as Ted being un-American.

    Couple that with Cruz lawyering for a Chinese company, against and American company, and it will make him seem like an even less attractive candidate.



  41. Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States of America.

    Zephyr Teachout for Vice President.

    Unfortunately not in 2016, but hopefully someday. Soon.


  42. “it will make him seem like an even less attractive candidate”

    blue, is that possible?

    in the eyes of his senate colleagues, he can’t get much worse.  “They don’t keep Senate records about this kind of thing, but it’s likely no senator has created as many enemies  in his party in as short a time as the junior senator from Texas.”

  43. from http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/shields-and-brooks-on-trump-vs-cruz-clintons-concern-over-sanders/

    DAVID BROOKS: Well, Jeb Bush is part of a large group of people who are like the team at halftime who — like the Republican establishment, who feel like they’re down 50 points and they have decided they’re going to lose the game.

    And that’s how the Republican establishment is right now. They don’t believe that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump can win. They think it could imperil their majorities in Congress, and yet they’re doing nothing about it.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: But what could they do?

    DAVID BROOKS: Well, I wish we had gray men in suits. We don’t have that.

    But the donor class could do something. Frankly, the country is filled with state legislators who are Republicans, congressmen, senators, local committeemen, a lot of whom are in panic. And so maybe they should do something about it. Maybe they should have a MoveOn.org-type organization and get some rallying, which the other side has already done, and have a counterweight, so they don’t send the party into suicide.

  44. jack, thanks.  pulled up the share url, clicked “cut” instead of clicking “copy” (which I always did before) and then “paste”


  45. Just checking:  Go to You Tube.  Click on “Share”, Copy the highlighted link, and then paste here.



    Then all that and it should show up as the video

  46. Okay the above worked.  Now to upload images.  Click the “choose file” above and then select from images you have on your computer.  Then post comment.  The image should appear.




  47. Jamie, wonder why I was successful on your blog (but NOT here) doing exactly what you said: “Click on “Share”, Copy the highlighted link, and then paste here.”   here, after bringing up the share url only jack’s method of “cut” instead of “copy” worked.   the mysteries of the cyber sphere escape me.

  48. “Hillary’s look is a practical one”: Can we stop talking about Clinton’s clothes now?
    Even a high-five like “Hillary Clinton Isn’t a Lesbian—But She Dresses Like One” misses the point

    “Yup, that’s the lonely road that Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate, former Secretary of State, one of the most powerful individuals in American politics, travels. More than 20 years after getting flack for declaring that “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life,” she is still being assessed by watchers both straight and gay on where she falls on the oh so confining spectrum of expected hetero female demeanor. So as a straight woman who aspires to one day be a successful, self-assured senior citizen in relaxed slacks, can I say that I’d be proud to claim her fashion sense too?”


  49. Hillary Clinton Starts Ending Her Media Cold War
    Lo and behold, Hillary’s starting to do something she’s previously done with the enthusiasm of going to the dentist: TV. Good. Do more.
    Michael Tomasky
    “On Friday morning, Nate Silver still had her 82 percent likely to win Iowa and 57 percent likely to take New Hampshire, but some polls show she’s clearly lost some ground in the last month. So something’s not working. She gets a lot of negative press coverage; less so since the email story has quieted, but it still ain’t great, while Sanders gets almost nothing but positive coverage.
    We know why both of those things happen. It’s because the press doesn’t like her. And she doesn’t like it. It’s a Cold War and has been for 20 years. Well, it’s not serving her well, and it’s pretty obviously in her interest to try to end it. The way to start is to take Woody Allen’s advice about what constitutes 90 percent of life: showing up.”


  50. Darn it, Jace, I was so tired of having cellos sounding like violas trying to extend their range that I rummaged until I found the set of small self-powered Bose speakers that had become redundant over the years. I found an output socket on the 17″ Dell portable that I have on the kitchen table. I was about to plug everything in when I discovered that Ms Bose has RCA input sockets so we are incompatible until I find something to use as an interface. And no more Radio Shack–what a bummer. In any case the Viola trio was marvelous!

  51. Very disappointed I haven’t found reply/quote buttons that work. The old one hasn’t been updated for latest install, still searching.

  52. Hi Craig

    This system for sharing requires lots of editing.. FYI for sharing, seems you have to insert link first before you can paste print.. Also on my end seems to add an additional link which i backspace to get rid of.. The 538 piece i shared i have no idea how that was so far down the page? Practice makes perfect..

  53. tony, that Can we stop talking about Clinton’s clothes now? article which quoted
    “Hillary Clinton Isn’t a Lesbian—But She Dresses Like One” sparked a thought.   why not apply it to the gopers just to be fair? ted and donald aren’t lesbians—but they dress like one.  carly isn’t a drag queen but she dresses like one.


  54. Pat

    No lesbian would dress as frumpy as Donald.

    As to Carly being a drag queen, I thought everybody knew.


    Pat, good one! Carli does look like a Drag Queen.. Lol, met a few but none were mean girls like Carli.

    Jack now that last comment was priceless…

  56. If you cross Carly Fiorina with Leona Helmsley, you get Nikki Hayley.

    dis-trusTED is truly heinous, smarmy, and, I’m guessing he has a long list of everyone who has ever crossed him.  The GOP may quietly applaud (golf clap) Trump smacking Turd Cruze down a bit.  Anything to reduce his reach, power, and possibly, shorten his political career.

  57. I bought him when Ross Perot was running.  (I guess that’s why they named him Russ.) I thought a troll would be a good avatar.  Glad you like him.

  58. It was between the troll and a pic if my Grandma’s “Win With Nixon” button, which I no longer own.

  59. A Houston lawyer is going after Turd with regard to his eligibility to be POTUS.  I wonder if he’s friends with someone in the GOP who hates and fears Cruz?

    I think Bernie does better against Trump than Hillary in a debate.  She is trying to play the no-drama game that Obama did, but that was his personality.  At best, she comes off as less-than-genuine.

    Gas was $1.79 today.  Is Iran going to drive it below $1.00?  It’s starting to hurt folks in the gas/oil industry here.  Wake up, folks.  Get on the green energy train and come up with something new.   So much good to be fine in the world, and a side-effect will be a higher standard of living for all instead of those at the top.



  60. Blue

    Wish the government would somehow help make solar affordable.. All this sun in Florida but a decent system costs around $30,000.. My Florida Power and Light bill averages $1800 a year.. The pay off nearly 20 years and that’s if i pay cash.. Financing, lol, never.. It does add to the value of your house but i don’t know if many would pay more… Ha, a solar attic fan $600 is what i opted for..

  61. See, I think the old-school solar that’s so pricey has got to be replaced with something better. How long ago were the solar panels developed that they still use today?  I can see that they want it to be expensive if they don’t keep you on the hook like the power company, but it’s excessive.


    If  if the quality of life could be raised, taking money out of the equation, do humans have it in them to do it?

  62. blue, here’s a dish befitting the topic, oil down, the national dish of grenada, which is “a  colloquial Caribbean name for any dish of vegetables cooked in coconut milk until all the milk is absorbed and the ingredients have turned into a creamy mush (or have ‘oiled down’)” …..  here’s to us downing less oil but eating more oil down!

  63. It’s been fun watching the GOP candidates’ meltdowns today.  Your mission if you choose to accept it:  Turn a rip roaring, incredible success by the guy in office into an abject failure while trying to look like a Statesman yourself.

    So far they have all failed abysmally.  Turd has been particularly offensive with his “lifting up” to the power on high in thanksgiving for the return of the pastor.  Elmer Gantry would have bowed in his direction for over the top evangelical slop.

    Rubio just needs to be sent to the nearest sandbox and Trump was his usual offensive, garbage mouthed self.






    “If  if the quality of life could be raised, taking money out of the equation, do humans have it in them to do it?”

    Very good question. I’d like to think so but listening to the politics on the right make me doubt it..

    Yes, i don’t know how long the solar panels in the system i wanted have been in use but your probably correct, forever.. I have Solar for the pool, excellent and i’ve replaced all my lighting with LED bulbs, even the landscape lighting.. LED bulbs are amazing and bright.. I’m at a standstill now as to what more i can do..

  65. Diplomacy: Iran Releases 5 American Prisoners; IAEA Announcement by Taylor Marsh

    SECRETARY JOHN KERRY is providing continued evidence of his diplomatic prowess and worldwide reputation, as we learn that five American hostages prisoners in Iran will be released. Under President Obama‘s driven determination to open relations with Iran, something that could change the Middle East forever and for the better, the exclamation point on negotiating the Iran Deal is a win for humanity.
    According to CNN just this afternoon, the IAEA has announced Iranian compliance with nuclear agreement

    Don’t the Republicans look ridiculous now? All those squealers, including General Jack Keane, wanting President Obama to act hastily when the two American boats lost navigation, then were overtaken, the Iranians hoping to make hair-trigger American politicians force a reaction from President Obama.
    While President Obama’s steely resolve, unending patience for the long game, and trust in Secretary Kerry’s unflinching ability to communicate, knowing the stakes all too well, ground down to the moment when it all clicked into gear.
    Having worked for, interviewed, and had the pleasure of watching Secretary Kerry back when he was still a senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Iran Deal being capped with the release of Washington Post Tehran correspondent Jason Rezaian, former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, and Nosratollah Khosrawi-Roodsari (not known held until today) is a testament to Kerry’s skills, his humanity, and a soldier’s code to never leave anyone behind.

    As for President Obama’s dogged stubbornness in never straying from what he knows is in the best interests of America’s future and every country and citizen of the Middle East, his presidency is still making changes and giving people everywhere hope.”

  66. It is so good to be back amongst people who actually can hold a discourse and provide points and counter-points.

    Looking at the fields, first, I will never vote for a Republican for any office, post or scrum.  Second, HRC, although older than me, is the only person I would want in office at this time.  She will piss off the Republicans because she is a female in the White House (I am not sure as much as having a Black man in the White House).  She and Bill form a great team.  I do not always agree with their vision or philosophy of governing, but I do think they will not destroy America.

    The American Red Cross Disaster Services team installed many free; fire alarms in communities around Annapolis, Maryland, today.  We hope to save lives.  Fire alarms give time for people to evacuate their burning homes.  American Red Cross Disaster Action Teams go to all fires to provide help to those affected by fires.

  67. Tony, Isn’t Florida one of the states where the electric company is required to pay you for your excess energy? Keep things in perspective–my energy bills are something like $3800/year. For just me and Rosie. Yes, the garage is climate controlled.

  68. Flatus

    Yes, Florida def has to pay for excess energy.. I have had 3 estimates and all have said basically it’s not viable for me. No payback they say.. :0( Oh man, yes my power bills are low compared to most. I have a newer house and i’m very watchful of energy use..

  69. Pat, that oil down dish sounds a lot like A dish that they have our favorite restaurant in Cancun La Habichuela. The dish is called Cocobichuela.  It is chunks of lobster and fish in an absolutely decadent creamy base that sounds like the oil down. It’s really to die for.

  70. Pat and Blue. I luv you both; lay off the coconut oil in favor of olive oil. Puhleze. Same goes for butter.

    The other night I made a splendid spaghetti sauce using ground pork, with the grease replaced with olive oil, a roux using that olive and rice flour, and, of course organic garlic, and then chopped onions an assortment of herbs and an appropriate amount of vegetable broth as the liquid component.

    For the garlic bread, I used a whole loaf of Publix Chicago Italian sliced about 3/4-in thick, slathered between each slice with freshly crushed garlic dredged in, you got it, prime olive oil. The entire loaf was then loosely wrapped in aluminum foil and warmed in a moderate oven as the spaghetti was cooking.

    Everything was done at the same time and Sue and her husband and I had a marvelous dinner. Sans butter.

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